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IT Sat, Aug 11

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  • 11:13
    It may be the second last day of Olympic action but we’re hoping that John Joe Nevin will be the last man standing in the boxing ring tonight when he takes on Britain’s Luke Campbell in their bantamweight final at the ExCel Arena at 8.45pm. Let's hope that Nevin ain't nothin' but a gold-digger.

    Before then there is plenty of Irish interest to keep us occupied. Below is a list of all of the Irish in action on Day 15 (can you believe it?!)

    8.45am – Men’s Modern PentathlonArthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe was only confirmed as an Olympian on July 23rd, after the exclusion of a Polish competitor, so the 20-year-old Lanigan-OKeeffe, an elite sports scholarship student at UCD, could be forgiven for being a little shell-shocked today. His 24th place at the World Cup in China, however, and a fortnight of bedding in, should serve him well here.

    9am – Men’s 50km Race Walk – The Irish contenders – Rob Heffernan, Colin Griffin and Brendan Boyce – will contest this gruelling event on the penultimate day of the Games. Heffernan, in his favourite event, represents the best chance of a medal after a ninth place finish in the 20km race this day last week.

    5pm – Women’s 20km Race Walk – At 36, Olive Loughnane’s brilliant championship record (7th in Beijing, 2nd in Berlin) still makes her a contender here, while at 23 years old Kildare woman Laura Reynold will benefit hugely from exposure to this sort of atmosphere with a view to a challenge in Rio, perhaps.

    8.45pm – Boxing – After a masterclass against Cuban world champion Lazaro Alvarez Estrada, John Joe Nevin is ready for anyone. Standing between him and an Olympic bantamweight gold is Britain’s Luke Campbell. Last time the two met, the Englishman won on a countback after a 12-12 draw. This Anglo-Irish final at the ExCel Arena could well be one to remember.
  • 11:14
    Andrzej Jezierski has won the canoe sprint (C1) 200m B final at London this morning. It means that the man from Poznan finishes in ninth position overall.

    Jerzierski’s time in the final was 44.041, ahead of Vadim Menkov of Uzbekistan and Hungarian Attila Vajda who finished third. 
  • 11:18
    Colin Griffin is in 21st place at the 30km mark but Brendan Boyce is much further down the field.
  • 11:24
    So walking, eh?  It’s a real test of endurance and yet….if they were giving out medals for the strangest looking Olympic sport, it would definitely be going for gold.
  • 11:27
    The rules of distance walking are below (read the last sentence below and bear in mind that this is the official competition format as laid out on the Olympics website)

    An athlete must (to the human eye) be in contact with the ground at all times, unlike in running events, where both feet are momentarily off the ground. The leading leg must be straight from the moment it is first in contact with the ground, and the technique looks very different to ordinary walking. Athletes must be incredibly disciplined to fight the urge to break into a run for extra speed.
  • 11:30
    DM When they show the slow motion of the walk - very few of them actually comply to the rules of the event???
  • 11:31
    And not to totally demean the sport of distance walking but every time I see the athletes in action I think of a certain episode of Malcolm in the Middle.
  • 11:31
  • 11:34
    And now in sexism news…
  • 11:34
  • 11:34
  • 11:43
    Just a recap - Rob Heffernan is the best placed of the Irish athletes in the 50km walk.  The Cork man was in 11th place after 30km. He’s about 80 seconds off the lead. Sergey Baulkin from Russia is in the lead.
  • 11:43
    If Rob Heffernan ever had to write a lonely hearts ad he definitely wouldn’t be lying if he said that he enjoyed going for long walks.
  • 11:44
    Rúairí I hope the GB rowers tell BMW where to stick their cars, should there be a turnaround.
  • 11:44
  • 11:53
    Irish man Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe is competing in the men’s modern pentathlon. The pentathlon includes fencing, swimming, riding and the combined event (which is not unlike the Eliminator at the end of Gladiators).

    After the fencing Lanigan-O’Keeffe is in 29th position. Out of his 35 fencing duels (I think I’m Alexandre Dumas) the Irish man participated in, he won 14 of the 35 bouts.
  • 11:55
    Annalise Murphy, the Irish woman who so cruelly missed out on a medal in the women’s laser radial is going to be on Saturday Night with Miriam tonight.
  • 12:00
    Niamh Rob Heffernan seems to be doing really well, he's consistently improving his race position, now moved into 8th position and he's closing the time between himself and the leader. Go on Rob!
  • 12:01
    Ireland’s Colin Griffin has been disqualified from the men’s 50km walk.
  • 12:02
  • 12:04
    It has not been confirmed yet whether Griffin has been disqualified. When we get that confirmation we’ll let you know.
  • 12:06
    Something you may not know but you may want to:

    A fencing match in which results count ( ie a competitive one) is known as a bout.

