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Abortion Bill becomes law, the Galway Races and a verdict due in the Wikileaks case

Dan Griffin Tue, Jul 30
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    Good morning
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    The headlines today, July 30th:
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    Post-mortems are due to be carried out on the bodies of two Carlow brothers today

    The parents of a man murdered in Australia last year say they cannot forgive their son's killer

    And in America, 159 men have ben charged with forcing over 100 teenage girls to work as prostitutes
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    I'm Dan Griffin and I'll be steering the Irish Times live blog until 5pm
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    Postmortems are due to be carried out today on the bodies of two young Co Carlow boys who were found dead in the boot of their father’s car in Co Mayo yesterday.

    Gardaí believe the two boys were already dead before the crash. Gardaí said the results would determine the course of the investigation into the deaths of five-year-old Ruairí Chada and his 10-year-old brother Eoghan. 
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    The pre-sentencing hearing for Luke Wentholt, the man who murdered Irishman David Greene during a party in Melbourne in August last year, was held in the Victorian Supreme Court today.

    Mr Greene’s parents, Aidan and Catherine Greene, from Cabinteely in Dublin, read out emotional victim impact statements in the court today detailing how their lives had been turned upside down since their son’s murder. 

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    The FBI have arrested 159 men charged with forcing about 105 teenage girls to work as prostitutes.

    Some of the girls were as young as 13.

    The operation was part of a decade-long US Justice Department programme - the Innocence Lost National Initiative - that is intended to break up child prostitution rings.
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    Also in the States, the verdict of the court-martial of Bradley Manning will be delivered today. Manning faces life in prison if he is convicted of aiding the enemy after sharing 700,000 documents with anti-secrecy website Wikileaks in 2010. The verdict is due at 5pm (Irish time).

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    Good news for author Eoin Colfer. Disney and the Weinstein Company are to adapt his fantasy series Artemis Fowl, the thinking child's Harry Potter, into a film.

     Interestingly, Weinstein told reporters he was introduced to the books by Robert de Niro.
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    For the latest on the Galway Races, read Brian O'Connor's article today.
  • 10:10
    Fine Gael's chief Seanad abolisher Phil Hogan has published a breakdown of the €20 million cost of running the house. The figure had been disputed by those in favour of keeping the upper house.

    Copy, paste:

    Direct costs of €8.8m:
    €4.2m     Seanad Members’ salary costs
    €2.5m     Seanad Members’ expenses costs
    €2.1m     Seanad Members’ staff costs
    Indirect costs of €9.3m:
    €1.9m   ‘ICT Section’ – this includes expenditure on desktop and laptop computers, hard drives, iPads, phone calls from Leinster House, printers, ink cartridges and the broadcasting of Seanad debates
    €1.6m   ‘Superintendent Section’ - this includes Parliamentary Ushers, for example. This includes security and cleaners.
    €2.8m     ‘Procedural Sections’ - services include admin to the Chairpersons of the Houses and their Committees , services provided by the Committee secretariat and the procedural offices e.g. the General Office (Parliamentary Questions, adjournment matters), the Bills Office (Bills, Amendment Lists) and the Journal Office (Journals of Proceedings, Standing Orders, Rulings of the Chair, Order Papers).
    €3m Other support sections – this includes printing, translation services, procurement, stationery and work for inter-parliamentary bodies
    Pension costs of €2m:
    €2m There is also an annual cost of approximately €2m in pensions relating to the Seanad.  
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    Reports coming through now of the death of RTÉ sports broadcaster Colm Murray following a long battle with motor neurone disease.
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    In business news, Domino's Pizza has recorded an Irish sales increase of 5.1 per cent in the first six months of the year; revenues for all 48 Domino's Pizza stores in the Republic was €12.1 million.

    The increase in sales can be put down to a particularly wet and miserable winter/spring, which saw more people staying inside to order pizza and watch Game of Thrones box sets. Well, I'm making that up, but it sounds plausible.
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    The broadcaster Colm Murray has died from Motor Neurone Disease (MND) at the age of 61.

    Mr Murray was one of the country’s best known and best loved sports presenters with a particular enthusiasm for horse racing.

    Fellow RTÉ broadcaster Des Cahill stated: “RIP the legendary Colm Murray.A fantastic colleague with a hearty, infectious laugh..a bundle of energy..& the worst racing tips in Ireland.” 

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    Thousands of people packed into a sports hall in the southern town of Pozzuoli today to commemorate 38 people who died when a coach plunged 25 metres off a motorway viaduct in one of the worst road accidents in Italian history.
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    A car company has launched a new pram for men who feel insecure about strolling along with their baby. Apparently there are still men who feel silly pushing a pram. Apparently they wouldn't feel silly pushing a pram with  hydraulic suspension, 20-inch alloy wheels, all-terrain tyres, rear-view mirrors, a high-beam headlight, an anti-stress push-bar grip and high-spec brakes.

    Make of this what you will.
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    The dolphin in Co Clare who has been administering some rough justice to those who would encroach on his territory has been quiet so far today.

    According to reports,  bellicose Dusty has become territorial about the steps and slipway at Doolin pier and has attacked a number of swimmers over the past few weeks.

