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Brian Howard, Deirdre Garrett Thu, Aug 13
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    Good morning everyone, and welcome back to The Irish Times Leaving Cert helpdesk. Hopefully there aren't too many sore heads around the country today. Our expert guidance counsellors Brian Howard and Deirdre Garrett will be here until 6pm today to answer any questions you may have about your results or college. You can also find lots of information on college life, analysis of the results, and advice on what to do if you are appealing on irishtimes.com/results2015.
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    Is there any way of knowing whether or not points required for certain courses will change this year? My son has five points over and above what was required last year but we are very anxious waiting till Monday to find out. Many thanks

    Nobody will know for definite. Although the number of CAO applicants is up this year we don't know what courses or areas of discipline will be affected. I would be hopeful with having five points above last year's cut off but it's a waiting game, I'm afraid. Enjoy your son's success and we hope that he gets his course.

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    Got 425 points am hoping for social science in ucd. What are the chances of getting a place. Many thanks  

    Take a look at this article from the IrishTimes


    You have twenty points above last years cut off. Although nobody will know for definite until Monday, I would b ehopeful.  

    Well done on doing so well and the very best of luck. I hope it works out for you.

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    Is there any way of predicting the likelihood of the points changing for courses?

    Definitively there is not I'm afraid.  As we speak the admissions officers of the various CAO colleges are probably en route or are already in the CAO in Galway working out how many places they are going to offer on their various courses and it is only when this process is finished that the points for this years courses will emerge.

    From looking at the applications numbers for different course areas to see if there is an increase or decrease from last year we can draw some loose conclusions as to how the points may change.  If you look at Brian Mooney's article at www.irishtimes.com/news/edu... you will get a general idea of possible points movements this year.
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    If a HEI accepts your application for a deferral next week, does this guarantee you a spot in that course in September 2016, no matter how much the points may go up for that course next year?  

    Yes your spot will be guaranteed for you next year if and only if you place the deferred course as your number one choice on your CAO 2015-2016 application.  

    The very best of luck.

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    A young relative of mine did fairly well in most of her six subjects, but failed Chemistry. Does this mean she has failed the Leaving Certifiicate completely? And will it bar her from university entry?  

    No.  There is no such thing as failing the Leaving Certificate but rather as you said she just failed one of her subjects in the Leaving Certificate.  It will only bar her from entry to any course in third level which has Chemistry as an entry requirement.  As long as she has six other subjects passed with two at higher level C3 level  (three in TCD)  then she should be able to matriculate for university.

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    When distributing CAO places, let's say there are 40 places on a course, and 50 people applied, are the 40 places filled up by the 40 people who got the most points?  Or is a random selection, eg, if the required points were 440 and 40 people got 500+?  

    Once everyone meets the entry requirements they are placed in order of points. Those with the highest points will get in first. So to answer your question, the 40 who score the highest will get offers. The 40th person's CAO points will then be the cut-off point for that course.

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    If you are offered a course in the first round and refuse it can you still be offered a course in the second round?  

    You could be offered a course above your first course offer but never any courses below the original offer. That is why it is so important to put your course choices in a genuine order of preferences.  

    You would only be offered courses that lie above your original offer if the points for these courses go down in round two.

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    <h2><span style='font-size: 14px;'>If you feel you should have done better, you might consider getting papers remarked.  <span>You can access the marking schemes for every paper and see how they were applied in your case. Script viewing is in schools on Friday evening, August 28th, and all day Saturday 29th.</span></span></h2>
<div><a href='http://www.irishtimes.com/news/education/leaving-cert-how-to-challenge-your-exam-results-1.2315300' target='_blank' target='_blank' ><span style='font-size: 14px;'><span>Click here for more information</span></span></a></div>

    If you feel you should have done better, you might consider getting papers remarked.  You can access the marking schemes for every paper and see how they were applied in your case. Script viewing is in schools on Friday evening, August 28th, and all day Saturday 29th.

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    My son got 520 points, and wants to do law with politics in UCD. Is it likely that with a 11 per cent increase in first preference for law, last year's 510 will exceed 520 this year?  

    I couldn't say for definite. Not all of these Leaving Cert candidates will meet the minimum course entry requirements. Therefore, this may dwindle down the 11 per cent increase. How much by, nobody will know unti Monday.

