All-Ireland SHC final: Galway v Limerick

A marathon summer comes to an end in Croke Park as the defending champions bid to retain their crown

John O'Sullivan Sun, Aug 19
LIVE: All-Ireland SHC final: Galway v Limerick

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  • Hello and welcome to the Irish Times live blog of the All Ireland Hurling final between Galway and Limerick at Croke Park.

    Can the defending champions, Galway, retain their title? Can Limerick win a senior All Ireland hurling title for the first time since 1973? Those and many more questions will be answered this afternoon.  
  • There's no doubt that the attraction of the sport transcends hurling supporters as this tweet endorses. Welsh rugby referee Nigel Owens at his diplomatic best.  
  • There's about 40-minutes to the throw-in at Croke Park so for those who might want to catch up on some excellent writing, here's a selection from the Irish Times GAA team.  
  • Sean Moran previews the game here  
  • Nicky English tipps Limerick. Here is that he had to say.
  • Keith Duggan recalls the last time the countries met in the All IReland final in 1980 when Galway prevailed. Here is his article.
  • Is this an omen for the day? Galway have beaten Kilkenny in the All Ireland Minor Hurling final by 0-21 to 014, thereby defending the title they won last year. Their senior siblings will hope to follow suit.    
  • The teams are on the pitch and speaking of which there are no changes to either side.


    Galway: James Skehill; Adrian Tuohy, Daithí Burke, John Hanbury; Padraic Mannion, Gearóid McInerney, Aidan Harte; Johnny Coen, David Burke; Joseph Cooney, Joe Canning, Jonathan Glynn; Conor Whelan, Conor Cooney, Cathal Mannion.

    Limerick: Nickie Quaid; Sean Finn, Mike Casey, Richie English; Diarmuid Byrnes, Declan Hannon, Dan Morrissey; Darragh O'Donovan, Cian Lynch; Gearoid Hegarty, Kyle Hayes, Tom Morrissey; Aaron Gillane, Seamus Flanagan, Graeme Mulcahy.

  • Some facts and figures for your perusal.  
  • Limerick have been in five  All-Ireland finals since last winning the title in 1973, losing the lot: against Kilkenny (1974), Galway (1980), Offaly (1994), Wexford (1996) and Kilkenny (2007).

  • Joe Canning leads the scoring stakes for Galway with 1-68 in the Championship to date, with Conor Whelan (2-18) and Jason Flynn on 1-17 next in line.    
  • 10-minutes to throw-in. Time for the teams to be presented to President Michael D Higgins, born in Limerick but who has lived most of his life in Galway.  
  • The referee is James Owens (Wexford), and he preside over the All Ireland senior final for the second time in his career.  
  • Teams shake hands soccer style but there's more meat on the bone in those grips. It's an intestesting case study in facial expressions.  
  • Parade time.
  • The Limerick players looked tight, Galway a little more relaxed.  
  • Two out of the three RTE pundits go for Galway. Ger Loughnane is the dissenting voice as he plumps for Limerick.  
  • The game is a sell-out but there are other ways to see the match.  
  • Michael Duignan says that he has tears in his eyes. Better dry them as the throw-in is imminent.  
  • Two wides, one each in the first minute. Aaron Gillane for Limerick and Joe Canning the culprits.    
  • Limerick with a second wide.  
  • 2 mins: Aaron Gillane misses a straightforward enough free for a player of his calibre. Nerves.
  • 2 mins: Gillane makes amends 60 seconds later.


    Galway 0-0 Limerick 0-1

  • Diarmuid Byrnes with a fourth wide but Kyle Hayes lands a point after a careless Galway turnover.

    Galway 0-0 Limerick 0-2

  • Cian Lynch with Limerick's fifth wide in the first four minutes.  

    5 mins: Graham Mulcahy point.

    Galway 0-0 Limerick 0-3  

  • Galway being completely outplayed.  
  • Jonathan Glynn's short is half blocked down and goes for a 65.  

     6 mins: Joe Canning with a point from a 65 for the defending champions, their first score of the match.

    Galway 0-1 Limerick 0-3

  • 7 mins: David Burke point. Good strength and perseverance.

    Galway 0-2 Limerick 0-3

  • Cian Lynch with a great point, lovely run and a neat finish.

    8 mins: Galway 0-2 Limerick 0-4

  • 9 mins: Paraic Mannion with Galway's t5hird point and the first of the match from long range. Hayes with Limerick's sixth wide.

    Galway 0-3 Limerick 0-4

  • 11 mins: Limerick midfielder Darragh O'Donovan point off his back foot.

