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David Cochrane Thu, Dec 5
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  • 09:06

    Good morning from The Irish Times.

    Isn't it great to wake up to a nation-wide weather warning?
    Severe gusts expected across the country, overnight gusts and high winds resulted in the cancellation of a number of ferry services. Some flooding also reported.

    Just lifts the spirits on a Thursday morning, eh?

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  • 09:44

    We are the “best country for business”.
    Well, as good as - US financial magazine Forbes thinks so anyway.

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  • 12:48
    David Robert Grimes, who's written a few op-eds for us in the past, has one in today's Irish Times about the arguments against gay marriage.

    To say it's created a reaction is putting it mildly.

    > Denying gay couples marriage rights is barefaced discrimination

    Image an oped about gay rights in The Irish Times causing a stir....
  • 12:56

    One of our most popular reads this lunchtime is Miriam Lord's sketch from Enda's visit to Japan.

    • "His Excellency, Enda Kenny, prime minister of Ireland.



      Michael D won’t like that. Everybody knows that the President of Ireland is the only Excellency in the village.

    > Surreal moments on last day of Enda’s Japanese adventure

  • 13:34

    Can you guess The Simpsons quote just from the freeze frame?

    A very fun (and desktop only, alas!) way to spend a few minutes.

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  • 13:53

    A former solicitor has been charged with seven counts of fraud amounting to €2.8 million.

    Ruairi O Ceallaigh has appeared before Dublin District Court where he stood accused of taking the money from a client account within his family’s law firm, which was based in Phibsborough in Dublin.

    > Former solicitor charged with €2.8 million fraud

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    American TV Procducer Elan Gale tweeted a number of messages last week which appeared on face value to have been made whilst taking a flight.

    The tweets depicted an exchange between Gale and a woman taking issue with the flight being delayed. Diane (or Dianna as he spelt her name in the tweet below) turned out to be unreal.

    The tweet turned out to be a hoax. Que lots of annoyed people on social media, and lots of navel-gazing on news sites and blogs about how the internet is just the worst.

    It wasn't necessarily the worst hoax this year, though. CNN has compiled a small list of the biggest ones.

    >  2013: The Web's year of the hoax

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  • 15:36
    Quite a funny (sorry: amazeyablls) clip captured from the Dáil by our friends over in Newstalk.  
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    Verhofstadt Weirview Drive, Stillorgan will never seem the same again. Especially under a ful moon