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U2 managerial switch, bringing home the Bacon and health insurance with Ronan McGreevy

Ronan McGreevy Wed, Nov 13
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    Good morning, this is Ronan McGreevy and I'll be the captain of the good ship The Daily Wire for the day. Do drop by.
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    A painting by Dublin-born artist Francis Bacon sold for $142.4 million (€105.3 million) at auction in New York last night – the most valuable work of art ever sold at auction. Three Studies of Lucian Freud was sold to an anonymous telephone bidder after six minutes of fierce bidding at Christie’s auction of Post-War and Contemporary Art in Manhattan. The previous record was $86.2 million.
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    Great quote from Martin O'Neill at yesterday's press conference about Roy Keane: “Seriously? Look, I’m going to try and clear something up here. I am not Roy Keane’s father. Honestly. He can look after himself. He can say what he wants. Seriously." Win, lose or draw this O'Neill-Keane partnership is already adding to the gaiety of the nation.
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    Big news breaking. Paul McGuinness is leaving U2. The band's manager and, most would say, fifth member, has been an ever-present with the band since the beginning. We'll bring you more on this story presently.
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    Here's Jim Carroll's take on the resignation of Paul McGuinness. Read it here.
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    Here's the statement from Paul McGuinness regarding U2 as per The New York Times and why he is handing over control of the band to Madonna's manager  Guy Oseary. “It could be seen as slightly poor etiquette for a manager to consider retiring before his artist has split, quit or died, but U2 have never subscribed to the rock ’n’ roll code of conduct. As I approach the musically relevant age of 64 I have resolved to take a less hands-on role as the band embark on the next cycle of their extraordinary career.
    “I am delighted that Live Nation, who with Arthur Fogel have been our long term touring partners, have joined us in creating this powerful new force in artist management. I have long regarded Guy Oseary as the best manager of his generation, and there is no one else I would have considered to take over the day-to-day running of our business.”
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    Jim Carroll on Paul McGuinness: "I's a big move (and a sudden move, with news only emerging about it yesterday), chiefly because McGuinness has been the band's fifth member for most of their long, successful run. He’s the one who took or pushed the band to take many of their most lucrative business decisions over the year, such as taking a 10 per cent share in Island Records in 1986 to offset outstanding royalties (a deal which netted the band $30m when Island was later sold on). You could also credit McGuinness with much of the long-term thinking in the 1980s which set up the band’s career and helped to build their fanbase in the first place. And, in fairness, you can’t really blame McGuinness for the truly terrible run of albums from the band in recent years.

    What’s interesting about McGuinness as a manager is that he was truly an one-man band. While Principle Management has worked with various acts over the years fromPaddy Casey to PJ Harvey (who is still a Principle client), there was never another huge, worldwide mainstream star in the U2 vein from that stable.

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    Whatever you think about U2 and the band still has millions of fans despite the detractors, Paul McGuinness's tenure as manager has been brilliant for U2 and them for him. No band in the history of music has been so successful for so long or had the continuity of band members and management as U2 have had. This has allowed them the scope to conquer the world.
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    Here's U2's old childhood friend Neil McCormick's take on Paul McGuinness stepping down.

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    Our top story is Frank McNally's take on Justin Timberlake's take on that auld irish Classic The Auld Triangle. Here's his report. Judge for yourselves.
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    According to our crime correspondent Conor Lally, the Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan has been speaking about Love/Hate and the role of Gardaí in it including one serving garda Det Sgt Kieran Reilly of the Garda National Drugs Unit. He said: "I have no difficulty at all with members of An Garda Siochana being part of dramatic societies and things of that nature, but there are issues surrounding this particular show and there's a superintendent looking at those issues at the moment."  

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      Throughout November, as part of Food Month, Irish Times staff have been writing about what they love - and hate - about food.    Here's a piece by Angelo McGrath on why eating out as a vegetarian is terrible. As a committed carnivore myself, I say boo hoo. The Irish Times is also running a live food and drink Q&A on lunchtime every Friday - it's called the Friday Food Forum. Please send in your questions and check back on Friday. Here's the link.


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    Gratuitous plug for hometown alert. Carrick-on-Shannon in lovely Leitrim is hosting an outdoor event to mark its 400th anniversary on Saturday evening. It is a free open air event featuring street theatre, aerial dance and a large-scale digital display covering the entire front of The Dock in Carrick on Shannon. The digital production entitled ‘A Shannon Story’ is a half-hour montage of animation and street theatre which will be projected onto the multi-purpose arts centre, The Dock. The show will begin at 5.30pm and end at 6.00pm and a later show will start at 8.00pm and end at 8.30pm.   Following the 8.00pm show, The Dock is hosting a free night of  music and audio visual treats with  DJ and radio presenter Donál Dineen. All are welcome.