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    Do you get tired saying the same things over and over again????

    No. We are here and happy to help.

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    Hi , I`m thinking of repeating my Leaving Cert  - could you tell me if there are any dedicated repeat Leaving Cert schools or grind schools in north Dublin as I don`t want to repeat in my old school. Or where can I source that information?  

    Probably the best place to start your search is the Qualifax website qualifax.ie and do a course search with repeat in the title.  I did a quick search and came up with Plunkett College, Pearse College, Rathmines and Ringsend.  The listing in Qualifax will give you the contact details for the colleges also. Some secondary schools in your area may also take repeat students so ringing some of them may get you more information.

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    Hi, I was in work yesterday when the results came out so had to get them online. I need to view one of my papers but did not get a form as I couldn't collect results from school. I have been trying to contact the school but there is no answer. Any advice?

    I would advise you to contact the State Examination Commission. Its number is 0906442700. Get back on if you have any further problems.

    Good luck.

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    Thanks for your reply to my previous question. Can a person who has only passed five subjects matriculate for university?  

    The matriculation for all universities is two HC3 & four OD3. Courses within each university may have specific course requirements also.So unfortunately, the answer to your question is no.

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    My daughter got  A1, B2, B2, B3, D1 honours.  For nursing at Queens she would need B2, B2, B2, CC.  Should she get her B3 rechecked in hope of B2 and her D1 in hope of C?  Really afraid of downgrade.  

    I suggest that you view the script and see how close she is to going up a grade.  Papers which are 1 per cent shy of the next grade up are more likely to be upgraded than those, say, 4 per cent adrift. Viewing of scripts is free of charge but you must fill out the form that came along with your results. This form needs to be returned to your school by August 18th.

    Downgrades can happen but upgrades are more common. About 20 per cent of appeals are successful each year.

    Good luck with it.

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    I am looking to combine French with music in Trinity and got 530. I passed the interview and entrance test for music. The points range last year for these subjects together was huge, 415-570. Have I got any chance of a place on this course with my points?  

    Looking at the 2014 points table on TCD's website for the TR001 course it seems that the combination of French and Music had a cut off of 420* last year.  Based on this you should be quite comfortable on 530.  Have a look  at www.tcd.ie/study/assets/pdf...

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    Hi I was wondering if I repeated the Leaving Cert and want to go for medicine do I still have to do Irish, English and maths if I passed them the first time round?  

    Undergraduate entry to medicine for school leavers is based on getting 480 points and meeting all entry requirements in same sitting of the Irish Leaving Cert plus completing the required HPat entrance exam.

    This means that you would have to repeat English, Irish (for most colleges but not all), a third language (for most colleges not all) and maths.

    Go to cao.ie and take a look under student resources. There is a lot of information there on undergraduate medicine.

    Best of luck.

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    Can one opt for a course lower down the preference list than the course offered?  

    Unfortunately not.  Once you are offered a course, everything below that preference effectively is deleted from your list, hence the common phrase - you can always hope to move up the list but not down.

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    My daughter is looking to study veterinary medicine at UCD. She got 570. Is that just too low, or have you ever seen the points requirement as low as that? Thanks.

    Points are determined by supply and demand. So it depends how popular veterinary medicine is among CAO candidates of 2015. Take a look at the following irishtimes.com/news/edu...

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    If my daughter does a BTec level 3 extended diploma in Health Science in NI, would it be recognised in Eire?  She has just turned 17 and is not ready to leave home yet.  Derry is only five miles away from us.  

    I am assuming you are referring to it being recognised for entry purposes to CAO colleges and, if so, I would suggest you would have to ring the colleges your daughter would be hoping to apply to after completing the diploma.  Colleges may vary in terms of recognition.  

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    I will not get my preferred options and may now be offered a place in a course which I do not want to take up. Is it possible to accept this place, start in this college and then change in a month  to another course/college?  

    Nobody knows anything for definite until Monday. It is not possible to start in one college and then move over to another after one month. A college might do internal transfers if they have the space in a particular course and the candidate satisfies the cut-off points as well as the minimum entry requirements. Each college has its own policies on this so I would advise you to contact the college directly.  

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    My son didn't get enough points to do social science in UCD . Is there an option to do a PLC course to help him get into the course next year ?  

