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Cuban Twitter, Sarah Palin's Russian prediction and all the day's news with Genevieve Carbery

Genevieve Carbery Thu, Apr 3
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  • 08:57
    After yesterday morning's drama Trinity's 19th century oak gates look like something Del Boy and Rodney whipped up. Let's hope this look is a temporary solution. The 68-year-old driver accused of causing  the damage appeared to have no connection with the college, not motive for the damage and possible health issues, Conor Lally writes here  today.  
  • 09:07

    This morning we give you the secret to great wealth – turn off the TV when you go out. Thanks for the tip Mr Smurfit.

    “I think you have to be able to understand poverty to be able to control riches,” Smurfit says. “We were not in poverty, we were poor. When you become successful or wealthy you have to remember it is the pennies that count.”

    “It is just a habit of a lifetime,” he adds. “When I go out for my jog, I don’t leave the TV on. I switch the TV off . . . that is the way I am, all my life. Read his very interesting story here:  

  • 09:16
    We could have had Mayor Leo. Maybe he would have brought us Varadkar’s Velos (not quite as catchy as Boris Bikes) . But alas Fingal councillors spurned the Minister for Transport’s lobbying efforts to support the proposal for a directly elected mayor, Fiach Kelly writes today.  Varadkar previously expressed an interest in running for the office if it had adequate powers.  
  • 09:30
    Property seems to be to the Irish people what a handsome bad boy is to some ladies. Despite having messed us up and left us in massive debt, after being mad with it for just a couple of years we come back for more and all is forgotten.  That’s judging by the interest in our video and story about this Victorian redbrick property in Ranelagh.  
  • 09:48

    I love studies which appear to back up how doing nice things are good for you. Today it’s sunshine, rather than chocolate or red wine, which is hailed the source of goodness which can improve weight.

    Light exposure early in the day is linked to lower body mass index, the good boffins at Northwestern University have found.  “The message is that you should get more bright light between 8am and noon,” said US study author Professor Phyllis Zee.

    ***files story in notebook marked endless reasons I should move to Spain/out of rainy Ireland****

  • 09:55

    What was the first thing you thought on hearing that Angela Kerins had resigned yesterday? Was it what severance package will she get , or something along those lines (or is that the cynical journalist in me).

    Rehab has declined to say whether she will receive a severance payment, as she resigned “in the best interest of all concerned”. Read here.

    But the Public Accounts Committee (the new superheroes of Leinster House) will discuss her resignation in a meeting due to kick off shortly. We’ll bring you more on that as we get it.

  • 10:11

    On foot of our bad boy property metaphor, just in case we forgot about the thousands of mortgage hangovers still out there and unforgiven/unresolved...

    Just four deals covering mortgage debt have been completed by the Insolvency Service of Ireland since it started a year ago, it said today. Yes that's not a type-o. FOUR.  

    However the Insolvency Service Of Ireland has defended the figure and says the organisation is dealing with over €300m in debt and had more than 500 cases in process.

  • 10:28

    Anyone else notice the eerie fog in Dublin early this morning?

    London's looking foggy too as air levels there plummet:

  • 10:33
    Shane Ross wants the Public Accounts Committee to examine Garda recording equipment services that were tendered for in 2007.  The independent TD wants to look at “whether there is a waste of public money...and whether it was illegal” , the PAC meeting heard just now.   Comptroller and Auditor General said he is reluctant when there is a commission of investigation underway.
  • 10:50

    The Public Accounts Committee “absolutely expects” outgoing Rehab head Angela Kerins and Frank Flannery to attend next week’s meeting, chairman John McGuinness has just told the meeting.

    “I note the pending retirement of Angela Kerins, this does not affect the matter we are dealing with” , he said.

    He said they have not received correspondence from Rehab regarding next week’s meeting.

  • 10:54
    Rehab is playing "cat and mouse" with the Public Accounts Committee and behaviour is "obstructing" work, Shane Ross says.  
  • 11:03
    Despite a Garda crisis, the boys in blue are having fun on the tweet machine: More comments in this puntastic Twitter thread from gardai include: at least we did not have to scramble all available units; That yok, claims you egged him on ! Keep the sunny side up!
  • 11:14

    More details have emerged about the Iraq veteran who killed three people in the Fort Hood shooting.

