GAA Saturday

Wexford take on Clare before the Super 8s begin with two heavyweight clashes in Croke Park

Eamon Donoghue Sun, Jul 15
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  • 14:30
    Hello and Welcome . . . The Super 8s begin this evening, with Roscommon and Tyrone kicking things off before the Dubs take on Donegal. Before all of that there’s the first All-Ireland hurling quarter-final of the year.

    Be sure to get in touch throughout, via either the comments section ('Contact Us' tab) or on Twitter (@DonoghueEamon).

    Let's get started!
  • 14:32
    Saturday’s fixtures

    All-Ireland SFC Super 8s round 1
    Donegal v Dublin, Croke Park, 7pm
    Tyrone v Roscommon,  Croke Park, 5pm

    All-Ireland SHC quarter-final
    Clare v Wexford, Pairc Ui Chaoimh, 3pm
  • 14:37
    Team news:


    CLARE: Donal Tuohy; Patrick O'Connor, David McInerney, Jack Browne; Seadna Morey, Conor Cleary, Jamie Shanahan; Colm Gavin, Cathal Malone; Peter Duggan, Tony Kelly, David Reidy; Podge Collins, John Conlon, Shane O'Donnell
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    ”Wexford’s first half in Nowlan Park a month ago took Kilkenny to the brink but the second half facilitated a 10-point turnaround. They need a recovery in form from Lee Chin and more composure/better shot selection in attack. There’s no doubting Clare’s potential but then there never is. Wexford have a chance. Verdict: Wexford

    Sean Moran backing Wexford there in his previews. It’s always down to the wire stuff between these two, but I think Clare have added that bit of steel and consistency this year. I think the Banner will be progressing into the last four!
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    It’s a big day for Davy Fitz. Talking earlier in the week he told Ian O’Riordan:

    “In fairness, I know all those Clare guys, they won’t be far away. It’s a hard thing to stand on the line, when you managed that team for five years, to play against them. I still have massive time and respect for them.”
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  • 14:57
    So just the two changes there for Wexford, who have only just revealed their XV. Liam Óg McGovern is in for Jack O’Connor and Conor Firman is in for Simon Donohoe.
  • 15:02
    Clare 0-0 Wexford 0-1 (1’) GAME ON! Damien Reck floats over a lovely point and we’re underway!
  • 15:06
    Clare 0-1 Wexford 0-1 (4’) Tony Kelly responds for Clare before John Conlon hits a wide. He’s been in terrific form this year at full forward and Clare need a big game from him again today
  • 15:08
    Aidan Nolan sends Tony Kelly over the sideline with a big shoulder. Still one point apiece with Wexford hitting two early wides from frees
  • 15:12
    Clare 0-1 Wexford 0-2 (10’) A great block by Shaun Murphy at one end, it’s worked down the other end where Kevin Foley wins a free and Rory O’Connor points it.
  • 15:13
    Peter Duggan is inches wide with a sideline from distance. His first placed ball effort of the afternoon
  • 15:14
    Clare 0-2 Wexford 0-2 (12’) Seadna Morey drives up from the back and it’s all square again
  • 15:16
    Clare 0-3 Wexford 0-2 (13’) With the wind at his back Peter Duggan drives over his first point of the match
  • 15:19
    Clare 0-4 Wexford 0-2 (15’) Shane O’Donnell has been very quiet on the scoring front for Clare so far this summer but he’s alert here and doubles their lead
  • 15:21
    Clare 0-6 Wexford 0-3 (19’) David Reidy and Tony Kelly - at the end of a lovely team move - respond to a Rory O’Connor free
  • 15:21
    Conor McDonald goes one way, and then the other before reducing the deficit to two points on the 20 minute mark
  • 15:28
    Clare 0-11 Wexford 0-5 (26’) Clare with the wind advantage have taken over these past few minutes. Another free from Duggan with Tony Kelly and Reidy also adding to their accounts. Rory O’Connor is keeping Wexford ticking
  • 15:30
    Clare 0-12 Wexford 0-6 (29’) John Conlon’s first point to cancel out another O’Connor free from just outside the square. Conor McGrath is on as a blood sub for Tony Kelly
  • 15:31
    Clare 0-13 Wexford 0-7 (31’) Conor McDonald is sharpest under the breaks and snaps over his second point. Shane O’Donnell then also gets his second score in response
  • 15:33
  • 15:36
    Clare 0-15 Wexford 0-8 (35’) Following a wasteful wide from Clare fullback David McInerney, Rory O’Connor slots another free (from the sideline).
    Peter Duggan then sends over his third point (all frees) and Podge Collins gets in on the act too
  • 15:37
    Clare 0-15 Wexford 0-9 (35’) Conor McDonald slots his third point as we enter two minutes of first half additional time
  • 15:40
    HT Clare 0-16 Wexford 0-9 A routine Peter Duggan free closes the first half action. Clare seven up after playing with the wind advantage. They’re winning a lot of aerial duels and their forwards are moving well. Certainly the better team so far and the scoreline reflects such.
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  • 15:40
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  • 15:48
    A win there for the Mayo ladies after a dramatic week of player walk outs and strange statements!
  • 15:59
    Clare 0-17 Wexford 0-11 (37’) The second half is underway in Cork, in front of a very lowly turnout of 10,225.
    Diarmuid O’Keeffe sends over the first score of the second half and Lee Chin gets the second. He’s gone in at full forward and Wexford need more of that from him. Shane O’Donnell responds
  • 16:04
    Clare 0-18 Wexford 0-11 (41’) Classy build up from Podge Collins to set up Peter Duggan for his first point from play and fifth overall
  • 16:06
    Clare 0-18 Wexford 0-12 (43’) Matt O’Hanlon emerges from a ferocious contest for the ball on the ground. Liam Og finds McDonald and he wins a free (soft free) which is slotted by O’Connor.
  • 16:08
    Clare 0-19 Wexford 0-13 (46’) Super point from Peter Duggan out on the right sideline. Shaun Murphy gets one back and it’s not a bad score either. The game has really opened up this second half!
  • 16:11
    Clare 0-20 Wexford 0-14 (49’) Tony Kelly raises his fifth white flag from play, he’s been excellent.

