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Brian Howard, Deirdre Garrett Mon, Aug 22
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  • 08:32
    Good morning everyone, and welcome to the CAO helpdesk. Our expert guidance counsellors Brian Howard and Deirdre Garrett will be here until 6pm to answer any questions you may have today regarding the CAO, or anything else.
  • 08:47

    What's more important; entry requirements or points for a course? I got the entry requirements but not the points. I am down by a lot of points. Will I be in danger of not getting my course even though I've HEAR?

    Students who do not meet the minimum requirements are excluded straight away regardless of points.

    Every student must meet the minimum entry requirements   whether you're a HEAR or DARE applicant. No offer will me made to any student unless they meet the minimum entry requirements and the necessary cut off points.

  • 08:59

    I achieved the number of points for my course, however I have only one B2 in higher level and 2 d1 at higher level, the course requires a minimum of 2 c3 at higher. I achieved a pass in lcvp. Do I have any options ? Thanks

    LCVP can be used for points purposes but not for matriculation.

    You need 2HC3 and 4OD3 to meet minimum entry for all level 8 courses.

    You could also of received a level 6/7 offer?

    Your options could be any of the following: view your scripts and if you see any discrepancies apply for recheck.

    The second option would be that you repeat one or both of the D1 subjects  with  a view to raising the grade to a minimum of a C3. You could then combine this new C3 with your 2016 Leaving Cert points. You would need to reapply to CAO next year.

  • 09:01

    I have received an offer for my 2nd choice course Arts in NUI Galway. I am 10 points short of Arts in UCD. If I do not accept Galway in the hope that I may get an offer for UCD in the 2nd round does my Galway offer lapse and I may end up with nothing

    Well done, yes, you are correct in what you say here, so the advice here would be to accept Galway and then in the next rounds you will still remain in the running for a place in UCD and if you become entitled to a place in UCD you will be offered it and it will be up to you whether you want to keep your Galway place or take up the UCD place.  But in the event that you don't get UCD at least you have your place in Galway.

  • 09:07

    My granddaughter got no offer today .Last year got 410 points on CAO this year nine distinctions on Fetack nursing course .put arts down for UCD joint hons no offer what will she do .CAO number 16351336 thank you MKC

    I would advise her to check the minimum entry requirements for the course.

    Also any FEATC students  that achieved the maximun number of distinctions enter into a random selection process.  

    I would advise that you contact CAO.

  • 09:11

    Hi, My  son got the points required for his first choice-gaming development in ul but didn't meet the b2 in maths as required.He is going to sit the special math exam on thursday.If he passes will he offered his first choice in second round offers?tks

    Yes, UL hope to have the results of the special exam ready for round 2 offers, so if you pass the exam and meet allofthe requirements you should get the offer in round 2.  Best of luck.

  • 09:12

    Good morning. My CAO no. is 16353273. I received 450 points in my leaving cert. Please explain why I did not get my second choice CK207-Commerce & Italian in UCC-430 points this year. I await hearing from you. Marc

    I suggest that you look and the minimum entry requirements for this course. See if you satisfy all entry requirements including specific subject requirements if there is one.

    Get back on if you need more guidance.

    An offer is only made when one meets the entry requirements and the necessary cut off points.

  • 09:15

    My daughter did not get her first choice. She was offered a level 8 and a level 7 course. If she accepts the level 7 can she still be offered her level 8 first choice in a 2nd round offer

    Yes she can. Both lists are independent of each other. Although you can only accept one offer.  Whether she accepts the level 7 or not have  no influence on her level 8 offers in future rounds.

  • 09:16

    My son missed out BESS on the 1st round on foot of random selection. I understand that an offer on the 2nd round depends on those who were offered places on the 1st round not accepting, but wonder if this has happened for BESS in previous years.

    Last year the points for BESS remained at 510 which would indicate no further offers were made after round one.  The problem with random selection is we don't know how many people are in the random pool.  It could be 4 or it could be 14, so we don't know how many people would need to turn down a place in order for the points to drop from 510*.  I have a feeling the lowest it will go is 510.

  • 09:19

    Hi, I got offered arts today and am very unhappy as I was hoping for commerce international (510) and I received 505 last week. How likely is second round offers or a boost of 5 points in a recheck ?

    Commerce Intl in UCD dropped five points  from 2015. Whether it will drop further will depend on the number of todays successful applicants that decline a position on this course. These places will then be offered to the next in the queue. The points that these candidates have will be the cut off points in round two.

    I am not privy to this data.

  • 09:21

    this morning i received two cao offers,a level 8 course in ITT and a level 7 in DIT. Am i able to accept the level 8 or 7 course now but change my mind if I receive a second round offer?

    Yes. You can only accept one offer. Either a level 8 or level 7.

    You will be able to accept new offers if they are made to you in round 2.

  • 09:23

    I got offered my 2nd place. If I accept it, will I lose out on the 1st choice when the second round of offers come out? Should I wait and see if my first place becomes available?

    No.  By accepting your 2nd choice you will still remain in the running for your 1st preference choice and if you become entitled to it you will be offered it and it is your decision whether to stay with your second choice or take up your first choice.  You should accept your second choice and hope for a new offer in round two.

  • 09:26

    Hiya, I've been offered my second choice in Galway for med with a score of 729. UCD is 730 and not everyone got in on this score, just wondering what the chances of UCD dropping 1/2 points on second round is, it being first choice for many?

    I would say slim but there really is no way of knowing.  I have seen second round offers in Medicine believe it or not, but the random selection complicates things as we don't know how many are in the random pool.

  • 09:26

    I received an offer for my 2nd choice course arts in NUIG and am 10 points short of my 1st choice arts in UCD if I don't accept NUIG in the hope that I may get UCD in the 2nd does the first offer lapse or can I accept the offer and still get 2ndoffer

    Whether you accept todays offer or not wioll have no influence on your potential offers in rounds 2.

    If you decline todays offer and the points for UCD fail to drop in round 2 then you will be left with nothing. You will not be offerd Galway again in future rounds  or any course that is of lower preference on your CAO list.

    If you accept NUIG then you could still be offerd UCD in round 2 providing that you meet entry requirements and cut off points. You would then be given the option to change your mind.  You could  go to UCD or stick with NUIG. The choice would be yours.


    The best of luck.

  • 09:30

    I've applied to Trinity College, however if i access their website ( or CAO i see no offers at all. Does that mean I didn't get applied to any of my selected courses? And is there a way to know how many points I have?

    You need to log into your CAO account (you need your CAO number, DOB and password) and if you have been made any offers they will be there.  If you have not received any offers you should receive a copy of your Statement of Application Record  in the post.

  • 09:32

    I have been offered my 4th choice, if I don't accept it then can I be offered a place on a course that is lower down on my CAO list? Also if I do accept it can I subsequently apply for courses that become available?

    All prefernces below your 4th choice have now been deleted from the CAO system and you will never be offred any course from 4th down in   CAO 2016.

    This holds true whether you accept todays offer or not.

    Yes, you can still apply for courses that appear under available places. See   Available places open for application tomorrow Tuesday, August 23 at noon.

  • 09:33

    I have recieved an offer for my 2nd choice in UCD and I'm only 5 points away from my first choice but the accepting date overlaps the 2nd round offers for trinity,should I accept my first offer and wait and are second round offers for lower points?

    Yes, you should accept your second choice and then wait to see if you are going to be offered your first choice in subsequent rounds.  Second round offers are usually lower in points.  See some earlier posts.

  • 09:34

    I have an offer but want to hold out for something else do I lose offer

    Yes. If you do not accept or do nothing at all then your offer will  laspe. Please see posts from earlier  regarding the same topic.

  • 09:35

    I got the points for Arts Ucd but did not realise that I put down the part time course as opposed to the full time. Will I be able to do the full time?

    Probably unlikely but I suggest that you contact their admissions office as soon as possible.


    The best of luck.

  • 09:36

    If you are offered a course but it's not your first choice and you are thinking of repeating , can you defer the course you have been offered and keep it for next year, just in case your don't get it next year.

    No.  As part of the deferral process you can only put down the deferred course on your CAO application next year.  If you put down any other courses you will loose your deferred place.

  • 09:37

    Ive been offered my second choice, my first choice was engineering in Galway, I got enough points but only got D in honours maths. I've registered to sit the special maths exam on Wed., should I still proceed to sit the exam?

    I would advise you to. NUIG will have the results from the Maths test by round 2 offers. So if you do succeed in the Maths exam and have the cut off points then you should be made an offer for this Engineering course in round 2.

    The best of luck.

