All-Ireland SFC: Kerry v Mayo

Can Mayo's marathon men conquer the Kingdom and reach the All-Ireland final?

Patrick Madden Sun, Aug 20
LIVE: All-Ireland SFC: Kerry v Mayo

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  • Good afternoon!

    Welcome to our coverage of the first All-Ireland SFC semi-final between Kerry and Mayo - and apologies for the late start (technical gremlins).

    It's a dreary late August day and for many of us summer has flashed by in the blink of an eye - unless you're from Mayo, that is.

    The men from the West have endured a marathon of a championship. Today's game is the eighth of an emotional rollercoaster ride which has taken in two lots of extra-time, a quarter-final replay and plenty of blood, sweat and tears.

    Standing in their way of reaching consecutive All-Ireland finals today are a Kingdom side with far fewer miles on the clock but one whom many feel have the best chance of dethroning Dublin.

    These two counties have enjoyed some mammoth clashes in recent history - everything points towards another this afternoon.

    We'll be bringing you all of the action from a sodden Croke Park, here's to a cracker.

    Come on!!!


    KERRY: Brian Kelly; Shane Enright, Mark Griffin, Killian Young; Peter Crowley, Tadhg Morley, Paul Murphy; David Moran, Anthony Maher; Michael Geaney, Johnny Buckley (capt), Stephen O’Brien; Paul Geaney, Kieran Donaghy, James O’Donoghue. Subs: Shane Ryan, Jack Barry, Fionn Fitzgerald, Barry John Keane, Jonathan Lyne, Jack Savage, Darran O’Sullivan, Tom O’Sullivan, Seán O’Shea, Bryan Sheehan, Gavin Crowley.

    MAYO: David Clarke; Brendan Harrison, Donal Vaughan, Keith Higgins; Lee Keegan, Chris Barrett, Colm Boyle; Séamus O’Shea,Tom Parsons; Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O’Shea, Diarmuid O’Connor; Jason Doherty, Cillian O’Connor (capt), Andy Moran.

  • Kerry's minors are into the All-Ireland final after thrashing Cavan 2-22 to 2-10.
  • Mayo decked out in black and red today, Kerry in royal blue.  
  • No changes to either starting line-up.
  • Right then, here we go. The rain has relented slightly, but it'll be slippy. Mayo are told to split their huddle so the game can get started.

    We're underway!

