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Brian Howard, Deirdre Garrett Fri, Aug 15
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    Hi. I have applied to do Social Science in UCC but I have spoken to a lot of people, as well as read, that Social Science/Arts degrees are useless without a masters, do you think this is true?

    Social Science is what I would call a generic degree. This means that you will be studying a board range of subjects. It allows one to taste many different subjects and this will help someone to make a more informed decision about the area of work that is most suited to them. In order to specialise one will most likely have to continue with further education after this degree.

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    Hi if you repeat LC can you use points from both years for CAO purposes?

    Your Leaving Cert points can only be calculated from one sitting. You cannot combine points from subjects in 2014 with points gained from subjects in 2015. You can however use 2015 results to satisfy minimum entry requirements. E.g A person needs 400 pts and a 0D3 in Maths... If this person gets 410 points but fails Maths they will not get an offer this year. They have not satisfied the Maths minimum entry requirements.

    This student could then repeat Maths only and pass it in 2015. Providing that the points stay the same in 2015 this student should receive an offer in 2015 as they have satisfied the points cut off and the minimum requirements.

    I hope that this has answered your question.

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    Hello, With my combined Leaving Cert points and my HPAT score, I have a total of 743. Would you say this will be enough to get my first choice course of Medicine in NUIG?

    No one will know for certain until Monday. Applications to medicine are down on last year. But this is not to say that the standard has dropped. I would be hopeful but again nothing will be definite until Monday.

    We wish you the very best for Monday

  • 09:38

    Hi if you repeat LC can you use points from both years for CAO purposes?

    No, unfortunately not.   You cannot combine LCs for the purposes of calculating points, points must be calculated from one sitting of the LC.

  • 09:39

    I want to do a course and unfortunately fell short of the course points wise. would there be any chance of me getting accepted into the course under different circumstances for example doing a year of a Level 6 course then transferring into Level 8?

    The 2014 points are not out until Monday. Don't give up yet. Level 6/7 courses can be used as a progression route into a level 8. Your CAO handbook will show you if this is possible. If in doubt contact the admissions office or go on the college website.

    Many colleges offer a transfer facility on completion of a level 6/7.


    The best of luck.

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    How do I accept a CAO but defer it for a year?

    The procedure is:

    • You  inform the college directly that  you intend to defer your place until next year. Do this via email/letter
    • Assuming that the college grant the deferral..
    • The following year  you reapply to the CAO for the 1st February deadline, placing the deferred course  your only preference. You   will be offered the course in Round A (July) before the main round of CAO offers.
  • 09:48

    I got 175 points in my Leaving and the course I want   in DKIT requires either a C3 in one higher level subject, which I got a D1 in, or at least six passes, which I got, and 200 points.   I want to know what can I do. Should I repeat or do a PLC or wait for Vacant places on the 19th?

    Yes DKIT seem to be fairly unique on this entry requirements scenario and you have unfortunately been caught in it.   As I said yesterday repeating is a decision that should not be taken lightly.   You need to discuss it carefully with your parents/teachers and only do it if you honestly feel you will be able to knuckle down and really improve your performance. Taking a PLC and then using the FETAC links scheme is a great way of getting into CAO courses without having to repeat.   For many people when they go into a PLC and are studying material that they really want to study, they can do a huge amount better than redoing the LC and hence their points for applying to college the next year will be considerably higher.   You definitely should keep an eye on the vacant places also, there will probably not be much in there straight away but over the next week or two more courses will appear.


  • 09:49

    Hi, I will be repeating my leaving cert next year.     If by some awful luck I should get lower points than I got this year, which score will the CAO accept for my course choice?

    You must quote your 2014  CAO number  on your CAO form for this upcoming academic year. CAO office will then know that you are repeating. This time next year you can use the points from the year that give you the highest scoring. Therefore, either score can be accepted this time next year . Obviously the higher one will be used.


    Good luck with it.

  • 10:00

    My daughter got 520 points in the Leaving Cert and looking to do the history/English combination in TCD. Is there still a chance the points could come down?

    Points can increase or decrease. Many factors influence points such as the standard of the applicants applying for that particular course, the number of places available. Admission officers will meet in Galway this weekend. No one will know the 2014 cut off points until Monday.



