Allianz NHL: Dublin v Tipperary

Ger Cunningham's youthful side face quite a test against the All-Ireland champions at Croke Park

Eamon Donoghue at Croke Park Sat, Feb 11
LIVE: Allianz NHL: Dublin v Tipperary

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  • 16:41
    Hello and Welcome... The Dubs are back in Croke Park for the first time in league action in 2017. The weather isn't the best but two exciting games to look ahead to.
    First up All-Ireland hurling champions Tipperary take on the Dubs. Before Jim Gavin's football champions face Tyrone.

    Be sure to get in touch throughout, via either the comments section (contact us tab) or on twitter (@DonoghueEamon).
  • 16:43

    Allianz Hurling League Division 1
    Dublin v Tipperary, Croke Park, 5pm

    Allianz Football League Division 1
    Dublin v Tyrone, Croke Park, 7pm

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  • 16:49
    Not the best start to the evening for Dublin GAA. St Vincent's bowing out of the ALl-Ireland football club championship against Derry's Slaughtneil
  • 16:51

    FT Slaughtneil 0-12 St Vincent's 0-10

  • 16:54

    Team news:

    DUBLIN (hurling) -  Gary Maguire; Patrick Smyth, Eoghan O'Donnell, Shane Barrett; Chris Crummey, Liam Rushe, Sean McGrath; Ben Quinn, Domhnaill Fox; Cian O'Sullivan, Niall McMorrow, Ryan O'Dwyer; Oisin O'Rorke, Donal Burke, Fiontan Mac Gib.

    TIPPERARy -  Daragh Mooney; Donagh Maher, James Barry, John O'Keeffe; Tomas Hamill, Ronan Maher, Padraic Maher; Brendan Maher, Kieran Bergin; Steven O'Brien, Jason Forde, Noel McGrath; John O'Dwyer, Seamus Callanan, Aidan McCormack.

  • 16:56
    Two debutants in the Tipp forward line. Former footballer Steven O'Brien (right half-forward) and Aidan McCormack (left corner-forward).

    Lots of youth in the Dublin XV, including Patrick Smyth, Cian O'Sullivan and Donal Burke. While the likes of Sean McGrath is rewarded for his fine club form.
  • 16:58
    Conditions far from ideal. It's wet, very windy and not half cold. But the pitch looks in great condition as always, with the two teams taking their positions. Both having underwent intense warm ups.
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  • 17:01
    Dublin 0-1 Tipperary 0-0 (2') Young Domhnaill Fox on his league debut hits the first wide of the game. Some great blocking by Shane Barrett then denies Seamus Callanan a goal before Niall McMorrow gets the scoring underway
  • 17:04
    Dublin 0-1 Tipperary 0-1 (5') Jason Forde levels it. A scrappy start early on as the rain continues to fall heavily
  • 17:06
    Dublin 0-3 Tipperary 0-1 (7') Great score by Oisin O'Rorke, winning the ball out in front of two defenders, turning them and slotting it over. Fiontan McGibb then quickly adds his first
  • 17:07
    John Bubbles O'Dwyer's first free falls short. Not like him but shooting into the wind
  • 17:09
    Dublin 0-4 Tipperary 0-1 (10') Donal Burke taps over Dublin's first from placed balls. After a good burst upfield from Shane Barrett to win the free
  • 17:14
    Long ball into the Dublin forward line so far causing little trouble to the Tipp defenders. Dublin's scores coming from more considered build up play
  • 17:16
    Dublin 0-4 Tipperary 0-2 (17') Hawk-eye called into action for the first time - ruling out John O'Dwyer's effort. Next attack though and Aidan McCormack makes no mistake
  • 17:18
    Dublin 0-4 Tipperary 0-3 (18') Seamus Callanan from a very close range free. Tipp doing well playing into the wind. Far more economical with their possession
  • 17:21
    Dublin 0-4 Tipperary 0-4 (20') Dublin miss a free down one end, down the other McCormack is beaten to the initial ball but uses his body well to turn his man and win it back. Then cuts across his marker and adds his second score
  • 17:24
    Dublin 0-4 Tipperary 0-5 (24') Tipp ahead for the first time, after Callanan wins a free on the left sideline and points it himself
  • 17:26
  • 17:27
    *Dr Crokes have beaten Corofin 2-11 to 0-8 in the day's other club football semi-final*
  • 17:28
    Dublin 0-5 Tipperary 0-6 (28') Callanan, his third free, and McMorrow exchange points. Conditions worsening  
  • 17:29
    Dublin 0-5 Tipperary 0-8 (30') A booming effort from left half back Padraic Maher puts two between the teams, before Forde adds his second point to increase the lead further  
  • 17:31
    Dublin 0-5 Tipperary 0-9 (31') Another Callanan free. Shane Barrett picks ups a yellow after another very foolish and obvious foul. His third. And for the third time Callanan punishes
  • 17:34
    Dublin 0-6 Tipperary 0-9 (35') Chris Crummey sticks over a beauty from the right sideline. Two minutes of first half injury time to be played
  • 17:35
    Dublin 0-6 Tipperary 0-10 (36') Callanan with another free to put four in it again
  • 17:36
    Dublin 0-6 Tipperary 0-11 (37') Aidan McCormack has been impressive. This time he fades on to his left and adds his third point from play
  • 17:39
    HT Dublin 0-6 Tipperary 0-11 - Tipp finish strongly. Dubs need to up it having played with the elements in the first half. Some of their forwards looking dangerous but they need to win more of their own ball. Eoghan O'Donnell keeping Seamus Callanan scoreless from play so far is also worth noting
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  • 17:54
    Dublin 0-6 Tipperary 0-12 (36') Tipp get the second half scoring underway. Another Callanan free. Dublin need to improve their discipline. The likes of Shane Barrett in their full back line, playing well but some very needless fouling is letitng him and his team down
  • 17:55
    Dublin 0-7 Tipperary 0-13 (38') Donal Burke squeezes over a free from a tight angle. Before Tomas Hamill gets his name on the Tipp scoresheet
  • 17:57
    Dublin 0-7 Tipperary 0-14 (41') After a quiet first half Noel McGrath gets his first point of the game
  • 17:59
    James Madden in for Sean McGrath who had a solid outing at number 7
  • 18:00
    High ball in between Callanan and O'Donnell is caught brilliantly by the Dublin fullback who has been outstanding  
  • 18:02
    Dublin 0-15 Tipperary 0-7 (45') Another Callanan free extends Tipp's lead to eight
  • 18:07