  • 09:44

    Very happy for our daughter to get offer for med in Nuig with 723 .. Wondering has she any chance of getting rcsi random selection at 725 at the second round of offers or is that completely out of reach Many thanks

    Not all candidates got in on #725. Those who didn't get an offer for RCSI may get an offer in round 2 if todays successful candidates decline their offer for RCSI. By todays candidates declining or deferring etc spaces then become available and these places will be offered to other CAO candidates in round 2.

    I would advise you to accept Galway as this will not affect her chances of getting a RSCI offer nect week.


    Well done and teh best of luck.

  • 09:47

    My son got 380 points and and was offered business in gmit however, he iwashoping to get commerce in Nuig in 2nd round offers. However he reckons that he has placed commerce to low down on his choices for this to be offered to him.

    Your son will not be offered a place on the Commerce programme NUIG as he has indicated that he would prefer GMIT. Once an offer is received all course choices below this offer are deleted from the system.

  • 09:49

    Good morning, I missed my course by 5 points. I was offered a different course with lower points that I don't really want to do. If I don't accept it now and wait until CAO second round am I likely to get my first choice?

    Whether you accept or reject your offer toay will have no influence on higher preference course offers in future rounds.

    Please see posts from earlier discussing this topic.

  • 09:51

    Son got total of 726 missing ucd and tcd by 4 points. Disappoint his results and looking at the papers with a teacher. Should be lucky and get an extra 5 pts can he defer until next year if no places become available. does he do hpat again


    He will be offered a deferral if he has a successful appeal and now meets all the requirements and points.


    The best of luck.

  • 09:52

    good morning, my nephew got 220 points and his 2nd CAO choice was 210 yet he got no offers. Can y advise what we should do now?

    I would advise you to check the minimum entry requirements for this course. If he has an Irish exemption he needs to make sure that the Irish exemption form has been filled out and sent into CAO.


    Please get back on if you need more guidance.

  • 09:53

    I am just wondering whether UCD is likely to drop 1 point on CAO round 2 offers for medicine? Have Galway but missing UCD by 1. Thanks!

    Please see posts from earlier regarding this topic.


  • 09:55

    I applied for 9 course Level 8 courses and got no offers. I have 485 points. The bottom three on my list have points of 485, 470 and 320. Why did I get no offers? Is this normal?

    It sounds as if you may not of met the minimum entry requirements. Please make sure that if your are exempt from Irish that you have filled out an exemption form and returned it to NUI head office.

  • 09:56

    My daughter received her second offer in Galway. She is 5 points short of her first choice. Would you advocate calling her first choice University and getting their perspective on possible 2nd/3rd/4th round offers in that course? Thank you

    Yes you could do this.  However, they will be limited in what they can tell you, in that second round offers depend on those who are holding offers currently not accepting them and admissions have no way of knowing how many will not accept places.  

  • 09:57

    Hi. My daughter did not get medicine but went very close on points. If she accepts her second choice this year can she repeat the HPAT next year and use her leaving cert results for this year or does she have to repeat both in the same year?

    Your daughter can resit her HPAT and combine it with her Leaving Cert results from this year 2016.

    The best of luck.

  • 10:03

    My son achieved enough points for his preferred course but wasn't offered a place. Is there a chance he could yet & what happens now?

    I  recommend that you check the minumium entry requirements for this course. Also check that an Irish exemption form was filled out if he is exempt from Irish.

    One needs to meet the entry requirements and the cut off points before an offer is made.

    Get back to us if you need more guidance.

  • 10:06

    Hi, this morning I got offered a Bachelor of Arts degree in Maynooth University. I want to be a primary school teacher and also have a PLC in early child hood education lined up for me. is it possible to get into primary school teaching after the PLC

    There is no entry route from PLC courses into Primary Education.

    My advice for you would be to look into the Masters in Primary Education. This might help you make a more informed decision.

    Please get back on to us if you need more guidance.

  • 10:06

    I am unfortunately well passed the age of CAO, but a nephew has been offered a place, his second choice because the points have reduced. But on reflection he would prefer to do his 3rd choice. How can this be rectified?? Can it??

    It cannot.  Once he has been offered his 2nd choice all choices below this effectively disappear and he cannot access them. He can hope to move up but not down (unless it appears in the vacant places list).

  • 10:09

    Can I do the UL maths entrance exam for languages? I failed higher level maths. If I do take this exam and pass it, would I be able to use it for next year i.e. defer my course?

    The exam offered by UL is only for applicants to its Faculty of Science and Engineering programmes. It is for those  who did not achieve the required minimum grade for the course in question, whether it be ordinary or higher.

  • 10:12

    I didn't get my first choice which was music and film studies in trinity TR320 is there anyway I can find out the points that were needed ?

    The points for TCD courses are on their website, on the home page.  The MUSIC - Film studies combination has a points cut off this year of 485*.

  • 10:15

    I have been accepted into DN200 science in UCD, when do I choose the strand I want?

    You will get to sample many subjects and your decision will have to be made at the end of first semester. This is assuming that you requested the no preference option.

  • 10:15

    I'm not Irish and not sure if I calculated my points right. Is there a way to know how many I got?

    When you log into your CAO account your points for each of your course choices should be displayed.  If you are not matriculating on the basis of the Irish Leaving Certificate you should probably email CAO from their website and give them your details and seek guidance.

  • 10:17

    Do the offers come at once out at 6:00 am or during the day?

    They are available from 6am on the CAO website.  You can log in from this time to view your account and possible offers.

  • 10:21

    Git 460 points came down for Marino teaching to 460 but did not get offer what do I do

    You seem to of missed out due to random selection. When the cut off points are determined   it sometimes happens that more than one student has the same number of points as the cut off points. In this case all students with the same points are given a randomly electronically generated number. Those with the highest random numbers are selected for the course. This effectively is an electronically based lottery. Courses that use (*) beside the points have used random selection.


    Please get on if you need more guidance.

  • 10:22

    Can you change your cao course listing at this stage?

    No. The last date for this facilty i.e. the change of mind was July 1st.

  • 10:24

    I can't find the points to Trinitys TSM courses are they out yet ?

    Todays Irish Times Education supplement have the points for Trinity TSM. More detailed points on TCD website home page.

  • 10:24

    I'm a foreign student and haven't received an offer. My grades aren't on the letter and I'm eligible for the majority of my choices, what's wrong?

    It sounds as if the CAO didn't receive your results.  I think you need to email the CAO quoting your CAO application number and give them the full details of your query and await a response.

  • 10:27

    If you didn't get your first choice and are 20 points off it is there any chance of getting it on the round.

    Please read earlier posts for answer to this query.

  • 10:28

    I applied to CAO with a "norwegian leaving cert". I didn't get my first choice, IR at DCU, which only required 385 points. According to guidelines for Norwegian applicant, I should have well over 400 points. Did the CAO do something wrong?

    Email the CAO with all your details and seek their guidance.

  • 10:29


    DT175 Architectural Technology: My son recieved 355 points in his LC and is eligible for the Dare sheme . These extra points should have given him this course, what went wrong?

    The method of selecting eligible DARE students for the reduced points places  varies for each institution. Please view further details on


  • 10:31

    Hi, I'm a British student, received 420 points, and applied for, among others, a philosophy course at UCD. I seem to have received more than enough points than required for all my courses, but have received no offers!

    I'm not sure if you have sat the Leaving Certificate or A levels from your post.  Generally this problem refers to some entry requirements not being met.  Email the CAO with all your details and seek clarification on your case.

  • 10:31

    My daughter recieved her first choice of Science offer in DCU but would like her 3rd choice -ios science in Trinity as it required higher points - what are her options?

    She will not receive any courses of lower prefeence than todays offer in future rounds.

    Her only option for this year is to accept DCU. Trinity's choice will be deleted from the stystem as she filled out her CAO stating that she would prefer DCU to Trinity.

  • 10:33

    By how many points can second round offers drop by

    I cannot answer this. It varies for each course and also every year.

  • 10:34

    If you don't want to do the course you were offered but have enough points for lower courses you like is there any way you can change

    I'm afraid not. You were given up until July 1st to sort out your order of preferences. All courses that lie below todays offer now are now lapsed.

  • 10:35

    When and where is the vacant places list published

    At 12 noon tomorrow August 23rd.

  • 10:36

    Hi my daughter has been offered a course in Dcu for such she did not have quite enough points. She had been shortlisted for an elite sports scholarship - does this mean she was awarded performance points and so has the scholarship?

    It seem so. I would advise you to contact the admissions office of the interested college.

    The best of luck.

  • 10:38

    My son has enough points for all 5 courses that he applied for, but got no offers what do we do now to guarantee an offer in the 2nd round?

    I would advice you to check the entry requirements for each course. Also ensure that an NUI Irish exemption form  has been filled out and returned to NUI if he is exempt from Irish.

