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Danske Bank Ireland to end personal banking, the Dublin Web Summit - day two and other rolling news

Áine McMahon Thu, Oct 31
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    Good morning and welcome along to today's live news blog with me, Aine McMahon. Stay with us until 5pm today for all the latest news and updates this Hallows Eve. Follow us on Twitter at @IrishTimesLive
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    Today will be cool, bright and blustery with showers becoming widespread later today so wrap up warm if you're heading trick or treating later.

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    The Irish Times Front Page today.

    Government raised concerns over US spying earlier this summer writes Harry McGee and Ruadhán Mac Cormaic.

    Jobless total at lowest for four years writes Stephen Collins and Arthur Beesley.

    Dublin area faces 10 more years of water shortages writes Olivia Kelly, Mark Hilliard and Tim O'Brien.
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    Hello Dolly!  Dolly Parton is on with Miriam O'Callaghan on Radio One this morning. The country and western superstar is also godmother to the bauld Miley Cyrus or Destiny Hope Cyrus as she was christened. Twerking nine to five the pair of them. Sorry.
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    Water may take two hours to reach homes upon return writes Genevieve Carbery.

    Dublin City Council engineer Michael Phillips has been responding to concerns that water had not returned to taps in some households after the first night of region-wide restrictions from 8pm last night to 7am.

    “What we said is we turn it back on at 7am .... water is not like electricity where you flick a switch and it comes immediately back on …it has to travel along the pipelines. It can take up to two hours to reach a location,” he said.

    Water shortages and bonfires galore tonight, doesn't sound good does it?
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    Danske Bank is to shed 150 jobs writes Charlie Taylor. The group announced plans to discontinue the sale of products to new customers with immediate effect.
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    If it's your birthday today, you're in good company. Larry Mullen, drummer with U2 is 52, Peter Jackson, Director of the Lord of the Rings trilogy is 52 while 90's rapper Vanilla Ice is 46. You also share it with Marco Van Basten (49) the former Dutch footballer whose volley in the Euro 1988 final is considered one of the greatest ever.

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    Conor Pope's top tips for conserving water include putting a brick in your cistern, showering faster and not letting the tap run while you wash your teeth, More here.

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    Spare a thought for our prickly pals this Halloween. The ISPCA has asked members of the public to check for hedgehogs before lighting bonfires.

    The (ISPCA) has described unlit bonfires as ready-made nests for hedgehogs.

    They are asking people to save them  from “a terrible and unnecessary death this Halloween.”

    In Autumn hedgehogs begin to look for places to hibernate and unlit bonfires make an ideal refuge, according to the ISPCA.
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    The bodies of 87 migrants have been found in the desert in Niger. The corpses of seven men, 32 women and 48 children were found a few kilometres from the border of Algeria; their planned destination. More here.  

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    Pensioners are using their free-travel pass to get out of the house for the day - because they can't afford a full week's heating bill, the Irish Examiner has reported today.           

    Instead of paying for a day's home heating, they are packing lunches and flasks of tea and going on trips from Cork and Kerry to Dublin by rail.

    Active Retirement said it knew of some pensioners who were travelling in small groups for a day to save on gas or oil bills at end of the month.

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    "Enda emerged to a throbbing soundtrack wearing a Miley Cyrus microphone headset and we prayed he wouldn’t set another record by become Ireland’s first twerking Taoiseach." Miriam Lord's excellent take on yesterday's Web Summit shenanigans.
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    Come fly with me  -  Ryanair has announced another batch of new routes out of the west of Ireland on the back of the travel tax being scrapped.

    The carrier will run three new services from Knock Airport to Eindhoven in Holland, Glasgow-Prestwick in Scotland, and Kaunas in Lithuania from next April.

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    The world's number six golfer Rory McIlroy has got off to a flier in Shanghai, more here.
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    Minister for the Enviroment Phil Hogan has criticised  Dublin City Council for the way they have communicated information to the public over this week's water shortages.

    Speaking to Pat Kenny earlier, he said  "Dublin City Council should learn from this experience, we shouldn't hear about it from the media yesterday morning that we have a problem ... There should be a communication plan in place and that didn't happen on this occasion and hopefully we will learn a lesson from that." 