    Galway 0-3 Limerick 0-5

  • Limerick's five point have all come from play.  
  • 13 mins: Canning with his second point from a placed ball, one 65, one free.

    Galway 0-4 Limerick 0-5

  • 14 mins: Canning puts over another free, a beauty from the touchline.  

    Galway 0-5 Limerick 0-5

  • 15 mins: Joseph Cooney with a fine point on the run. The champions take the lead for the first time in the match.

    Galway 0-6 Limerick 0-5

  • GOAL: Limerick, Graeme Mulcahy
  • Sorry wifi issue but now resolved.

    23 mins: Declan Hannon point.

    Galway 0-6 Limerick 1-7

  • The Limerick goal was a strange one. Galway goalkeeper James Skehill will be disappointed to have allowed the ball to scoot under his body and Mulcahy ushered it over the line surrounded by four defenders. The hshooting has been sloppy for the most part. 16 wides, Limerick nine, Galway seven.  
  • Gearoid Hegarty makes it double figures in wides for Limerick (10). Gillane then tags on another. The shot choice is questionable.
  • 27 mins: Right on cue Hannon looses Canning and adds a second point. Burke responds for Galway down the far end.

    Galway 0-7 Limerick 1-8

  • Limerick rotating their forwards cleverly and it's bamboozling the Galway defenders who are not sure where they should be or who they are marking.  
  • Great work by Johnny Coen. That's top quality defending.  
  • Yellow card: Hegarty. Looked harsh. Cooney with an eighth wide for Galway.  
  • Limerick's Mike Casey is down injured.  
  • Casey's ankle is being sprayed and taped in that order.  
  • Apparently there are 20,000 Limerick supporters cheering on their team in the Gaelic Grounds.  
  • Canning with a poor wide. He's struggling to contain Hannon and his team could have done with that point.  
  • Hayes into the back of Canning. Eyes on the ball. He did make contact but it's a soft free.  
  • 34 mins: Canning watches a free drop short.  
  • Galway with only one point from the 15th minute.
  • Four additional minutes
  • 35 mins: Canning with an easy free, his fourth point.  

    Galway 0-8 Limerick 1-8

  • 35 mins (+1): Cooney with his second point.  

    Galway 0-9 Limerick 1-8

  • 35 mins (+2): That's a ridiculous free. Seamus Flanagan drops to the ground following a fair shoulder from Harte. Gillane points the free. Limerick's first score from a free.  

    Galway 0-9 Limerick 1-9.  

  • 35 mins (+4) Flanagan shows his speed and get away and fire the ball over the bar.

    Galway 0-9 Limerick 1-10

  • Half-time: Galway 0-9 Limerick 1-10
  • Limerick have a four point lead over the defending champions at the interval. It hasn't been a great half, a great deal of wayward and at times panicked shooting. Most of the Galway forwards have yet to get into the game. Limerick's John Kiely will be reasonably happy with the exception of the 11 wides.  
  • Canning has played very deep and that's allowed Hannon to push on and grab two fine points. Limerick with more energy and zip to their game.  
  • Flanagan with a nudge in the back of a Galway defender, Mannion, in the build-up to the Mulcahy goal. Soft frees too, both sides have been sinned against as well as sinning.  
  • Galway 0-9: J Canning 0-4, D Burke 0-2, J Cooney 0-2, P Mannion 0-1

    Limerick 1-10: G Mulcahy 1-1, D Hannon 0-2, A Gillane 0-2, D O’Donovan, C Lynch, T Morrissey, K Hayes and S Flanagan 0-1 each.

  • Only one Galway forward scored from play in the first half. That'll have to change if they are to win. Defending champions are back out but no sign of Limerick.  
  • Limerick are back out and the second half is under way.  
  • 35 mins: Canning missesa long range free.  
  • Flanagan's movement was excellent but a poor wide.  
  • The second half has started the same way as the first. Galway 12 wides, Limerick 11 wides. Coen's was poor too.  
  • 38 mins: Hayes with a point after a comedy of errors.

    Galway 0-9 Limerick 1-11

  • 38 mins: Cooney with his third point and all three from play, the only Galway foreard to manage that.

    Galway 0-10 Limerick 1-11

  • 39 mins: Byrnes with a point for Limerick and then after a Hawkeye intervention Hayes tags on another.

    Galway 0-10 Limerick 1-13

  • 41 mins: Hayes with another point.

    Galway 0-10 Limerick 1-14

  • Limerick are disappearing into the sunset. Thoroughly deserved based on their movement and energy.  
  • Hayes has four points and counting.  
  • Yellow card: Gillane
  • Mannion with a late, hefty challenge on Mulcahy.