    Jack O’Connor is on for Aidan Nolan
  • 16:11
  • 16:11
  • 16:13
    Clare 0-21 Wexford 0-14 (50’) John Conlon has been well held so far but given an inch and he bursts inside and fires over his second point
  • 16:14
    Another wide for Wexford . This time Damien Reck’s effort drags to the left. Davy Fitzgerald is becoming very animated on the sideline
  • 16:19
    Clare 0-22 Wexford 0-14 (57’) Excellent work by McDonald and Lee Chin who finds Rory O’Connor with a beautiful ball. But hesitation combined with pressure from Cathal Malone denies the goal opportunity. Wexford have hit nine wides, five from frees.
    As Peter Duggan scores his seventh point and continues his 100 per cent free taking accuracy! A crucial difference between the teams today.
  • 16:21
    GOAL! Conor McDonald has been very good and this time a long ball to nothing breaks to him. He picks it and and buries it into the corner. Podge responds with a point and Clare lead by six
  • 16:23
    Clare 0-23 Wexford 1-15 (60’) Rory O’Connor sends a free over the black spot but before that they were a superb Donal Tuohy save away from another goal
  • 16:24
    Clare 0-23 Wexford 1-16 (63’) What a score! Rory O’Connor goes on a solo run from his own half back line down the left flank, before doubling on it over the bar. That was special
  • 16:27
  • 16:29
    Clare 0-24 Wexford 1-16 (66’) Clare’s lead down to 0-3 after Rory O’Connor gets his 10th point with a free from distance after a big catch from O’Hanlon
  • 16:30
    Clare 0-25 Wexford 1-16 (68’) Clare needed that! Conlon sets up O’Donnell and he makes no mistake
  • 16:31
    Ian Galvin adds another settler and it’s a five point game again
  • 16:33
    Clare 0-27 Wexford 1-17 (70’) An inspirational score from John Conlon is followed up by one from Conor McGrath. Four minutes added on
  • 16:35
    Straight red card for Rory O’Connor for an off the ball incident
  • 16:38
    FT Clare 0-27 Wexford 1-27 Clare will be back in Croke Park for the first time since their All-Ireland triumph in 2013, for a semi-final against Galway. Much improved by Wexford in the second half but a deserving victory for Clare! Great to see the likes of Tony Kelly and Shane O’Donnell hitting top form
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    All-Ireland SFC Super 8s round 1
    Donegal v Dublin, Croke Park, 7pm
    Tyrone v Roscommon, Croke Park, 5pm

