Six Nations: Scotland v England

Unbeaten England take on Scotland in Calcutta Cup game at Murrayfield

Patrick Madden Sat, Feb 24
LIVE: Six Nations: Scotland v England

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  • Good afternoon!

    Over to you, England.

    Eddie Jones's side bid to keep their own Grand Slam dream alive against Scotland at Murrayfield this afternoon (4.45).

    Many people pencilled in the Calcutta Cup as a potential banana skin for the defending champions, but that assingment appeared far easier following Scotland's opening weekend thrashing at the hands of Wales.

    However, Gregor Townsend's side were resurgent against France last time out - and they will relish the opportunity to ruffle some English feathers in Edinburgh today.

    Ireland have set the standard with a thrilling bonus point win over Wales - a win for England here and the prospect of a St Patrick's day Grand Slam decider edges ever close.

    We'll be bringing you all of the action from the Scottish capital - still time to slip into your kilts before kick-off.

    Come on!!!

  • SCOTLAND: S Hogg (Glasgow); T Seymour (Glasgow), H Jones (Glasgow), P Horne (Glasgow), S Maitland (Saracens); F Russell (Glasgow), G Laidlaw (Clermont Auvergne); G Reid (London Irish), S McInally (Edinburgh), S Berghan (Edinburgh), G Gilchrist (Edinburgh), J Gray (Glasgow), J Barclay (Scarlets, capt), H Watson (Edinburgh), R Wilson (Glasgow). Replacements: S Lawson (Newcastle), J Bhatti (Glasgow), W Nel (Edinburgh), T Swinson (Glasgow), D Denton (Worcester), A Price (Glasgow), N Grigg (Glasgow), B Kinghorn (Edinburgh).

    ENGLAND: M Brown (Harlequins); A Watson (Bath), J Joseph (Bath), O Farrell (Saracens), J May (Leicester); G Ford (Leicester), D Care (Harlequins); M Vunipola (Saracens), D Hartley (Northampton, capt), D Cole (Leicester), J Launchbury (Wasps), M Itoje (Saracens), C Lawes (Northampton), C Robshaw (Harlequins), N Hughes (Wasps). Replacements: J George (Saracens), J Marler (Harlequins), H Williams (Exeter), G Kruis (Saracens), S Underhill (Bath), R Wigglesworth (Saracens), B Te’o (Worcester), J Nowell (Exeter).

    Referee: Nigel Owens (Wales)

  • Nick Grigg on the bench for Scotland this afternoon. Presumably the English defence is terrified.
  • Just the one change for England today - Nathan Hughes replacing the injured Sam Simmonds at number eight, providing some added ball-carrying ballast.  

    Meanwhile Townsend has kept faith in the line-up which beat France 32-26 at Murrayfield in round two. Greig Laidlaw will need to repeat his masterful performance off the tee this afternoon.

  • The teams are out in Edinburgh!
  • Anthems time.
  • Nigel Owens is the referee this afternoon - his first Calcutta Cup.

    Finn Russell gets us underway!

  • 1 min: England secure the ball and Care boxkicks down the right. Scotland run it back, Jonny Gray making a big carry on halfway. Good ball retention from the Scots, Horne breaking towards the English 10.
  • 2 min: Joseph gathers a little chip over the top from Jones but Scotland are in quickly and win an early penalty.

    Laidlaw will go for goal - it's out to the right - and he nails it.


  • 4 min: Scotland gather the restart and keep it in hand again until Russell clears down the throat of Hughes in the deep. He runs it back and England have a platform on the 22.
  • 5 min: Sustained English pressure on the 22 but Scotland are defending well and eventually earn a penalty, which is sent to touch.

  • 6 min: Good ball for Scotland and they move it thorugh the hands to Seymour on the right wing, who stretches his legs before checking inside. Excellent play from the Scots, they work it back left where hooker McInally gets into the 22. The hosts retaining it well until Robshaw locks on on the floor and earns his side a penalty.
  • 8 min: Reports of a tunnel dust-up before the match - Scotland are certainly fired up. England set a lineout maul on halfway but a great counter from the Scots sees them force the visitors into touch.
  • 9 min: This is breathless and ferocious - every breakdown is a battle. Care box kicks on halfway but Russell gathers well and kicks deep in behind Brown. He returns the kick and Hogg runs it back, dancing into traffic but still making good yards.
  • 11 min: Kicks are traded until Russell finds a good touch inside the English half. Chance for a breather.
  • 12 min: Another good counter sees the English maul held up on half way. Eventually they use it and get it through the hands, May released on the left. Farrell takes it into contact at the next phase and Watson is pinged for not releasing in the tackle.

    Farrell will go for goal - nails the kick.