    He was undergoing assessment to see if he had post-traumatic stress disorder.  Ivan Lopez served for four months in Iraq in 2011. He was not wounded in action while serving overseas, but self-reported a traumatic brain injury upon his return to the US The married man then killed himself in the Texas incident. Obama has said he was “heartbroken” that another shooting had taken place at the base. Read more here.

    By the way if you've any comments on today's blog you can contact me on Twitter @genevievecarber

  • 11:23

    “With its fairy-tale castles, archeological sites and sun-kissed beaches, Crimea looks attractive in tourist brochures. But the one-time playground of the Soviet elite is run down in real life.” Read more from Isobel Grost here.  

    Meanwhile in Ukraine, 12 members of the disbanded ‘Berkut’ riot police have been detained on suspicion of shooting peaceful participants in Kiev’s months-long anti-government protests. More than 100 people were killed.  

  • 11:39

    Please please please can somebody stop all of the selfies, which have become an overused tool by middle-aged people trying desperately to connect with the “youth”, since they learned a new word at February’s Oscars and discovered they had ready-made selfie-machines on their phones.  

    Here’s the latest, UK Labour leader Ed Milliband with actor Emma Thompson and reality TV show The Only Way is Essex “star” Joey Essex.

    And then there's this:
  • 12:00
    Which multinational has just announced the latest tech jobs for Dublin? Google? Facebook? Airbnb?  No it’s Ryanair!  The Irish airline says 200 new jobs are primarily for technology, software development and digital marketing specialists.   In case you missed it yesterday, Leo was only delira with the latest Ryanair ad. We've come a long way from the days of Mary O'Rourke in the bath.
  • 12:22

    So the Queen meets Pope Francis today. They may talk about the weather, the flight over to Rome, the ailments of being over 75. **** Anything but that massive elephant in the room, the Falklands.*****
    The visit coincides with the anniversary of the start of the Falklands war between Britain and Argentina in 1982.

    Pope Francis, as Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, has been strong on the issue in 2012 saying Argentine soldiers had died in the Falklands trying to “ defend their mother, the homeland, and to reclaim what is theirs,” and Britain had “usurped” the islands.

    Read more about the visit here.  

  • 12:31

    “I hadn’t been thinking of leaving Norma, but I fell for Birgitta. She was tall, blonde and Swedish,” Michael Smurfit writes.

    When he told Norma he wanted a divorce, in a restaurant in 1985, “she threw a glass of wine over me and left”.  

  • 12:41

    Knight Rider, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist....has come to Kildare. Well the car has at least.  

    KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand), the car used in the 1980s show starring David Hasselhoff (the Hoff) went on display at Newbridge Silverware this morning and is there until April 27th. It is due to be auctioned in Hollywood.

    If you don't have the theme tune "du du du du, du du du du" running in your head right now, you can't have been around in the 80s!  

  • 12:58
    Good to see a bailout isn't the only way the ECB supports the Irish. Sounds like Shepherd's pie to me.
  • 13:05

    Travelling in the EU will become so much easier as MEPS voted for ending roaming fees on mobiles by December 2015.  

    How great will it be able to use the maps app when lost in Warsaw or looking for restaurant reviews in Dubrovnik without fear of a €1000 bill on returning home!

    The parliament also voted today in favour of maintaining "net neutrality", effectively declaring that all traffic on the internet should be treated equally, regardless of the source or the content.

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  • 13:23
    “I’m romantic I love the railways, I had a train set as a kid. I love the romance of steam engines pulling into the train station but I have to be realistic..... we can’t keep pumping money into the least efficient part of public transport which is the railways,” Minister for Transport Leo Varadkar has been getting wistful while talking to RTE Radio about failure of Irish Rail to reduce cost base and getting better value from buses and Luas.  (I know  that's my third mention of Varadkar today and the last I promise!).
  • 13:49
    “I found nine horses, four cattle and three calves together at the bottom of the cliffs. Their ears had been cut off to remove the tags. This was planned.", those of the words of Clare ISPCA officer who found dumped animals off a cliff.
  • 14:13
    So here's something I never thought I'd type...Sarah Palin was actually right about her "neighbour" Russia?! In 2008 campaign the former Alaska Governor speculated that Russian president Putin would be encouraged to invade Ukraine after Obama's response on Georgia. The Tonight Show last night did a sometimes cringe-inducing sketch featuring the real Sarah Palin. You can watch here.  
  • 14:13
  • 14:25
    How far would you go to save your iPhone? This teenager was rescued from a drain by firefighters after she squeezed down the hole in Kent to try and rescue it. She only got the phone two weeks ago on contract, according to the 16-year-old girl's mother. She did retrieve the phone but it is broken, according to PA. Ouch.   You may have noticed a distinct lack of serious news around today!
  • 15:02
    What an intriguing story today about the ‘Cuban Twitter’  secretly financed by the US government to stir political unrest. It evaded the Cuba’s internet restrictions by creating a text messaging service that could be used to organise political demonstrations. Some 40,000 Cubans used it at one point.  
  • 15:11