    All-Ireland SHC quarter-final
    FT Clare 0-27 Wexford 1-17
  • 16:45
    Team news:

    ROSCOMMON: Colm Lavin; David Murray, John McManus, Niall McInerney; Niall Daly, Fintan Cregg, Conor Devaney; Tadgh O'Rourke, Enda Smith; Ciarain Murtagh, Niall Kilroy, Cathal Cregg; Diarmuid Murtagh, Cathal Compton, Donie Smith

    TYRONE: Niall Morgan; Padraig Hampsey, Ronan McNamee, Michael Kernan; Tiernan McCann, Frank Burns, Peter Harte; Colm Cavanagh, Cathal McCarron; Mattie Donnelly, Niall Sludden, Conor Meyler; Cathal McShane, Richard Donnelly, Connor McAliskey
  • 16:47
    Expect plenty of positional changes for the Rossies. Compton will go to midfield, there’ll be shuffles in that half back line too.
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  • 16:48
  • 16:57
  • 16:59
    Both teams in their huddles for a minute's silence in Croke Park. National anthem to come and then we'll be underway for the first ever match of the Super 8s!
  • 17:02
    Roscommon 0-0 Tyrone 0-0 (1') Roscommon win the throw-in and the first attack of the match ends in an Enda Smith wide
  • 17:02
    Roscommon 0-1 Tyrone 0-0 (2') Massive point from distance from Fintan Cregg who has started at wing forward.
  • 17:04
    Roscommon 0-2 Tyrone 0-1 (4') Niall Sludden slips over a lovely point before a curling beauty from Diarmuid Murtagh after patient build up
  • 17:07
    Roscommon 0-3 Tyrone 0-1 (6') A tap over free from Ciaran Murtagh. Then his brother faces a far more trickier effort and it's left and wide
  • 17:09
    Roscommon 0-3 Tyrone 0-3 (8') Tyrone look menacing when they run at pace through the hands. Richard Donnelly gets on the end of a dangerous attack and scores. Connor McAliskey then adds a free
  • 17:10
    Roscommon 0-4 Tyrone 0-3 (9') Diarmuid Murtagh fields a long ball into him, and wins a free. He dusts himself off and points it. This is such an interesting match to watch, two completely contrasting styles.
  • 17:13
    Roscommon 0-4 Tyrone 1-3 (11') Tyrone at their best. Enda Smith's misplaced ball gives them the chance to counter and that's exactly what they do. In a matter of seconds Niall Sludden is cutting through the middle and rolling the ball into the bottom left corner.
  • 17:17

    Roscommon 0-4 Tyrone 1-4 (14') Tyrone repeat the trick. Tadgh O'Rourke loses the ball in the middle of the park and seconds later Tiernan McCann is pointing.

  • 17:18
    Play stalled for an injury to Cathal McCarron
  • 17:19
    Hugh Pat McGeary replaces him
  • 17:21

    Roscommon 0-5 Tyrone 1-4 (18') The referee awards Roscommon a free, for what I'm not sure, and Diarmuid Murtagh slots it.

  • 17:22

    Roscommon 0-6 Tyrone 1-4 (21') Another soft free for Roscommon. This time Ciaran Murtagh takes it short, gets it back and scores. Quick thinking.