  • 10:01

    My daughter failed honours maths and biology at higher level. She got 265 points. Was hoping to do European Studies at ITT but I think she needed to get two C3s which she did but only three D3s, I think she needed four. Has she any hope of getting a place. She is already talking about repeating maths at night.

    Unfortunately it looks as if she has not met the basic entry requirements for the course TA 021 which is a level 8 honours degree so she will not be offered the course.   If she repeats Maths, she will be able to use a pass in Maths next year along with this years results to meet the entry requirements for the course.

  • 10:10

    I qualified for HEAR and I'm just wondering how HEAR offers work? When I get an offer on Monday will it be the HEAR offer? Are HEAR offers separate?

    Your offer will be the same as anyone who is not eligible for HEAR. HEAR offers are not seperate.

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  • 10:17
    I got 520 points in my leaving cert, 5 points above the 515 points for Law and German in Trinity, which is my first choice. They say demand has risen for Law courses - am I still in with a chance of a first round offer?

    Unfortunately, no one is in a position to be able to predict what the points for courses will be next Monday the 18th.   The admissions officers of the colleges descend on Galway to the CAO office over the weekend to begin the process of allocating places and only then will the cut off points for courses emerge on Sunday night/Monday morning.   Of course you can use last years cut off points as a rough guide to this year, but as we all know points can go up or down, sometimes considerably and unexpectedly.  

    We can also look at the statistics for the numbers of applications for a particular course in any given year, whether they are up or down, but again it is incorrect to automatically assume that if the number of applications are up for a course that the points will rise, this is not always necessarily the case for a number of reasons.  

    Best of luck.

  • 10:19

    Achieved 485 points with UCD Commerce as first choice (475 last year). Has the number of 1st choices for the course been published and how it compares to previous years?

    All I have access to is the statistics on the CAO website This tells me that the demand for Business courses has taken an upward spiral this year. This is not a strong enough indicator to make   a judgement. Applicants who increased demand may or may not have the necessary entry requirements and that would cause a fall in demand. No one will know for definite until Monday.

  • 10:25

    Hi, what happens if you don't accept your round 1 offer but you don't get upgraded on your CAO list? Can you still accept that course or are stuck between a rock and level 6/7 courses?

    If  you don't accept by the deadline date you will not be offered it again or any course choice below it. If you do increase your points total by achieving an upgrade in rechecks and now have the points for the course approve the one you declined then the CAO must make you an offer.

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    Can you repeat maths only in the Leaving Cert 2015? My daughter got a HD1 instead of the required DC3 for the computer science   in TCD. She got 500 points. Her second choice was computer science in UCD. How do you apply to do this? Where can you repeat?

    Students have the option of sitting just one of their subjects again if they failed to meet the requirements of the college for entry to a specific course. For example obtaining the required grade in Maths. You can repeat as an external candidate and take private grinds in the evening. You must contact a school near you to register to sit your exam in their exam hall.

    You can attend the Institute of Education when repeating one subject or take private one to one tuition. Many places offer this service. I suggest you enquire around your area.

  • 10:37

    Hi I am going to repeat next year. I do phys chem combined but a course I want to apply for has a chemistry HC3 requirement. Can I do both subjects for Leaving Cert next year, counting phys chem for points and the HC3 in chemistry for requirement?


    You need to be careful here as some colleges will not allow the combination of these two subjects to be used for matriculation, e.g. TCD.   You have an interesting question in relation to using one of the subjects only to meet the entry requirements if I understand correctly and then once you matriculate use the phys/chem for points.   I have been trying to get a definitive answer for you on this but both the admissions officers and CAO are not available today so I would suggest you contact the admissions office of the college involved on Monday or Tuesday to get a definitive answer. Apologies I can't be of more help today.

  • 10:41

    If I do Science in NUIG is there any possibility of transferring to Bio-Medical Science after year 1 or 2?

    I would advise you to contact the admissions office in NUI Galway. Each institution have different transferring policies.

  • 10:44

    Can you repeat maths only in the Leaving Cert 2015? My daughter got a HD1 instead of the required DC3 for the computer science   in TCD. She got 500 points. Her second choice was computer science in UCD. How do you apply to do this? Where can you repeat?