    Please get back on if you need more guidance.

  • 10:41

    My son has been offered a level 6 course in DIT and also has an offer for a PLC. He really wants a level 8. Which of the DIT course or PLC be best for progression to level 8. How is entry to level 8 from level 6 decided?

    Unfortunately, there is no one answer fits all here.  It very much depends on the course area.  Generally in DIT the progression routes are very good.  After a 2 year level 6 course progression tends to be to year 2 of the appropriate level 8 course.  There are odd exceptions to this and the marks needed in the level 6 to progress can very from degree to degree.  There is a link scheme for progression from FETAC courses to CAO degrees also.  This is a complex system to explain here and depends on the CAO college your son is hoping to progress to and the course area - not all CAO courses have progression routes form FETAC courses.  My advice is to contact DIT admissions and admissions from any other college he wants to go to and seek their detailed advice.

  • 10:41

    My daughter got 455 points and wanted primary teaching but has missed out by 5 points, do you think that the points might drop in the 2nd round. Also would you recommend getting scripts rechecked. Thanks

    Please see posts from earlier. It really will depend on how many accept todays offers and where she stands in the queue.

  • 10:43

    On the offer notice are two different point scores for two different course choices but neither course required portfolios etc., how is that possible?


    In my opinion it is to do  with being a HEAR or DARE applicant. I would advise you to contact CAO though. It is best to do this via email on their website

  • 10:44

    hi,this morning i received an offer for Aviation technology as a level 7 couse in DIT. i dont know whether or not to accept the DIT course as im unsure if i could get work in the aviation sector once i get the degree.

    I feel this is a very good course and it has great potential for employment both here and abroad.  Graduates will find employment in a range of areas including airline operations - maintenance planning - scheduling - quality assurance and control - fleet management - technical administration - purchasing - spares trading and provisioning - maintenance repair and overhaul operations.

  • 10:45

    Hi My sister got offered arts in maynooth it was her 3rd choice and got offered business in DIT. But she doesn't want to do arts. If she doesn't accept arts can she still get offered 5/6 choice? She didn't get enough points for 1&2

    She will never be offered courses that lie below her 3rd choice in which she got offered this morning.

    She may however get offered courses that lie above her third choice. These courses would have to drop in future rounds for this to happen.

  • 10:47

    is there a big qualification difference in level 8 and level 7 courses?

    The NFQ recognises a level 8 to be of a higher standard and knowledge to that of a level 7. A level 8 programme normally requires four years of study. A level 7 usually requires three. Many level 7 graduates progress onto complete a level 8.

  • 10:50

    If my son accepts his offer but only sticks at it for a year and then changes course, what will be the cost of the first and subsequent years of the second course?

    The government pays the "tuition fees" for students.  They will only pay one first year tuition fee and one second year tuitions fee and so on.  So if your son uses up his first year tuition fee subsidy and then transfers to another course, then he will have to pay the tuition fee in first year.  So he will pay in the region of 6/7 thousand euro for his new first year and then move back into the normal scenario in subsequent years.

  • 10:50

    If I log into my CAO account I don't see my points next to my selected courses. Why is that?

    See earlier posts.

  • 10:51

    Hi. Son offered medical science in gmit - is there anyway to use this towards secondary school science or biology teaching?

    One can do a masters in post primary education and would be qualified to teach one/two/ three  Science subjects depending on their under graduate degree. You must contact the Teaching Council Of Ireland. You must ask them what subjects the degree to Medical Science would allow you to teach. You could apply for the masters of Education on completeion of your degree.

  • 10:53

    My daughter got her preferred course, Medicine. She is thinking about deferral until 2017. How successful are applicants with this process?

    It very much depends on the college involved.  What I would do is contact the admissions office of the college and seek their views before submitting a deferral application.  In my experience colleges are very keen to facilitate students where possible.

  • 10:53

    I've reapplied and got commerce through cao. I'm currently doing engineering in trinity, but I have 2 repeats. I'm wondering if I fail or pass the repeats will it make a difference to the fees I have to pay next year?

    No. You will have to pay the tuition fees regardless of your results. The governemnt only pay for you to do first year once regardless of the outcome.

  • 10:56

    Hi My daughter received 580 pts in the LC this year and 150 pts in the HPAT, Overall 706 towards Medicine. Would you be able to advise if we can discount her from a 2nd or 3rd round offer given where medicine points have now landed?

    Points would have to drop considerably. I can't see them dropping that much. She could always repeat the HPAT next year and then combine it with CAO 2016 points. She woudl have to reapply through CAO again also.

  • 10:56

    My daughter is considering seeking a deferral of her place until 2017 to allow her to travel with some friends. If she gets a deferral and those travel plans fall through will she be able to commence the course this year or have to wait to 2017

    Once the deferral is granted, that place is then offered to another applicant and so your daughter will almost certainly have to wait until the following year to take up the deferred place.  Seek guidance from the college admissions office involved.

  • 10:58

    Are 2015 points that are shown on a college page round one cut off or round two cut off points?

    The 2015 points quoted at this stage would generally be the final cut off points for 2015.

  • 11:05

    When I went into my cao this morning there was no offers available even though I got the points for my courses?

    There could be a number of issues here.  Have you met the entry requirements for your courses?  Did the CAO get your results from the State Exams Commission?  Did you check your Statement of Application Record when it arrived last May?  I think immediately you should email CAO with your full details and lay out the full case and seek an explanation.

  • 11:06

    Hi - I have twins going to college this year. Is there any tax relief on college fees when you have more than one child attending? Many thanks.

    Not that I am aware of but it might be worth a phone call to your tax office to investigate for sure.

  • 11:11

    My daughter missed her course biology and PE DCU by 5 points , if we get a paper rechecked results will be out October , what happens if you has already started her 2nd choice offer science , if she secures extra 5points does she transfer

    If your daughter gets upgraded to her first choice in October then there are 2 possibilities.  One - if the first choice college has a place available it will be offered to your daughter and she can choose to transfer over to the new course.  Two - the college may have no places left, in which case your daughter will be offered a deferred place for the following year.

  • 11:11
    My son missed out on his 1st choice by 30pts, he is appealing 3 of his scripts, if he was unlucky enouth to be downgraded could he potentially lose his place on his course he accepted? He got 450 pts and the course he wants is 480. Thank y

    The college has the right to allow him to stay or to ask him to leave.  I would think that the latter is highly unlikely.
  • 11:12

    My daughter got 325 points and got a level 6 offer this morning. Arts in maynooth has dropped to 330, what is the likelihood of her getting an offer of that in second round offers?

    Please see posts from earlier regarding this topic.

  • 11:14

    Hi, i know it is unlikely but, are you eligible to transfer to a course that you received enough points for , but didn't put it on your CAO? Im extremely unhappy with my first round offer and dont know what to do

    It is not common practice. I suggest that you contact the admissions office of the college of interest.

  • 11:16

    My nephew did 5 honours and 1 pass subject. Didn't get any CAO offer as he failed 2 honours so only has 3 subjects in total and all courses seem to require 6 passes. He is exempt from irish. Would this bring it up to 5?

    Afraid not, this just means he is exempt from the requirement to have a pass in Irish.  There are a few possibilities here - get some papers rechecked, apply for some PLC courses, repeat his LC studies.  These are just a few options that he could consider.

  • 11:17

    I'm an international student and got the letter that I have an exemption from Irish, but I didn't recieve a confirmation that my leaving cert is recieved from CAO and didn't get an offer. What should I do?

    One has to fill out an NUI exemption form and return the compelted form to NUI head office. If this isn't done one may not recieve an offer as they do not receive the necessary requirements.

    I woudl advise you to contact CAO via email.

  • 11:20

    My son wasn't offered a place in his choice of college, could he apply to another college? His preferred course was 355 points & he got 365 but wasn't offered a place.

    It sounds as if he didn't meet the necessary entry requirements. I would investigate this first. He can only receive course preferences above todays offer. He can also avail of the available places facility. Please check this out on

  • 11:24

    Our daughter got an offer for a course she wants -535 points -TCD & will accept. She got 545 points in the LC but was disappointed with her History and English LC results and so wants to get them re-checked. Is it rare for grades to be reduced ?

    Down grades are not as popular as upgrades but they still happen. E.g. in 2013 there was 1,647 upgrades and three downgrades.

  • 11:24

    I was 10 points off my first choice (history and political science in trinity) I'm getting my papers rechecked. What are the chances of going up by 15 at least and what is the procedure if I am entitled to a place after recheck?

    It is possible to go up by 15 points, its a lot but it can happen.  If you become entitled to your first choice in October then you will be offered it in the same way as offers were made today and it is up to you to decide if you want to move courses or stay with the one you have already started.

