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Hugh Linehan Fri, Sep 6
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    The Irish Times, RTE and are all leading with last night’s events in Bailieborough, Co Cavan, where a man was arrested at 3.30am following an eight-hour armed siege.
    The 56-year-old man, who was believed to be armed with a shotgun, locked himself into a local pub following the violent death of a mother-of-four (56) whose body was found dead earlier in her home at Drumbannon on the outskirts of the town.
    A large number of armed and unarmed gardaí were at the scene close to the cordoned-off pub where the local man had barricaded himself in to the basement.
    The man is in custody at Bailieborough Garda station under Section 50 of the Criminal Justice Act.
    The events began to unfold early yesterday evening when a local woman went to Bailieborough Garda station and expressed concern for the safety of her sister after efforts to contact her by telephone and by calling to her home were unsuccessful.
    Gardaí went to the woman’s home where they discovered her body.
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    Our man in Brazil, Ruadhán Mac Cormaic, reports this morning that fugitive solicitor Michael Lynn had a home in one of the richest suburbs of São Paulo, Brazil’s commercial capital, and ran a property company from a vacant office unit in a run-down district in the northern city of Recife.

    Documents obtained by The Irish Times show that as recently as last year, Mr Lynn and his wife Bríd Murphy declared their principal home at an address in Jardins, one of the most expensive suburbs of São Paulo.
    They are also joint owners of a property firm whose capital grew six-fold to €591,000 last year. 
    The street outside the office of the property company co-owned by Irish solicitor and his wife Bríd Murphy in Recife, Brazil. Photograph: .
    Records shed new light on Michael Lynn’s business activities in Brazil
    The Irish Times takes no responsibility for the content or availability of other websites.
    The occupant of an adjoining office recognised Mr Lynn from a photograph and confirmed he rented the unit, but said the Irish man had not been there for several months. When contacted, the building’s landlord said he was aware of Mr Lynn’s arrest but declined to comment further.
    The 44-year-old, who fled Ireland in 2007 with debts of €80 million, was arrested in Recife last week following an extradition request from the Irish authorities. 
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    It's Friday (thank the deity of your choice), so it's movies and music day on Among the highlights, Lauren Murphy interviews Arctic Monkeys on the release of their new album.

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    This is an interesting snippet ahead of Sunday's hurling final....
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    This is not a post-modernist joke. Wonder what John Waters would make of it?

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    Here's some security footage from Brazil of a robbery that didn't quite go according to plan.

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    On the one hand....

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    On the other hand...

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    If you have reservations about the so-called Arthur's Day, you might like this:

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    Autumn has definitively arrived. Here's your Irish Times weather forecast.

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    Oh dear. The Guardian's fashion blog reports a survey carried out by Debenhams reveals that  a "cohesive sense of style" in an office is perceived to create a better team spirit and foster higher levels of productivity. Co-workers often subconsciously develop a uniform "look". And dressing differently is all it takes to find yourself out in the cold.
    And it's specifically your boss you need to copy. In the same study,, more than two-thirds of managers admitted to a "heightened awareness" of staff with a similar style to themselves. Such colleagues "gain brownie points" they added.
    I'd better go shopping....
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    ''If Giovanni Trapattoni has ever considered how he might be remembered for his time with Ireland then both his side’s heroics in Paris and and their humiliation in Poland are likely to have sprung quickly to mind.'

    - read Emmet Malone on tonight's game
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    Reuters reports that Barack Obama faces growing pressure from world leaders  to decide against launching military strikes in Syria.
    'The first round at the summit went to Putin, as China, the European Union, the BRICS emerging economies and a letter from Pope Francis all warned of the dangers of military intervention in Syria without the approval of the U.N. Security Council.'
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    Eoin Burke-Kennedy reports that 'TDs and Senators took full advantage of the Dáil bar’s liberal opening hours during the all-night debate on the abortion legislation, running up a bar tab of nearly €1,500.'
    'According to receipts from the bar, 313 alcoholic drinks were downed by thirsty legislators during the marathon debate on the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill on the night of July 11th.
    The bar stayed open until 5.30am on the night, which will be remembered for the infamous “lapgate” incident when Cork East Fine Gael, Tom Barry pulled fellow Cork deputy Aine Collins into his lap.
    'The bill, which included 179 pints of Guinness and lager as well as a single Hamlet cigar, eventually came to €1,440.80.
    On the same night, a bill of €3,572 worth of food and drink was rung through the tills in the visitors’ bar, where TDs and senators normally entertain their guests.
    Deputy Barry issued an immediate apology for his actions after the incident and was reprimanded by Fine Gael over his behaviour but the incident was captured on Dáil Eireann cameras.
    Ms Collins described the incident as offensive, saying such an incident had never happened to her in any other workplace situation
    “It was very disrespectful, it was very inappropriate, especially where we were to me personally, but also in the context of the fact we were in the House of parliament”, she said at the time.
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    Turkey alert!

    Diana, the new biopic starring Naomi Watts, has received a right royal pasting from the UK's film critics today. A couplof samples:

    'An excruciatingly well-intentioned, reverential and sentimental biopic about her troubled final years, laced with bizarre cardboard dialogue – a tabloid fantasy of how famous and important people speak in private. ' - The Guardian.

    'Oliver Hirschbiegel, who directed the estimable Downfall, serves up a leaden account of how Diana met Khan, and how their stop-start two-year romance alternately blossomed and stumbled. ' - The Telegraph

  • 13:08
    Breaking: Reports coming in that Hitler's last bodyguard, Rochus Misch, the last witness to the dictator's final hours, has died
  • 13:58
    Be My Baby is 50 years old this week. Brian Boyd celebrates the song here. An extract:

    The “symphony for teenagers” is the perfect ode to impassioned adolescent love. It’s also a deeply ambiguous song, its sub-Transition Year lyrics (“So won’t you say you love me/I’ll make you so proud of me/For every kiss you give me/I’ll give you three”) sung from the perspective of either a young romantic or a dangerous stalker.
    Be My Baby was a massive influence on both The Beatles and The Beach Boys in terms of its sonic dynamics. Producer Phil Spector (who still earns a fortune in royalties from it each year) multi-layered the instruments and threw in all manner of advanced echo to get the fabled Wall of Sound effect on the track.

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    When Twerking goes Wrong. This video has gone viral - whether it's for real is for you to decide.

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    On Irish Tmes columnists and their sense of self-importance.


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    Dee Don't think BOD is on until 18 Oct
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    Thanks Dee. You're absolutely right. I'll never believe anything Ross O'Carroll Kelly says again.
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    Carl O'Malley will be liveblogging the Ireland v Sweden game from the Aviva this evening on, but that's it from me for the day. Have a great weekend.