    Yes you can repeat a subject just to satisfy minimum entry requirements. You can repeat in a grind school or take private one to one tuition. I would advise you to contact a local school and register there as an external candidate.

  • 10:46
    My son has applied for a course with 40 places. He has 30 more points than were needed for this course last year. What are his chances of being offered a place?

    Unfortunately, no one is in a position to be able to predict what the points for courses will be next Monday the 18th.   The admissions officers of the colleges descend on Galway to the CAO office over the weekend to begin the process of allocating places and only then will the cut off points for courses emerge on Sunday night/Monday morning.   Of course you can use last years cut off points as a rough guide to this year, but as we all know points can go up or down, sometimes considerably and unexpectedly.  

    We can also look at the statistics for the numbers of applications for a particular course in any given year, whether they are up or down, but again it is incorrect to automatically assume that if the number of applications are up for a course that the points will rise, this is not always necessarily the case for a number of reasons.  

    Best of luck.

  • 10:49

    I failed maths and was hoping to do bar and restaurant management at GMIT. Will I still be able to?

    I would advise you to check the minimum requirements for this course on

    I think that you need to pass five Leaving Cert subjects including Maths. If this is so you will not receive an offer. You could repeat Maths externally in this upcoming academic year and reapply next year?

  • 10:51

    I don't want my first choice, can I refuse it and take my second choice?

    No. Once you are offered a course (whether you accept it or not)  you will never be offered a course below it.

  • 10:56

    Hi, I got 415, I applied for a number of courses but won't get my first three because I don't have the points. I accidentally put UCD before my preferred Liberal Arts in Mary Immaculate in Limerick. What would happen if I declined or left that offer the way it is? Could I be offered a place on an above course on my list if it becomes available? Or the next one down the list if it has places left? The reason I can't get one of my above courses is because I have the points but didn't get a B3 (got a C1) in maths ordinary level. I cannot do the maths exam because it's technically an education course. What are my options?

    The first thing the CAO will do with your 10 preference courses on your list is to work out the courses you are qualified to apply for, in other words the courses you have met the entry requirements for.   Any course for which you have not met the entry requirements are effectively removed from your list.   Then it will work out which courses remaining you are entitled to a place on, on the basis of your points.   If you are entitled to say 4 courses, then it will make you an offer for the highest preference of the 4.   Once you have been offered this all courses below this preference are then effectively removed and you can never be offered a place on them.   Whether you accept the place you have been offered or not, you will still remain in the running for a higher preference course and will be offered it if you become entitled to it in the next rounds.   You should always accept some course in round one as there is no guarantee you will be offered anything in successive rounds.

  • 10:56

    I know someone who got 305 points - it's plenty for her course but she got a B3 in foundation maths, most courses need a B2 - any exceptions made?

    Minimum entry requirements are fixed. No exceptions are made. I would advise you to look up that particular course or contact the college.

  • 10:59

    I got enough points for English in UCD but I failed maths. I know I have to repeat it but will I get the course and have to defer or will I not get any offer?

    Course DN511 English in UCD does not have a Maths requirement so if you get sufficient points for the course on Monday and have met all other entry requirements then you should be offered a place.

  • 11:01

    I got the points for the early childhood course in Mary Immaculate College in Limerick but I only got one honours subject, a C. I got a C in pass maths and a distinction in LCVP. Can I get offered the place even though the entry requirements state that I need 2 C3s in honours subjects?

    No, I'm afraid it looks as if you have not met the basic entry requirements for the course and hence will not be offered a place on the course.

  • 11:04

    My son was away and only got his results today. In one of his subjects, geography, he's not happy with the result. How do I go about getting that subject rechecked for him?

    The Appeals Process helps young people to get clarity on their results. It also helps to ensure that results are a fair and accurate reflection of the student’s exam performance.

    You must fill out the application form for applying for rechecks. This form should be in the envelope along with his results. You must return this to the school by Tuesday the 19th August.

    What happens next?