  • 15 min: Loose box kick from Care and Scotland have a lineout inside the English 10 which they take quickly and set a maul. They grind up towards the 22 with a penalty advantage coming.
  • TRY SCOTLAND!!!!!!!
  • Scotland look to use it right with the advantage coming. Russell stabs through a little grubber and Huw Jones runs onto it, it bounces off his shin and pops up nicely for him to gather and score.

    Laidlaw makes no mistake from under the posts.


  • 18 min: Sloppy from Scotland, Laidlaw box kicks and Owens pings them for offside, perhaps harshly.

    Farrell can respond from the 22 - and he does so with aplomb.


  • 19 min: Excellent from Russell, gathering the ball in the back field and assessing the situation before pinning England back with an excellent kick into the 22.
  • 20 min: Lawes claims the lineout and against Scotland's counter is good at the maul but Gilchrist is pinged for bringing it down.
  • 21 min: England looking to build on halfway and Ford nearly catches Farrell out with a reverse pass but he manages to hold on and has time to kick. Kicks are then traded - none of them particularly good - before Seymour says enough is enough and runs it back.
  • 23 min: Care tries a chip in behind but it's easy for Maitland. He moves it right and Russell sees the space and carries from inside his own 22. He then plays a good pass out to Jones on the right who kicks ahead. Great chase from the hosts and Watson is wrapped up, Scotland winning a scrum right on the England 22.
  • 24 min: Huge set piece for Scotland and they get the ball back but the ball goes loose from Laidlaw's short ball to Jones. Owens says it came off an English hand first - Scotland will have another scrum just inside the English 22.
  • 26 min: Laidlaw gets it out and looks left, finding Horne who gives it inside to Seymour. Great little pick and go from prop Reid and Scotland are deep into the English 22. Great defence from the visitors though and Watson spills it forward.
  • 27 min: Scrum collapses, penalty given, England reprieved.
  • 28 min: England looking to play from inside their own half and Brown is in space, but his ball to Watson on the wing flies straight into touch.
  • 29 min: A pass goes loose on the 22 but Farrell picks it up and England are on the front foot. They've got men over on the right and Ford's pass wide is nearly intercepted by Russell but he knocks it on. Close.
  • 31 min: Brilliant work from Barclay on the 22, turning over Ford and winning his side a penalty. They take it quickly and attack down the left, before switching play back to the near side.
  • TRY SCOTLAND!!!!!!!!
  • WHAT A TRY! It all stemmed from Barclay's brilliant turnover. A great pass is whipped out to Jones on the right and he steams deep into the English half. England's defence is out of shape and Scotland capitalise with quick phases, the ball is worked across to the left where Maitland receives a miss pass from Russell and finishes well ahead of the covering Watson.

    Laidlaw's conversion won't quite creep inside the far post.


  • 34 min: England looking for an instant response, and they're up to 10 phases on the Scottish 22 - but there's an infringement off the ball - Brown taking Watson out - and Hogg finds touch on the 10 with the penalty.
  • 36 min: England are awarded a scrum from the Scottish lineout and move it quickly, May coming into the line and darting into the 22. Good platform for England but again they are turned over for not releasing - superb from Barclay. The penalty is sent to touch inside the English half.
  • TRY SCOTLAND!!!!!!!
  • What a player Huw Jones is. Scotland go direct from the lineout and he breaks the line. He has Brown and Watson to negotiate, but opts to run through the pair of them and has the strength to hold onto the ball and get over the line.

    Laidlaw converts.


  • Brilliant jinx from BOD there. Still, if anyone can get away with it, it's him.
  • The teams are back out for the second half. Will be interesting to see how long Scotland can keep this intensity going - another score though and their lead may prove unassailable.

    Ford to get us back underway!

  • 41 min: Ferocious kick chase from England - who were sent back out early - but Scotland secure the ball. The visitors presumably got a bit of a dressing down at half time - they've already picked up the intensity.
  • 42 min: But again. Scotland turn them over on the 22. Poor decision from Hogg - he looks to chip over the line on his own 22 and gives it straight to Farrell. He plays in May on the left who is held up just short, but again Wilson enforces another turnover. Laidlaw clears to the 10.
  • TRY ENGLAND!!!!!
  • Quick ball off the top for England and they're into the 22. Farrell then runs a brilliant line on the left and ghosts through to score.  

    Farrell converts. Something grimly predictable about England's response since the interval.


  • 46 min: Smart play from Hogg, finding a good touch in behind England on the left. Chance for Scotland to steady the ship a bit.
  • 47 min: Great maul against from Scotland and Care is forced into a clearance. Maitland takes the lineout quickly and finds Hogg, who gives the ball back on an inside line. Laidlaw then sees his pass picked off by Care who is through to score - but Owens brings it back for a penalty. Launchbury too slow in releasing the tackler.

    Hogg will go for goal from just inside the English half but he snatches at it and slices it wide.


