Champions Cup: Glasgow v Leinster

Fresh from an impressive win over Montpellier Leinster travel to face the Warriors at Scotstoun

Patrick Madden Sat, Oct 21
LIVE: Champions Cup: Glasgow v Leinster

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  • Good afternoon!

    Welcome to our coverage of Leinster's Champions Cup clash with Glasgow, at Scotstoun.

    Leo Cullen's side got their European campaign off to a fine start last weekend, with the province's young guns proving too sprightly for Montpellier's grizzled monsters.

    Today they take on a Warriors side unbeaten in domestic competition but already playing catch-up on the continent after their defeat to Exeter last time out.

    Both sides welcome back their superstars today - Johnny Sexton is back in the saddle for Leinster, while the electric Stuart Hogg makes his return to action after his Lions tour was brought to a premature end by Conor Murray.

    With Storm Brian wreaking havoc it's a day to stay indoors - so stick the kettle on and get settled.

    Kick off in 30 mins.

    Come on!!!

  • Glasgow Warriors: S Hogg; T Seymour, S Johnson, P Horne, L Sarto; F Russell, A Price; J Bhatti, G Turner, Z Fagerson; T Swinson, J Gray; R Wilson (capt), C Gibbins, A Ashe. Replacements: P MacArthur, A Allan, D Rae, S Cummings, R Harley, H Pyrgos, N Grigg, L Jones.

    Leinster: J Carbery; F McFadden, R Henshaw, N Reid, B Daly; J Sexton (capt), L McGrath; C Healy, S Cronin, T Furlong; D Toner, S Fardy; R Ruddock, J van der Flier, J Conan. Replacements: J Tracy, J McGrath, M Bent, J Ryan, D Leavy, J Gibson-Park, R Byrne, D Kearney.

    Referee: J Garces (France).

  • You can read Gavin Cummiskey's match preview HERE.

    And his interview with Shane Jennings HERE.

  • It's a brutal day in Glasgow - wet, wild and windy. I'm not sure if that's because of Storm brian or just because it's Scotland. Not a day for free flowing rubgy - despite the great runners both sides possess.
  • One weak link of Leinster's performance last week was their kicking, and they gave Montpellier plenty of broken-field ball to counter from. Sexton's control from 10 will be key today - Hogg, Tommy Seymour and Leonardo Sarto represrnt a very dangerous back three for the hosts.
  • Here come the teams in Glasgow. A day for plenty of deep heat - it's going to be physical.
  • Leinster for some reason are decked out in blue and white table cloths.
  • Johnny Sexton has the ball in hand.

    We're underway!!!

  • 1 min: Central restart which Horne claims well. Good first phase but then Price kicks out on the full. Leinster lineout inside the Glasgow 10.
  • 2 min: Leinster set the maul and work their way infield before it breaks down just outside the Glasgow 22. The visitors have a penalty coming, and when the ball goes loose Sexton points straight to the posts.

    he makes no mistake with a kick into the wind.


  • 4 min: The greasy ball already causing problems for both sides. Glasgow lose it from a lineout inside the Leinster 10-metre but then win it back and look for some width to the right - the dangerous Seymour dancing back inside and slipping out of a tackle.

    Russell tries to stab a kick through and the ball squirts around like a bar of soap in a bath tub until Leinster are awarded a scrum for a Glasgow knock on.

  • 7 min: Leinster run a few phases in the Glasgow half until Sexton decides to test the returning Hogg with a booming garryowen. Some smart work from Horne off the ball slows down the Leinster chase and Hogg takes the ball comfortably, calls a mark and clears.
  • 8 min: Horne nearly finds a perfect kick in behind Leinster but the ball dribbles ingoal and Leinster have a restart - Conan picking up the pieces after Glasgow can't claim Sexton's 22.
  • 11 min: Glasgow scrum on halfway but a good squeeze from the Leinster pack sees them awarded a penalty, which Sexton sends for a good touch.
  • 12 min: Good response from Glasgow - Swinson spoiling from the Leinster lineout and forcing the turnover.
  • 13 min: And there we go - the first proepr glimpse of Hogg. He shows inside his own 22 and picks the gap, burning his way into the Leinster half and giving his side huge momentum from nowhere.

