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David Cochrane Fri, Feb 28
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    Good morning, it's David Cochrane here on today's Irish Times Live Blog.
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    You may have missed this from late last night...

    • A woman who claims she injured her ribs when she was knocked down at an Ann Summers lingerie party has sued the pub where the event was held. The woman alleges she had been pushed by another woman who was striving to grab a prize, described "as a ring that goes around a certain part of a man," which had been thrown in the air by an Ann Summers representative in The Lough Inn at Loughlinstown, Co Dublin.

    Woman sues pub after alleged mishap at Ann Summers party

  • 09:59

    The Irish Times has a special feature today on Séan Dunne's "American adventure".

    >  As Sean Dunne’s US bankruptcy case resumes, the developer isn’t hiding his desire to get back into the property game

    > This week's Inside Business Podcast featuring a discussion between Tom Lyons and Simon Carswell, two of the foremost journalists covering Dunne - which features recordings of Dunne in his own words.

  • 10:25

    Whilst Sean Dunne is filing for bankruptcy in the US his son and wife are doing this...

    • A US company owned by the wife and son of bankrupt property developer Sean Dunne plans to spend up to $13 million (€9 million) constructing a new building in New York City’s fashionable SoHo district.
  • 11:03

    There's been some suspicion for a while that PhantomFM was due to be rebranded, especially on foot of recent redundancies.

    There was some speculation that given Communicorp's Radio Ireland company (which controls Today FM) had registered, couplied with Communicorp's franchising of a number of Global Radio stations in the UK. However, Global Radio confirmed last week the XFM brand would not be coming to Ireland.

    Instead, PhantomFM will essentially rebrand and realign itself alongside TodayFM. Not as TodayFM 2, but as TXFM. Today XFM?

    > Phantom radio to align with Today FM and rebrand as TXFM in March
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    Chinese police have detained 1,094 people and rescued 382 infants in a nationwide crackdown on four online baby trafficking rings, state media said on Friday, as criminals prey on citizens yearning to escape strict population curbs.

    >  More than 1,000 held over ‘baby trafficking’ in China

  • 13:17
    The World Bank has halted a $90 million (€65 million) loan to Uganda over its anti-gay law that has drawn widespread criticism from Western governments, the United Nations and human rights groups.

    > World Bank halts $90m loan to Uganda over anti-gay law
  • 13:24

    A report into maternity services at the Midland Regional Hospital in Portlaoise has concluded that families and patients were treated in a poor and at times appalling manner, with limited respect, kindness, courtesy and consideration.

    >  Maternity service at Portlaoise hospital ‘not safe’

  • 13:46
    Laura Slattery reports that a complaint over Liveline has been upheld by the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland.
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    Ahead of the Professional Flight Training Exhibition in the Convention Centre on March 22nd, Patrick Freyne decided to a go in a flight simulator.

    He's written about his experience, which Kathleen Harris shot video from.

    You can read and see the both of them here.

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    Engineers have worked out the math of why it always alway always makes sense to order the larger Pizza.

    NPR have created an interactive graphic that shows you the value for money per square-inch of pizza.  

    • One  30-inch  pizza has roughly the same area as  4.6  14-inch pizzas or  14.1  8-inch pizzas.
    • To get the same amount of pizza you get in a  30-inch  pizza, you'd have to spend an extra  $35.34  on 14-inch pizzas, or an extra  $84.78  on 8-inch pizzas.

    >  74,476 Reasons You Should Always Get The Bigger Pizza

  • 17:36
    And on that note I'm off to find a 30 inch pizza. Have a great weekend!