  • 11:25

    If you accept an offer can you still apply for a place on the vacant places list..when it comes out tomorrow

    Yes you can.

  • 11:28

    my son got 425 and his third choice was business studies in UL, his higher two choices he doesn't have sufficient points for, He got his 9th choice, what are his chances of getting his 3rd choice in round two bearing in mind he has sufficient points

    Your son seems to have missed out due to random selection (please see earlier post on this topic). Whether places become available on this course for round 2 will depend on  todays actions from successful candidates e.g.  how many  decline or defer todays offer hence making room available for those waiting in the queue.

  • 11:29

    I sent in my application to the CAO and it was confirmed that the received both my PLC and Leaving Cert results but I did not get an offer in either Round 0 or Round 1? and my application says there are no offers available to you at this time?

    I would advise you to contact CAO. Email them via their website

  • 11:34

    If I defer a course will I still get 2nd round offers if my first choice course place becomes available

    Yes you will. Accepting or deferring your offer will have no influence be it positive or negative on your round 2 offer.


    The best of look

  • 11:35

    I received 420 points and got offered a joint honours in DCU but was looking to do Communications but was out by 25 points, can I accept my offer I have and then wait until the 2nd round and still be offered something of higher preference?

    Correct.  See earlier posts similar to this post.

  • 11:37
    The first year DN200 Science guide is at  It explains all the module choices for each stream/strand.
  • 11:38

    Hi I've been offered ag science but wish to do veterinary. I was very ill at the time of my exams, in hosp. & doctors told not to do them but I did them & got ag ucd.Should I take it or repeat & try again. I also have dyslexia and qualify for dare.

    Congratulations on doing so well under such difficult circumstances.

    Accepting your offer or repeating really is a personal choice,. I would advise you to carry out some research on graduate Veterinary at UCD. Many travel to the UK and Budapest also.


    Please get back on if you need additional guidance.

  • 11:39

    Hi,my daughter secured 465 points in this year's LC,her 1st choice was Business Studies in DCU, she missed out by 5 there a good chance that she will be offered a place on this course in round 2?


    Please see posts from earlier regarding this topic.

  • 11:41

    Noted your q on fees below. If we use first year tuition fee this year from gov, and move to Medicine in 2017 - do the government pay tuition fees for all subsequent years (i.e. year 2 to year 5 or 6)?

    They will continue to pay the tuition fees from the second year onwards.

  • 11:41

    my son is short 20 points for trinity.script viewing 2/3rd long does the process take and if he gets more points is he likely to miss our on 2nd round offers

    Results of rechecks will be out in mid October so will be well after second round offers.  Any increase in points will be backdated to today and whatever course your son would have been entitled to today with extra points must be offered to him in Ocrtober.  If they can't for some reason a deferred place will be offered for the following year.

  • 11:44

    I didn't get enough points for a level 8 course in Tralee. didn't apply for the level 6/7 course. What do I do next to apply for it or can I. ?

    You cannot change your application at this stage, to add or remove courses.  Only exception to this is to apply for any courses that are on the vacant place list on the CAO website.  Is there a PLC course in the subject area that you could use to progress?

  • 11:46

    i have received my first round offer (midwifery UCD) which was my second last choice out of ten on my CAO application, i'm extremely unhappy with the course and unsure what to do now? i only realised recently how much i don't want to study it

    I would advise you to speak with cyrrent students and past students on this programme. Speaking to a qualified and practising midwife would also be beneficial. Course representatives are also a good point of contact. Speaking with all of the above may change your mind.


    If not, you can apply for courses that appear under available places from noon tomorrow. Please visit  You could apply for a PLC  or reapply through CAO next year. UCAS is still accepting applicants under their clearing facility.


    Please get back on if you need additional guidance.

  • 11:46

    Unfortunately i have missed my course (psychology UCD) by 10 points, scoring 490. If i go up 10 points in re-checks and have achieved the minimum entry requirements, can i still be offered a place in this course?

    Yes.  In October you could be offered a place if upgraded if they can create an extra place.  If they cannot create an extra place at this time then they will offer you a deferred place for next year.

  • 11:47

    Hi my son got 425 and had business at ul as his 3rd choice, ended up getting his 9th choice, what are the chances of him getting this course on the 2nd round offers.

    Please read earlier similar posts.

  • 11:49

    Hi - delighted to have received my 1st choice for Maynooth this morning. Can you advise what happens next? Do we need to contact college to register / accept / pay registration fees etc?  

    Well done.  Just sit tight and Maynooth will be in touch with you with all the details and instuctions you will need.

  • 11:51

    Science in Trinity (505 pts) couldn't accommodate everyone who got 505 this year... if i get 505 after re-checks, can i still be considered for a place?

    With your upgrade whatever you should of been offered today should be offered to you in October.


  • 11:52

    My daughter got offered a place in Pharmaceutical Science Dundalk DK783, through Plc, pre nursing, but wanted to do nursing. Can she get into nursing through Pharmaceutical Science.

    Highly unlikely. I have never heard of this being done before. I would advis eyou to confirm with Dundalk's admissions office.

  • 11:54

    I received 540 points, the points for biomedical science UCD this year at round 1 are 550, is there any chance they might drop?


    Please see earlier posts regarding this topic.

    It's a very popular course. Ten points would be a significant drop in my opinion. No one will know for definite until round 2.

  • 11:58

    My son is in second year student trying to transfer to a first year course. He got the necessary points for the course but received no offer. He reapplied to the Cao and set up a new account. Hewas wondering could you explain this problem.

    You need to check to see if th entry requirements (they're maybe a subject specific requirement also)  have been met. All candidates must meet the minimum entry requirements and the cut off points before an offer can be made.


    Get back to us if you need additional guidance.

  • 12:02

    Hi, my son has 15 pts less than his 1st choice &10 pts less than 3rd choice (getting rechecks). If he is offered his 3rd choice in further rounds or via rechecks and he either accepts this/not, does this remove him from further 1st choice offers?

    If he is offered his third choice in round two then he may only be offered courses of higher pereference in  subsequent rounds.

  • 12:04

    Is it possible to defer medicine if you get the points on a recheck or would you have to sit the HPat again?

    You can defer the place and would not have to resit the HPAT.

  • 12:05

    Hi, My son was hoping to do business studies or business administration in cit both went up, he got 280 business administration went up to 290 what do you think chances are in the second round |Tks

    Please view previous posts relating to this topic.

  • 12:05

    I have been offered Business and Law ucd. If i reject it will i be offered my choice below that which is BESS Trinity? Thanks

    No, afraid not.  Once offered a place every course below that effectively disappears, so you can never move down your list of preferences.  

  • 12:07

    just was wondering what is "vacant place list"


    Please view available places on the CAO website This facility will be available from noon tomorrow.

  • 12:10

    Hi my daughter got the required points for a course from last year but the points jumped by 10 this year , what are the chances of her getting an offer in second round?also could she request to apply for the same course lower in a different college?

    Impossible to tell what her chances are of getting a second round place are - have a look at previous posts re this.  No, she cannot make that request, as she cannot change her CAO application at this stage, not since the 1st July.

  • 12:13

    If you apply for a vacant long before you knoq if ypu have been accepted?

    It depends when you apply for the Vacant place.  See below from CAO website:

    • After Round One Offers are issued, the Available Place facility operates on a weekly schedule of applications, offers and acceptances.  Applications that arrive in CAO before 11:00 on a Monday will be processed and considered for offers on the following Thursday.  An offer posted on a Thursday will be available to view on the CAO website the following day. (Exception: Round Two offers will be available to view on Thursday)

  • 12:20

    My son did the IB in May and passed but didn't get sufficient points for Computer Science yet he studied CS as a subject in the IB.Does the University not look at the individual student or only the points required.He already has a head start

    The university will only make offers to those who satisfy the entry requirements and thE cut off points. The Irish system is based on points.

  • 12:23

    Applied for pharmacy in both UCC and Trinity got 560 so missed out on UCC and even though I had enough for Trinity I didn't get an offer, is there any chance of getting an offer if I contact the college?  

    The points for Pharmacy in TCD are 560*.  The * means random selection was used for the last places.  There were a number of people on 560 and not enough places for all of them so random selection was used.  Everyone in the random selection pool of applicants (on 560) is given a random number and they are listed in order of their random number.  Places are filled from the top down.  If more places are to be offered they will be filled by going down the list.  Whether your son gets a second round offer or not will depend on his random number and its position in the list.

  • 12:24

    I was hoping you would clarify this please. I was offered b and l in ucd which is great. My next choice is bess in trinity which is lower points. Can i reject my first offer and still hope to be offered bess? Thank you

    Answered earlier.