    A friendly match without keeping the score is known as an assault. Those are the definitions that the FIA (Federation Internationale D’Escrime) give.
  • 12:06
    Rob Heffernan is approximately 50 seconds outside of the medals after 40km. He is definitely picking up the pace.
  • 12:08
    Griffin has indeed been qualified. It’s imperative that one foot must be in touch with the ground at all times.

    If a judge is unhappy about any aspect, they will show a yellow paddle to the athlete as a warning. If an athlete is clearly not complying with the rules, the judge will show a red paddle. If an athlete is shown three red paddles by three different judges they are disqualified.
  • 12:10
  • 12:14
    Some of the rules in the pentathlon are too good not to mention. The horse riding is priceless.
    Riding: Athletes start with 1,200 points. They lose 20 points for each jump they knock down, 40 points for a refusal to jump or disobedience, and 60 points for a fall.

    A horse can lose points for being disobedience?! I have mental images of the horse refusing to leave its stable, preferring instead to sit alone listening to Nirvana.
  • 12:16
    Here’s an explanation of the combined event in the Hunger Games…sorry pentathlon.

    The athlete with the most points from the previous events starts first. Athletes after that start in order at handicapped time intervals of one second for every four points. They must run to the shooting range, hit five targets in a 70s time period, followed by a 1,000m run; three times over.

    The first athlete to cross the finish line in the combined event is the winner of the gold medal.
  • 12:16
    DM If you come second are you a Walker up?
  • 12:17
  • 12:18
    Rob Heffernan is up to fifth place in the men’s 50km walk. There are five kilometres to go. Come on Rob!
  • 12:18
    Austin "No I'm not coming,Black Beauty's on."
  • 12:19
    Heffernan is approximately 30 seconds off a medal place. Can he do it? Come on Rob!
  • 12:20
    DM COme on Heffernan - looking good
  • 12:21
    “Things change very quickly in race walking,” says the RTE commentator. Usain Bolt might disagree.
  • 12:22
    n.m He has just moved into 4th place!!
  • 12:23
    Heffernan is in fourth place!
  • 12:24
    Hilary How far is there to go in the walk?
  • 12:24
    There are under five kilometres left in the men’s 50km walk.
  • 12:26
    Rob Heffernan - Walk this way (. INPHO/Morgan Treacy)
    Rob Heffernan - Walk this way (. INPHO/Morgan Treacy)
  • 12:28
    Sergey Kirdyapkin of Russia has less than two kilometres to walk. He leads the men's 50km walk.
  • 12:28
    Patsy Australian commentators say that Heffernan is looking the best on the course!
  • 12:32
    Now, we don’t want to see anyone’s Olympic dream crumble but all I’ll say is that Jared Tallent of Australia (who is currently second in the men’s 50km) is sitting on two warnings. Were he to receive a third warning in the last lap, he would be disqualified and Rob Heffernan would finish in the medals. Of course, we wouldn’t wish that on anyone…
  • 12:32
    Guest Update please please
  • 12:33
    Heffernan is in fourth place with less than two kilometres to walk.  It’s probably asking too much for a medal at this stage.
  • 12:35
    n.m 4th place!!
  • 12:35
    Again, what I’m going to suggest isn’t exactly sporting but so far Heffernan has received no warnings. Couldn’t he have two minor jogging spurts and still finish the race?
  • 12:38
    Sergey Kirdyapkin of Russia takes gold in the men’s 50km walk in a time of 3:35.59.
    Australia’s Jared Tallent has claimed the silver
    China’s Tianfend Si takes bronze just ahead of Ireland’s Rob Heffernan.
  • 12:39
    Rob Heffernan finishes fourth and smashes the Irish record by some seven minutes and 36 seconds.
    Rob’s time was 3:37.54.
    What a fantastic race from the Irish man!
  • 12:39
    DM Another Superb Performance from Heffernan new Irish Record - Brilliat
  • 12:41
    Heffernan was extremely quick over the last 10km.
  • 12:43
  • 12:49
    Hilary Woohoo, well done to Rob Heffernan. He walked 50km faster than most people could run it! 4th place and he smashed the Irish record, definitely one to watch in the future.
  • 12:49
    Ant in Oz Briliant Robbie. Well done.These guys walk faster than many of us can run.
  • 12:49
    Heffernan finished strongly. The facts speak for themselves. Check out his position changes in the latter stages of the 50km walk.

    30km – 12th
    40km – 8th
    45km – 5th
    50km – 4th
  • 12:53
    Rob Heffernan can walk tall (sorry) after that fourth-placed finish – Ian O’Riordan wrote a piece about the men’s 50km walk and the women’s 20km walk. Check it out here -

