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Steven Carroll Thu, Jan 16
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  • 09:23
    Good morning, and welcome to today’s Daily Wire.

    It’s Steven Carroll here to guide you through today’s current affairs happenings like some class of oversized novelty news compass.
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    It’s a cool and crisp morning here in Dublin. Met Eireann says there will be sunny spells and temperatures of 7 to 9 degrees but those of us in coastal counties should brace for some occasional bouts of rain over the course of the day. Those showers bring with them an ongoing risk of hail and thunder also, the forecaster says.
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    The scale of pay and pensions at the Central Remedial Clinic has made its way back on to the frontpage of today’s Irish Times.

    Martin Wall reports that the HSE raised concerns about the way the pension of former CRC chief executive Paul Kiely was being funded.

    Tony O’Brien, the HSE director general, wrote to the Public Accounts Committee about “a number of serious matters which have come to light in recent weeks”.

    More on that one here.
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  • 09:29

    Good news for Leinster fans. Just as it appeared he might move away to sample life in France with a switch to Toulon, “the IRFU has confirmed that Sean O’Brien   has signed a new deal with Leinster.

    Rugby correspondent Gerry Thornley reported last night that the IRFU had come back to the number 7 with a revised offer.  

  • 09:29
    There'll be more on that one as we get it
  • 09:32

    On a more sombre note, this really is a sad story.  

    A Dublin maternity hospital last night secured a High Court  order allowing it to withdraw life-sustaining treatment from a severely brain-damaged newborn baby whose young mother died shortly after delivering him.

    More on that one here.

  • 09:33
    I promised more on Sean O'Brien signing a new deal, so this will have to do as a start
  • 09:35
    Maybe Sean O'Brien listened to Ronan O'Gara, who yesterday said Jamie Heaslip rather than the Tullow man would be better suited to playing in France.
  • 09:39
    Minister for Finance Michael Noonan is currently answering Dail questions, which can be viewed here.
  • 09:41
    Noonan may need to do some creative unaccounted for accounting work following last week's storms, with Arthur Beesley reporting the EU is unlikely to provide relief funds which would leave the Government with a bill of €65m plus.
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  • 09:50

    Ever wanted to know how an Irish "celebrity" family lived before the marriage ended following some heavily reported  philandering?

    Property editor Madeline Lyons visits Abington in Malahide to see the former home of Ronan and Yvonne Keating. More on that here

  • 09:55

    Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer is said to have  dismissed chief operating officer Henrique de Castro after 14 months, amid disappointment with his efforts to boost growth...

    "Since arriving at Yahoo in November 2012, Mr de Castro’s salary, bonuses and equity grants totaled $44.8 million before taxes, according to Equilar."

    How bad?

  • 09:56
    Noonan just told the Dail that the Irish Nationwide loan book is to be divided into four lots and sold off - performing, non-performing, owner occupier and buy-to-let
  • 10:01
    If you can't beat them, join them. Conor Pope reports that a  Dublin pharmacy is to sell generic prescription drugs at Northern Ireland  prices  
  • 10:04

    The Academy Award, or Oscar, nominations come out later today.  

    Resident film critic Donald Clarke takes a look at the potnetial movers and shakers here

    "The goats have been slaughtered. Their entrails have been spread about the place. And we can now make a fairly good stab at assessing who or what is going to figure in each of the major races."

  • 10:09

    The drug war in Mexico is never ceases to amaze.  

    Here's a Reuters report on how a vigilante leader in a state affected by drug violence daying it would be better to kill the heads of the region's dominant cartel than arrest them (before he rejected a government order to disarm).

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    First report of the day on former CRC chief executive Brian Conlan appearing at the Public Accounts Committee.

    He  has said it is inaccurate to suggest that money donated by the public was transferred directly into salaries of senior executives at the organisation.

  • 10:27
    It looks like a prolonged period of flirtation between Hull City (or Tigers as the owner wants it to be) and Republic of Ireland striker Shane Long could be coming to an end. Reports that an offer of €7m has been accepted by West Brom. More on that one here.
  • 10:34

    An interesting piece on research carried out in Britain, Australia and the US which suggests having an unusual personality structure could be the secret to making other people laugh.

    The project, more details on it here, found that comedians have high levels of psychotic personality traits.

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  • 10:36
  • 10:39

    That was a fairly short lived attention seeking exercise.