    Yellow card: Mannion.  

  • 44 mins: Gillane point from the free. Eight head and time for some changes for Galway in the next few minutes.

    Galway 0-10 Limerick 1-15

  • Limerick with five points in the second half to Galway's one. 13 wides for the defending champions.  
  • 45 mins: Galway's Niall Burke on for Cathal Mannion
  • It's comedy stuff from Galway. They are completely out of sorts.  
  • The 45-year wait for Limerick for an All Ireland Senior Hurling title looks like it's coming to an end unless Galway find form they hhaven't shown so far.  
  • 48 mins: Galway's Jason Flynn on for Conor Cooney. IT's a blood sub.  
  • Limerick's Mike Casey is down again. He's been brilliant so far. Imperious even. Richie McCarthy on for Casey.  
  • 50 mins: Canning with a fine point.

    Galway 0-11 Limerick 1-15

  • Conor Cooney back as blood substitution is reversed.  
  • 52 mins: Great catch by Glynn, and he finds Canning who grabs a sixth point of the game

    Galway 0-12 Limerick 1-15

  • 54 mins: Goal Tom Morrissey, Limerick. Brilliant finish

    Galway 0-13 Limerick 2-15

  • Tom Morrissey with a one-handed flick and a super finish. Galway are toast.  
  • 55 mins: Limerick's Shane Dowling on for Hegarty.  
  • Brilliant and very brave save from Galway goalkeeper James Skehill. Flanagan hit a rocket and while he should have scored, Skehill deserves massive credit.  
  • Galway Sean Loftus for Coen.  
  • Skehill gets up but is very shaky and is escorted off the pitch.  
  • All of Galway's allotted six subs are on the pitch.

    61 mins: David bUrke point

    Galway 0-14 Limerick 2-15  

  • 62 mins: Canning misses a free. That's Galway's 15th wide.  
  • Limerick's Peter Casey on for Flanagan.  
  • Limerick lead by seven with six minutes plus injury time remaining.  
  • 64 mins: Canning with his eighth point of the match  

    Galway 0-15 Limerick 2-15

  • 66 mins: Canning with his ninth point from a free.  

    Galway 0-16 Limerick 2-15

  • That's three wides in a row from Limerick. Jittery anyone?

  • Gillane with a wide. That's four in a row.  
  • GOAL: Limerick, Dowling.  
  • 68 mins: Dowling with a very cool finish after Peter Casey's block down and run.

    Galway 0-16 Limerick 3-15

  • The 45-year wait is nearly over.  
  • Eight minutes of addtional time.  
  • GOAL: Conor Whelan of Galway. Great catch and finish.

    Galway 1-16 Limerick 3-15

  • There are seven minutes left and five points between the sides.  
  • Did Nicky Quaid touch the ball on the ground outside the large rectangle. Yep. Free in. Great long delivery from the replacement Galway goalkeeper Flannery.  
  • GOAL: Canning, rifles the ball to the net from the 21-yard free.  

    Galway 2-16 Limerick 3-15

  • Two point game, three and a half minutes left in injury time.  
  • Limerick need a score, any score.  
  • Cian Lynch misplaces a pass and Niall Burke punishes him with a point.  

    Galway 2-17 Limerick 3-15

  • Kyle Hayes goes for a point from long range but it drifts wide. GAlway with one final chance.  
  • 77 mins: NO. Mulcahy with a great point.

    Galway 2-17 Limerick 3-16

  • Canning points a 65, that's 1-10 in his personal tally

    Galway 2-18 Limerick 3-16

  • Free for Galway. Canning from inside his own half.  
  • Drops short and the full-time whistle goes.  
  • Full-time: Galway 2-18 Limerick 3-16
  • What a finish, what a second half.  
  • Limerick, who led by eight points at one stage win by one and therefore end a 45-year wait to reclaim the Liam McCarthy Cup.
  • Limerick's Tom Morrissey: "Our bodies are in bits but it was definitely worth it."
  • Galway showed character to claw their way back and could have nicked it in the end but had they done so Limerick would never have forgiven themselves. Limerick deserved to win though.

    John Kiely: "Huge relief. This group have phenomenal belief in their ability. Galway pushed us all the way. I'm just thrilled for Limerick. They don't know what it is to give up."    

  • Our GAA writers will be trying to make some sense of that final and you can read their thoughts here in the next few minutes.  
  • So Limerick hang on and survive. 45-years since they last won in 1973 and they do some by the narrowest of margins against the defending champions Galway. Thank you all for your comment and company.

    Limerick 3-16 Galway 2-18