    Yes.  If your son does any of the PLC courses listed below in the left column, including the essential component awards listed on the right, then he would be eligible to apply for a small quota of places reserved for Fetac (PLC) applicants.  If you contact any PLC college and ask them about the courses listed below they will tell you if they run these courses.


    5 modules at Distinction Grade. The qualification must include distinctions in:
    • G20031  or  5N1370

      and 3 of the following 6 modules:
    • G20022  or  5N1837
    • E20008  or  5N1298
    • E20169  or  5N0765
    • B20004  or  5N1351
    • D20032  or  5N1279
    • B20132  or  5N1394

    5 modules at Distinction Grade. The qualification must include distinctions in:
    • G20031  or  5N1370
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    I sat the LC as a repeat student this year. I received 3Bs and 2Cs on HL papers and an E on another. This now eliminates my chances of getting my first and second choice course in communications/English media at DCU. Do I have enough to get arts at UCD?  

    Congratulations. Some colleges use what is known as a compensation rule, meaning that you would get in providing your E is from a higher-level subject.  

    Your scores suggest that you would get offered arts at UCD. I would need to know more about what subject you failed to say for definite. I would advise you to phone admissions DCU and admissions UCD.

    Get back on if you need more help.  

    Again well done on doing such a good job on your repeat year.

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    I got an E in HL maths and 370 points. Is it true I may be offered arts in UCC as there is no maths requirement?  

    Yes, there is no maths entry requirement for arts in UCC so, as long as you meet the normal entry requirements for UCC, you could be offered a place.

  • 12:41

    If you repeat the Leaving Cert for medicine do you have to sit all the core subjects again also? Thanks

    This question has been answered below.

  • 12:44

    I failed ordinary level maths: grade E. Any point in having a re-check?  I have applied for a PLC course level 6. I knew I would not have enough points for college. Do you think I will be able to get the course without maths?  

    I recommend that you view your maths script first. If you're a per cent or two off going up a grade then appeal it.

    Most PLC courses require that you do pass five subjects. In order to answer your question I would need to know what PLC course it is and where. You should contact the PLC college directly.

    Good luck.

  • 12:46

    Five honours HL, one fail last year and the same this year repeating. For matriculation my daughter can use her pass from maths  last year as she didn't  repeat maths  this year: is that correct?  

    Yes, you can generally combine Leaving Certificates for the purposes of meeting entry requirements so your daughter can use her maths from last year to matriculate and her points from this year's sitting of the Leaving Certificate.

  • 12:50

    Our son is likely to have got enough points to do an engineering course but he did not get a C3 in honours maths. One option would be to repeat just maths next year. Would this satisfy the requirement if he got the grade then?  

    Yes you can generally combine Leaving Certificates for the purposes of meeting entry requirements so, yes, your son could use his maths HC3 from next year to matriculate and his points from this year's sitting of the Leaving Certificate.

  • 12:51

    I got 490 yesterday and I'm hoping to do the French /History TSM at Trinity. Going on past trends, do I have a good  chance or not?  

    This was 495* last year. Nobody will know for definite until Monday. Check out this article.


  • 12:59

    I'm a teacher asking on behalf of a student. Are any college courses inaccessible if you fail HL English? She is interested in a science career.
    Thank you

    Generally in the IT colleges the requirement is a pass in Irish or English, so she should be fine there.  In the universities there is a requirement to have a pass in English for matriculation.  However some of the universities have a compensation rule whereby they will accept one HE if the applicant has achieved either HC3 in three subjects OR one HB and one HC3.  Depending on which colleges she has applied to she might consider giving the admissions office a ring to find out if she is ok.

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    I will have my maths reviewed.  The PLC course is Tourism with Business 6M5012  Level 6.  I have five passes in other subjects.  Thank you for your help.  

    It doesn't specify any subject requirement. Minimum entry requirement is a Leaving Cert plus interview.  

    Normally five passes is sufficient. I recommend that you contact the college.

    Good luck.

  • 13:20

    Thank you for the quick response. You asked for more detail  B2 English, B1 business, music B3, French C1, geography C3, ag science E, all HL papers. Will they compensate and please confirm if I can use last year's results  combined for matriculation.  