    The incidents have prompted the Irish Whale and Dolphin Group to put up warning posters at the pier. Dusty, who is thought to be about 14 years old, swaggered into Doolin back in 2011 and immediately started throwing his weight around.

    Since then the pugnacious 10-foot mammal has hospitalised several people. Most recently he charged a woman, struck her in the kidney and knocked her over, leaving her winded.

    His behaviour has undoubtedly tarnished the otherwise cordial relationship between swimmers and dolphins. Comparisons between Dusty and the more congenial Fungie are inevitable and perhaps lazy, but as long as the former continues to go around nutting people, he's unlikely to wrestle the title of Ireland's most popular sea mammal from his Dingle counterpart.
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    Beans Hi Dan, the headline says Tragedy In Westport but you don't mention this anywhere else. What's it in relation to? Or maybe I'm blind and am missing it....
  • 12:45
    Hi Beans, that refers to the two young brothers whose bodies were found in the boot of a car near Westport. I mentioned it early on in the blog this morning but I might change the line now.
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    Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has called on the Taoiseach and Tánaise to elaborate on the role of the Economic Management Council on budget decisions.

    The council, a sort of Bilderberg Group for the Irish Cabinet, is composed of the four most senior Government Ministers and top level civil servants.  

    This week Minister for Social Protection Joan Burton, who is not a member, gave out about the group, saying it excluded other Ministers from important, big money decision making.  

    Today the FF leader said: “Essentially Joan Burton is saying that four people are deciding the direction of the Government.….she said even more alarmingly that civil servants and advisers are having an undue influence in that decision-making process,”
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    Here's Fintan O'Toole's column from today's paper:
    Ten things you can do in Ireland that almost certainly won't land you in jail.

    That piece is number two of the top three most read stories this lunchtime, the most read is the death of Colm Murray. Post-mortems on the bodies of the two Carlow brothers is also one of the most read.

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    Bad news for the UK's Pembrokeshire Herald. Police are being urged to investigate a possible case of sabotage after an ad was changed to suggest a car rental company offered oral sex among other services.  

    According to, the newspaper's bosses have written to police, saying they believe the ad was doctored by an unathorised person.

    It's a bad start for the Herald, which was launched earlier this month. The publisher said the offending ad "contained language that was inappropriate for a family newspaper like ours".  See for yourself.
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    Sean O'Rourke and Aidan O'Brien paying tribute to Colm Murray on Radio 1 now.
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    Gay bars around the world are dumping Russian vodka in protest against the country's aggressive anti-gay laws, reports the Atlantic.
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    In the UK, junior minister for immigration Mark Harper has defended the government's odious illegal immigrant "go home" campaign against accusations of racism.

    The campaign has been piloted in six London Boroughs and involves posters, leaflets, as well as advertising vans bearing the words: 'In the UK illegally? Go home or face arrest'. Just for good measure, it also includes information on how many arrests were made "in your area" last week.

    "Let me clear this up once and for all," Harper sneered in the Daily Mail.  "It is not racist to ask people who are here illegally to leave Britain. It is merely telling them to comply with the law.

    "Our campaign targets illegal immigrants without any discrimination at all between them. By no stretch of the rational imagination can it be described as racist."

    Opponents argue the campaign resembles an official verion of crude anti-immigrant grafitti which will achieve little but to exacerbate racial division in communities.
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    The Government today launched an initiative to reduce costs and improve efficiencies in the State's property portfolio, writes Christopher McKinley.
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    Oh good, the Reuters 'odd news summary' has just come in on the wires:

    Russians smell something fishy in Putin's latest stunt MOSCOW (Reuters)

    There was a time when Vladimir Putin's macho antics inspired pride among Russians, but many are finding it hard to believe the president's latest stunt - catching a huge pike in Siberia. Video footage released by the Kremlin last week showed Putin dressed in camouflage fatigues and sunglasses, fishing, driving a motorboat and petting reindeer in a remote region of Siberia with his prime minister and defense minister. 

    Slow odd news day
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    Have a read of this, from today's paper: Jimmy Cobb: the sole survivor from 'Kind of Blue'

    "In 1959, two days in a New York studio changed jazz forever--for the drummer chosen by Miles Davis, however, it was 'just another date'."

    I'm off to get some lunch. Normal service will resume shortly.
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    Back now with the news that Italy's supreme court  will today hear Silvio Berlusconi’s last appeal against a jail sentence and ban from public office for tax fraud in a case which could threaten the survival of the shaky coalition government.

    If five top judges hand down the first definitive conviction to the oleaginous former prime minister it will mark the end of two decades of political dominance.


  • 15:39
    A date has been set for a hearing on disclosure in relation to the upcoming trial of former Anglo Irish Bank executives at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court.
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  • 16:20
    A British MP faces online rape threats after backing Caroline Criado Perez's campaign to have a woman's picture placed on a new banknote. 

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  • 16:36
    The general manager of Letterkenny General Hospital has promised to build a better hospital in the wake of last week's flooding which severely damaged the current facility, writes Stephen Maguire.
  • 16:53
    A man has been jailed for throwing a crowbar at off-duty gardaí, or, in the words of the judge: "sent it flying in a fashion where it was dangerously let loose at two gardaí".
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    That's all for today so folks, we'll leave you with this brief recollection of Colm Murray's broadcasting career from RTÉ. Thanks for reading.
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