    The Organising Superintendent appointed by the Commission to your school will assign you to ONE viewing session. The viewing sessions for the 2014 examinations are as follows:

    • Session 1. Friday, 29th August 2014 6.00 pm to 9.00 pm
    • Session 2. Saturday, 30th August 2014 9.00 am to 12.00 noon
    • Session 3. Saturday, 30th August 2014 from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm


    Students who decide to seek a recheck must complete a form which will be available from their school.

    The fees for appealing a result in a subject in the certificate examinations are as follows:

    • Leaving Certificate Established €40 per subject (refundable if granted an upgrade)
    • Result of recheck out in mid October

  • 11:36

    I didn't meet the requirements for a Level 8 course in Griffith college. If I get into Griffith college on a Level 7 course, could I upgrade to a Level 8 course the following year?

    The vast majority of level 7 courses in Griffith College have an add on course to bring your level 7 up to a level 8 honours degree.   I would have no hesitation accepting the level 7 route as in many cases the time required to get the level 8 qualification is the same whether you go directly or throught the level 7.

  • 11:38

    I got 310 points in my Leaving Cert. Results were higher level grades C3, 2 D1s and two D3s. Ordinary level are B3 and a ordinary C2 or C3. I also got a merit in LCVP.
    I believe I got enough points for the course, BA honours theatre and drama CR700, but now I realise I am one grade away for the minimum entry requirements for the course. It says I need, 2 C3 (higher), and 4 D3 (ordinary/higher).
    Will I now not get into this course because of this? I got 540 in the interview/audition.

    Minimum entry requirements do not change. You must meet these requirements before you can be offered a place. I would advise you to contact admissions at this college.

  • 11:41

    I got 420 points and have been accepted as a DARE applicant. Do I have any chance of UCD commerce which was 485 last year?

    Congratulations. Every institution has a different DARE policy as offers different point reductions. Some may offer above 60 points whilst others will not give more than a 60 point reduction. It also depends on the number of DARE vacancies and number of DARE applicants for this  course of study. I would advise you to contact the DARE officer at UCD.


    We wish you the very best.

  • 11:41

    Hi, I got 515 points which should get me my first choice of Primary School teaching. I'm thinking of getting my geography and biology results checked as I felt I had done a bit better than a B1. Even if I was to get an upgrade it may have no effect on my college place offer(as I feel I have more than enough based on last years criteria) but it would satisfy my curiosity. My question is: if I was to get a downgrade could it affect my college place offer this year?


    It could in theory.   If you get a downgrade and your points dip below what was required for the course you have accepted, then the college has the right to take back the place you have been offered as in theory someone else is more entitled now to that place over you.   This is why the strong advice is always to view any paper you are considering getting rechecked and if you are in danger of dropping to a lower grade, don't proceed with the recheck.

  • 11:42

    Can I get bonus points for higher level maths if I sat my leaving cert in 2012 and using points from that to apply to college this year? Or does that apply just to 'project maths' students? Thanks.


    Yes you can avail of the bonus points for higher level Maths.


    Good luck.

  • 11:45

    I got 380 and applied for arts in NUIG with range from 300-615. Will I be offered a place?


    The cut off last year for this course was 300 points so at 380 you would seem to be very comfortable.   We don't know what is going to happen with points on Monday but I would imagine it would be unlikely for Arts to go up over your 380.

  • 11:46

    Hi, I got a complementary pass in higher level maths and am sending it back to be rechecked. My maths teacher is confidant I'll come up to a pass in which case I'll have 345 and my first choice is arts in UCC which is 335. What happens if I get a pass in mid October? Is it possible to be offered a place and start college in mid-October or do I have to defer til next year?

    You will be given three otions. Option one will be to stay put in the course that you accepted (next week). Option two is that you will be offered to join the Arts course in UCC albeit a few weeks later. Option 3 is that you will be offered a place on this course but it will be deferred until September 2015. You get to choose the option that suits you the best.

  • 11:49

    I got 495 and based on last year I am five points off my first choice of Psychology in DCU. I should be offered my fourth choice which is Psychology (through Science) in Maynooth. Is it a big risk to reject this offer if I receive it? Can I still only be offered a course that's higher up on my CAO in second/third round offers?