  • 12:26

    Hello, I got an offer for science at ucd, on my Cao I said I wanted to do bbb but on my offer it didn't mention this choice, am I garunteed this?

    If you selected bbb you are guaranteed the bbb.  I would advise you to contact Orla Donoghue via email on

  • 12:27

    is it possible to only repeat some subjects in the leaving cert and keep others from this years leaving cert? For example could i use points from 5 subjects this year and points from one subject next year for next years rounds?

    I'm afraid not. You can only repeat subjects for minimum entry requirements. You would have to repeat all six if you were looking for higher points.

    Hope that this is clear enough.

  • 12:29

    Can I add in a course on my CAO tomorrow that's on the vacant places list? And if so can I still do this after I've accepted an offer?

    Yes you can.  You will have the course you accepted and then will be putting yourself in contention for a vacant place.  If you are offered the vacant place it is up to you to decide if you wish to stay with the coursse already accepted or accept the new vacant place.  See here for more detail.

  • 12:30

    I got the points I needed but failed to get 2 honours (only 1) so I cannot get into the college of my choice. I am getting rechecks (2). If the grades have moved from D3 to C1 will I be accepted to my course this year? Deferment?

    You will be offered a place if there are places still available. If the course is full they will then offer you a place on this course for Sept 2017.

  • 12:33

    I was accepted a place with 90 points below what I received. However, I want to take another course in the college. Can I switch? Have points but only 1 honour and not 2. What is the best way of switching courses in September?

    Two honours are needed for all level 8 courses.  Transfering between courses is a very individual notion and is generally carried out on a case by case basis in the college.  Different colleges have different approaches here.  The best advice here is to contact the college in question and seek their advice.

  • 12:33

    I got my last choice business in ul although I had courses that were lower points ahead of this - I am a dare applicant , would this explain it?


    That seems strange. Did you meet the entry requirements/ subject specific requiremenst fro those courses.

    Maybe UL had more DARE places available than the other colleges. You can check this out on

    Get back on if you need more guidance.

  • 12:35

    If you are transferring course from a second year course to a first year. Should you use your Cao account from your leaving cert year or set up a new Cao account.

    Not sure what is being asked here, please clarify with more detail.

  • 12:38

    I was not offered a level 8 course this morning even though I met the entry requirements and points needed for my first 3 choices, I was wondering what the main reasons for not getting onto a course even though you have the requirements are?

    If you are sure you have met all the entry requirements and you have in excess of the cut off points, then the best bet here is to email CAO and seek their advice.  Give them all the details concerning your application (application number, results, etc.).

  • 12:39

     got 460 in the leaving cert and I wanted to do primary teaching, I got an offer for liberal arts but I don't know what to do ?

    Many people enter into primary education via the masters in primary education. I suggest that you look this entry route up. You could also look through the clearing system under the UK UCAS system.

    Get back on if you need additional guidance.

  • 12:40

    My son was offered his 3rd choice at level 8 & his 1st choice of level 7 course.He got 400 points but not enough for his 1st or 2nd level 8 choice.He is also entitled to the HEAR scheme.What are the chances of a higher offer at level 8 in 2nd round


    Please see earlier posts regarding this topic. I also recommend that you visit There you can view the number of places that each college makes available to it's HEAR and DARE candidates.

  • 12:42

    When do second round offers take place?

    Round 2 offers will become available at 6am Thursday September 1st.

  • 12:44

    Repeat leaving this year I was given a cao number . This was attached to booklets and orals. On the day of the written exams my name was not on the board and someone else had my number I was given new number. Results didn't add up where do I stand

    Are you talking about an examination number here rather than a CAO number?

  • 12:44

    Hi my son has a Dare allocation and got his first choice in Maynooth however the first round offers are at 340 and for the same course last year first round were at 450 upto final round at 460. Why would this course drop by so many points in a year

    Course points are determined by the demand for the course, the applicants points and the number of places made avilable. A change in any one or all of these factors can cause points to rise or fall.

  • 12:45

    Hi, I got 345 points and I was offered a place for law in Griffith College Dublin. I'm wondering if there are ajy grants available as students are not eligible for SUSI in private collages.

    No. Not that I am aware of.

  • 12:46

    I got offered my third choice and accepted it without thinking. Is it still possible to get second round offers now?

    Yes. Whether you accepted or rejected todays offer bears no influence on future offers.

  • 12:48

    Hi, I forgot to fill out a CAO application, can I still apply now since I haven't done one already and the deadline is only for change of mind?

    You can apply for courses that come under the available place facility. Plesae see more information on under available places. This facility will open at noon tomorrow.

  • 12:48

    If you have your ten choices on the CAO and you get offered no 9 on your list but really want no 10 do you decline the 9th choice and hope the 10th choice will come in on the second round of offers? When do the second round of CAO offers come out?

    No.  When you are offered your 9th preference, your 10th disappears and you will not be offered it again.  You can hope to move up your list of preferences but never move down.  Second round offers are out on September 1st at 6.00am

  • 12:55

    I missed out on my course this year & will apply again next year. Would it be pointless to appeal a B1 exam result if there's a possibility it could go up to an A2 in a recheck when next year both a B1 and an A2 will receive 88 points?

    No it would not be pointless. You may or may not go up two grades. Plus I think one would get more self satisfaction even if points didn't go up.  

  • 12:55

    Hi, I got 345 points to study law in Griffith College ,if I take it are there any chances of a transfer after one year to a different colleges based on how my grades are for the first year or will it be based on my current cao points?

    See some previous posts.  Transfers are usually dealt with on a case by case basis.  A broad range of factors have to be taken into account: are places available, are course contents similar, evidence of ability, etc. Generally if appying for a first year place applications go through the CAO.  You would disclose your results from your 1st year exams in you Griffith course and these would then form part of your new application.

  • 12:57

    How popular is commerce international in UCD ? Is there a chance of second or third round on 5 Points short ?

    I do not have access to the data that is needed to be able to answer this question.

    I would advise that you email or the colleges admissions office.

  • 12:59

    I'm Croatian student that have sent all requierd documents on time and got confirmation of it. Today I didn't get any offer and one of HEI told me that no LC are in my application. CAO phone is busy, no email reply. What should I do?

    Unfortunately, you willjust have to wait until CAO come back to you.  They will respond but it may take a little time.  They try to get through all emails sent each day on that day if possible.

  • 12:59

    I am in maynooth second year and wanted to move to dit first year. To do this I set up a new CAO Account but I received no offer. I was wondering because it's a different CAO account/number form last year is that why I received no offer.


    Check to make sure that you satisfy all entry requirements for this course at DIT.

    If still unresolved contact  CAO asap. Best to email them via their website

  • 13:01

    My son has exactly the same problem as the person who posted at 11:58. He's hoping to transfer from another university to a 1st year course. He has 40 points above that required for the course and meets the entry requirements bu no offer.

    Please see mail at 12.59. I would advise you to contact CAO.

  • 13:02

    My daughter wanted DCU Comms which was 420 last year and she got 435 however course has gone up by 25 points to 445. Offered Marketing 6/7 but wants to see second round will we not tick the box and wait for second offers or tick the box for marketin

    If she does not accept the marketing she may not be offered any other courses in subsequent rounds and could be left with no course.  Even if she accepts marketing course she will still remain in the runnning for a higher preference course in thenext rounds.  So I would advise accepting the level 6/7 course and see what happen in the next rounds.

  • 13:04

    My daughter has accepted science, 3rd choice, in trinity although her 1st choice was medicine, is there any chance she will be able to transfer in the future?

    I would never say never, but if there is a chance it is a slim one.  Give TCD admissions a ring in the next few days and see what they have to say.  It's a very long shot if there even is one.

  • 13:05

    My son got his first offer on cao today which was business & French DIT 400 points. He has 440 points. He would prefer his 2nd choice International relations dcu 385. Is there anyway possible that he can get his 2nd choice

    I'm afraid not. Unless both courses are at the same college. If this is the case then I would advise you to contact the admissions office.

  • 13:05

    If a 2016 LC student applies again to CAO in 2017 will their Leaving Certificate points be re-calculated under the new marking system?


  • 13:06

    If a student defers their place will they still be offered a course higher up their CAO list if the points drop in subsequent rounds?


  • 13:44

     missed out on UCD medicine by roughly 85 points, is there any way I can just pay a load of extra fees and get in?

    Absoultely not.

  • 13:44

    Is there any way to transfer CAO points from my own to a friends?


  • 13:46

    My son got offered a place in college but wants to take a year out and make a new Cao application next year, what does he do?