    Most of the universities accept and use the compensation rule where 1HE is acceptable for matriculation with either 3HC3 or 1HB3+1HC3. You satisfy the compensation rule for the institutions that accept this rule eg, UCD

    I would advise you to check with DCU and other relevant universities.

    Points are calculated from one sitting. Leaving certs can be combined for minimum entry requirements.

    Hope that this answers your question.

    Best of luck.

  • 13:22

    My daughter got 470 points. She wants to do LM115 chemical engineering in UL. Last year it was 470. Do you have any idea of trends?  

    Congratulations and very well done. Take a look at the following article. Nobody will know for definite until Monday.


  • 13:26

    Are the points for physiotherapy in UL likely to change from 555 last year?  

    Take a look here www.irishtimes.com/news/edu...

    Nobody can say for definite until Monday. It really depends on how well the candidates showing an interest in physio do and how many spaces are available on this course.

  • 13:28

    Can one be offered a course that is lower down on the CAO choices despite having the points for the first choice? I feel like I've made a terrible mistake. Would I have to re-apply next year or are there other options?  

    If you get the points for your first choice course on your CAO you will be offered this.  Once this happens all courses further down your list of choices will effectively be deleted and you will not have access to them.  The only way you may be able to get to one of these lower courses this year is if the course is advertised on the vacant places list on the CAO website.  Otherwise unfortunately reapplying next year may be the only way to get at the lower course.  

  • 14:16

    Do you know what the points will be for the new early childhood development course in St Pat's in Drumcondra?
    Thank you.

    Unfortunately, I cannot answer this. It will all depend on the number of applicants and their scores  as well as the number of places that will be made available on this course. I do not have access to such data.

    I imagine that it won't be too much greater than similar early childhood development courses around the Dublin area.

  • 14:22

    I am entering my final year in secondary school in Italy. I'm looking to go to college in Dublin in 2016. How will I make an application considering I won't be in the CAO system ?  

    Hi, you will make an application through the CAO at www.cao.ie If you go to the website it might be no harm to start familiarising yourself with the system and the documentation you may need as part of your application.  Your application will fit into one of the special categories of non standard application (B Other Exams) so you could start there.  

  • 14:22

    I'm so confused about the offers. Is what I have as my first choice what they are only going to offer me? What if I don't have the points for it? Will they still make me an offer on my second choice or do I wait until the second-round offers?  

    You will be offered the first course on your list that you satisfy the minimum entry requirements and CAO points for. If you get the points and meet all the requirements that is needed for your first choice then this is the course that you will be offered. Once this is offered all courses below it become obsolete.

    However, let's suppose you don't satisfy all the requirements for your first-course preference; you will get offered the next course that you meet all the requirements for. This could be choice number two, three, seven or eight. You can, however, get offered courses above these in later round offers.

    I hope that this is clear enough.


  • 14:29

    My daughter does not have enough points for the course of her choice. She is going to have some of her papers checked. If she had them reassessed and got the required points, would she be then offered the course based on the revised points?

    First of all, nobody knows the CAO cut-off points for 2015 yet. If she is successful with her appeal then the SEC will inform CAO and any college place that she would have got with those points will now be offered to her, no matter what she accepts in the meantime. The college may not allow her to start in late October, as she'll have missed half the first semester or they may not have any availability but you're guaranteed the place for 2016-2017.

  • 14:34

    My daughter got 510 points, but failed honours maths. What are the options open to her?  

    Hi, firstly it is worth mentioning that maths is not a requirement for all courses so, depending on what course area she is applying for, it may not be an issue, but for the vast majority of courses maths is an entry requirement.  If your daughter is applying for courses in the engineering/IT/science areas some colleges are offering second chance exams in maths - these colleges include: NUIG, Maynooth, DIT, UL, WIT, CIT, and IT Carlow.  Details of all these exams can be found on the respective colleges' websites. I would recommend viewing her maths script and possibly getting a recheck carried out if necessary.  the long-term option is to repeat her maths next year.  Remember you can combine Leaving Certificates for the purposes of meeting entry requirements such as maths. Check out Brian Mooney's article www.irishtimes.com/news/edu...

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    I was unsuccessful in gaining enough points in the Leaving Cert to get into a level 8 degree course in general science.  I did not put any level 6/7 courses on my CAO form.  Is there any hope in getting onto a level 6/7 PLC now, which could lead to my level 8 degree?  