    If the higher ranked courses come down in points you will be offered them regardless of whether you're in Maynooth or declined the offer. As to whether to decline the offer, it is totally your decision. I suggest that you read up on the course and subjects on offer. It will help you make a more informed decision.


    The best of luck.

  • 11:50

    I got 355 points in my Leaving Cert and I passed everything and got all college requirements. My first Level 7 is 400 points in DIT and my Level 8s range from 360-460. I'm really not sure how HEAR scheme works, I'd be really happy with my first Level 7. What do you think the chances of me being offered it are?


    The problem with the HEAR scheme is that all the colleges have different ways of approaching it in terms of offering places and the cut off, points wise, for HEAR applicants.   Essentially it seems to boil down to how many HEAR elligible places are being offered on a course and your position points wise in that group of applicants.   So unfortunately it is a waiting game to see what you are going to be offered on Monday, there is no easy way to determine this beforehand.


  • 11:53

    My daughter got 335 points in her Leaving Cert. She wants to do psychiatric nursing. Any suggestions on where she might be successful or what to do to gain access to training in her chosen field?

    We will not know the points until Monday. You can study nursing studies or community care in a college of Further Education. They run Post Leaving Cert courses. I suggest you contact a college of FE close to you. You can research this by looking up www.qualifax,ie. Click on course search. Then click on PLC on the left hand side. This one year long course can offer you a progression route into an honours degree nursing programme.


    We are here all day next Monday. Contact us if needs be. Good luck.

  • 11:56

    I think I missed out on first preference this year If I accept my second choice at Round 0 but after recheck points go up do I still get offered my first preference or do I have to decline offer of second choice to get offered my 1st preference at later stage


    This question has been answered below. You will get offered higher preferences in later rounds if you have the necessary requirements regardless of whether you accept or decline your offer that you receive on Monday.

  • 11:58

    Hi, my son has the points he needs for the course he wants in NUIG, but only one HB1 and two HD2s the rest at ordinary level Bs and Cs. He also qualifies for HEAR - is there any chance he may be offered a place without the minimum two higher level C3s?

    No. One must satisfy the minimum entry requirements. I would advise you to speak with the HEAR adviser at NUI Galway.

  • 12:04

    Hi, fifth child to go through CAO and I'm well up to speed on the process and have read today's article thoroughly but I have a query:

    Which category does DIT Social Care come into in your guide of the slight rise in applicants and points this year? Is it in the bracket of arts?

    Also, the record of points for this course last year varies from closing at 395 (DIT prospectus) to 400 (CAO website). So which is it?

    My daughter has 400 points. Borderline for her first option!

    In the first round of offers the points were 400. There were obviously more places that needed filling. The candidate next in line had 395. In 2013 if you had 395 you got accepted to this course.

    Arts could be included but I cannot say for definite. I would not rely on those figures as many applicants may not get the necessary requirements and may have no effect on demand.

  • 12:06

    Would you have any idea how many points will be required for UCC's new course BA   in World Languages which my daughter has applied for?

    I'm afraid that I would not. I have no idea of the number of places on the course. I don't have information on how many applicants applied etc.. It is a waiting game until Monday.

  • 12:08

    Please can someone help my questions. I entrusted the CAO application process to my daughter and only now I know how wrong I was to allow a child to complete such a major application without any parental input!

    I hope you may help me with the following questions...

    Her dream was primary school teaching. The reality is she failed maths (honours) and her other six honours subjects gave her the total of 430 points.   Her CAO choices other than the top two (St Pats then Maynooth ) are nothing related to her dream bar course WD135 Social Care Practice that someone pointed out might lead to a post graduate... I am like all parents off a disappointed child: heartbroken, helpless.

    I suppose I am hoping you can offer to any solutions or steer in right direction and advise if there any possibility of change at this stage and this left over they are on about for CAO: what's the process?

    All courses on her list bar both primary school teaching she has enough points for and can sit maths at the college, but again the choices are 100% incorrect, is it only the college that she has applied for that she should sit maths or should she apply for others?