    The hosts are awarded a penalty just outside the Leinster 22 - which Russell slots to level things up.


  • TRY GLASGOW!!!!!
  • Lovely play from the Warriors. They work the short side, Russell grubbering through a perfectly-weighted kick down the right. Seymour gets to it and delicately steers it inside with his right, with Hogg steaming onto it and touching down just before he skidded out of the ingoal. Great score.

    Russell nails the conversion.


  • 19 min: Good play from Leinster, working the ball well on the 22. Sexton gets nailed late by Ashe but not before slipping it off to Carbery and Leinster break up the right. They win a penalty but Sexton's kick is poor and the covering Hogg claims it. Hogg then sends the ball dead with a monster kick from his own five-metre line.  
  • 22 min: Leinster five-metre scrum after that freakish Hogg clearance. Good shunt from the pack and they then build phases on the five, keeping it tight and retaining the ball. Advantage Leinster after Seymour strays offside so Sexton goes crossfield. Play comes back for the Leinster penalty which Sexton puts out for a five-metre lienout.
  • TRY LEINSTER!!!!!!
  • Cronin goes short to Fardy and Leinster set the maul, before the hooker makes one of his trademark burrowing darts towards the line. He's held up short and Glasgow are hanging on - but then Cian Healy picks and drives his way over.

    Sexton converts off the post. Great response from Leinster.


  • 26 min: There's a break in play as Glasgow's Wilson is helped off the pitch. Leinster scrum on their 22 and McGrath's clearance is skewed with the wind meaning he only just gets out of the 22.
  • 28 min: Good lineout ball for Glasgow and now the hosts are on the front foot inside the Leinster 22 after Sarto makes a booming carry. They get past 10 phases and are getting good ball - but dour Leinster defence slows it down. Leinster get slightly narrow so Russell switches the play with a kick which scoots out for a linoeut. Perhaps a bit premature kicking it away there.
  • 29 min: Leinster earn a big penalty from the lineout - Sexton makes a good clearance into the wind. They they win it from the second lineout before clearing as far as halfway. Big 10 mintues coming up for Leinster - if they can go into half time level it will have been a huge effort.
  • 32 min: A very dangerous opening for Glasgow - neat hands in midfield and a good decoy run releases Sarto. He then finds Hogg on his shoulder but the final pass comes off Carbery, who made it awkward for the Glasgow 15.
  • 34 min: Swinson punches a hole in the Leinster line and has to be hauled down inside the 22 by Sexton. But then Daly makes a great interception, with Glasgow shirts queueing up outside him. Leinster clear high to Russell, who slips as he looks to cover and knocks forward.
  • 37 min: Glasgow scrum on the halfway line. They move it slickly to the right again and Seymour grubbers down the touchline - but Carbery covers really well finds a good clearance.
  • 39 min: Penalty for Glasgow just inside the Leinster half - Hogg is going to have a go.

    He has the legs - the kick lands on the roof of the stand behind the sticks - but doesn't have the direction.

  • 40 min: Good Leinster scrum and they work their way up to the Glasgow 10-metre. Sexton sling a pass out to McFadden on the wing and he's hauled out, but it was a free play for Leinster.
  • TRY LEINSTER!!!!!!
  • In normal conditions Sexton would kick for goal from this distance - but with the wind so strong he goes for touch. Cronin throws to Toner and the Leinster pack get a huge shunt on, with Healy the man to get over the line with Glasgow retreating.

    Sexton fizzes over another tricky conversion - huge moment.