  • 12:54
    Fearantae For those who may not know, Rob's been at this level for some time; 8th in the 20k in Beijing, 4th in the 20k and the 50k in Euro Championships
  • 12:57
    Brendan Boyce finished in 29th place in the men’s 50km race in a time of 3:55:01 –that’s a new personal best. Well done Brendan!
  • 12:58
  • 12:59
    Japanese walker Koichiro Morioka basically fell over the line in the men's 50km walk. He had to be helped into a wheelchair afterwards. Energy sapping, eh?
  • 13:00
  • 13:00
    Austin damn it i thought my 6medals prediction was comin up trumps.it's down to Olive now
  • 13:17
    Hilary There's loads of them collapsing at the finish line, some puking too.
  • 13:17
  • 13:21
    The men head for the pool in the modern pentathlon. Arthur Lanigan-O'keeffe will swim in lane three of heat four.
  • 13:26
    Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe(INPHO/Dan Sheridan)
    Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe(INPHO/Dan Sheridan)
  • 13:28
    Here are the competition rules for the swimming in the men’s modern pentathlon

    Swimming: Athletes are seeded into heats dependent on their personal best times over the previous 12 months. A time of 2:30 for the 200m freestyle race scores 1,000 points. Each 0.33 seconds above or below this time scores +/- four points.
  • 13:29
    This is Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe’s strongest event in the Pentathlon.
  • 13:32
    If ever someone deserved a medal for their Olympic endeavours (FengLi/Getty Images)
    If ever someone deserved a medal for their Olympic endeavours (FengLi/Getty Images)
  • 13:36
    Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe is up next in lane three of heat four of the swimming in the men’s modern pentathlon.
  • 13:40
    Langian O’Keeffe is off!
  • 13:43
    Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe finished in second place in heat four of the swimming in the men’s modern pentathlon. His time was 2:02.44 which means he has scored 1,332 points there.
  • 13:46
    Just to give some context about how fast the swimming is in the men’s modern pentathlon - France’s Yannick Agnel of France won the gold medal in the men’s 200m freestyle in a time of 1:43.14. O’Keeffe did it in a time of 2:02.44
  • 13:49
    Good news for teenage girls – Britain's Tom Daley has qualified for the men’s 10-metre platform final tonight.
  • 13:50
    Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe has moved up to 21st place in the men’s modern pentathlon standings after the swimming. The equestrian show jumping is up next.
  • 13:52
  • 14:00
    Have you seen the incredible picture of Bolt near the finish?
  • 14:00
  • 14:09
    Rob Heffernan spoke about finishing fourth in the men’s 50km walk earlier this morning.

    “I gave it everything. The crowd were amazing and I just fed of their energy all the way round. I have never ever experienced anything like it. I’d loved to have delivered a medal for the people back home and for them today. I’d like to thank everyone for their support because it was worth five minutes to me I think.”

    The Cork man was astounded about just how fast the walk proved to be. He said,”It’s unbelievable. 3:38 has won most Olympic Games.”

    Heffernan added, “I was prepared. The last day helped me so I was prepared coming in here today. I knew the crowd would want me to go so I had to control my own race and I had to stick to my own plan and it unfolded. It’s just unfortunate that I missed out at the end. There was nothing I could do. I hope I gave people something to shout about.”
  • 14:19
  • 14:20
    I think there are less events on today so that TV companies have more time to put their montages together for tomorrow.
  • 14:22
    Montage no-nos –Using Elbow’s ‘One Day Like This’
  • 14:23
  • 14:24
  • 14:27
    Spare a thought for people working in television though. Some of them them have to work under incredible pressure.
  • 14:27
  • 14:31
    queen4 A great win for Jezierski. Multiculteralism finally begins to pay off for us!
  • 14:31
    I posted a video yesterday that proved to be so popular, that I’m going to post it again. It’s the Thai Tims singing their Katie Taylor song to the tune of ‘The Wild Rover.’ Leave your cynicism at the door, this is great.
  • 14:31
  • 14:37
    Premier League football kicks off next week and the men’s Olympic football final is on today. Brazil play Mexico at 3pm today and it just goes to show that football never ends.
  • 14:37
  • 14:39
    These words were just uttered by an RTE commentator - “He’s known as the Usain Bolt of Canoeing.”

    I bet he is. No doubt he’s got the charisma if not the fan-base to match Bolt too.
  • 14:43
    Marathon runner Guor Marial who is originally from Sudan will run tomorrow’s marathon as a stateless refugee. Read more about Marial’s amazing story here - http://www.irishtimes.com/newspaper/breaking/2012/0811/breaking13.html
  • 14:54
    Football it is so…
  • 14:55
    Not too many empty seats at Wembley. Remember the outrage over empty seats at the beginning of the Olympics?
  • 15:01
    GOAL! - 31 seconds in. Mexico lead 1-0
  • 15:02
    Peralta with the finish after Brazil had been dispossessed in their own half. Great start.
  • 15:05
  • 15:14
    Watching this final – I think it’s very clear that men’s football has no business being an Olympic event.
  • 15:22
    Austin And the gold medal for Olympic blogging goes to.......(drumroll) Yes it's the IrishTimes.We salute you!
  • 15:22
    Stranded in Houston Any news on who'll carry the flag for us at the closing ceremony?
  • 15:25
    Darren O’Neill, the Irish boxing team captain will be the Irish flag bearer at the closing ceremony. Fitting really considering the boxing ring is where Ireland have been most successful
  • 15:28
    Josh from Australia Hey guys any idea how the Women's Elliott 6m gold medal race is going?
  • 15:28
    Finland won bronze in the women’s Elliot 6m. Spain and Australia are currently battling it out for the gold medal. We'll let you know the result there soon.
  • 15:32
    Britain’s poet laureate Carol Anne-Duffy has written a poem to commemorate the Olympics. It is entitled, ‘Translating the British, 2012.’