    Ok, firstly your daughter cannot change her CAO form now, with one exception.   On the CAO website there is a section called Available/Vacant Places and this will list over the next few weeks courses which have not been filled.   These are the only courses which can be introduced at this stage to your daughters application.   Needless to say it is very unlikely that any high demand course will appear in this list.   The full details regrding the facility and how it operates are on the CAO website and can viewed now but the actual list of courses doesn't open until tomorrow.  

    In relation to the Maths exam I presume you are referring to the exams that some colleges are offering for a second shot at Maths.   You need to check carefully with the courses that your daughter has applied to if the Maths exam will meet the entry requirements for those courses.   Some of the Maths exams are only for certain courses such as Engineering.   Remember for Primary teaching at postgraduate level there is no specific degree one must have, rather it just must be a Level 8 honours degree in any discipline, so would one of your daughters other Level 8 courses be one she would like to do and use to gain entry to the postgraduate course?   Hope this is of some help.   You might consider talking to her Guidance Counsellor in school if you can for further help.

  • 12:08

    My son got 480 in his results. He's getting three rechecked. He's hoping for commerce in uUCD. What are the chances of it rising again this year? And if so if he gets an upgrade will he be able to transfer in October?

    No one will know the points until Monday. It is a guessing game until then. If he is succesful in getting upgraded and meets the requirements CAO have to make him an offer. He can join the course late or can defer it until September 2015.

  • 12:09

    I got 505 points in my Leaving but I want to repeat. If I get less points next year can I use my Leaving Cert from this year to get into college?

    Yes. Make sure that you write your CAO 2014 number on the CAO when you are reapplying this year.


    Good luck.

  • 12:12

    I got 430 points and have applied for commerce in UCC. Last year it was 435. I qualify for the Dare scheme. Do you think I have a chance of getting my course?

    I do think that you have a good chance as the DARE will offer you a point reduction. How much of a point reduction will depend on the demand for this course by other DARE applicants and the number of places available for DARE applicants. No one will know until Monday.

  • 12:15

    My son got 355 points and would like Liberal Arts at Mary Immaculate, is he likely to get this, it was his second choice?

    He changed his CAO application and limited himself to being eligible for Liberal Arts & Business at LIT only as the rest of his choices were above 375 points.

    Is there anything he can do now to change his choice as he does not want Buiness at LIT?

    You cannot change your order of preference. The option to do that closed on July first. I suggest you wait and see what offer he gets on Monday. We are here all day Monday. Feel free   to contact us again.

  • 12:17

    My   son got 515 points. Do you think he has enough points for his first choice Psychology in UCD

    I really cannot answer this. No one will know the answer to this until Monday. It is a guessing game until then.

  • 12:18

    Just wondering if you have an opinion on this years trend for points for medicine?

    With the recent change to the HPAT requirement and the fact that the 2014 HPAT results were lower on average than 2013, is it possible that the points requirement for medicine might fall slightly this year?

    I do understand that points for medicine have increased annually since the introduction of the HPAT in 2009.


    Your logic is correct in some ways and one could logically assume that the points might come down a little for Medicine, but, unfortunately it doesn't always work this way and you can't assume the overall points will drop.   The Leaving Cert grades of those applying could have jumped in standard and compensate for the average drop in HPAT scores.   Really there is little to be gained by trying to predict this, its a waiting for two more days and all will be revealed.

  • 12:19

    I only got four HC2 and one pass OL, so I won't get any Level 8 offers from the CAO. If I call up Griffith College will they accept me privately for a Level 8 course?


    No. Minimum entry requirements must be meet in order for an offer to be made. I would advise you to phone them up to discuss if they have a Level 6/7 that you could do that would help you progress into your Level 8.

  • 12:21

    Hi, I think I got enough points for my first choice but I have decided I'd rather my second choice. If I decline my first offer, will I possibly get offered my second choice in the next round of offers?


    Unfortunately not.   If you get offered your 1st choice, then whether you accept it or not all choices below this will effectively disapear from your application, you cannot move down your list of preferences.

  • 12:21

    What are the rules with round one and two offers? What can I expect on monday? Is first offer from the bottom of my list or it will be the closest option to my result?

    CAO will give you the highest choice on your list once you have the cut off points and the minimum enrty requirements. They work down your list going from top to bottom. Starting from choice 1-10.