  • 1 min: Aidan O'Shea is beaten to the throw-in, but he then harries Kerry skipper Johnny Buckley and forces a Mayo line ball. Early possession for Mayo, looking to move it through the hands and get settled. Kerry 0-0 Mayo 0-0
  • 2 min: Looks like Aidan O'Shea is marking Kieran Donaghy. Early free for Mayo, but Cillian O'Connor rattles a simple enough chance into the post. Kerry 0-0 Mayo 0-0
  • 3 min: Good hustling from Mayo in midfield and Kerry haven't been able to get out of their half. A tame effort from Lee Keegan drifts wide - then two wides from Kerry. Sloppy start. Kerry 0-0 Mayo 0-0
  • GOAL MAYO!!!
  • 4 min: What a start for Mayo! Excellent ball into the square and it breaks nicely for Andy Moran, who glances up and thrashes the ball home. He was never missing there. Moments later Jason Doherty drifts one wide but Mayo's tails are up. Kerry 0-0 Mayo 1-0
  • 6 min: Doherty with another effort and it bounces off the bar and over. Kerry 0-0 Mayo 1-1
  • 7 min: Mayo are swarming all over Kerry in the middle of the park - great intensity from Stephen Rochford's side. Slightly over-enthusiastic tackle from Diarmuid O'Connor and David Moran pumps the free long where Keith Higgins snuffs out the danger. Kerry 0-0 Mayo 1-1
  • 8 min: Possession for Kerry and neat interplay between Paul Geaney and James O'Donoghue sees the latter go wide. Late tackle though, and Paul Geaney gets Kerry on the board with the free. Kerry 0-1 Mayo 1-1
  • 10 min: The ball bounces nicely for David Moran but his effort just tails wide on the left. Yet to see a big tussle between Aidan O'Shea and Donaghy. Frantic passage - stunning ball threaded through from James O'Donoghue but an excellent steal from Keith Higgins stops a potential goal. There's a brief melee under the Mayo sticks but they get a free out. Kerry 0-1 Mayo 1-1
  • 12 min: David Clarke's kick out is picked off by Kerry and they win a free, James O'Donoghue knocking it over. Good repsonse from Mayo though, good ball from Higgins up to Doherty and he finds Andy Moran who jinks and points. Kerry 0-2 Mayo 1-2
  • 13 min: Mayo lose it in midfield and the unmarked Donaghy breaks before slipping it off to Stephen O'Brien, who finishes low past Clarke. We're level. Kerry 1-2 Mayo 1-2
  • 15 min: Excellent point from Killian Young from wide on the right. Kerry have the lead for the first time. Kerry 1-3 Mayo 1-2
  • 16 min: Good strength and feet from Andy Moran but he goes wide after engineering the space to shoot neatly. The game is yet to settle, it's being played at 100mph. Mayo win it back in midfield again but Lee Keegan's effort fades under the bar where Brian Kelly takes it. Kerry 1-3 Mayo 1-2
  • 17 min: Good point from James O'Donoghue. Kerry 1-4 Mayo 1-2
  • 18 min: Fantastic, jinking run from Kevin McLoughlin and he finds Andy Moran who angles over a neat point from the right. Kerry 1-4 Mayo 1-3
  • GOAL MAYO!!!!!
  • 20 min: What a goal. Patient, probing Mayo build-up ends with Colm Boyle selling his man, dummying a pass outside and cutting onto his right - and then unleashing it past Brian Kelly. And then Cillian O'Connor pops over his first score of the match. Lovely, devastating spell from Mayo. Kerry 1-4 Mayo 2-4
  • 23 min: So close! Mayo should have a third goal. Long ball up to Cillian O'Connor and his shot is parried back to him. His second effort is blocked and it falls for Andy Moran, whose shot at goal from under the posts is deflected over for a point. Mayo tearing Kerry apart here. Kerry 1-4 Mayo 2-5
  • 25 min: Paul Geaney stems the flow of the green and red (or black and red) tide with a free. Kerry 1-5 Mayo 2-5
  • 26 min: Stephen O'Brien launches it high towards Kieran Donaghy - Aidan O'Shea beats him in the air, getting a big fist on the ball. A huge roar rings around Croke Park. Kerry 1-5 Mayo 2-5  
  • 27 min: First booking of the game for Kerry's Paul Murphy. Mayo have a free after a Johnny Buckley foul just outside the 45, it's played up to the square but Kerry clear. Up the other end Donaghy gets his first point of the game. Kerry 1-6 Mayo 2-5
  • 29 min: James O'Donoghue winds up to shoot but gets caught as he's about to pull the trigger. Free for Kerry and Paul Geaney, and he knocks it over. Kerry 1-7 Mayo 2-5
  • 32 min: Patient Kerry build-up but they can't engineer a scoring chance with Mayo defending well. There's a high tackle from Kevin McLoughlin on Stephen O'Brien and he gets a booking - so too does Jack Savage. Paul Geaney knocks over the free and we're level once again. Kerry 1-8 Mayo 2-5
  • 35 min: More good work from Coly Boyle, wriggling free of three blue shirts and carving out a scoring chance but he sends it just wide on the right. Mayo 13 minutes without a score now. Kerry 1-8 Mayo 2-5
  • Four minutes added time.
  • 38 min: Mayo free from a very narrow angle on the left. Cillian O'Connor will take it, and his effort just misses at the near post. Kerry 1-8 Mayo 2-5