    I suggest that you keep an eye on available places on the CAO website. Courses that have places show up here and can be added to your CAO list. Available places will begin to be released from August 18th. You never know, maybe a science level 6/7 could show up here.

    I suggest you use qualifax.ie to find a science-related course in a PLC of your choice. PLC courses can be used as a progression route into a level 8. Certain conditions will apply to make progression feasible.

    Hope that I have answered your query. Good luck.

  • 14:37

    How does one go about getting a script rechecked?  

    Please read the article below:


    Hope that this answers your question.

  • 14:40

    My son is hoping to do engineering in DCU. He got 520 points in his Leaving Cert. Do you think the points required  will go up over 500 given the demand for engineering ?

    Take a look at this article. Remember nothing is certain until Monday.  

    I would be hopeful with having 20 points above last year.


  • 14:40

    My son got an E in business studies (higher level) and  a D3 in French (higher level).  Can he repeat just these two subjects and reapply for university next year ?  

    Yes, he can repeat these two subjects but remember you cannot combine Leaving Certificates for the purposes of calculating points, you can only use one sitting of the Leaving Certificate for points purposes.  

  • 14:44

    Will the new updated points for courses be released tomorrow in the paper?  

    No. This information won't be released until Monday.

  • 14:47

    Hi I got 560 and last year's points for psychology In Trinity were 555.  Do you think this will be enough?  

    Well done.Nobody will know for definite until Monday but I would be confident. Take a look at the following article


  • 14:49

    Do you know how many points it will be for engineering ? Will it increase by much compared to last year ?  

    Hi Lisa, afraid not definitively, but from an analysis of the applications data to CAO it is a possibility that  engineering, technology, law, architecture and other construction-related courses are likely to see a significant rise in  CAO  points for college entry this year. Of relevance here is the fact that  application numbers for engineering/technology programmes are up this year by more than 14 per cent at 7,741.  however it has to be said that this data does not automatically mean that all engineering programmes will rise, rather it is just indicating a trend in applications that may impact on points.  You might have a look at this article www.irishtimes.com/news/edu...

  • 14:54

    How do we go about checking our CAO offers on Monday ?

    Round-one offers are available on Monday August 17th.  
    You can check to see if you have received an offer by going online at cao.ie and logging in to your account using the ‘My Application’ facility from 6am. If you are deemed eligible for an offer you will also receive an offer notification via email and SMS text if you have selected this option on your application form.

    Paper offer notices will reach the majority of applicants on Monday August 17th. If you have not received an offer you will receive a ‘Statement of Application Record’ in the post which you must read carefully and notify CAO of any changes immediately.  

  • 14:55

    I got 365 points in my Leaving Cert and I got an E in HL maths. I really want to do chemical and pharmaceutical science in DCU. Is there a level 6/7 course that I can do to get into that course? The course requires 480 points and HL d3 in maths.  

    I recommend that you contact admissions DCU.

  • 14:56

    Thanks for all the advice.  This is a great and accessible resource  

    You're welcome. We're here all day next Monday and Tuesday also.

  • 14:58

    I got 465 in my Leaving Cert and am hoping to do psychology in UCD. This course is 510 but I have a place on the Dare scheme and am eligible for a 15 per cent point reduction. Will my Dare status be taken into account when I receive my offer on Monday?  

    The answer to this is yes. Your Dare status will be taken into account if you get this offer.

  • 15:00

    Music at Cork School of Music jumped by 160 points last year. Is it a possibility that surge could be repeated this year?  

    Unfortunately we have no way of knowing this for definite.  All we can say is from looking at applications data to the CAO, it appears that points for arts related courses are likely to stay at a similar level to last year.  This is a general observation.  For specific courses I'm afraid we will have to wait until Monday to know for sure. However  a jump of about 230 points over two years would hopefully suggest that if there is a jump again this year it will not be too much.

  • 15:06

    Hi, I got 540 in my Leaving Cert and am hoping to do speech and language therapy in UCC, which was 510. Are points expected to rise greatly for this course?  