    He can seek a deferral by contacting the college in question. If he is not happy with his offer he can reapply through CAO by February 1st next year. This will give him the opportunity to change his order of preferences.

  • 13:47

    Is it possible to transfer from a course in one college to a course in another?

    No. This is why CAO put a deadline known as The Change of Mind facility of July 1st.

  • 13:55

    5 points short for pharmacy in UCC will there be a chance for second round offers since pharmacy is such a high points course?


    Please see posts from earlier regarding this topic. Points isn't what determines whether course offers appear in round 2.

  • 13:56

    I got 495 in my leaving cert in 2015, I did a year in a university but I reapplied to the CAO and received a new CAO no. and this year the course I reapplied for was 450 and I met all the entry requirements but got no offer?

    You need to email the CAO immediately with all your details and seek an explanation.

  • 13:57

    Hi, I am non eu. I have not received any offer or post correspondence. It says on my online application that there are currently no active offer. Does that mean I have been unsuccessful? I have more than enough points for my number ones. Thank you.


    I  suggest that you contact CAO by email via their website

  • 13:59

    Has 1st preference CAO offers level 7&8 doesn't want either. Also has offer for 2yr foundation degree in Sport inNWRC Derry costing 2500 pounds yrly . Will he qualify 3/4 HEA tuition fees on completion

    I would imagine that he would but I would contact the fees office of a college that you think he might be interested in progressing to after the foundation degree and see what they have to say.

  • 13:59

    Hi, just wondering if you could tell me whether it's possible to accept a course this year and re-apply to the CAO for different courses in February 2017, whilst still enrolled in my first year of college and retaining my points from 2016?

    Yes this is possible. You will be obliged to pay tuition fees for your course in Sept 2017. The government will pay your tuition fees to do first year once but not twice.

  • 14:00

    My daughter is short 5 points for level 6 in DIT what are chances of getting it I second round?


    Please see similar posts from earlier.

  • 14:00

    do majority of courses offer a second round? if I were five/ten points short would I have a chance of being offered ?

    No, not necessarily.  Please see earlier similar posts.

  • 14:03

    My daughter did not meet the entry requirements for level 8 course. But she did not put much thought into her level 6 & 7 choices. She has been offered a place in cit but we live in Dublin and can't afford for her to move there.

    She could repeat a subject or two with the view to getting a higher grade in order to meet the entry requirements. If successful she could use these new grades for matriculation purposes along with her 2016 Leaving Cert points.

    She could attend a PLC and use her results from this route to try and progress into third level.

    Get back on if you need more guidance.

  • 14:04

    My son has 500 points and has applied for TCD two subject moderatorship (Economics/Sociology). Cao website says Economics ranged from 500 - 570 but you indicate it was a 505*. Any thoughts on the likelihood of a second round offer?

    Please see similar posts from earlier.

  • 14:06

    I've been offered my second choice which is science but if I get enough points from rechecks will I still be offered my first choice even though I've already accepted my second?

    Yes. This type of question has been answered earlier. Please view these posts.


    The best of luck.

  • 14:09

    Son wants PE & biology DCU didn't get points. can you please advise best alternative route. considering 2yr foundation degree in sport. is this better option than PLC.

    I would suggest you ring the registry in DCU and quiz them about progression routes into their degree.  They would be best placed to inform you of the best options and may have information of previous students who progressed from other colleges.  I am almost certain there are no FETAC links to this course.

  • 14:13

    Are EU students required to present irish exemption?

    Yes. Section A and B need completion along with a copy of your birth certificate. I recommend that you contact NUI head office on 01-4392424.

  • 14:14

    Is it possible to transfer from arts to law in your first year ?

    The general rule of thumb with transfers is that where the college facilitates transfers, you can only transfer into a course that you would originally have had the points to get into in the first place.  Contact the college involved and see what they have to say.

  • 14:15

    My son got 560 points and wanted to do MSISS however if went up from 555 to 565.He got his 2nd offer BES at 510.If he accepts his 2nd offer in round 1 will that stop him getting MSISS in round 2 if the points drop ? Thanks


    Accepting or rejecting todays offer will have no part to play or influence on offers in round 2 or subsequent offers.

  • 14:17

    I contacted CAO and they have recieved my Latvian leaving cert, but they have not been notified from NUI about irish exemption even though I have it. And the converted points do not appear on my application. can i still get a place after 1 round?

    You should get an offer of a place in round two providing that there are still places on the course.

  • 14:17

    If i passed english, Irish and maths this year, do I need to repeat them also Thanks

    You can combine Leaving Certificates for the purposes of meeting entry requirements but not points.  So if you are repeating the Leaving Cert for points next year then you don't need to repeat these subjects, just go for subjects to maximaise your points.

  • 14:20

    If i accepted my first offer,will a second offer still be sent? And if there are vacancies can I apply instead?

    Accepting or rejecting todays offer has no influence or connection with future offers.

    A second offer will be sent in round 2 if points drop and you now meet all the requirements and cut off points.

    You can apply to courses that appear on available places from noon tomorrow. Again whether you accept todays offer or not is irrelevant. You can still make use of this facility.

  • 14:21

    My daughter got 475 points and was offered her 5th choice of English in UCD (min 475 points). However her 2nd pick was TCD (Film Studies and French) in TCD which was only 455. She met the French C1 requirement. Any idea why she wasn't offered this?

    Film Studies and French in TCD has a cut off of 485* this year.  The points for the Arts courses in TCD can be found on the TCD website.

  • 14:21

    What's the procedure for the 'available place facility' ? As in if a space pops up and a few apply for it who gets it

    All this information can be found on under available places. It can be quite detailed.

    Get back on if you need clarity on any matter. The best of luck.

  • 14:24

    What is the situation for NI students fees post Brexit?

    The fees situation remains as it has been, for next year and after this there is uncertainty.  I'm not sure that there is an answer to this question yet.  Have a look at the website under fees and see if there is further information there, but I think it is up in the air still at the moment.

  • 14:24

    my daughter was offered her second choice today-she is delighted and going to accept it-had more than enough points but according to the college website she doesn't meet the minium entry requirements (subjects grades)-could her offer be rescinded?

    It sounds like she has a place.

    I cannot say for definite as I don't have enough detail.

    I would advise you to clear this with CAO.

    Please get back on if you need more guidance on this matter.

  • 14:26

    If your general advice is "take the CAO offer you are given", how then does a place actually free up for any potential future round of offers?

    Most applicants get two offers and can only accept one, so in accepting one offer the other goes back into the system to be reoffered to the next most entitled candidates.

  • 14:27

    My daughter intends doing a PLC and deferring her course until next year. She wishes to change her CAO choice of course. How does she proceed?

    She will lose her deferal if she adds an additional course or courses to her CAO list 2017. If she wishes to change her course choice then she will have to reapply via CAO in February 2017.

  • 14:29

    Is there anything I can do if I've been offered my second choice but want to do my fifth choice and but have gotten the points for my 3rd and 4th

    Once you have been offered your 2nd choice all courses below this are now gone and you cannot get access to them.

  • 14:29

    How soon should you apply to the cao after being granted a deferral in the course you have been offered?

    You will have to wait until CAO 2017 application opens. This is in early November.

  • 14:30

    My daughter got an offer this morning in CIT and LYIT and she isn't happy, have got 405 points, it the second offer guaranteed ?

    I'm not clear on what you are asking. Can you clarify this for me please- the second offer guaranteed?

  • 14:31

    I missed out on my first choice because I missed the entry requirement of a HC1 in another language, if I get my Spanish checked and I end up getting a HC1 or higher and I have the adequate points for the course, will I be able to transfer?

    Yes, if as a result of an upgrade to your Spanish, you become entitled to your first choice then you will either be offered a place in October or if they have no places left, a deferred place for next year.

  • 14:33

    My son applied for PPES in TCD and got 555 points in the Leaving. He did not get offered this course in the First Round of offers today. How likely is he to get accepted onto the course.

    No way of knowing this.  Please see earlier similar posts.

  • 14:33

    Got offered my first choice but looking to go to my second choice...any suggestions...?

    It's too late to change now. Be definite about not wanting todays offer. Do you have enough information on this course to make an informed decision?

    Otherwise, I   suggest that you reapply through CAO in November.

    If they are at the same college then I suggest you contact the admissions office of the college in question.

  • 14:34

    My son got 475 points missing out on biological & chemical sciences course and the genetics course at UCC, both 480 points. Given the similarity of these courses what livelihood will a second round offer be?

    I'm afraid there is no way of knowing.  Please see earlier similar posts.

  • 14:36

    If your points go up with rechecks can you switch straight into the course you just missed out on?

    If they have a place to offer you.  Sometimes at this stage of the year they may not be able to create a new place and may be only able to offer you a deferred place next year.