    Dublin 0-7 Tipperary 0-17 (50') Kieran Bergin's first point of the game. Before Forde gets his third from play.

    Dublin forwards struggling to win their own ball and give their team an outlet playing into the wind. Things not looking good for Ger Cunningham's team

  • 18:10
    Dublin 0-7 Tipperary 0-19 (53') Tipp turning the screw here. McCormack's fourth point. The classy number 15 floats one over from the right sideline. And then comes the score of the game. Paraic Maher comes through his man to catch the ball, before driving over his second point from distance
  • 18:11
    Dublin 0-7 Tipperary 0-20 (54') Callanan adds another free before being taken off. Fair play to Eoghan O'Donnell, keeping the country's best hurler scoreless from play
  • 18:12
    Dublin 0-7 Tipperary 1-21 (55') Jason Forde collects a ball all on his own inside and keeps his shot low for the game's first goal. Substitute Sean Curran adds another
  • 18:14
    Dublin 0-7 Tipperary 1-22 (57') A goal chance spurned for the Dubs. Following attack and Niall O'Meara puts 18 points in it. It's all to easy for Tipp here as they empty their bench  
  • 18:17
    Dublin 1-7 Tipperary 1-22 (60') Eamon Dillon gives the growing Dublin support something to cheer. Burke wins it inside and plays a beautiful ball across goal for Dillon to tap in.  
  • 18:21
    WIth both teams bringing on a number of substitutes the game has become very scattered. Five minutes left and Dublin sub Rian McBride picks up a yellow for a very late hit.
  • 18:25
    Dublin 1-8 Tipperary 1-22 (69') Burke slots over a free for the Dubs. He's had his moments. He's been solid from placed balls and has been one of the few Dublin forwards to win his own ball
  • 18:27
    Four minutes of additonal time to be played. As a contest though this game has already been over for quite a while
  • 18:29
    Bubbles and Caolan Conway exchanging wides as we enter the final minute
  • 18:31
    Dublin 1-8 Tipperary 1-24 (74') McCormack has been outstanding for Tipp. He grabs another point from the right sideline. Fitting that he should have the game's final score
  • 18:33
    FT  Dublin 1-8 Tipperary 1-24 - Dublin unable to compete when playing into the elements, due mainly to their lack of ball winners in the forward line. Also paying the price for a number of sloppy fouls. Tipp looking strong, a slow start as expected having not played in the Munster league but they were a different class in the second half
  • 18:35
    Next up it's Dublin v Tyrone in the football. Throw in at 7pm