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Fire in Clondalkin, how Bin Laden was caught speeding and endless sunshine in Ireland

Dan Griffin Tue, Jul 9
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    Defaulters on the new water bill will face a reduction in pressure

    Gardaí are investigating the cause of a fire in an apartment complex in west Dublin

    And former Anglo chief executive David Drumm has said he will consider whether to particiapte in any official bamking inquiry when its terms of reference are known
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    Good morning, Dan Griffin here on the Irish Times live blog. I'll be here throughout this sunny Tuesday, July 9th
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    Our lead story today is Householders who fail to pay new water charges face having their water pressure reduced, under new measures approved by the Government. In addition, Carl O'Brien writes, new legislation will provide that unpaid water charges may be made against a householder's property.

    In other news, ten adults and three children were rescued from a fire at the Thornfield apartment complex at Watery Lane, Clondalkin. A spokesman for the Dublin fire bigade said the emergency services received a call notifying them of the fire at 5.30 am.

    Former Anglo Irish Bank chief executive David Drumm has again made no commitment to return to Ireland from the United States to answer questions from investigators on matters in the run-up to the collapse of the bank. He said he will consider whether to participate in an official inquiry when its terms of reference are known and he has sought legal advice.
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    And yes, it's still sunny.
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    The "collective incompetence and negligence" of Pakistan's intelligence and security forces has been blamed for the country's failure to detect Osama bin Laden, according to an official report into the killing of the al-Qaeda leader in 2011.

    The report is withering in its criticism of the country's institutions which failed to find the world's most wanted man during his long stay in a major Pakistani city.

    "It is a glaring testimony to the collective incompetence and negligence, at the very least, of the security and intelligence community in the Abbottabad area," it says.

    Al Jazeera offers further details on how Bin Laden avoided detection while holed away in a special compound. "He owned a 'cowboy hat', which he wore when he moved around the compound to avoid detection from above," the broadcaster's website says.

    Astonishingly, a year after the 9/11 attacks the car in which Bin Laden was travelling was stopped by a traffic policeman for speeding, but the matter was "quickly settled", according to the report, and the world's most wanted man continued on his way.
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    It appears the Youth Defence website has been hacked. "This is not the hate-filled truth-distorting website you're looking for," the homepage now reads.

    The message goes on to criticise the practice of US organisations donating money to certain Irish campaign groups. 

    And there's more, an awful lot more.
  • 10:09
    According to RTÉ radio, the apartment complex in Clondalkin which was evacuated earlier this morning after fire broke out has been sealed as a crime scene but gardaí are not treating it as suspicious. Make of that what you will.
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    Irregular bedtimes can disrupt healthy brain development in young children, according to scientists at University College Dublin.

    The researchers found that children who went to bed at different times each night fared worse on mental tasks than those who kept to a more rigid schedule.

    Although the differences were modest, irregular bedtimes throughout childhood appeared to have a cumulative effect, leading to greater problems later on.

    Which means, finally, you need no longer be jealous of your primary school friends who would come in to class of a Monday morning, smug-faced and droopy-eyed, gloating about being allowed stay up late to watch the Antiques Roadshow.
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    Here Éanna Ó Caollaí has more on the hacking of anti-abortion group Youth Defence's website.
  • 11:16
    Corruption has worsened in most Arab countries since their 2011 revolution, even though anger with corrupt officials was a major reason for the uprisings, according to a public opinion poll released today.
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    This picture popped up on, posted by one biorocketfellar, with little by way of explanation. Apparently it's in Boston. Spotted on
    This picture popped up on, posted by one biorocketfellar, with little by way of explanation. Apparently it's in Boston. Spotted on
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    Police in Edinburgh have identified an Irishwoman whose body was discovered in a shallow grave in a city nature reserve last month.

    A 39-year-old man is due to appear at Edinburgh Sheriff Court today charged in connection with the murder of 66-year-old Phyllis Dunleavy, from Dublin.
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    Minister of State for European Affairs Lucinda Creighton tells Pat Kenny that some Government TDs are willing to "suck up bad law and a breach of principle" and vote for the Abortion Bill but she can only speak for herself as a legislator on a matter of conscience. She adds that the whip should not be applied to TDs so stringently. Very likely she'll be out of the Fine Gael parliamentary party after the vote.
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    The electronics chain Maplin has become the first high street retailer to sell 3D printers to consumers, the Guardian reports. Previously the market had been limited to professional printing companies.

    The machines retail at £700 and allow users to print objects like shoes, as the Dutch designer Iris van Herpen did recently at Paris Fashion week. 

    Apparently it takes about 30 minutes to print something simple like a mobile phone case, but more intricate objects, like jewellery, could take hours.

    Earlier this year 3D printers achieved some notoriety when an enterprising young man, Cody Wilson, channelled his energy into creating the world's first entirely 3D-printed handgun. Well, I say "notoriety" but that probably depends on who you ask. Wilson did, after all, call his downloadable firearm The Liberator, designed presumably to free the world from the tyranny of non-gun ownership.

    We got in touch with Maplin, who said the printers should be in Irish stores by early August, although customers here have already started ordering the printers in from the UK.

    But can they print food, eh readers?
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    Three women held captive in a US home for a decade are thanking the public for their support in a YouTube video.
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    That "Conned: a German view of Ireland" is still the most read story on our site, three days after it was first posted.