    A summer of rain, then a gap in the clouds
    and The Queen jumped from the sky
    to the cheering crowds.
                   We speak Shakespeare here,
    a hundred tongues, one-voiced; the moon bronze or silver,
    sun gold, from Cardiff to Edinburgh
                   by way of London Town,
    on the Giant's Causeway;
    we say we want to be who we truly are,
    now, we roar it. Welcome to us.
    We've had our pockets picked,
                   the soft, white hands of bankers,
    bold as brass, filching our gold, our silver;
    we want it back.
    We are Mo Farah lifting the 10,000 metres gold.
    We want new running-tracks in his name.
    For Jessica Ennis, the same; for the Brownlee brothers,
    Rutherford, Ohuruogu, Whitlock, Tweddle,
    for every medal earned,
    we want school playing-fields returned.
    Enough of the soundbite abstract nouns,
    austerity, policy, legacy, of tightening metaphorical belts;
    we got on our real bikes,
    for we are Bradley Wiggins,
                   side-burned, Mod, god;
    we are Sir Chris Hoy,
    Laura Trott, Victoria Pendleton, Kenny, Hindes,
    Clancy, Burke, Kennaugh and Geraint Thomas,
                   Olympian names.
    We want more cycle lanes.
                   Or we saddled our steed,
    or we paddled our own canoe,
    or we rowed in an eight or a four or a two;
    our names, Glover and Stanning; Baillie and Stott;
    Adlington, Ainslie, Wilson, Murray,
                   Valegro (Dujardin's horse).
    We saw what we did. We are Nicola Adams and Jade Jones,
    bring on the fighting kids.
                   We sense new weather.
    We are on our marks. We are all in this together.
  • 15:37
    The show jumping in the men’s modern pentathlon is due to get underway soon. Try to contain yourselves. Ireland’s Arthur Lanigan O’Keeffe is in 21st place after the fencing and swimming.
  • 15:42
    Hilary Why can the football teams only have 3 players over 23 when sports like basketball can have all "big name" professionals playing?
  • 15:47
    I suppose since major tournaments like the World Cup or the European Championships tend to be on during the summer, countries can’t be expected to take their senior football players.
  • 15:52
    It’s 1-0 to Mexico at half-time. Brazil brought on Hulk (you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry) on 32 minutes to give the Brazilians more attacking impetus.
  • 15:52
    Guest Gour Marial for Irish Passport then????
  • 15:53
    Spain are 2-1 up on Australia in the women’s Elliott 6m
  • 16:01
    A pretty great short film courtesy of the BBC on ‘Nature v Nurture.’
  • 16:01
  • 16:04
    Can John Joe Nevin silence the British crowd tonight? (REUTERS/Damir Sagolj)
    Can John Joe Nevin silence the British crowd tonight? (REUTERS/Damir Sagolj)
  • 16:26
    Can John Joe Nevin claim Ireland’s second gold medal of these Olympic Games? Britain’s Luke Campbell stands in the way of Nevin and Olympic glory. At 8.45pm both men will fight it out to be called the Olympic bantamweight champion.

    Nevin beat Denmark’s Denis Ceylan easily on a score-line of 21-6 two weeks ago to get his Olympic bandwagon rolling. Kazakhstan’s Kanat Abutalipov was the next boxer to suffer defeat (15-10) at the hands of the 23 year old Mullingar man.

    That set up a quarter-final bout with Mexico’s Valdez Fierro which Nevin won 19-13 last Sunday. Then yesterday, John Joe Nevin defeated the world champion Lazaro Alvarez Estrada of Cuba 16-11 with a master class of boxing.