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    Labour TD Kevin Humphreys has asked the Troika to hit the road Jack and never come back when they leave at the end of this year. 
    A group of Labour and Fine Gael backbenchers met the European Commission, European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund this morning for an hour and a half on their final visit to Dublin.
    He said: “We are very anxious that when the troika leaves and buys its airline ticket that it is a one-way ticket, that we don’t see them back."
    “When we are out of the bailout, we are out of it for good. When the troika goes, they are gone for good and we get our independence and our sovereignty back.
    That is extremely important, it is important for the citizens to see that because after all, they are the ones that took the pain.”   
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    There is no privacy in cyberspace - that’s the message from Eugene Kaspersky, chief executive of global IT security company. “Everything you do/see/say can be recorded or intercepted. Every time I type on by keyboard I keep in mind that someone can see even though I use encryption.”

    Pamela Newenham has more in this report from today's web summit.
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    In rugby news, Brian O'Driscoll has confirmed that he is fit for the Guinness Series against Samoa, Australia and New Zealand.

    O'Driscoll has not played since last September because of a calf muscle tear and did not play for Leinster last weekend as a precaution.
    However, he will not play for Leinster this weekend as he will be attending his testimonial dinner on Friday.
    He trained with the Ireland squad at Carton House.
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    Brian O'Driscoll and his daughter Sadie.
    Brian O'Driscoll and his daughter Sadie.
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    Good news on the jobs front - 45 software engineering jobs will be created in Dublin over the next two years. US based online shopping website Gilt announced today that they will be increasing the investment in Irish operations and intend on creating a new "Platform Innovation Centre" in Dublin. Sounds fancy. 

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    Irish band Kodaline's star looks set to rise following their appearance on the Jay Leno show in the US the other night. The lads perfomed their single 'All I Want' from their album In a Perfect World. Have a look here

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    Gardaí have asked the High Court to allow them to release a picture of a teenage girl found in the capital three weeks ago. Gardaí say they have exhausted every avenue in their attempt to identify her.

    Mr Justice George Birmingham said he will make his decision on whether to release a photograph on Monday but indicated he will allow the image to be shown to the public unless "circumstances change".
    Detectives launched a major investigation amid fears the girl was smuggled in to the country by traffickers.

    The teenage girl is currently receiving treatment in hopistal.  Lawyers representing her legal guardian are challenging the Health Service Executive's plan to place her in a non-secure facility when that treatment is completed. 
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    Gardai are searching for a missing hillwaker at Meelwra Mountain in Co Mayo, reports Mark Hilliard .
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    Give that dog a bone - Revenue's sniffer dog Holly, was instrumental in helping customs sieze cocaine with an estimated street value of €175,000 in Dublin this morning. 

    A 48-year-old man from the UK was arrested after 2.4kg of the drug was found in a car disembarking from a ferry.

    The discovery was made when the revenue’s sniffer dog gave a positive reaction on the BMW that had travelled on the early morning ferry from the UK.

    The vehicle was scanned by the custom’s x-ray scanner and officers discovered the drugs concealed behind panels. The vehicle was also seized with the man later arrested by gardaí.

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    Breaking - the body of a woman in her 20's has been discovered in Blanchardstown, west Dublin. More as we get it.
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    Labour pains - A Labour Party councillor has resigned from the party, citing the disconnect between the leadership and grassroots members.

    Wicklow County Council chairman, Jimmy O’Shaughnessy, said that the Budget announced earlier this month was the last straw for him.

    He becomes the third Labour councillor in three days to resign from the party following the departures of Seán O’Grady and Paddy Bourke this week.
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    Cllr Jimmy O'Shaughnessy
    Cllr Jimmy O'Shaughnessy
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    More on the discovery of a woman's body in Blanchardstown earlier today.
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    Interesting piece by our Science Editor Dick Ahlstrom, which explains why we love a good scare.
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    It's Love, Hacktually - More on the latest yarn that Former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks and ex-News of the World editor Andy 
    Coulson had an affair for at least six years.