  • 14:36

    My son is 10 points short of his chosen course (he has 455 points). Last year the initial offers were made at 480 and then dropped to 465. This year the first round offers were 465. Can I be hopeful he might get a second round offer?

    It doesn't work like that. It will all depend on the actions of this years candidates. If many of them decline or defer todays offer then spaces may become available in round 2. I don't have the data to make an informed decision on this for you.


    The best of luck. i hope that things go your way.

  • 14:39

    Is the second offer guaranteed if I don't take my two first round offer, I have 410 points

    An offer in round 2 is not guaranteed. An offer in round two is not anyway dependent on todays offer either. If you decline todays offer and you receive no offer in round 2 then you are left with nothing. If you accept todays offer and receive another offer next week then you have a choice.

    Get back on if you need more guidance.

  • 14:41

    if i accept my level 8 do i get offered anything else lower

    Once CAO make you an offer all course choices below this offer become delete. You will not receive any of these course choices in future rounds.

  • 14:42

    Hi, I've been offered ag science ucd but wish to do veterinary. 1: is there any chance of an offer from dare (I am a far student, dyslexia) in the second round? & 2: is it possible to transfer into veterinary from ag in say 1st or 2nd year? Thanks

    To be honest I think the answer to both of these questions is no.  There are 4 DARE places on Vet. Med and the highest points reduction in the last 3 years has been 65.  I would imagine those places have been offered and are going to be accepted.  Transfering to Vet would be nigh on impossible.  Speak to UCD admssions and see what they have to say.

  • 14:42

    Is it possible to get 2 offers in level 8 section in the first round?

    No. It is only possible to get one level 8 offer and one level 7. You can only accept one offer.

  • 14:44

    My daughter got round 1 offer to CIT and LYIT and I can't afford to move her their as we lives in Julianstown, she also choosed UCD , is it guaranteed to get a second offer if she don't accept the first round offer

    There are no guaranteed 2nd round offers.  Your daughter may not get any offers in round two and if she does not accept anything in round one she could be left with no offers.

  • 14:45

    If I'm waiting for my rechecks to get my first choice but would be happy with my second choice should I not get it, should I accept the second choice and wait?

    Accept your second offer. You will be made an offer for higher courses in round 2 if the points drop or you are granted an upgrade. In either event CAO must make you an offer. You then get to choose which course you want.

  • 14:51

    My daughter was accepted for Dare however did not receive a offer. Met the criteria for one college but short points, Is there a chance she could get an offer in the second round or should we try and see other options for her.

    Yes there is a chance but I'm not sure of the details and so how much of a chance.  However I do think that while you are waiting for round two, you should check out other options such as maybe a PLC course that she may be interested in pursuing.  

  • 14:51
    My son has applied to transfer within trinity and endorsed by his tutor. All paperwork has been submitted . Should he expect to hear from the college today with transfer offer or later? Thank you.
    It sounds like an internal transfer as opposed to a CAO application. If this is the case then I would advise you to speak with the admissions office of the college of interest.
    Please get back on if you need more guidance.
  • 14:52

    I have been offered BESS in Trinity, do you think I might be offered international commerce or business and law in the second round.

    No way of knowing I'm afraid.  Please see earlier similar posts.

  • 14:53

    How did I get two level 8 offers today?

    This is impossible, you can only get one offer in each category.

  • 14:54

    Hi, I missed out on my 1st college choice via the random number process. I did receive an offer for my 2nd choice college for same course. If places become available in my 1st choice college on the 2nd offers, could I be offered a place?

    Yes. Whether offers are made in round 2 will depend on the todays uptake. If some decline or defre todays offer then this course should be offered to other candidates in round 2.


    The best of luck.

  • 14:54

    Would nursing by any chance come up on second round.

    Yes, it could and does from time to time.  

  • 14:56

    My daughter has Dare, but did not receive an offer this morning, does she have a chance in the 2nd round, she meets entrity requirements but is short points

    Please see earlier similar post.

  • 14:57

    Is the second offer guaranteed if I don't accept the first round offer

    No course preferences that lies below todays offer will be offered to you in any of the future rounds.

  • 15:00

    I'm on 505 and received a UCD arts offer this morning. Commerce International came in at 510. Would it be possible to transfer to that course come September or even into Business and Law (520)

    No this would not be possible as you do not satisfy this years cut iff points. If you wish you could speak to someone in UCD admissions office.

  • 15:00

    Is there any website that shows you the trends for 2 round offers over the last few years? Thank you

    Not that I am aware of I'm afraid, if you are researching a particular course you could ring the admissions office of that college or academic department and ask them.

  • 15:02

    I missed out on my first choice of veterinary nursing by 25 points would there be any chance I could get it in round two??

    No way of knowing.  It all depends on the responses of those currently holding the offers of places and how they respond.  I think it may be a long shot making up 25 points however.

  • 15:03

    Where and how do i send section a and b from irish exemption, do i need to translate my birth certificate to english?

    You can email to them on I would advise you to send your birth cert as is. they will get back to you if they cannot make it out. Their address is 49 Merrion Square, Dublin 2.

  • 15:19

    Our daughters 1st choice was DT520 and the points requirement were 345. She got 305 points however when the cao released the points this morning the course was reduced to 300 should our daughter not have received an offer having met the requirements.

    If your daughter got more than 300 points and met the course entry reguirements (OD3 in Irish or English and Maths and a HC3 in Spanish) then she should have received an offer of a place.  Email CAO with full details and seek an explanation.

  • 15:26

    Just to say thanks so much (earlier query was my daughter was offered her second choice but didn''t meet min requirements) -I contacted CAO and they confirmed her offer! Thanks so much for your help-it is greatly appreciated.

    Your very welcome, thanks for getting back to us to let us know.

  • 15:30

    Gen eng level 7 375 this year Got 365. What are my chances on 2nd round offer?

    Really hard to call this but I am always hopefull especially with level 7 courses.  If it's the DIT course, it was 340 last year on final cut off so there could be good news for you.  Best of luck.

  • 15:36

    Hi, I got 350 points and had applied to Galway university. The points requirement was 400 and I didnt get in. However I qualified for the HEAR and DARE programs and it was my understanding that this should have been enough to get me over the line??

    I am trying to access information on the access website about NUIG's DARE places and how they allocate them but the information doesn't seem to be available.  I would give the NUIG's access office a call and seek answers from them.

  • 15:43

    TCD(film studies and french) points jumped to 485 this year and I received 480, with a popular course like that, what is the likelihood that I could be offered a place in the second round offers?

    It will all depend on how many successful candidates reject or decline todays offer. These vacant places will become available in round 2.  If points dropp and you are next in the queue then you will receive an offer in round 2.  

  • 15:52

    Got 425 and missed out on third choice (points were 425 Business in UL), looking at getting recheck and if this is successful and I get higher points am I guaranteed a place in this course.

    Yes, but whether it will be this year or a deferred place for 2017 depends on UL and whether they can create a place in October for you.

  • 15:58

    My son got 495 points but his preferred course is 500, he is reasonable sure on a recheck of two of his exams he would get the extra 5 points. He was offered a course at 470. Whats his best option

    The fact that he had the 470 point course down tells me that he is interested in this course. If he accepts this offer he can still be in with a chance of higher course options in round 2( if it drops below 500) and subsequent rounds.

    If he is successful with his appeal and now has enough points for his first choice then this college must make him an offer pending availability on this course. If there is no available places then they must offer him a place for Sept 2017.

  • 16:00

    My son was short points for LVL 8 business courses in DCU, Maynooth or DIT. However he got offered LVL 8 Arts in Maynooth (MH101) where he can study business and also LVL 7/6 Business Management in DIT (DT324). Which do you think would be the best?

    A lot of factors can feed into this decision but my view would be if you think he would be able for a level 8 course (can be more intense than level 6) and he is prepared to work hard in 1st Arts then I would be inclined to go for that level 8 course.  He could qualify for a level 8 business degree after 4 year whereas in DIT there would be a strong chance he might have to do 5 years.

  • 16:01

    Hi got 425 and third choice was Business in UL(came in at 425) I didn't get a place, hopeful on Round 2, was looking at getting recheck on 2 subjects, if I am successful and have higher points total am I guaranteed a place on this course?


    If your appeal  is successful  you will be guranteed a place. They will offer you a place after the appeals results if and only if there is still place on this programme of study. If the course is full then the college will offer you a deferral where there will be  a place kept for you in the Septemeber 2017 intake.

  • 16:03

    IF I need to repeat JUST my Maths in the Leaving 2017 (i got a C1 and needed a B3) - can I combine the 455 i got this year with the maths result for next year?