    No opponent has gotten within five points of Nevin so far. You can be sure Britain’s Luke Campbell will though. Can John Joe Nevin bring home the gold? Perhaps, the more pertinent question to ask is this - can anyone stop John Joe Nevin from bringing home the gold? Let’s hope not.
  • 16:27
    Brazil cannot score against Mexico in the men’s football final. It’s still 1-0 and there are just 20 minutes left.
  • 16:33
    GOOOOOOOOOLLLLL! 2-0 Mexico – Perlata strikes again for Mexican on 74 minutes. It now looks like Mexico will win Olympic gold in the men’s football. Nice header but where was the defence?
  • 16:37
    The women’s 20km walk will be starting at 5pm. Ireland’s Olive Loughnane and Laura Reynolds are competing.
  • 16:41
    Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe will be riding a horse called Wilcox at 4.45pm in the show jumping event that forms part of the men’s modern pentathlon. The Irish man will not be the only one riding Wilcox. Alexsander Lesun of Russia will also be riding Wilcox, though not at the same time…that’d be an idea to make it a more interesting spectacle though!
  • 16:42
    Come on Arthur!
  • 16:46
    Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe finished with 80 penalty points because he didn’t complete the course inside the time of 75 seconds. He also accrued penalty points after hitting a couple of fences too. It’s still worth 1120 pentathlon points to him.
  • 16:47
  • 16:49
    GOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!! Brazil score. Hulk with the goal Mexico 2-1 Brazil. We’re in injury time though. Too little too late.
  • 16:49
  • 16:51
    Brazilian footballer Oscar will be furious with himself after missed a gilt-edged chance to level the match in injury time. He’ll be raging. Oscar the Grouch!
  • 17:01
    Full-time: Mexico 2-1 Brazil. Mexico are the Olympic football champions!
  • 17:03
    That’s Mexico’s first gold medal of the Olympic Games in 2012
  • 17:05
    The women’s 20km walk has started.
  • 17:09
  • 17:12
    Spain have won gold in the women’s Elliott 6m after defeating Australia 3-2.
  • 17:14
    Olive Loughnane is in 15th place after the first lap of the women’s 20km walk.
  • 17:14
    Laura Reynolds is in 53rd place after lap one.
  • 17:20
    Olive Loughnane is up to 11th now in the women's 20km walk.
  • 17:20
    16km to go.
  • 17:24
    Australia’s Claire Tallent is racing(?) in the women’s 20km walk. Earlier, her husband Jared Tallent took silver in the men’s 50km walk.
  • 17:31
    Ireland’s Olive Loughnane is now up to 10th in the women’s 20km walk.
  • 17:33
    Olive Loughnane – Currently 10th in the women’s 20km walk (INPHO/Morgan Treacy)
    Olive Loughnane – Currently 10th in the women’s 20km walk (INPHO/Morgan Treacy)
  • 17:39
    Olive Loughnane has dropped back down to 12th position after 8km of the women’s 20km walk. Laura Reynolds is further back in 46th place.
  • 17:42
    Russia’s Olga Kaniskina leads the women’s 20km walk with Hong Liu in second place. Russia’s Anisya Kirdyapkina is over 30 seconds further back in third.
  • 17:47
  • 17:50
    Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe is 18th in the overall standings of the men's modern pentathlon after finishing 20th in the show jumping.
  • 17:57
    Olive Loughnane is in 13th place after 12km of the women’s 20km walk. Laura Reynolds is in 33rd place.
  • 17:58
  • 18:14
    With just 4km to go Oliva Loughnane is in 12th place in the women’s 20km walk.

    Laura Reynold is 25th.

    Russian Olga Kaniskina leads the race and has done from the start.

    Her compatriot Elena Lashmanova is second now while China’s Shenjie Qieyang is in third.
  • 18:19
    You have to have a very distinctive style to compete in the distance walking events at the Olympics. I would say that if you were being shown by an experienced walker how to become competitive they’d demostrate what they do and then they'd tell you to ‘Walk This Way.’ Yes, this is the most tenuous link ever and merely an excuse for me to play Run DMC and Aerosmith.
  • 18:19
  • 18:23
    Here’s a sentence I never thought I would write – the women’s 20km walk is gripping. This should be a pretty exciting conclusion. Stay tuned. Olga Kaniskina, who has led the whole way is being caught by her compatriot Elena Lashmanova.
  • 18:24
    Olive Loughnane is in 14th place with just 2km to go.
  • 18:24
    Lashmanova has overtaken Kaniskina!!!
  • 18:25
    Lashmanova timed it perfectly. She must have overtaken with about 500m to go
  • 18:25
    New World Record!
  • 18:27
    Elena Lashmonova wins the women’s 20km walk in a time of 1:25.02
    Olga Kaniskina has to settle for silver.
    Shenjie Qieyang takes the bronze for China
  • 18:30
    Olive Loughnane has finished in 13th place in the women’s 20km walk in a time of 1:29.39 – that’s a season’s best for Olive. Well done!
  • 18:33
    Laura Reynolds has finished in 20th place in the women’s 20km walk in a time of 1:31.02
  • 18:33
    That’s a personal best for Laura Reynolds. Well Done Laura and Olive!
  • 18:34
    j. well done olive.....just like the song from Yes.....yours is no disgrace......seeing as we are on songs applicable to the event........we could start something here!!!!!
  • 18:34
    DM Cant wait for JJN - Had a dream last night and in it he won Gold - Come on John Joe
  • 18:53
    Reminder (as if you needed one) – Joe John Nevin fights Luke Campbell for the bantamweight gold at 8.45pm
  • 18:55
    Laura Reynolds who had a PB in the women's 20km walk (INPHO/Morgan Treacy )
    Laura Reynolds who had a PB in the women's 20km walk (INPHO/Morgan Treacy )
  • 18:58
    The modern pentathlon’s final discipline is the combined event.