    Dublin City Council says Spire will not now be named after Nelson Mandela as it will follow protocol saying major pieces of infrastructure in the city can only be named after an individual who has been dead for at least two decades.

    More from Mark Hilliard here.

  • 10:42

    A GAA player has been sentenced to two months in prison over an assualt on another man during a Mid-Cork Junior A championship match between Blarney and Macroom.  

    Judge says sports organisations have a duty to prevent acts of “savage violence” on playing pitches and if they fail to do so, then the courts will deal firmly with such incidents.  

    Barry Roche has that story here

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  • 10:54

    Irish Chess Union responds to claims that the brutal murder of Tom O'Gorman in Castleknock at the weekend was linked to chess.  

    "Studies have consistently shown that playing chess has a calming effect, and also teaches patience and enhances self-esteem."

    Letter can be read here:  

  • 10:57

    The Guardian's Roy Greenslade has a piece up on how the London Independent, as well as its sister titles i and The Independent on Sunday, are apparently up for sale.  

    "The official line from Independent Print is that Whittam Smith is merely seeking new investors. But the reality is that the papers are in play," he writes here.


  • 11:05

    Some tennis players have been making noise this week about the overly warm weather in Melbourne where the Australian Open tennis is taking place.  

    Kevin Mitchell writes that it's always really hot in the city at this time of year and people need to deal with it as fans are paying good money and deserve 100% effort in return.


  • 11:08

    Two men have been arrested after somebody seeking to sell a BMW was chased and rammed by another vehicle having met a prospective buyer on the Naas Road last night.  

    Sorcha Pollack reports on that here:

  • 11:09
  • 11:10
    The tales from the Central Remedial Clinic get more and more staggering.  
  • 11:15

    On the topic of complicated contracts, a report from Sid Lowe on  Spain’s public prosecutor asking the courts to investigate a possible case of “simulated contracts” involving Neymar.

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  • 11:30

    Fianna Fail this morning criticising the pace at which legislation on online betting is being introduced, saying some €40 million lost to exchequer over last three years. More here.

    As an aside, online betting didn't just start when the coalition came in. FF had ample time to legislate in area of gambling but didn't during its long stint in power.  

  • 11:32

    Minister of State for Housing Jan O’Sullivan has asked local authorities to submit proposals to resolve unfinished housing developments through a special €10m fund.

    Ms O’Sullivan said “there has been substantial progress" in tackling unfinished estates but families still living on 992 unfinished developments across the country.

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  • 11:38
    Staged anger and horror a common occurrence at Oireachtas committees but the members seem to be genuinely raging over this CRC business today
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  • 11:57
    Here is an update from Gerry Thornley on the news that Sean O'Brien has signed on with Leinster
  • 11:59

    New data from the CSO shows value of exports, particularly pharmaceuticals, declined in November.  

    Ciara Kenny has the story here

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    BBC report on  US Marine Corps saying it is trying to determine the authenticity of images published by a celebrity gossip website that appear to show marines burning the bodies of dead Iraqi insurgents.
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  • 12:27
    Some high brow lunchtime reading from UCD professor Peter Lynch on how the application of mathematics  in biology is a flourishing research field. More here.
  • 12:31

    A column from Eamonn McCann on how Ariel Sharon and Ian Paisley  shared more than bulkiness and belligerence. "Each based his ideology on books of the Bible".  

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  • 12:41

    More good news for Leinster rugby fans, and the man himself.  

    Richardt Strauss  named among the replacements for Leinster’s final Heineken Cup pool match against the Ospreys tomorrow night, just months after heart surgery.

  • 12:50

    Hull fans (albeit a small number) commenting at the bottom of this piece from the Hull Daily Mail on Shane Long's would be move from West Brom seem very positive about it all. Humbersiders seem to think potential pairing of Jelavic and Long could serve them well.

    "Suarez & Sturridge, Van Persie & Rooney, now what about Jelavic & Long, who could become a truly great strikeforce."

    More here

  • 12:56
    Round two of CRC v PAC ongoing. Wicklow TD Simon Harris asks Conlan, not unreasonably,  if he looked at minutes of meeting where Kiely's exit package was discussed and thought 'Jesus, God, Paul's getting a lot of money there, isn't he?'
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  • 13:17

    A junior radio worker wept in the toilets moments after her “grandad”-like colleague, veteran DJ Dave Lee Travis, launched a “horrible” assault on her, a court has been told.

    More on that ongoing case here  

  • 13:19

    Senator John Crown sticking it to management at St Vincent's Hospital today.  