    Nobody will know for definite until Monday but having 540 I would be hopeful. Take a look at this article also


  • 15:14

    Is there a level 6/7 course for entry into a level 8 science course from colleges in Dublin? And what are the entry requirements for these level 6/7 courses? Thanks  

    From a quick look at qualifax.ie I found four possiblilities: bioanalysis (Tallaght), biosciences - OC3 maths or applied maths  (DIT), science common first year - OC3 maths or applied maths (DIT) and science pharmaceutical (Tallaght).  There are possibly more but these could get you started.  The two courses in Tallaght have normal matriculation requirements for IT Tallaght.

  • 15:16

    I got an E in maths. For the CAO offers, will they look through all my options because I only have two level 6/7 courses that apply to me as both these in DIT have the compensation rule for getting E in maths. Will they offer that?

    They will providing that you meet the cut-off points. You will also need 1HC3 and 1HB3 or 3HC3 in order to avail of the compensation rule.

  • 15:23

    I got 500 in my Leaving Cert and my first course is BESS at Trinity. The points for the course last year were 495. Do you think the points for it will rise this year?  

    Have a read of this


    Nobody will know for definite until Monday.

  • 15:28

    From one of your articles - if the number of applications in science has dropped by more than 1 per cent - does that indicate that the point requirement may drop or remain the same?  

    I cannot tell as I don't have access to such information. You would imagine that a decrease in demand will put less pressure on course entry points providing that supply ( number of courses) of courses stays the same.

  • 15:31

    Hi I got 545 in my Leaving results.  I am hoping for pharmacy as my first choice which is 565.  I have a Dare place.  What do you think my chances are of getting an offer based on my results?. I am not far away from RCSI's  requirement at 555.

    I would be hopeful. It depends what other Dare students got and the number of Dare places on this programme of study. Also points can go up or down from year to year. It's a waiting game, I'm afraid.

  • 15:34

    I received 395 points in the Leaving Cert and my first choice is Marino with 460 points. I qualify for the Dare scheme - do you think it's possible I will get in?  

    Hi Patrick, from speaking to a representative of Marino it looks as if the maximum number of points a Dare applicant can hope to get a reduction of is up to 40 points.  We have no way of knowing what the points for Marino will be this year but if the points remain at 460 it may not be good news for your application.  I'm afraid it is a waiting game until Monday to see what emerges from the CAO.


  • 15:36

    Is there a limit to the amount of requirement points that a course can increase by every year?  

    I'm afraid not. It all boils down to the demand for the course from CAO applicants and the number of places on each course. A change in either of these two factors can affect the cut off points.

  • 15:37

    Hi my son got 425 in the exams and his top course was accounting and finance in DIT, the points last year, from what I read, was also 425. Is it likely to rise?  

    Have a read of this. Nothing is definite until Monday though.


  • 15:40

    Hi, I got 490 points in my exams and I was looking for BESS which has stayed in 495 over the past few years.
    Is there any chance it will drop? Should I take a risk and appeal a subject or two?

    Hi, while we don't know about BESS for sure, it is felt that business courses' points in general will probably not drop this year as applications are up 2.3 per cent.  I would definitely recommend applying to view your scripts to see if there is a possibility of you increasing your grades through a recheck.  The form must be with your school by Tuesday August 18th, which is the day after round-one offers.

  • 15:49

    How many students are usually eligible for Hear and Dare every year?  

    I don't have access to such data. I would advise you to contact a HEI and speak to their Access Officer.

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    Hi can you tell me what level 8 science courses I can do with DT425 Pharmacy Technician  

    Progression opportunities for further study exist, including Pharmacy Degrees and Pharmaceutical and Scientific Qualifications in Ireland and elsewhere. Opportunities exist within the school to transfer to an honours degree in Pharmaceutical Healthcare. Recent evidence suggests that in addition to offers of pharmacy study in the UK, graduates are also being interviewed to study BSc Pharmacy in Ireland.

    I would advise you to speak with someone in DIT to get further information about opportunities.  

  • 16:10

    It's free to view your script at the school, right? You only have to pay if you are getting it rechecked, right? Do you also get a marking when you are viewing your script? And do you pick your session?  

    Viewing of scripts is free. The marking scheme will be there. The school picks your session but I imagine that this could be flexible. Contact your school now if you are not flexible.

  • 16:23

    Is it possible to transfer to a level 8 course from a level 6/7 course? Do you have to complete the two years needed or can you transfer after a year by carrying points and so on? How does the transfer system work or the requirements?  