  • 17:26

    Roscommon 0-6 Tyrone 1-5 (25')  What looked like a good hit from Cathal Compton is adjudged to be a foul by David Gough (who is giving a lot of frees here). McAliskey slots the free. From the restart Enda Smith makes a brilliant catch

  • 17:29
  • 17:29

    Roscommon 0-6 Tyrone 1-7 (27')  Colm Cavanagh catches a throw ball at the edge of his square. Tyrone work it up the field through short passes and Conor Meyler then finds space to curl over a tasty score. Cathal McShane adds another  

  • 17:33

    Roscommon 0-6 Tyrone 1-8 (32')  Connor McAliskey latches on to a ball in the right corner, makes his angle and curls over a fantastic score

  • 17:36

    Roscommon 0-6 Tyrone 1-9 (35')  Tyrone keep the ball for two minutes, it's worked to Ronan McNamee on the overlap and the fullback scores a lovely point. Four minutes extra to be played at the end of the first half

  • 17:37
    Tyrone keeping the ball and running the heart out of Roscommon
  • 17:40

    Roscommon 0-6 Tyrone 1-9 (38')  Hawk-eye denies Ronan McNamee a second point

  • 17:41

    Roscommon 0-6 Tyrone 1-10 (39')  Donie Smith handpasses the ball to a Tyrone man - Counter attack - Peter Harte finds Richard Donnelly who points within seconds of the turnover. That's been the story of the first half

  • 17:43
  • 17:44

    HT Roscommon 0-6 Tyrone 1-10 Roscommon's sloppy turnovers have allowed Tyrone to firstly go in front. And now they can play the game on their terms. Roscommon look exhausted from chasing Tyrone's back and forth passes - and when they do win it back they don't have the numbers up the field or the energy and support from behind. This first half has gone perfectly for Mickey Harte.

  • 17:45
    Rule number one against Tyrone, don't run into the tackle (especially if you lack physicality). Rule number two, don't lose the ball in the middle of the park. Roscommon are doing both on repeat.  
  • 17:48
    All-Ireland SFC Super 8s round 1
    Donegal v Dublin, Croke Park, 7pm
    HT Tyrone 1-10 Roscommon 0-6

    All-Ireland SHC quarter-final
    FT Clare 0-27 Wexford 1-17
  • 17:54
  • 17:58

    Roscommon 0-6 Tyrone 1-10 (36')  The second half is underway. Brian Stack is on for Donie Smith and Finbar Cregg is on for his brother Cathal. Tyrone win the throw in but their first attack ends in a wide.

  • 18:01

    Roscommon 1-6 Tyrone 1-11 (38')  Peter Harte taps over a free but out of nowhere Enda Smith gets on to a breaking ball - plays a one two and runs in behind before sticking the ball in the far bottom corner.  

  • 18:04

    Roscommon 1-7 Tyrone 1-12 (39')  Ciarain Murtagh curls over a free and suddenly the deficit is down to four . . . for about 20 seconds before Sludden floats over a settler for Tyrone

  • 18:05

    Roscommon 1-8 Tyrone 1-12 (41')  Roscommon force a turnover as Tyrone try to stroll out of their backline. Diarmuid Murtagh taps over the free after the referee calls steps

  • 18:05
  • 18:09

    Roscommon 1-8 Tyrone 1-14 (45')  McAliskey adds another free after Peter Harte was dragged down by Cathal Compton after sneaking inside. Richard Donnelly then turns McInerney and puts six points between the teams

  • 18:11

    Roscommon 1-9 Tyrone 1-14 (48')  Ciaran Murtagh sets up Diarmuid for a fisted point and the two brothers are really the only ones in that Roscommon attack standing up

  • 18:13

    Roscommon 1-9 Tyrone 2-14 (50')  Tyrone work the ball all the way up from the back, suck in the Roscommon defence and then pop the ball to the runners on the overlap in behind. Conor Meyler could have passed it to two men but decided to take the goal on himself.  