    Other popular stories this lunchtime are:

    Website of anti-abortion group Youth Defence hacked


    Sexton endorses call for global rugby season
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    Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly is on Radio 1 news now calling for improvements in the asylum process. The "biggest problem is that asylum seekers are fprced to stay way too long in the direct provision", she says adding that one in 10 people are there for seven years. She wants to see applications processed by the Government within six months.
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    Former lobbyist Frank Dunlop has told the Dublin Circuit Court that he cannot remember receiving a payment of more than £1 million in the 1990s.
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    In the Anglo tapes released over the weekend by the Sunday Independent, Con Horan, the man tasked with supervising the bank for the Financial Regulator, is heard warning John Bowe, Anglo's head of treasury,    that "we could blow this whole thing out of the water at a European level if we over-egg this".

    He goes on to say that getting Anglo "back in order" needs to be done in a way to protect "the goose that laid the golden egg".

    Now one resourceful Dubliner has extended the metaphor, placing a pair of gilded geese outside the bank's old HQ on St Stephen's Green. A passerby spotted them last night and sent photos  in to  

    Ancient Egypt has its colossal pair of deified Ramesses II at Luxor, so perhaps the two geese could remain outside Anglo as a permanent reminder of Ireland's former elite.
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    Fianna Fáil has published a private members bill on mortgage arrears which is being debated in the Dáil today and tomorrow. The party says the Government has handed the banks a charter to repossess family homes and has failed to grasp the scale of the mortgage arrears crisis.

    Conor Pope has more.
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    Oh, is there no end to this infernal heat? Apparently not, Christopher McKinley writes.
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  • 15:12
    The dancing Dublin taxi driver video has garnered international attention with the Huffington Post and Mashable both hosting it on their websites.

    The driver has been named as Wayne Karney, a part-time actor and performer who has appeared in Love/Hate and My Left Foot.

    The Jennifer Grey to Karney's Patrick Swayze is Andrea Pappin, the spokeswoman for Ireland's presidency of the EU no less.

    The video has been viewed nearly quarter of a million times on youtube. If you missed it yesterday, here it is again.


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    While the turmoil in Egypt has captured global headlines, Médecins Sans Frontières has been in touch to say the situation in the Central African Republic merits attention as well.

    The medical NGO released a report today highlighting the effects the Seleka coup has had on the country's population.

    "Even before last March, the mortality rates were above emergency levels in many regions of the country. CAR is in many ways the epitome of a silent or forgotten crisis," the organisation says.

    Read more on the situation here.
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    Jolie Matthews, 9, from Scarborough won first prize at the Great Yorkshire Show today for this beautiful saddleback sow. Photograph: Getty Images
    Jolie Matthews, 9, from Scarborough won first prize at the Great Yorkshire Show today for this beautiful saddleback sow. Photograph: Getty Images
  • 15:41
    According to Sky News, a Russian politician has confirmed Edward Snowden has agreed to asylum in Venezuala.
  • 15:53
    Ben Black Why is the Irish Times hiding the article on the High Court ruling with regard to the US arrest warrant for Edward Snowden? The article surpassed the "Conned" article in popularity yesterday but today has somehow disappeared!
  • 15:53
    Hi Ben, the Edward Snowden High Court story, which was published on the website yesterday, is on page three of today's paper. As it is currently the seventh most read story on our website it does not appear on our top five 'Most Read' list.
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    Dr Anthony McCarthy also said he was amazed at the number of politicians and obstetricians who seemed to now hold wast understanding of suicide, pregnancy, and the risks "as if they understand these issues and can then come up with proposals".

    Psychiatrist criticises 'impractical' Creighton amendments
  • 16:15
    Dozens of injuries but no deaths have been reported following a car bomb explosion in a stronghold of the Shia militant Hizbullah group in Beirut.
  • 16:22
    Helmets do not provide sufficent protection to warrant the claim that they are highly effective--and the right to cycle bare-headed is by no means trivial, says medical ethics and law lecturer Carwyn Hooper.

    This helmet/no helment debate has played out before in the letters page of the Irish Times. Personally I'm a fan of the Mycro hurling helmet and faceguard while cycling.
  • 16:35
    Youth Defence seem to be addressing their website difficulties. Earlier today the anti-abortion group's site was hacked and visitors were greeted with a baner reading, "This is not the hate-filled truth-distorting website you're looking for".

    Now they are met with the more prosaic, "This page is used to test the proper operation of the Apache HTTP server after it has been installed. If you can read this page, it means that the Apache HTTP server installed at this site is working properly".
  • 16:35
    James In relation the helmet update below - a book published a few years ago about driving habits (Traffic,Tom Vanderbilt,2009) highlighted that drivers drove more cautiously around cyclists that were NOT wearing helmets than they did around those who do.
  • 16:50
    Here's a bit more on US secrets whistleblower Edward Snowden accepting Venezuala'a offer of political asylum.
  • 16:54
    Fionn I wonder if there was a similar debate when mandatory-seatbelt-use laws were introduced?
  • 16:58
    Jordan Courtney and Nathan Corrigan dive into the water at Grand Canal Dock to cool off in today's hot weather. Photograph: Alan Betson/ THE IRISH TIMES
    Jordan Courtney and Nathan Corrigan dive into the water at Grand Canal Dock to cool off in today's hot weather. Photograph: Alan Betson/ THE IRISH TIMES
  • 17:02
    Aileen Glad Snowden has a home! Would have been great to have him in Ireland
  • 17:03

    Well that's our lot for today, we're off to enjoy the rest of the sunshine now. Thanks for reading.