    A town in Spain has hired a private (poo) detective to try and catch owners who fail to clean up after their pooches.
    The detective will wander through Colmenar Viejo and take footage of dogs owners who will face fines up to €750, the Guardian reports here.

    Maybe if we had a directly elected Mayor maybe that’s the kind of practical thing we could get in Dublin?  Despite free bags and several massive signs on Dun Laoghaire pier, you still see owners looking around to check if anyone has seen their dog’s mess before deciding whether or not to clean up. **Rant over.**

  • 15:19
    This is not a caption competition! Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with Pope Francis. Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images
    This is not a caption competition! Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with Pope Francis. Photo: Oli Scarff/Getty Images
  • 15:37
    Twitter mwitter! Breaking news:  Turkey has lifted its two-week-old ban on Twitter after the constitutional court said the rule blocked breach of freedom of expression, an official in prime minister Tayyip Erdogan's office said this afternoon.  
  • 15:53
    <p>Enda Kenny having great gas as he pretends to answer the phone in Michael O'Leary's office at the opening of the new Ryanair head office. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire  </p>

    Enda Kenny having great gas as he pretends to answer the phone in Michael O'Leary's office at the opening of the new Ryanair head office. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire  

  • 16:00
    An orb made from a semi-precious stone and decorated with a silver cross isn’t the usual present for an eight-month old. But it was no ordinary meeting. That was the present Pope Francis gave to the Queen for her great-grandson George. Their meeting lasted 17 minutes today.  She apologised for a delay as she arrived 20 minutes late after a visit with the Italian president.  
  • 16:15

    Headline of the day award time:  A bit of gruff? Ewe cannot be serious - for Alison Healy's story about the goat-sheep (  shoat/ geep) born on a Kildare farm.  

    The farmer said the creature was much more nimble on his feet than a typical lamb and the buds of his horns could already be felt.  Watch/Read here.    Thanksfully it's not April 1st or you may not believe me.  

  • 16:39
    Some very quirky pictures coming in on the wires of Darth Vader leader of Ukraine's 'Internet Party' who has submitted documents to the Ukraininan Cetnral Elections Commission to register as a candidate for the presidential election next moth.  
  • 16:40
    Darth Vader, the leader of the Internet Party of Ukraine, looks at a child in a pram at a street market near the Ukrainian Central Elections Commission in Kiev today. Photo: Shamil Zhumatov /Reuters
    Darth Vader, the leader of the Internet Party of Ukraine, looks at a child in a pram at a street market near the Ukrainian Central Elections Commission in Kiev today. Photo: Shamil Zhumatov /Reuters
  • 17:04

    Over 200 workers passed out at factories in Cambodia this week , including two that produce clothing for sportswear groups Puma SE and Adidas, according to reports.

    Puma said its representatives had met with police and workers and samples of food from the canteen had been sent for analysis to determine whether the cause of the sickness was food poisoning.

    Garment manufacturing earns Cambodia more than $5 billion a year in revenue and employs some 600,000 people. Garment makers have often complained of poor ventilation, strong chemicals and use of potent glue for footwear, although official investigations in recent years have been largely inconclusive.

  • 17:19

    "The story of the Irish property market as it unfolds is the story of two very different generations – one very lucky; one very unlucky.
    Who would have thought that your financial prospects in a country could have been dictated by such an arbitrary factor as the year you were born?"  Interesting take on the Irish property market by economist David McWilliams on his blog.  

  • 17:41
    Some traffic woes for Dublin city commuters - a coach has broken down on Suffolk Street - it has been blocking access to Dame Street but some cars are squeezing past, according to reports. It's causing delays back to Dawson Street and St Stephen's Green. For those of you cycling, walking, going by segway or adult push-scooter, make sure to wave to the drivers in the traffic jam as you pass with a helpful little Nelson (Simpsons) "Ha Ha". (no don't, it's mean!)
  • 17:50
    That's it from me. Thanks for reading.