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Whistleblowers, pylons, and a State of the Union, Conor Pope is on the Wire today

Conor Pope Wed, Jan 29
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  • 09:27
    The weather normally comes after the news but let's break with convention shall we?

    It is miserable out - well, it is miserable out in Dublin and as we all know when Irish media organisations discuss Irish weather they are really discussing Dublin weather.

    It is cold. And it is raining.

  • 09:30
    Good morning. I am Conor Pope and I will be looking after the news toda..... sorry, what? There are people queuing for Garth Brooks tickets already?

    They have been queuing since Monday?

    In Lurgan?

    Really? Apparently so.

    They don't go on sale until tomorrow.

    If tomorrow ever comes.

    I think the word that goes here now is boom.

    Our friend in low places, Ronan McGreevy will be on the case presently.

  • 09:34
    2FM have a big announcement coming up...

    They will reveal who is taking over from Hector on the breakfast show.

    The Republic of Telly's a good programme isn't it?

    Sure it is.
  • 09:36
    The Minister for Energy Pat Rabbitte was pylon on the pressure last night when he rejected Opposition criticism of the Government’s decision to exclude the proposed North-South electricity connector from the review of EirGrid’s plans to erect a network of pylons.

    The Minister announced yesterday that a panel of experts would examine whether planned high-voltage cables in Munster and Connacht can be put underground.

    However, the plan for a North-South connector, which is at a far more advanced stage, will be submitted to An Bord Pleanála within the next three weeks.

  • 09:43
    15 giants of the game (rugby, like)... where are they now? Here.  
  • 09:48

    It's handbags at dawn for Fine Gael and Labour members of the Public Accounts Committee over the decision to allow a Garda whistleblower give private evidence about penalty points.

    The PAC decided at a 2½-hour meeting to allow Sgt Maurice McCabe appear at private hearing tomorrow.

    The surprise move came the day after Minister for Justice Alan Shatter called for an investigation into the debacle by the Garda Ombudsman.

    Fine Gael committee members wanted the hearing called off, and claimed last night they were let down at the last minute by Labour TDs, who preferred to let Sgt McCabe give evidence in private.

    “Labour messed us around,” said one TD, while a Labour deputy said: “The Fine Gael guys looked around the room and realised they couldn’t win the vote. Our position was you couldn’t disinvite someone who had been invited. The public wouldn’t wear it.”]

  • 09:53

    President Barack Obama has promised to make 2014 a “year of action” warning Congress that he would sidestep the rifts paralysing US politics by acting without legislation to tackle economic inequality.

    With his popularity languishing around George W Bush levels and his legacy at stake, Mr Obama used his fifth annual State of the Union address to try to reboot his presidency, mapping out a plan to bypass Congress to achieve goals that include improving economic opportunity and upward mobility in American society.

    Swapping the ambitious wish-list of last year’s address for attainable goals this year, a more pragmatic American president warned a hostile Republican opposition with control of the House of Representatives and blocking power in the Senate that he would act without them where possible.

  • 09:54

    We are getting reports of people queing in Dundalk and Limerick for Garth Brooks tickets.  

    Have they not seen the weather?

    Or heard his music?  

  • 09:59

    The VHI is increase its prices by an average of 3 per cent from next month. The rise will come into effect from March 1st and will hit around 1.2 million customers.

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  • 11:00
    Good piece from Anne Marie Hourihane on the Radio Wars
  • 11:01
    The Minister for Appearing on the Telly Brian Hayes  will be the Fine Gael candidate for the Dublin constituency in the European elections on May 23rd. He told his constituency organisation in Dublin South West last night that he was going to put his name forward with a formal announcement to be made today.  
  • 11:04

    IVF is being increasingly employed on “weak” grounds, according to new research.  The study written by researchers in Britain, Australia and the Netherlands and says the risk of extending the benefits of IVF to childless couples could be outweighing the benefits.

  • 11:19

    An ATM machine ripped from the wall of a Bank of Ireland branch in Co Sligo this morning has been recovered. Unopened. A digger was used to make a literal rather than metaphorical hole in the wall of the bank in Tubbercurry at around 5am. It was then loaded onto a trailer and driven away. It was then abandoned 8 kilometres away.  

  • 11:36

    An Indian female politician and activist has said rape victims may have invited attacks by their clothes and behaviour.

    Asha Mirje, a Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader in western Maharashtra state, questioned at a meeting yesterday why a 23-year-old physiotherapy student who was gang-raped on a bus in Delhi in 2012 was out late at night.