  • 12:27

    I got my results on Wednesday. I got 430 and I want to do Engineering in UCD. The points requirment is 475. However, I have met all the entry requirements. What are the chances and what advice you would give?

    I would advice you to enjoy your success. No one will know the points for any course until Monday. See what offer you get on Monday and reassess then. We are here all day Monday. Please get in touch when you know more.

  • 12:28

    I don't think I have gotten my first preference, if I accept my second preference in Round 0 but after rechecks I have enough points for my first preference do I get offered my first preference even though I have accepted my second choice or do I have to decline my second preference at Round 0 in the hope that my points will go up and I get offered my first choice?

    This is answered below. No you do not have to decline your offer in order to get courses choices above this one at a later stage.

  • 12:29
  • 12:29

    Competition for college places at Level 8 through FETAC is pretty fierce. There are very few places reserved on science courses. Is it as bad for Level 7? I start a PLC course next month but if my FETAC results aren't good enough, can I also reapply though CAO next year for Level 7?


    Generally competition is not a bad for level 7 courses and the requirements for level 7 courses are not as comprehensive for level 7 as with level 8, i.e. required number of distinctions, required modules, etc.   Some of the collegs operate a quota system also for their level 8 courses but this generally isn't the case for level 7 courses.   When you apply through the CAO next year you will be including your LC and your FETAC results and whichever are better will be used by CAO to assess your entry to the courses you have applied to.   Like any CAO application you will be able to apply for level 6/7 and level 8 courses on two separate lists.

  • 12:31

    If I failed business in my Leaving Cert can I still go on to do my PLC course in Business and administration?

    I recommend that you contact your PLC college of Further Education.

  • 12:33

    I got 355 points and applied for Liberal Arts at Mary Immaculate College, this was my 2nd choice.
    Am I likely to get an offer for this course?

    Based on last years points you stand a good chance of being entitled to a place on this course, but remember points can go up or down on last year.   Whether you will be offered it or not depends on what your first choice is.

  • 12:34

    I am interested in doing primary school teaching however I failed higher level maths. Can I sit maths again next year as a single subject and carry my points that I got this year or do I need to repeat my full leaving cert

    Yes you can resit a single subject. You can get one to on tuition or attend a grind school. The result will be used only to satisfy your minimum entry requirement. You can carry your points with you but remember that points can change from year to year. Well done Lorna and the very best of luck.

  • 12:36

    Hi I did my LC in 2011 and I got 555. I am hoping to study psychology in TCD and last year the points were 565. I did HL Maths so would my points go up to 580? (I got B1 in maths which is 85 so I am adding 25 bonus points). Thanks!


    Yes. If maths was one of your top six subjects for points calculation purposes.

  • 12:38

    My son got 275 points in his Leaving Cert.
    He was hoping to get 300 points to do Arts in UCG.
    What options does he have now

    I advise you to wait until the offers come out on Monday. We are here all day Monday so please contact us if needs be.

    Your son will get offered the first course where he satisfies the necessary points and meets the minimum requirements.

  • 12:39

    My son got 515 & is wondering if this will be enough for Psychology in UCD?

    No one has the answer to this. It is   a waiting game until Monday. Well done on such a  good result.

  • 12:40

    I didn't get the results I wanted on Wednesday and so I am applying to UCAS to try and get a place in their 'Clearing' process and was wondering if being from Ireland I apply as an Independent student or through the School/College option?


    It doesn't really matter.   The main difference is if applying through a school you will need your school's buzzword, if applying independently you won't need this. Also there is a difference in how you add your academic reference. Given you are not in school at the moment maybe the independent application might be less hassle for you.

  • 12:42

    I got 415 but failed HL maths. I'm going to send 2/3 subjects to get rechecked, including Maths. My only option is Law in UCD or DIT, 500 and 385 respectively. I also qualify for HEAR, what's the chances of getting into UCD or transferring from DIT?

    You need to meet the entry requirements in order to receive an offer. If you get upgarde on the rechecks and now meet the requirements you will then receive an offer. Each college has their own transfer policy. I suggest that you phone the colleges concerned.