    Prosecutor Andrew Edis told jurors at the Old Bailey that in February 2004, when the pair were both working at the media giant, they had been having a relationship for some years. He said a letter was found on Mrs Brooks’s computer from February 2004, that made the relationship clear.

    Mr Edis said: “The point that I’m going to make in relation to that letter is that over the relevant period, what Mr Coulson knew, Mrs Brooks knew too. And what Mrs Brooks knew, Mr Coulson knew too — that’s the point. “Because it is clear from that letter that, as of February 2004, they had been having an affair which had lasted at least six years.”
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    Former News International Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks
    Former News International Chief Executive Rebekah Brooks
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    Fianna Fail have waded in to the ongoing row on water, or lack thereof. 

    Environment spokesman for the party, Barry Cowen, said: "It seems the Minister, who is supposed to be heading up major plans on water reform, is happy to take a back seat and blame ‘technical’ issues when something goes wrong.
    "While Minister Hogan permits Irish Water to run glossy and expensive advertising campaigns, people in Dublin are being told not to wash their clothes due to a lack of water." 
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    Hocus Pocus was made twenty years ago?! I'm feeling my age. Stars a young Thora Birch, Sarah Jessica Parker and Bette Middler. A Halloween classic. 

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    Every baby that is born in the future will have an IP address as well as a name, Cisco chief technology officer Padmasree Warrior told the women in tech leaders’ lunch today. The kids of tomorrow will be coding before they're crawling it would seem. Pamela Newenham has more.
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    Horsemeat has been found in tinned beef that was on sale in the UK. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) said horse DNA has been detected in the canned beef product which was manufactured in Romania. Officials said the Food Hall Sliced Beef in Rich Gravy, sold in Home Bargains and Quality Save stores, has been withdrawn from sale. 
  • 15:53
    Waterford teenager Jordan Casey, who has been programming since he was nine and founded two start ups on how he achieves the elusive work life balance. 
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    The Garda fleet is to get 305 new cars before the end of the year. Some €5 million is being spent on new Fords and Hyundais for the force over the next two months while another €4m will be invested in new vehicles in the first half of next year. Alan Shatter, Justice Minister, said €18m will have been spent on new vehicles for gardai since 2012.
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    Halloween chez Obama - not a black refuse bag or barm brack in sight.
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    The ISPCA has some tips to help keep your pets safe this Halloween. 

     - Keep pets away from any dangerous or flammable items including candles, bonfires and fireworks.
    - Keep pets away from decorations and sweets that could be harmful if ingested. Remember that chocolate is very bad for your pets.
      - If your pet is showing signs of fear do not react or make a fuss as this will make matters worse.
      - Anxiety in the animal can be reduced by altering feeding regimes. Feeding later in the evening will encourage the animal to eat during what are anxiety creating periods.
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    Super Woofer
    Super Woofer
  • 16:36
    James Reilly take note. A lovely lady named Cheryl, from Fargo will be making a quick judgment call when trick-or-treaters ring her doorbell on Halloween night. She’ll only be giving sweets to skinny children and  a letter of advice to the ones she thinks are “moderately obese." 

    Get the mop ready Cheryl, you're gonna be cleaning  alot of eggs off your house tomorrow.
  • 16:37
    Cheryl's friendly advice to obese Trick or Treaters
    Cheryl's friendly advice to obese Trick or Treaters
  • 16:39
    In case you can't see the print, Cheryl's letter reads in part, "Your child is, in my opinion, moderately obese and should not be consuming sugar and treats to the extent of some children this Halloween season.  My hope is that you will step up as a parent and ration candy this Halloween and not allow your child to continue these unhealthy eating habits."
  • 16:50
    Katie Taylor has had a bit of a rant on Twitter after a clubmate of hers was controversially beaten in the Leinster Intermediate semi-finals last night at the National Stadium.
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    One last video for the road, see if you too can spot the ghost. 

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    And finally, Dublin City Council, on behalf of the four Dublin Local Authorities, is urging consumers all over the Dublin region to conserve water tonight in an effort to restore levels in  treated water reservoirs to normal. 

    Thanks for joining us today and have a safe and happy Halloween.