  • 50 min: Better pressure from England but Scotland sticking to their guns and running it whenever they have a chance. Farrell chips over the line and Hogg gathers and nearly pins one in behind England but Ford covers.
  • 52 min: What a chance! Scotland have a penalty advantage and men over on the left, but Horne releases a fraction too late and his ball to Watson goes loose. That could have been the killer score. Hogg finds touch inside the English 22.
  • 53 min: Scotland win the lineout and maul inside. They use it and and inside ball to Maitland goes loose but there's no knock on. Scotland on the ball just outside the 22 but England slowing it down. Hint of a high tackle on Jones but nothing doing - Scotland being edged back.
  • TRY ENGLAND!!!!!
  • Lawes absolutely smashes Barclay and the ball goes loose. Farrell hacks ahead and Watson gets there first, kicking it back inside for Farrell who dives on it to score.

    However, that silky footwork is all for nothing, as replays show Lawes knocked it forward in the tackle. Scrum Scotland.


  • 55 min: Scotland on the ball again inside the English 10 - the visitors slowing it down though. Very attritional ball-carrying.

  • 56 min: Patient play and Hogg plays in Maitland on the left who runs out of space and gets a dash of chalk on his boots. Scotland keep the ball alive before Laidlaw knocks on - it's broguht back for the lineout.
  • 57 min: Horne does well to emerge with the ball from a high kick but then new man Underhill earns his side a penalty. It's sent into touch inside the Scottish 10.
  • 58 min: England seemingly in the ascendancy until it goes forward and Horne emerges with the ball. Scotland kick it back and then May puts a foot on touch on the left. And then England are penalised at the lineout for challenging in the air too early - Launchbury the guilty party. Hogg finds touch inside the 22.
  • 61 min: Scrappy lineout for Scotland but they have an advantage for a knock on. Scotland building until Russell stabs a kick throguh and Care does well to stay in play on the 22. Care then clears but only as far as their own 22 - the hosts enjoying all the territory.
  • 62 min: Russell throws a flat ball in midfield a fraction too late - scrum England in midfield. Laidlaw replaced by Price - big pressure on Russell if Scotland need a penalty to seal the game.
  • 64 min: Stupid from Lawes, stamping the ball out of Price's hands right under the nose of Owens. Eddie Jones will be livid with his side's discipline today.
  • 65 min: Ben Te'o on for Ford. Hogg kicks for touch inside the England 10 and Scotland secure the lineout, grinding the maul forward.
  • 66 min: Underhill tackles with no arms inside the England 22 and Owens awards Scotland a penalty, before binning the replacement flanker after speaking to the TMO.

    Russell to take the penalty, how's your nerve?... Nails it!


  • 68 min: England on the ball inside their own half but it's all a bit fractured and rushed. They need to find some territory and build. And now a chance presents itself after Care's kick is knocked forward. England move it right and Nowell scoots into the 22.


  • 69 min: Ferocious defence from Scotland and Barclay once again - Lawes is penalised for holding on!
  • 70 min: Care looks to work the short side and England ar ein possesion on the 22. They need something in this passage. Te'o carries hard but Scotland are equal to him. Farrell drops it deeper to Joseph but Scotland keeping their line immaculately.
  • 71 min: 14 phases for England and they've been forced back to the 10-metre. And then Farrell's short ball is knocked on!
  • 73 min: Huge scrum for the Scottish pack and the returning Nel. It's messy, but they hold firm and then win a scrum penalty. Massive effort from the home side.
  • 74 min: Good touch for Scotland up to the English 10 and they get nice clean ball off the top.
  • 75 min: Scotland move it through the hands and Russell tries to grubber in behind but Watson covers, and finds Nowell who does well to keep the ball in play.
  • 76 min: England up to 10 phases but yet to get beyond their own 10-metre.
  • 77 min: A couple of good half breaks from England on the left, May nearly worming his way through, and England are up to the Scottish 10. 18 phases and counting - they have a penalty advantage.
  • 78 min: Wigglesworth taps the penalty quickly and England are into the Scottish 22. Farrell drops it deep to Watson who is scragged under the posts. Brilliant hands from Farrell to find Te'o. England hammering away on the five. Stunning defence from the Scots, and McInally wins his side a penalty!!!!
  • 80 min: Scotland make a hash of the lineout - but the game is safe.
  • 80 min: The clock is dead. England battling for a losing bonus point.
  • 81 min: England have built 10 phases again throguh one-off runners. Huge for Ireland if Scotland can keep them out here - they're still tackling ferociously.
  • The roof has come off Murrayfield. What a performance from Townsend's side - unrecogniseable from the team beaten by Wales on the opening weekend.

    Russell named man of the match, but it could have easily gone to Barclay, Jones and a host of others.

  • Right thanks for joining this afternoon. See you the week after next!