  • 18:14
    After that classy finish Kieran McGeary comes on for Meyler.
  • 18:17
    Another blink of the eye counter attack is finished by the brilliant Niall Sludden. The numbers that Tyrone commit to the counter, and the way they can transition from marking space to full out sprint on the sniff of a turnover is very impressive!
  • 18:18

    Roscommon 1-9 Tyrone 2-15 (54')  Peter Harte pings over a free as Mark Bradley comes on for Connor McAliskey

  • 18:21

    Roscommon 1-9 Tyrone 2-18 (56')  Mark Bradley and Declan McClure make it double scores. Tyrone emptying their bench and the fresh legs is giving them an even greater spring in their step

  • 18:24

    Roscommon 2-9 Tyrone 2-17 (61')  A long ball to nothing falls to Ciarain Murtagh on the run, he rolls it under Niall Morgan. In the next attack Ronan O'Neill's precise pass forces a push in the back and a penalty.  

  • 18:26

    Roscommon 2-9 Tyrone 3-20 (62')  Peter Harte absolutely smashes it into the bottom left corner. Richard Donnelly then puts 14 points in it after Gary Patterson has the ball rattled out of his grasp in the tackle

  • 18:32

    Roscommon 2-10 Tyrone 3-22 (67')  Mattie Donnelly and Mark Bradley both take their points when an overlap and possible goal was on. Conor Devaney then tries to put the ball in on the square and it goes all the way over the bar

  • 18:33
    Black card for Davy Murray and Roscommon have no subs left to bring on for him. Five minutes of time added on as Peter Harte scores a free.
  • 18:35

    Roscommon 2-11 Tyrone 3-23 (72')  Conor Daly does well to set up Shane Killoran for a point

  • 18:38

    Roscommon 2-12 Tyrone 3-24 (74')  This game is being played at training ground pace now. Nobody marking anybody as Rory Brennan has all day to score a point and Conor Daly responds

  • 18:39

    FT Roscommon 2-12 Tyrone 4-24  Tyrone come on a five man overlap, most of the Roscommon team don't bother to track back. Ronan O'Neill squares it and Richard Donnelly (he's been terrific even when the game was a contest) palms into the net. Double scores.  

  • 18:44

    Tyrone very impressive on one hand, yet they lived entirely on the opposition's mistakes, killing them with the counter attack. The top, top teams will not make those mistakes. While their defensive system of standing back and marking space, still conceded 2-12. I would say they still haven't shown anything in their game plan to suggest that they have made the changes required to compete with Dublin or Kerry this year.

    As for Roscommon they showed they are well off the mark both physically, and mentally. Aside from three or four they gave up here.

  • 18:44
  • 18:44

    All-Ireland SFC Super 8s round 1
    Donegal v Dublin, Croke Park, 7pm
    FT Tyrone 4-24 Roscommon 2-12

    All-Ireland SHC quarter-final
    FT Clare 0-27 Wexford 1-17

  • 18:44
  • 18:48

    DUBLIN: Stephen Cluxton; Michael Fitzsimons, Philly McMahon, Eric Lowndes; Brian Howard, James McCarthy, Jonny Cooper; Brian Fenton, Michael D. Macauley; Niall Scully, Con O'Callaghan, Ciaran Kilkenny; Paul Mannion, Dean Rock, Paddy Andrews.


  • 18:56
  • 18:58
    DONEGAL: Patton; McGrath, Doherty, Gallagher; McGlynn, Brennan, McHugh; McFadden, McLoone; McMenamin, Langan, Thompson; Mac Niallais, Murphy, Brennan
  • 19:01
    Dublin 0-1 Donegal 0-0 (1') Dublin win the throw in and then a free straight off it. Dean Rock kicks it over and all of Croke Park is hoping this isn't the start of anything remotely like the last match
  • 19:03
    Dublin 0-2 Donegal 0-0 (3')  Two bad Donegal kickouts in a row - Ciaran Kilkenny is inches away from punishing one, and Dean Rock is blocked while attempting a point off the second. Rock slots the resultant 45
  • 19:06
    Dublin 0-2 Donegal 0-1 (6')  Donegal brilliantly efficient - one attack and one score. Michael Murphy pulls the strings and Jamie Brennan spots a gap, bursts into it and points on the run.
  • 19:07
    Dublin 0-2 Donegal 0-2 (7')  A rare misplaced Cluxton kickout goes over the sideline. It's taken quickly and Frank McGlynn points from 45 metres out. Lovely score
  • 19:09
  • 19:11
    Dublin 0-2 Donegal 0-3 (10')  Outrageous score by Ryan McHugh out in the right corner. Donegal looking composed early on
  • 19:13
    Dublin 0-3 Donegal 0-3 (12')  Ciaran Kilkenny catches a spectacular ball and gets fouled while shooting wide. It's back for a free and Rock converts again
  • 19:16