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     For the last month, we've been running our food special with Irish Times staff . Here's a piece by Angelo McGrath on why eating out as a vegetarian is terrible. As a committed carnivore myself, I say boo hoo. The Irish Times is also running a live food and drink Q&A on lunchtime every Friday - it's called the Friday Food Forum. Please send in your questions and check back on Friday. Here's the link.
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    Roy Keane alert: He's just started speaking at a press conference in Malahide. You can follow it here.
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    "Did you consult the players before taking the role," one journalist asked Roy Keane. "Don't be ridiculous. It's none of their business," he said.

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    "Despite what a lot of people think, I generally get with the players I work with," says Keane.

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    "I think my style of management was to let a lot of my coaches to get on with the job," Keane adds. "There's loads I'd like to learn. You if you think you've got all the answers, you're heading for trouble. This gives me an opportunity again to learn."
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    "I would have been crazy to turn it down. It was too good of an opportunity. There wasn't one bone in my body that said this wasn't for me," says Keane. "The record has not been great over the last few years. When I was playing for Ireland, we had a chance in every game we played. I know the record hasn't been great against the big teams. When you look at Sweden and Austrias, we should be getting better results. Martin would have the same mindset that we should go into every game to get the right result."
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    Roy Keane has been asked if he said to Ray Houghton that there are better players than him in the squad. "I don't remember saying that. Maybe I had a few pints". Cue laughter. "You need a bit of quality to win the big matches." He says Ireland 's players need to concentrate a bit better.

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    He's positively effusive about the Irish facilities. In a nod to Saipan, he says. "We've had a lovely few days. The hotel is great. The food is great. Training ground has been great, there's no pot holes. That's major progress. We've had footballs. It's been great. Major progress."
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    Another brilliant soundbite from the boy. When asked about the bad cop and bad, bad cop comment by Martin O'Neill, Roy Keane responds: " I'm going to have to be the good cop. Some of you don't reallly know Martin O'Neill. He makes me look like Mother Teresa."
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    Keane says he's there to push the players. "Some times the players are the last to know how good they are," he says citing his manager at Rockmount encouraging him as a youngster. "The day I lose my passion for football, I'll stay well out of it."
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    Ken Early of Second Captains and The Irish Times has been asking him about Sir Alex Ferguson's autobiography. Keane responds: "The issue I have with anybody who talks about me and what I said in the past, if they tell lies, I'll defend myself. I'm not going to go into it. Today is not for that. It's all positive. It is not an area I want to go into it here."
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    He's been asked about Stephen Ireland. He responds: "It is great to see him back playing. We only got  the job last week. If we feel Ireland is any bit interested in coming back to play for Ireland again and Martin gets involved, and he wants me to get involved, we have to do our best to get these players back."

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    He concludes the press conference by stating that "qualification is the name of the game. We look forward to the draw in a few months. That's what we're here for. Please God, if we do that, we can kick on and not just go to tournaments thinking that we've qualified and that's great. Let's have an impact, but we have to qualify first."  
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    All in all, an impressive assistant managerial debut for Roy Keane. He was smart and humble and funny at times. None of the assembled press crew asked him about Saipan though he alluded to it himself in praising the facilities that the irish squad have at present. Let's hope the confident start by both O'Neill and Keane will translate to good results on the football pitch.
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    The top story on our website is a High Court action taken by a woman motorist who was blinded in one eye by an egg thrown by a passenger of another car. Though the driver of the other car, Niall Clarke, was not the person who threw the egg, the woman Ann Doody claimed he was responsible for allowing the young passenger in the back seat to throw the egg. Her claim was rejected by the High Court. Here's Mary Carolan's report.  
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    Having missed the very top of the press conference, I missed Roy Keane addressing the Saipan issue. When asked about the fact that there are some Irish fans who will never forgive him for Saipan, he responded: "I can't really worry too much about that. It's about the future, about today, trying to help, the rest of the staff and the team. If we can do our job properly then hopefully people will get behind the team." In other words, that's the past, now move on. Though it seems like yesterday to many of us, there are many in the Irish youth set-up who are too young to remember what happened 12 years ago.
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    Remember the MI6 body in a bag story that people was espionage. Apparently, there is an innocenet explanation for the death of Garreth Williams, innocent, but equally bizarre. Here's the story.
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    And that's all folks for today. Thanks for stopping by.