    The student died of her injuries.

  • 11:38

    Europe takes on the Big Banks.  


    The Big Banks win.  

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  • 11:48

  • 11:49

    I think 2FM are toying with us...



  • 11:52

  • 12:02

    Businessman Jim Mansfield has passed away at the age of 75.
    Mr Mansfield, best known as the founder Citywest Hotel, conference and golf complex had been ill for some months.  

  • 12:13

    This is a better State of the Union moment than anything we saw last night  


  • 12:15

    Ireland and Ulster winger Tommy Bowe is expecting some ribbing from his colleagues when, as he hopes, he returns from injury well before the end of the Six Nations rugby tournament.  Three quirky portraits of the rugby star by Northern Irish artist Stephen Johnston are to be unveiled in Belfast tonight, with Bowe attending.  “His concept of portraying me as a soldier going into battle is intriguing but I think I might take a bit of stick from my teammates for relaxing in a wheelbarrow, and especially for carrying a large melon instead of a rugby ball,” said Bowe.

  • 12:58

    The Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan has just  ruled out legal action over plans for the PAC to hear penalty points evidence from a serving Garda sergeant saying it would not be in the public interest.

  • 13:02

    Disney introduced the world to its first gay couple on Sunday.  According to the Daily Beast, the plot in  Good Luck Charlie was “refreshingly innocuous, but pointed enough to let it be known that it was, you know, kind of a big deal that a Disney Channel series aimed at young children was taking this step”.

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  • 13:20

    Architect Graham Dwyer has been sent forward for trial for the murder of childcare worker Elaine O’Hara after he was served with an eight-volume book of evidence.

    Mr Dwyer, who is originally from Cork, but has an address at address at Kerrymount Close, Foxrock, Dublin 18, is accused of the murder of Ms O’Hara (37) in Co Dublin on August 22nd, 2012.

    Her remains were discovered on Killakee mountain, Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin, in September 2013, more than a year after she was last seen.

    The 41-year-old married father-of-two had been charged on October 18th, last and when asked if had anything to say, he had replied: “I do, not guilty”.

    He was subsequently refused bail and today he appeared again at Cloverhill District Court where Judge Victor Blake was told that the book of evidence would be served.

    Mr Dwyer, whose father attended the proceedings, was wearing a navy suit, blue shirt and a polka dot tie, sat down on the defendant’s bench before he turned and smiled towards the back of the courtroom.

  • 14:13

    Ronan McGreevy tells me that people were queuing for Garth Brooks from Saturday evening outside Stewarts Music Shop in Dungannon.  

    And the same man is all over the 2FM story. All over it.  


  • 14:17

  • 14:25

    Listening to Ronan McGreevy talk to a Garth Brooks fan who has been queuing for days for tickets.  

    "And how do you sleep at night," he says.  

    Bit harsh, she's only a Garth Brooks fan, it's not like she killed anyone.  


  • 14:26

    Jennifer O'Connel's interest has been piqued by reports from South Korea that men there have taken to wearing lipstick. "Not just lipstick, but eyeliner, mascara and foundation – the whole exfoliated and polished shebang. South Korean men reportedly spend €675 million a year on skincare, about a fifth of the total global spend by men."

  • 14:44

    Why is Ireland so green?
    Why is England so rich?
    Why is France so gay?
    Why is Portugal so Poor
    Why is Italy so racist?

    These are the questions google users most wanted answered.  

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  • 14:56
  • 15:23


    RIP Leo McGarry.  

  • 15:39

    Forecasts, don't ya just love them?

    The economy is forecast to grow by 2.1 per cent this year as consumer spending and business investment increases, according to the Central Bank’s first quarterly bulletin for 2014

    Gross domestic product (GDP) is expected to grow by 2.1 per cent this year, revised upwards from 2 per cent in its last bulletin, as households increase spending on items such as cars and furniture for the first time since 2010. GDP growth will rise to 3.2 per cent next year.

    The Central Bank also forecasts a significant fall in unemployment from 13.2 per cent last year to 11.9 per cent this year, followed in 2015 by a drop to 11 per cent.

  • 16:12

    Given there has been a lot of talk about Garth Brooks and the people devoted enough to queue for tickets to his Croke Park concerts which og on sale tomorrow, I thought we could revisit this. From last week.  

  • 16:17

  • 17:05
    Okay,that's it -we're done.