    Dublin 0-4 Donegal 0-4 (16')  Jonny Cooper gets a flick to a long ball into the Dublin square to prevent a goal. Crucial interception. Murphy floats the 45 to a chorus of boos from hill.

    Next attack and Shaun Patton denies Con O'Callaghan a goal with a point blank save, Kilkenny taps the rebound over

  • 19:20
    A low-tempo start albeit very physical from both teams. Donegal must be delighted to be still level after 20 minutes - and they deserve to be!
  • 19:22

    Dublin 0-4 Donegal 0-5 (21')  After hitting a wide in the previous attack, Michael Murphy makes no mistake the second time of asking

  • 19:24

    Dublin 0-5 Donegal 0-5 (23')  So far young Brian Howard has caught a spectacular ball, and just there kicked a superb left footed point on the run from distance. This lad's rate of improvement has been so impressive this year

  • 19:26
  • 19:29

    Dublin 1-6 Donegal 0-6 (28')  After Dean Rock's free puts Dublin ahead, a long ball into Michael Langan drops into Jamie Brennan's grasp and he goes for the blaster but it's well wide.

    Down the other end and Niall Scully scores a brilliant individual goal but he must have taken at least seven steps before pulling the trigger

  • 19:30
  • 19:30

    Dublin 1-7 Donegal 0-7 (29')  Jamie Brennan's point is cancelled out by another from Brian Howard. Ciaran Thompson then has a go from distance and sneaks it just over the bar.

  • 19:33

    Dublin 1-8 Donegal 0-7 (32')  Jack McCaffrey skins two men on the outside, gets tripped and Dean Rock does what Dean Rock does from the free.

  • 19:34
    Another massive catch by Brian Howard, what a first half the youngster is having
  • 19:36

    Dublin 1-9 Donegal 0-8 (35')  Goal chance goes abegging for Donegal as Frank McGlynn is blocked (brilliant Dublin defending). Michael Murphy from the right sideline and James McCarthy from distance then exchange points.

    Two minutes added on

  • 19:37
    Another poor Patton kickout gives Con O'Callaghan a goal chance but the goalkeeper makes up for it with a good save. It's out for a 45 which Dean Rock drags wide
  • 19:39
    HT Dublin 1-9 Donegal 0-8 - A strange game. Donegal have asked questions with their physicality which Dublin have not had to answer so far this summer, but the game is lacking in intensity and you'd have to assume it's Dublin who have more in reserve
  • 19:39
  • 19:40

    All-Ireland SFC Super 8s round 1
    HT Donegal 0-8 Dublin 1-9
    FT Tyrone 4-24 Roscommon 2-12

    All-Ireland SHC quarter-final
    FT Clare 0-27 Wexford 1-17

  • 19:50
    Today's attendance in Croke Park is 53,501. Unfortunately the football hasn't lived up to the weather or the turnout. Hopefully this second half sets alight!
  • 19:56
    Dublin 1-9 Donegal 0-8 (36') Donegal win the second half throw-in but their first attack ends in a Hugh McFadden wide. First kickout is plucked out of the sky by Brian Howard. He's been immense!
  • 19:57
    Dublin 2-9 Donegal 0-8 (38') Dublin commit numbers forward, Scully is at the end of a combination of short passes, fades one way then backs himself and scores his second goal.  
  • 19:59
  • 20:01

    Dublin 2-10 Donegal 0-9 (40') Dean Rock gets his first point from play with his weaker left foot. Eamon Doherty then gets a much needed point for Donegal.