    You can combine LCs for meeting entry requirements but not for points, so you can't combine this years points with your maths points from next year but you can in order to meet the maths requirment.

  • 16:03

    Thanks for answer on gen eng Everything crossed for 2nd round offer

    Best of luck

  • 16:04

    Hi I got offered home ec and economics my second choice. I got 470 points .could I get offered home ec and biology in round 2 as I qualified for HEAR

    If points go down or HEAR applicants reject todays offer then it may happen that you get an offer in round 2. In order for this to happen Home Ec and Biology must lie above todays offer on your CAO list.

  • 16:06

    Hi, I got offered a play in Nuig and I accepted it. If on the second round I then get offered a place in Trinity can I defer Trinity for a year and take a year out?

    Yes you can on condition that Trinity allow the deferral. All deferrals must be put in writing and sent to the colleges admissions office.

  • 16:11
    Do you think there's even a slim chance that the 2 subject moderatorship with Economics in TCD will come down in the second round offers? Went up to 500 today. Thanks.

    There is every chance that it could. I don't have the data that is needed to make an accurate call on this. No one will know until round 2 offers are out.


    I hope that it goes your way.

  • 16:12

    With a current fail in maths can One reapply next yr, under the new points system, fulfilling entry requirements and also get points?

    The current thinking on this is that if you have a HE in maths this year, then next year you will get 33 points for this maths result but you will not be to matriculate and meet the pass requirement using this result.  In order to get a pass you will have to repeat your maths and get a H7 minimum.  See tomorrow's Irish Times for a piece on this.

  • 16:12
    thank you so much for clarifying that query (re repeating JUST maths) I have been trying to get through to the CAO all day - really appreciate your help
  • 16:14

    How long does one have to accept an offer they have received? You mentioned in relation to round two offers, It depends on how many people accept the offer today. Must all those who received an offer, make their mind up today?

    You must accept your offer by 5.15pm Monday August 29th. All those who were made an offer today have up until 5.15pm on Monday, August 29th.

  • 16:43

    My son did not get his preferred choice course of Arts in UCC due to not getting C in 2 higher papers (we will be getting 2 re-checked). If he does a progression to higher education course will this matter?

    The best thing to do in this regard is to contact Admissions in UCC and see if they have progression courses that they would recommend for entry to their Arts degree.

  • 16:46

    Hey you gave me the email address to nui however they send back all of my emails as spams. What do i do? Do they have any other addresses? is the email address for NUI queries. If this is not working try the Contact Us section of their  website, they have other email addresses for you to use.

  • 16:49

    My daughter got 425 points and missed her 1st choice which was 440 Home Ecc and Irish in St Angelas She was also granted HEAR is there any hope for her on 2nd offers Thanks

    Yes there is always hope when it comes to a possible fall in points. Whether courses fall in points will depend on how many refuse their offer today and where you are in the waiting queue. I don't have the data that is need to make an accurate call on this. No one will know until round 2 offers are out.

    Take a look at . This website will tell you how many HEAR places have been made available on this course.


    The best of luck.

  • 16:49

    Hi re my post at 4pm regarding LVL 8 Arts (Business) Maynooth versus LVL 7/6 Businees Mgt DIT can you please explain why DIT might take 5 years for degree. It's our first child in the family going to college so unfamiliar with the process! Thanks

    If he completes the 2 year level 6 course in DIT he may have to transfer to year 2 of the four year honours level 8 business studies degree in order to progress thus he would be studying for 5 years to get his honours degree.  In a small number of cases if he gets very high results in his level 6 course they may allow him transfer to year 3, but all of this depends on his results at the end of the level 6 course.

  • 16:51

    I  got 545 and missed my 1st choice of Biomedical science in UCD by 5! I have an offer on similar course in Edinburgh but would prefer to stay in Dublin. Is there any way to find out if course is full or would there be any chance in 2nd round offers?

    Not that I am aware of. Try the admissions office at UCD. Round two offers will be out on Thursday September 1st.

  • 16:53

    Son has HC3 in both Irish &French. Commerce with Chinese in UCC requires HC1 in language other than English (He got HC1 in English) is there any chance he could be offered a place ?

    He needs to meet the cut off points also. All students need to meet the entry requirements, subject specific requirements and the cut off points before any offer will be made.

  • 16:53

    I was offered only my no.1 level 7 course but no level 8 courses. I got a B3 in tech but a D1 in bio. I plan to view my scripts and if i can increase my grade. If they were to recheck my exam when would i be offered place in alevel 8 if i improved.

    The results of rechecks are out in mid October and if you are upgraded and are to be made a new offer it will be at this time.

  • 17:01

    In relation to previous query - Son has HC3 in both Irish &French. Commerce with Chinese in UCC requires HC1 in language other than English (He got HC1 in English) is there any chance he could be offered a place ? HE DID ACHIEVE THE POINTS REQUIRED

    I'm afraid not. He has not met the specific subject requirement of a HC1 in Irish or French  and this will result in no offer being made.

    Please get back on if you need more guidance.

  • 17:04

    hi, i got 2 offers, the course i wanted is a restricted course i was 5 points off the points. 1. is there likely to be 2nd round on restricted courses ? 2. if i accept a level 6/7 in LIT can i transfer to a restricted course DL704 after 1st year?

    You may get offered the restricted course in round 2 if you have it above todays offer on your CAO list and the points fall. Restricted courses do appear on round 2 offers.

    The transfer doesn't seem likely but I would advise you to contact the admissions office of the colleges of interest.

    The best of luck.

  • 17:05

    Hi, I got 255 points , I got offered business in blanch, but my first choice is business in NCI at 260 points , do you think I could get it in the second round ? Head is set on nci

    There is always a chance especially at level 6.  However, the course did not move from 260 last year going through the rounds.  Here's hoping.

  • 17:27

    If I accepted a course today can I recieve offers during second offer day??

    Once you accept an offer today then all courses below this disappear from your application.  All the courses above it remain in the system for further review and possible second round offers.

  • 17:34

    I got accepted into ucd science dn200 and selected that I wanted to do chemical science as my preference is there anyway I can change this to the Bbb option

    I suggest that you contact Orla O Donoghue at UCD. I would be confident that you can change. However, I would recommend that you contact the above name or admissions at UCD asap.

  • 17:38

    My son got 355 and got his 4th choice , meeting entry requirements and the points of 350. He qualified for DARE. Though very happy with his offer is there a chance he may be offered a higher points course on round 2 offers ?

    Yes this is possible. Please see earlier posts regarding similar topics.

  • 17:39

    Hi, My first choice on the CAO was PPES in Trinity. I got 555 points in my Leaving Cert and round 1 offers had 555* points. Why didnt I get an offer today and could I be fairly optimistic of gettingan offer in the next round

    The * refers to random selection.  You weren't chosen in the random selection in round one and so did not get an offer of a place on the course.  Where there are a lot of applicants on the same points and only one or a few places left random selection is useed to decide what applicants are given the places.  This is explained very well in your CAO handbook.  We have no way of know about a second round of offers as we do not know how many people are tied up on 555 iin the random pool and also we don't know if anyone with an offer is not going to accept it.  Too many unknowns to call it.

  • 17:42
    If my daughter accepts Dt315 can she transfer to level 8 after 2 years and if so would it be 2ND or 3rd year? Is this worth doing? Also been offered level 8 course but not sure.

    She can transfer to certain level 8 programmes within DIT itself providing that she meets certain grades. A certain grade would allow her into year 2 of a level 8 programme. A higher grade allows one to  enter into the third year of the level 8 programme. Exact grades need to be confirmed by DIT. Please contact their admissions office.

    Which course she accepts should be determined by where her interests lie, which course content and structure she prefers, location etc

    Get back on if you need more guidance.

  • 17:42

    I accepted my first choice in Trinity this morning but I haven't received a confirmation email yet, is this strange? I need a student log in to apply for on campus accommodation.

    When you accept an offer you will receive formal notification from CAO by post within three working days of the ‘Reply Date’. If you do not receive this correspondence you must contact CAO immediately through If you accept your offer online you will also receive an acknowledgment email and you can check that your acceptance has been recorded online  via the ‘My Application’ facility.

  • 17:49

    My son wants to change to a different course, he has just completed first year. I understand he would have to pay tuition fees. How much would that be? The new course is commerce in UCC

    I think that they come in somewhere around €3,000-€4,000. Please contact the fees office at UCC to get clarification on this matter. You will also be charged registration fees.

  • 18:08
    Many thanks to all who submitted questions today. Answers to many of the questions have been grouped together at The helpdesk is now closed but will reopen at 9am on Tuesday. Go raibh maith agaibh agus slán.