    “One cannot get a better example since the First World War of lions led by donkeys than the situation as applied in this case.”

  • 13:21

    Another update from Martin Wall on the CRC appearance before the Public Accounts Committee.  

    "Health chiefs will attempt to claw back some of the €750,000 retirement pay-off secured by the former head of the Central Remedial Clinic  (CRC)."

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  • 13:30
    Nobody has escaped the pain but maybe the middle class here isn't so squeezed after all. ESRI's John FitzGerald argues that poorest and richest 10 per cent of population have lost greatest proportion of income in economic crisis Ireland.
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  • 13:32
    Cute: Munich's five-week old polar bear twins open their eyes for the first time.
  • 13:47

    Michael Fassbender finally gets an  Oscar nomination

  • 13:48
  • 13:49
    Philomena nominated for best picture alongside American Hustle, 12 Years a Slave, Gravity and others.  
  • 13:50
    Judi Dench nominated for best actress in a lead role for Philomena also
  • 13:53
  • 14:13
    Today's Public Accounts Committee hearing with the CRC has come to an end. Needless to say it won't be the end of it all.  
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  • 14:44

    The Reform Alliance is getting plenty of coverage since it came on the scene. Political correspondent Harry Magee wonders if Lucinda's crew will soar like eagles or flop like turkeys as time goes by.  

    Read  his thoughts on it all here:

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  • 14:47
  • 14:47
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  • 14:51
    Having earlier mused on the potential nominations, Donald Clarke is back with a piece on the actual contenders for the Academy Awards. Read it here:
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  • 15:01

    Hard not to feel for this family.  

    A major operation is continuing to find a three-year-old boy who has gone missing from his home.

    Mikaeel Kular was last seen going to bed at his family’s flat in Ferry Gait Crescent, Edinburgh, at around 9pm yesterday and was discovered missing from his bed by his mother at around 7.15am when the family woke up.

  • 15:04

    After a hectic morning examining what went on at the Central Remedial Clinic, the Public Accounts Committee now turns its attention to St Vincent's Hospital.

    In an early rebuttal,  St Vincent's chairman Noel Whelan tells the committee that he believes the hospital is complying with public pay rules.  

    Here's a bit of background on the situation at St Vincent's:

  • 15:05
    You can follow a live stream of this afternoon's PAC hearings here
  • 15:12

    The huge explosion that killed Lebanese statesman Rafik Hariri and 21 others in 2005 was an act of terror meant to spread panic through the country, a prosecutor said at the start of a trial of four men charged with planning the attack.  

    More on that one here

  • 15:21
  • 15:31
    Here's a video from Brian Conlan's appearance at the PAC earlier today.
  • 15:42
  • 15:44

    The Government may be left disappointed by Moody’s Investors  Service, as analysts forecast the ratings company will leave the country’s credit ranking at junk for now.

  • 15:50

    Guardian piece here on how US military newspaper Stars and Stripes is reporting that the only current US prisoner of war appears to be alive four years after he went missing.  

  • 15:53
    The EU  has cancelled a traditional dinner with Russian president Vladimir Putin  at an EU-Russia  summit in Brussels later this month to show there is no “business as usual” after a tug-of-war with Moscow  over Ukraine. More here
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  • 16:10
  • 16:29

    Fianna Fail not letting Irish Water start-up costs story go. Statement from Barry Cowen saying Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan misled the Dail on the figure, and he's attached a bit of a transcript to prove it.  

    Statement says: Deputy Cowen has provided a transcript from the Oireachtas Environment Committee in November 2012, showing Minister Hogan outlining set-up costs for Irish Water of €10 million.   This came three months after we now know that the Economic Management Council had secretly approved funding of €180 million to set up Irish Water.

    “Minister Hogan must set the record straight as a matter of urgency.   I am calling on him to come before the Dáil, correct the grossly inaccurate statement he made in November 2012 and explain how such a 'mistake' could have happened.”

  • 16:39
  • 16:39

    There’s a rare sight, Enda Kenny in a Oireachtas committee. Why? The Taoiseach is before the Sub Committee on the Department of the Taoiseach to discuss revised estimates for public services.

    This vote covers areas such as the President, the Office of the Attorney General and Chief State Solicitor, and the Central Statistics Office.
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  • 16:56
    Ok folks, I think we'll leave it there for today. Keep an eye on for updates from the Public Accounts Committee hearings and any other breaking news. Thanks for reading.