    Meanwhile Brian Fenton has just caught two screamers

  • 20:03

    Dublin 2-10 Donegal 0-11 (43')  Ryan McHugh makes a break out of the halfback line, then gets at the end of the move again on the edge of the square to receive a pop pass from Paul Brennan and kick a fine score. Jamie Brennan adds another

  • 20:06

    Dublin 2-10 Donegal 0-12 (46')  Cormac Costello comes on for Macauley after the lead is cut to four by Langan

  • 20:09

    Dublin 2-11 Donegal 0-12 (49') Poetry in motion as Cormac Costello takes the ball at full pace, floats one way, then back on to his right and curls the ball over the bar.  This lad always makes an impact when he comes on. Ciaran Thompson grabs the next kickout (we really have been treated to some excellent fielding in this match)

  • 20:10
    Kevin McManamon is on and he finds Fenton with a very clever ball. But Patton is out and makes another sharp save. Although it was straight at him
  • 20:14

    Dublin 2-12 Donegal 0-12 (54')  Another poor Donegal kickout results in Con O'Callaghan being fouled on the edge of their square. Dean Rock scores the free as Paul Flynn comes on for Brian Howard who gets a hearty handshake off of Jim Gavin. Superb.

  • 20:16

    Dublin 2-12 Donegal 0-13 (57')  Jack McCaffrey has a goal chance - made for him by Cormac Costello - but he's blocked and the deflected effort is then held from going out for a 45. Donegal counter and Leo McLoone is ultimately pulled down. Murphy scores the resultant free.  

  • 20:20

    Dublin 2-14 Donegal 0-14 (60')  Cormac Costello has made some impact. This time he breaks away and fists over the bar before Paul Flynn points after a terrific Brian Fenton catch.

    Then Donegal work the ball up the field and as Dublin seem to switch off, the ball is worked to Langan who goes for power from the edge of the square. But puts too much in it and it's over the bar

  • 20:24

    Dublin 2-14 Donegal 0-15 (64') Murphy drills over a free from 50m off the ground. Five in it now with 10 minutes of normal time left

  • 20:25
  • 20:25
    Stephen McBrearty is on for Jamie Brennan - and what a loss his older brother Paddy has been for Donega today!
  • 20:26

    Dublin 2-14 Donegal 0-16 (66') Murphy cuts the deficit to four with another free

  • 20:29
    Dublin have kept the ball for the last three minutes and they are being boo'd by the Donegal fans. Not that they care
  • 20:30

    Dublin 2-14 Donegal 0-16 (70')  Now the Hill are cheering their every pass as McManamon runs down the left wing but his shot is just wide.  

    Five minutes added on

  • 20:32
    Dublin continuing to play possession football. With the occasional Donegal foul their only disruption. Two minutes of added time remain
  • 20:35

    Dublin 2-15 Donegal 0-16 (75') And at the end of an enormous stretch of possession it's McManamon who again breaks away and he sets up Paul Flynn for his second point since coming on

  • 20:37

    FT Dublin 2-15 Donegal 0-16  Dublin start off their Super 8s campaign with a win. Donegal go away with their confidence intact but the result was never in doubt.

  • 20:39
  • 20:44

    So that's that . . .  Dublin do enough to comfortably see off Donegal. Tyrone destroy Roscommon and Clare have too much for Wexford and progress to the hurling semi-finals. The start of the Super 8s brought out the sun, and the crowd in Croker, but the football will hopefully improve as it progresses!

    Match reports and analysis to follow, and we'll be back with more football and hurling action tomorrow. Until then, thanks for joining us.  

    All-Ireland SFC Super 8s round 1

    FT Donegal 0-16 Dublin 2-15
    FT Tyrone 4-24 Roscommon 2-12

    All-Ireland SHC quarter-final
    FT Clare 0-27 Wexford 1-17