  • 39 min: Cillian O'Connor turns his man and drives down the outside but Killian Young recovers well to snuff out the danger. Decent turn of pace from James O'Donoghue but he goes wide. Kerry 1-8 Mayo 2-5
  • HT: KERRY 1-8 MAYO 2-5
  • The teams are back out for the second half.
  • 37 min: Kerry strike first in the second half through Paul Geaney. Kerry 1-9 Mayo 1-5
  • 39 min: Lee Keegan heavily involved for Mayo down the right and he finds Jason Doherty who is fouled by Paul Geaney. Cillian O'Connor pumps the free up to brother Diarmuid and he knocks it down for Andy Moran who doesn't need to be asked twice to split the posts. Kerry 1-9 Mayo 2-6
  • 40 min: Donal Vaughan with a rare foray forward and he slots a nice point. Kerry 1-9 Mayo 2-17
  • 42 min: Cillian O'Connor turns Killian young and drills over a nice point. Good spell for Mayo. Kerry 1-9 Mayo 2-8
  • 43 min: Good play from Andy Moran drawing a kickable free and then taking it quickly to Tom Parsons, who drives at goal from a narrow angle and fists it over the bar. Change for Mayo, Paddy Durcan on for Colm Boyle. Kerry 1-9 Mayo 2-9
  • 45 min: Good play from Paul Geaney but he sees his effort hit the upright, denying Kerry a sorely needed score. Kerry 1-9 Mayo 2-9
  • 46 min: Donaghy wins it in the air and finds David Moran, who steps his man and forces an excellent save from David Clarke, but Johnny Buckley seizes on the rebound and turns the ball home. Paul Geaney follows up with a point and out of nowhere Kerry lead. Kerry 2-10 Mayo 2-9
  • 47 min: Lee Keegan driving forward and he's fouled by Stephen O'Brien. Cillian O'Connor levels things up with the free. Kerry 2-10 Mayo 2-10
  • 49 min: Brilliant defensive work form Brendan Harrison and Aidan O'Shea can start a Mayo move. Long ball up to Andy Moran and it's turned behind by the covering Shane Enright. Mayo 45 which Cillian O'Connor will take, and misses. Kerry 2-10 Mayo 2-10
  • 52 min: Great ball from Donaghy to Peter Crowley down the right and he's fouled by Diarmuid O'Connor. James O'Donoghue with the free. Kerry 2-11 Mayo 2-10
  • 53 min: What a save! Jack Barry carves Mayo open and is through, but Clarke rushes out to smother the shot. This time Mayo regather in defence and force Kerry back out. Kerry win a free but James O'Donoghue puts it wide. Kerry 2-11 Mayo 2-10
  • 55 min: Andy Moran is having a great afternoon and he points after good work from Jason Doherty. Kerry 2-11 Mayo 2-11
  • 56 min: Paul Geaney gets his seventh point of the game. Kerry 2-12 Mayo 2-11
  • 58 min: Surging run from Paddy Durcan, lovely ball to Andy Moran, lovely finish from Tom Parsons - excellent Mayo point. Kerry 2-12 Mayo 2-12
  • 59 min: Rash, late challenge from David Moran round the neck of Aidan O'Shea - the Kerry man is booked. Stephen Coen on for Seamus O'Shea. Kerry 2-12 Mayo 2-12
  • 60 min: Lovely Mayo build-up but Lee Keegan goes wide. 10 minutes to go, buckle up. Kerry 2-12 Mayo 2-12
  • 61 min: Mammoth Cillian O'Connor point and Mayo get their noses back in front. Kerry 2-12 Mayo 2-13
  • 63 min: Barry John Keane is on for Kerry and his first act is to slot a point from the right. This is going to be so, so close. Kerry 2-13 Mayo 2-13
  • 64 min: Tom Parsons collars David Moran and gets away with it. Patient Mayo build-up and the ball is played up to Stephen Coen but his effort is blocked by Killian Young. Kerry 2-13 Mayo 2-13
  • 66 min: Mayo have a free from a long way out and Andy Moran drills it up towards Diarmuid O'Connor, Peter Crowley reads it and releases upfield. Kerry 2-13 Mayo 2-13
  • 67 min: Again, patient build-up from Mayo - but Chris Barrett skews his shot wide. Donal Vaughan and Darran O'Sullivan shown yellows for a bit of off the ball. Kerry 2-13 Mayo 2-13
  • 69 min: Kerry probing but Mayo are solid. Donaghy tries his luck but sends it high and short. It breaks again for Kerry though and Paul Murphy puts his side ahead in the final minute of normal time. Kerry 2-14 Mayo 2-13
  • 70 min: We're into added time - there'll be five minutes. Mayo forced into shooting from deep and Durcan goes wide. Kerry 2-14 Mayo 2-13
  • 72 min: Paul geaney wriggles one way and another trying to engineer an opening but stunning defence from Higgins sees him win it and Mayo get a free out. Can they summon one more feat of escapology? Kerry 2-14 Mayo 2-13
  • 74 min: Patient from Mayo and this time Paddy Durcan makes no mistake! We're level AGAIN. Kerry 2-14 Mayo 2-14
  • 75 min: Mayo pick off the Kerry kick out but they lose it straight away! Professional foul from Donal Vaughan to stop the Kerry break. Bryan Sheehan is over the free from well outside the Kerry 45. This is a long way out - and it's short and wide! Kerry 2-14 Mayo 2-14
  • FT: KERRY 2-14 MAYO 2-14
  • The semi-final replay will take place next Saturday, with throw-in at 3.0.
  • Right then, thanks for joining today - see you for more of the same next weekend!