    Transferring courses either internally in a college or externally is a bit of a minefield.  Each application is considered individually by each college and a number of factors have to be taken into account.  Colleges vary in how they approach transfers.  The general rule of thumb for internal transfers is that you must have got the points originally for the course you are hoping to transfer into.

    The norm for level 6/7 courses is to complete the first qualification and then apply to continue on to the next, higher, qualification.  This is generally called the ladder system of progression where add-on qualifications are used to build up from a level 6/7 to a level 8 honours degree.  If you have a specific college in mind and specific courses, it might be no harm speaking to the admissions office of that college to get their views and policy on transfers.

  • 16:45

    Hi, I got an E in honours maths but otherwise got 440 points and was wondering how the compensation rule in DIT works. All of my DIT course choices require a OC3 in higher maths, is there a chance I could get in?  


    The Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)  is holding a  Mathematics Competency Test (MCT)  for applicants to its Level 8 (Honours) Engineering programmes that require a minimum grade of HC3 in Leaving Certificate Mathematics. The purpose of the MCT is to offer candidates an alternative route to achieve this minimum entry  requirement.

    The MCT is not obligatory and no extra CAO points are awarded for successful students. Those students that are successful will have met the minimum entry requirement of HC3 in Leaving Certificate Mathematics.  

    The MCT is set at a similar standard as the Leaving Certificate Honours Mathematics examination. Students that have studied the Leaving Certificate Mathematics curriculum at Honours Level are invited to sit the exam.

    DIT is currently accepting applications to sit the MCT from those who have applied to DIT for a  Level 8 Honours Engineering Programme which have a  minimum requirement of a HC3 in Mathematics.


    August  2015 Tutorials & Test

    • Tutorial Dates:  17th & 18th August  (2 days):
    • Time: 9:30am to 1pm & 2pm to 5pm each day
    • Test Date:    19th August (3 hours duration)
    • Location of Tutorials:  Lecture Rooms in DIT Kevin St (maximum 40 students per group)
    • Location of Test: DIT Kevin Street

    Does this answer your question?

  • 16:54

    I got 400 points in my Leaving. I applied to NUI Galway for Computer Science (420) first choice and Science (400) second choice.  I am a Hear student> What are the chances of me being offered my first choice?  Thanks.  

    All Hear partcipating colleges vary in the number of places they make available to Hear students. Also, whether you get your first offer or not will also depend on the competition you'll be up against from other Hear candidates. I don't have access to this data. However, I would be hopeful.  

    I hope you get your first choice. Best of luck.

  • 16:59

    I got enough points for my first choice and minimum requirements to get in. It's  BA in Mary I. If I decide at the end to do primary instead of secondary I need HC3 in Irish. I got HD1. Can I accept the course and resit Irish only?  

    Yes, you can start the BA in Mary I and then, after this, complete the postgraduate conversion course for primary teaching.  The requirement for the postgraduate course is a HC3 in Irish.  So yes, you could repeat just the Irish and use this to matriculate for the postgraduate course.  It is also worth mentioning there may be other alternatives to repeating the LC Irish.  Completing first arts Irish successfully may satisfy the Irish requirement and it is also possible to complete a diploma in Irish in some colleges which will satisfy the Irish requirement in the postgraduate course.  I am almost sure Mary I offers this diploma course.  I would advise contacting Mary I admissions and speak to them about these options.  

  • 17:07

    Hi, Sorry I didn't specify, the courses I applied to were computer science, computing and business computing in DIT  

    DIT offer a compensation rule . The compensation rule is as follows:

    Compensation Rule for Higher Leaving Certificate Results at Grade E
    One Grade E result at Higher Level will be accepted for the purposes of meeting minimum entry requirements provided the applicant has amongst his/her results:

    Three Grade C3 results on Higher Level papers
    One Grade C3 and one Grade B3 on Higher Level papers

    The Grade E result will not be counted for points and will not be accepted in any subject which is mandatory at Higher Level.  

    Do you satisfy the above? If so you will receive an offer on Monday.

  • 17:44

    Do you think general nursing points will go down this year? I applied to Tralee and needed 415 yet I got 385 in the Leaving Cert. Do you think I will get an offer?

    A 20-point drop would be a lot but it could happen. Please read the following article.  


    The very best of luck.  

  • 17:55
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