    The athlete with the most points from the previous events starts first. Athletes after that start in order at handicapped time intervals of one second for every four points. They must run to the shooting range, hit five targets in a 70s time period, followed by a 1,000m run; three times over.

    The first athlete to cross the finish line in the combined event is the winner of the gold medal.

    Now you know
  • 19:00
    This day last week Mo Farah turned in one of the best performances of the Olympics to win the men’s 10,000m. Can he take gold again in the 5,000m? Find out here. The race begins at 7.30pm.
  • 19:02
    The BBC pundits were ever so slightly pleased when Mo Farah won gold in the 10,000m. God knows how they’ll behave if he can make it a double gold.
  • 19:02
  • 19:04
    Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe is in 18th position overall heading into the final discipline of the men’s modern pentathlon. Can he improve on that position?
  • 19:07
    James Bond would be amazing at the men’s modern pentathlon. Fencing, horse-riding, swimming, running and shooting. If only womanising was part of it. Gold winner! (sung to the tune of Goldfinger)
  • 19:09
  • 19:11
    Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe has dropped down to 21st position.
  • 19:12
    I’m expecting the athletes to get a teddy bear after the shooting is done in the men’s modern pentathlon.
  • 19:14
    Anyone want to proffer suggestions for an alternative modern pentathlon?

    I’ll get us started

    1) Synchonrised swimming
    2) Weightlifting
    3) Dressage
    4) BMX Cycling
    5) Sailing
  • 19:18
    David Svoboda wins gold for Czech Republic in the men’s modern pentathlon.
    China’s Zhongrong Cao takes silver and Adam Marosi wins the bronze medal for Hungary.
  • 19:21
    Ireland’s Arthur Lanigan-O’Keeffe finishes in 26th place. Not bad for a man who didn’t know he would be competing at the Olympics only three months ago. Well done Arthur!
  • 19:26
    Men’s 5000m up in about five minutes. Can Britain’s Mo Farah complete a memorable double? It will be seriously difficult. Go Mo, go!
  • 19:29
  • 19:30
    John Joe Nevin is hanging out with Mullingar’s second most famous son – Niall from 1Direction. I suppose you can’t have it all.
  • 19:30
    Andrew Has David Gillick just robbed Kenny's denim jacket?
  • 19:32
    I know an Olympic gold has been at stake throughout the Games but really all the Brits are after the big one –the Sports Personality of the Year Award….or so some people across the water seem to think
  • 19:32
    We’re off in the men’s 5000m.
  • 19:34
    Mo Farah is happy enough at the back of the pack for now.
  • 19:38
    It’s not a particularly fast pace so far in the men’s 5000m. No one has tried to pull away yet and Mo Farah is in the middle of the pack.
  • 19:38
    DM 50 KM walk The Downhill Canoe thing ( But they have to go UPHILL) Rhythmic Gymnastics Diving Teakwando
  • 19:38
    Less than 3000m remaining.
  • 19:39
  • 19:41
    KENNY Lea Me Jaket a lone
  • 19:43
    Three laps to go and the Ethiopians are out front but they can probably feel Mo Farah’s breath on their shoulders.
  • 19:45
    Last lap. Can Mo do it?
  • 19:46
    MO FARAH WINS!!!! That was amazing!
  • 19:46
    He was under serious pressure but he was able to hold off the challenge and if anything, he got stronger in the last 100m.
  • 19:46
    DM WHAT A RUN - Fantastic
  • 19:47
    Mo Farah ran the last mile in four minutes!
  • 19:49
  • 19:50
  • 19:51
    Mo Farah wins gold for Britain in the men’s 5,000m in a time of 13:41.66
  • 19:55
    Dejen Gebremeskel takes the silver for Ethiopia in a time of 13:41.98

    Kenya’s Thomas Pkemi Longosiwa finished third to win the bronze medal in a time of 13:42.36
  • 20:00
    Mo Farah might have run so fast because his pregnant wife is due to give birth any day now. Maybe he was afraid of missing the birth.
  • 20:01
    Great pictures of Steve Cram commentating during the final 100m!
  • 20:02
    More importantly, we’re only 45 minutes away from John Joe Nevin’s gold medal fight. Come on John Joe!
  • 20:04
    Mo Farah - Double Olympic champion (REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson)
    Mo Farah - Double Olympic champion (REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson)
  • 20:05
    Women’s 800m final now!
  • 20:08
    Mariya Savinova of Russia wins the women’s 800m comfortably with a season’s best time of 1:56.19

    Caster Semenya left her surge far too late but still took second with a time of 1:57.23