  • The teams are back out fo rthe second half.
  • And we're back underway!  
  • 41 min: Bright start for Glasgow, Hogg engineering a fraction of space for Seymour on the right. He carries down the touchline into the 22 before being hauled down. Glasgow on the front foot but great spoiling work from the visitors sees them win a penalty. Sexton drills a low clearance to touch.  
  • 43 min: Cronin hits Ruddock from the lineout and Leinster get good ball. McGrath then snipes down the fringes and offloads to Sexton, who is just held up short with nobody on his shoulder. 10 phases for Leinster, probing inside the Glasgow five-metre.
  • TRY LEINSTER!!!!!!!!!
  • Leinster keep it short and tight, the big lumps hammering away at the Glasgow line but the hosts are clinging on desparately. Then McGrath looks for Sexton and he plays a lovely loop with Fardy under the posts and crosses to score. Sumptuous play from the Leinster skipper, and an easy conversion.


  • TRY GLASGOW!!!!!!!!!
  • The hosts need an instant response and they get one. They are straight back onto the front foot and after a spell of patient build-up they move it right, Horne marshalling things and Hogg slipping off a perfect ball to Seymour, who gets on the outside and crosses.

    Russell misses a tricky touchline conversion.


  • 53 min: Lovely crossfield kick from Russell to Horne on halfway but the Leinster cover is good. Glasgow kick it back to the visitors and Furlong makes a big carry with black shirts hanging off him. Leinster penalty which Sexotn sends to touch on the 22.
  • 55 min: New man James Tracy throws in at the lineout but it's crooked. Glasgow scrum on their 22, it has to be reset but eventually they get a good shunt on and move it out quickly. Johnson makes a brilliant break on Sexton's outside shoulder - but the Leinster outhalf recovers to make the tackle and force a knock on.
  • 60 min: Good cover from Hogg and he finds Horne, whose kick is straight down the throat of Carbery. Leinster ball on the 22 but Gibbins does well on the floor to win Glasgow a penalty.
  • 62 min: Glasgow penalty - they send it to touch in the Leinster 22. Glasgow set the maul but good counter shove from the visiting pack. Patient from Glasgow, their forwards making steady yards and they have a penalty after Leavy comes over the top of a ruck.  

    Simple enough penalty for Russell, and he brings Glasgow back within a score.


  • 66 min: A good response from Leinster and a good passage of play. They get quick ball and work their way into the Glasgow 22, with James Ryan making a good burst. The ball then goes loose after Furlong tries to find Sexton on the wrap-around, but replays show the Leinster outhalf was tackled off the ball by Horne.  

    Good spot from referee Garces and Sexton has the chance to restore Leinster's lead - which he takes.


  • 68 min: Sexton's work is done, and he's replace by Ross Byrne who steered the ship well in his absence last week.
  • 71 min: Good delay and grubber from Ross Byrne puts the retreating Glasgow under pressure with a five-metre lineout. They do well to secure their ball and spin it to the left but the clearance allows Leinster to run straight back on the offensive. Ruddock has been outstanding today, and he makes a great run into the 22 on the left, flicking the ball back infield, but it's forced out for a Glasgow set piece.
  • 73 min: Leinster scrum on the Glasgow 22 - a fourth try would turn this into a pretty special result. Front foot ball for the visitors but Garces stops play after a nasty clash of heads between Gibbins and Horne.
  • 74 min: That's a double HIA for Leinster. They have a scrum and get good ball, opting to keep it tight and build the phases.  
  • TRY LEINSTER!!!!!!!!!
  • Leinster move it left and it's slick hands. Henshaw finds Carbery who finds   Reid back on an inside line - he sees a huge gap and dances his way through and over. Huge score.

    Easy conversion for Byrne.


  • 77 min: Leinster have a five-metre lineout to defend and do so with aplomb, Tracy hitting his man before Byrne clears.

    Ruddock has been named a deserved man of the match.

  • 79 min: Glasgow scrum on the Leinster 10-metre and they spread it out left. The ball comes back to the right where Hogg shows a good turn of foot but his offload inside to Turner goes loose. Story of the second half for Glasgow.
  • Right, thanks for joining. I'll be back in an hour or so as Munster welcome Racing 92 to Thomond Park.