  • 12:44

    Out of six subjects I have four highers, chemistry is one of them. I received an F, though i passed all the other subjects. Is it possible to resit a Leaving Cert? I would have to fly to Ireland to do it, as I'm doing my Leaving Cert outside of ireland.

    Yes you can repeat your Leaving Certificate next year if you wish.   You would contact the State Examinations Commission to register for your subjects and pay the entry fee.

  • 12:46

    My daughter got 415 points and is hoping to get dt299 science in dit kevin street, the points last year were 395 has she a good chance of an offer as there are only 25 places many thanks for your help.


    Yes based on last years points she would seem to have a good chance but we have no way of knowing for definite until Monday morning.   Points can considerably from year to year but with a 20 points buffer she should be in with a good chance.

  • 12:47

    Hi there, my daughter is an Irish citizen completing A levels with the equivalent of 425 points and fulfilling all the minimum and subject requirements for Neuroscience. However she is short of about 20 points for UCC and 80 for TCD/DCU. She has Aspergers and would be eligible for the DARE programme but we have not applied through the CAO as she intended to have a gap year. Can she still apply if there are vacancies for Neuroscience on Aug 19th and is it too late to utilise DARE to enable her to access a course?

    She can apply if it appears under the vacant places. If this was successful I would advise her to contact the DARE advise at her college immediately. If she does take a gap year she should fill out a DARE application as this will aid her with a point reduction. The benefits of DARE differ between colleges. DARE eligibility is confirmed in late June.

  • 12:48

    Is it possible to transfer from one subject to another? Like Arts to Science? I've missed out on my first choice in Maynooth which is Biomedical Science but may get my second choice which is just science. Could I transfer form Science to Biomedical? Is it possible to transfer form Arts to Biomedical?

    All institutions have different transfer policies. I would advise you to contact admission at NUI Maynooth.

  • 12:49

    Hello, I achieved 440 points but failed English. I will be appealing my result. Will my application to International Physiotherapy Programme at Hanzehogen Groningen be effected by my result.

    No idea I'm afraid, I would contact the admissions department in the university to find out the answer to this issue.

  • 12:56
    Check out the Results Hub at
  • 12:56

    My son got 410 points in his Leaving Cert. He will not get his first choice which was Primary Teaching M1005 in Mary Immaculate college as he does not have the necessary points. He does have Liberal Arts M1004 as his second choice which he would be delighted to obtain. Hopefully he will be offered this on Monday. His points are over what is required and has the necessary minimum requirements. My query is are those that have lower points than 410, but have this course as first preference, offered it first?

    No, this is not the way the system works.   The position of a course in an applicants list does not affect their chances of becoming entitled to a place on a course, The only thing that determines an applicants entitlement to a place on a course is points.   So anyone who got lower tha 410 points is below your son on the order of merit list for that course whether they have it first preference or not.

  • 13:01

    I got 470 points and I wanted speech and language in UCC. I am eligible for HEAR scheme but is it unlikely I will get this now? My second choice is primary teaching in Mary Immaculate but I now realise I really do not want this course but it looks as if I will get an offer. My third choice is food science in UCC and I would much prefer to do this, while I realise it's not possible to get an offer on a choice lower down my question is would it be a good idea to wait and take a course I am somewhat interested in on the vacant places list for UCC and next year transfer to food science in UCC? I really want to go to college in ucc and limerick mary I isnt what I want, I wish I knew this earlier and I would never have applied for primary teaching I really dont want to accept it as its not what I want to do and I dont want to take the place off someone else who really wants to do teaching. please give me some advice.

    If you take a place through vacant places you will lose your free fees initative if you were to go into first year of Food Science in September 2015. This would mean that you would have to pay fees if you were to repeat first year again albeit in a new area of study.

    I would advise you to wait until Monday and see what you get offered. Contact us again and we can take it from there.

    You can also take a gap year and reapply to CAO next year.

    Also, UL offer a postgrad in Speech and Language. Many people from disciplines such as primary school teaching continue on into this postgrad. I do recommend that you choose a level 8 that you think you would enjoy though.

  • 13:02
    The online helpdesk is now closed. Thanks to everyone who participated and the best of luck on Monday.