    Ekaterina Poistogova took bronze for Russia with a time of 1:57.53
  • 20:11
    Colin Jackson thinks that Semenya’s problem is psychological – He says she almost didn’t want to win it. Michael Johnson isn’t having that though.
  • 20:11
    Guest Good luck John Joe!!!!
  • 20:13
    Come on John Joe!
  • 20:21
    Paul D I agree with Jackson. Look at the way she ran at the end. That didn't add up. Perhaps Michael Johnson didn't agree as the concept of it is so far removed from his, and perhaps the American, psyche...
  • 20:21
    Guest Couldn't believe that Jackson and co. came out with that rubbish about Semenya not wanting to win - good job Johnson there to keep them inline!
  • 20:22
    So, is John Joe going to do it?
  • 20:24
  • 20:25
    Me heart says yes, head says no. Watched the English lad fight and he seemed very good (but I know nothing about boxing so hopefully his semi final was easier)
  • 20:25
    John Joe Nevin beat the world champion yesterday. Class act!
  • 20:26
    Anyone afraid of the judges favouring the home town boy?
  • 20:27
  • 20:30
    All of John Joe’s fights have been won comprehensively en route to the final – no one has gotten within five points of him.
  • 20:32
    We want to see the Mullingar shuffle in the last round.
  • 20:35
    RTE are now focussing on Luke Campbell. The boy can box.
  • 20:37
    Bajer Nevin 4/7 - Campbell 11/8
  • 20:38
  • 20:38
  • 20:44
    DM If John Joe Does not win - I will go down to the Irish Times Office tomorrow and Feed you all Coffee All Day...............................
  • 20:45
    The first round is usually the most important in amateur boxing. It’s imperative that John Joe gets off to a good start.
  • 20:45
    Conor Go on Joe Nevin!
  • 20:46
    The lads are all suited and booted in the RTE studio by the way. Old school!
  • 20:46
  • 20:50
    China’s Shiming Zou (who beat Paddy Barnes yesterday) has won Olympic gold after beating Kaeo Pongprayoon of Thailand 13-10 in the men’s light fly final. It wasn’t a popular decision at the ExCel Arena.
  • 20:50
    John Joe Nevin v Luke Campbell up next. Come on Joe John!
  • 20:50
    Guest Thank God we don't have that last ref ... he was all over the place. Cannot believe China won!
  • 20:50
    Andrew Gold for Zou
  • 20:50
    Sardo You are our savioue tonight. No Tv on the east coast of Sardinia, bring us good news
  • 20:51
    Come on John Joe!
  • 20:52
    GazFin In Heathrow waiting for flight to Oz, stomach in knots, no TV showing the fight. Keep updating! C'mon JJN!!!
  • 20:52
    Ding Ding – Round 1
  • 20:53
    Campbell is a south paw
  • 20:54
    Tentative start. No one’s really on top and no big punches have been landed yet.
  • 20:55
    Campbell has perhaps scored one or two more points with one minute to go in round one.
  • 20:56
    Round 1 – Nevin trails 5-3
  • 20:56
    Campbell probably took that round. Cleaner punches perhaps but maybe a one point lead would have been fairer. Come on John Joe!
  • 20:56
    Bazad Tense, technical
  • 20:57
    Campbell’s left is his main weapon
  • 20:58
    Nevin hasn’t got a good clean shot past Campbell’s defence. It’s still fairly even.
  • 20:59
    John Joe is warming to this and has landed a couple of decent body shots.
  • 20:59
    Guest Come on Nevin!
  • 20:59
    Nevin has definitely done better in Round Two.
  • 21:00
    A great right hand from Nevin!
  • 21:00
    Patrick Go on JJ!
  • 21:00
    Round 2 – 5-4 in Nevin’s favour
  • 21:01
    Nevin trails 9-8 overall
  • 21:01
    Guest Come on Ireland
  • 21:01
    Thom mon JJ
  • 21:01
    Guest 1 point in it
  • 21:01
    Nick Gio for itJjj
  • 21:02
    Break while Campbell gets his protection cup seen to
  • 21:02
    Me Bring the pain jj
  • 21:03
    John Joe is knocked down. A clean left from Campbell!
  • 21:03
    It’s a count for Nevin but that only counts as a point against him
  • 21:03
    1 minute left. Come on Joe!
  • 21:05
    It’s over. I think Campbell may just have won it!
  • 21:05
    Bazad It's Campbell's
  • 21:05
    A valiant effort but Campbell has probably by two or three points.
  • 21:06
    John Joe Nevin is beaten! Nevin wins silver for Ireland!
  • 21:06
    14-11 is the margin of victory!
  • 21:06
    Round 1 – 3-5
    Round 2 – 5-4
    Round 3 – 3-5
  • 21:07
    DM Whats the address and how do you like your coffee
  • 21:07
    maximus desimus maradius sliver will do up the irish
  • 21:08
    Campbell gave a classy performance as did John Joe Nevin but Luke Campbell is deservedly the Olympic bantamweight champion.
  • 21:08
    Neil Well done
  • 21:08
    John Joe Nevin did Ireland proud.
  • 21:09
    Campbell’s defence was excellent and his left was a serious weapon throughout the fight.
  • 21:09
    Guest 1 gold, 1 silver, 3 bronze for Ireland. We've had a great games :) Campbell was a gracious winner.
  • 21:09
    Me Maybe the occasion got to jj he didn't seem to be firing that first round. I'd watched Campbell yesterday and he seemed very good. Silver is nothing to be ashamed of
  • 21:10
    Nevin left himself more open than he had done en route to the final but maybe credit has to go to the man from Hull for that.
  • 21:11
  • 21:13
    Jamaica have broken the World Record in the men’s 4 x 100m with a time of 36.84.

    America’s new national record of 37.04 was only good enough for silver.

    Trinidad & Tobago won the bronze medal with a time of 38.12
  • 21:14
  • 21:15
  • 21:15
    S Judges didn't want to spoil Team GB party. Nevin had 5/6 points that last round. It should have ended a draw. sickening
  • 21:15
    Andrew JJ was just not on his game in the last round. 1st round was a draw, JJ won the 2nd by at least 2, campbell won the last by 3 on my scorecard anyway
  • 21:15
    Ant in Oz Well done John Joe. It's been a great games for Ireland.
  • 21:16
    I think Luke Campbell was the better boxer on the night and deserves the Olympic gold medal. John Joe Nevin can be very proud of his silver.
  • 21:17
    Ireland are 39th in the medal table!
  • 21:17
    Domhnall Better boxer on the night won, but 11 out of 10 to John Joe for what he's done here, he did us proud
  • 21:21
    John Joe Nevin was incredibly gracious in his interview with Marty Morrissey just now. It was heartbreaking listening to Nevin say that he felt like a failure. Nonsense John Joe! You did Ireland proud.
  • 21:21
    Salty Great fight by JJ, he's done us proud. Campbell wins fair and square. Congrats
  • 21:36
    John Joe Nevin has been speaking after his fight this evening when he was beaten by Britain's Luke Campbell in the men's bantamweight final – the way he has conducted himself in and out of the ring at this Olympics has been exemplary.

    “I’d have taken a bronze medal coming here but when I got so far I wanted to go the whole way. I feel I’m a failure because I didn’t and because I’ve beaten him well before. I’m devastated to lose but saying that, I’ve gotten so far and a month ago I was talking about not coming.”

    “I’m heartbroken now. I wanted the gold. I wanted to join the club with Katie Taylor and Michael Carruth but if it’s not meant to be it’s not meant to be. Luke is a tremendous boxer. He was at the final of the World Championships and now he’s after winning the Olympics. I can take nothing away from him. He’s very tall and rangey.”

    “I don’t think I performed to my best on the day but I’m happy still with a silver medal. It was always going to be tough. He’s very tall and rangey. The first time I boxed him I nearly had him out and he doesn’t want to commit to too much.”

    “He got his tactics right on the day and maybe I could have done more but he kind of got me to come forward a little bit but there was still noting in it. There’s still nothing between us but he’s a tremendous boxer and I can take nothing away from him.”
  • 21:38
  • 21:44
    John Joe Nevin, devastated in defeat can be satisfied with silver (Nick Potts/PA Wire)
    John Joe Nevin, devastated in defeat can be satisfied with silver (Nick Potts/PA Wire)
  • 21:45
  • 21:47
    John Joe Nevin medal ceremony up now. Proud moment for John Joe!
  • 21:47
    DM JJN a fantastic effort and a fantastic Irishman - well done young MAN we are all proud of you.
  • 21:47
    Seamus Cattaneo You did us proud John Joe..back in 4 years!!
  • 21:47
    Sean You did Ireland Proud John Joe, you are no failure, keep going
  • 21:50
    John Joe still looks devastated on the podium. He kisses his fingers and gestures to the sky.
  • 21:58
    Newsflash! Kenneth Egan is auctioning his infamous stone-wash jacket. Get saving now fight/fashion fans!
  • 21:58
  • 22:16
    The 4 x 100m relay was pretty special. Usain Bolt drew the athletics at the Olympic Stadium to a close on a world record breaking note with the rest of his Jamaican team-mates . Bolt’s split time from a running start - 8.8 seconds! What a special man, what a special team, what a special Olympics!
  • 22:17
  • 22:20
    So concludes our coverage of Day 15 of Olympic action. John Joe Nevin won another medal for Ireland in the boxing ring tonight. It may not have been the colour he wanted but he can be proud of how he has conducted himself inside and outside of the ring throughout the course of the Olympics. John Joe’s cloud has a silver lining.

    Rob Heffernan also put in a storming performance today to take fourth place in the men’s 50km walk. It’d be enough to make you emotional, especially when you come to the realisation that tomorrow is the last day of the Olympics.

    But dry your eyes for now because there are more Irish athletes in action again tomorrow, namely Natalya Coyle who will be competing in the women’s modern pentathlon and Mark Kenneally who is running in the men’s marathon.

    So I’m asking you, nay, begging you to come back tomorrow, for old times’ sake…we’ve come a long way baby. Let’s not stop now. Until tomorrow…