SFC: Roscommon v Mayo

Roscommon and Mayo meet again in GAA HQ with a place in the last four at stake

Eamon Donoghue Mon, Aug 7
LIVE: SFC: Roscommon v Mayo

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  • Hello and Welcome . . . Roscommon and Mayo meet again in today's All-Ireland football quarter-final replay. Who will win the bragging rights, and a place in the last four? We'll find out very shortly.

    Follow all the action live right here, and be sure to get in touch throughout; via either the comments section ('Contact Us' tab) or on Twittter (@DonoghueEamon).

  • All-Ireland SFC quarter-final replay

    Roscommon v Mayo

  • Team news

    MAYO:  David Clarke; Brendan Harrison, Ger Cafferkey, Keith Higgins; Colm Boyle, Chris Barrett, Paddy Durcan; Lee Keegan, Seamus O'Shea; Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O'Shea, Diarmuid O'Connor; Jason Doherty, Cillian O'Connor, Andy Moran.

    Roscommon:  Colm Lavin; Sean McDermott, Niall McInerney, David Murray; John McManus, Sean Mullooly, Brian Stack; Tadgh O’Rourke, Enda Smith; Fintan Cregg, Niall Kilroy, Conor Devaney; Ciarain Murtagh, Diarmuid Murtagh, Cian Connolly

  • Conditions perfect in Croke Park. Many felt Roscommon left it behind them the last day, and Mayo again come in as big favourites.
    But both counties have travelled in numbers and confidence is sky high with the Connacht champions!

    Some key battles ahead, none more so than Enda Smith v Lee Keegan. The latter scored 1-3 last weekend!
  • Two changes to the Roscommon team . Fintan Cregg and Ciaran Murtagh are out . Cathal Compton and Caolin Fitzmaurice in. The latter was only brought into the squad during the summer off the back of club form
  • And huge news from the Mayo camp
  • No Lee Keegan or Ger Cafferkey. Tom Parsons and Donie Vaughan in. Keegan suffering with a foot injury all week
  • That's a phenomenal loss for Mayo. Frees up Enda Smith
  • While the Roscommon selections are massive too. Their captain dropped and a debutant in. A man who has not played minor or u21 either
  • Seanie McDermott in for the toss. The veteran defender will lead the Rossies out
  • Lee Keegan has been struggling with a serious blister. He's togged out however and Mayo will hope he'll feature at some point!
  • It look like Fitzmaurice will play midfield and Enda Smith in the forwards. Changes most likely made to bring Lee Keegan as far back from the Roscommon goals as possible. He's not starting now however so how will the Rossies react? We'll find out in a few minutes
  • Roscommon 0-0 Mayo 0-0 (1') Game on! Aidan O'Shea grabs the throw in. And wins a free on the edge of the D
  • Roscommon 0-0 Mayo 0-1 (1') First throw in that Roscommon have lost all year. O'Connor taps over the free, and Mayo have the first score of this replay
  • Roscommon 0-0 Mayo 0-1 (4') Cathal Compton does well to win a 45 running along the inline. Colm Lavin comes up from his goals but misses it
  • Roscommon 0-0 Mayo 0-2 (6') The referee giving some very soft frees here. Can't see a replay of the high intensity match last weekend as any bit of contact and there is a free awarded. Aidan O'Shea fouled and O'Connor converts his second free
  • Roscommon 0-0 Mayo 0-3 (6') Roscommon kickout goes long and Mayo win the break. Donal Vaughan points on the overlap. They've started very strongly
  • David Drake in for Chris Barrett. Blood sub. Hop ball and Aidan O'Shea eats it. His third to win
  • Roscommon 0-0 Mayo 0-5 (12') Third O'Connor free. From a tight angle on the left. Followed by one from his brother. Roscommon flat here but they are weathering the storm to a degree. Mayo well on top
  • Roscommon 0-0 Mayo 0-6 (15')  15 minutes in and Roscommon's first shot from play is wide via Cian Connolly. Jason Doherty adds another for Mayo. Before a short kickout goes wrong, but before pulling the trigger Cillian O'Connor picks off the ground
  • Mayo have been really physical so far. Bossing the middle third. And Roscommon not moving it fast or cleanly enough to bypass that sector. Still 0-6 to no score after 19 minutes
  • Roscommon 0-1 Mayo 0-6 (20')  At last a Roscommon score. Enda Smith takes on Aidan O'Shea, cuts across him and points
  • Roscommon 0-2 Mayo 0-6 (21')  Roscommon's defenders have been excellent, keeping them in it. This time two of them combine. Niall McInerney makes a huge run, pops to Sean Mullooly who points
  • Roscommon 0-2 Mayo 2-6 (23')  Followed by another. First one, Kevin McLoughlin cuts through the defence and buries a goal. Before Andy Moran is the last man to palm in a goal in the next attack.

    MAYO, MAYO ringing out around Croke Park. Roscommon being swamped. Their fans as subdued as their players so far. It'll take some coming back from this

  • Fourth Mayo wide. They could be completely out of sight. Two half goal chances missed also!
  • Roscommon 0-3 Mayo 3-6 (28')  There we go. Keith Higgins literally carries the ball 30m and scores a GOAL. It's that easy out there.

    Diarmuid Murtagh responds with a point

  • Roscommon 0-3 Mayo 3-7 (31')  Aidan O'Shea curls over a beauty from out near the right sideline

  • Colm Lavin saves point black from Brendan Harrison. Anyone else but a corner back and it was a fourth goal
  • Roscommon 0-4 Mayo 3-8 (35')  Jason Doherty extends the Mayo lead before Diarmuid Murtagh points from a tight angle in the right corner

  • HT Roscommon 0-4 Mayo 3-8  What a half from Mayo. Roscommon's pre-match switches have really backfired. The forwards are not working, they are not out in front and they are not tracking with intent. Then around the middle the physical battle is non existent. Mayo just bossing it and Roscommon's slow play is playing into their hands.  

    Enda Smith needed back around the middle. And Ciaran Murtagh and Fintan Cregg needed back in there to link the play

  • Roscommon out early for the second half. Awaiting Mayo.  
  • Gary Patterson on for Sean McDermott. The one change. Very odd.
  • Two other changes follow. Ciaran Murtagh and Fintan Cregg on for Cian Connolly and Cathal Compton
  • Roscommon 0-4 Mayo 3-8  (35') Second half underway. Roscommon win the throw in but the first attack comes to nothing

  • Roscommon 0-4 Mayo 3-9  (37') Aidan O'Shea, with all the time in the world, just inside the D taps over a point

  • Roscommon 0-5 Mayo 3-8  (38') Brilliant quick pass from Fitzmaurice into Murtagh. He shoots on the turn and it blazes over the bar

  • Roscommon 0-5 Mayo 3-8  (41') Enda Smith kicks Roscommon's fifth wide

  • Brian Stack gets the sixth wide
  • Roscommon 0-5 Mayo 4-10  (44') Aidan O'Shea, playing at 14 here, takes on his man and fists against the post. It's brought back for a free though and Cillian O'Connor points it.

    Bad kickout is turned over, Cillian O'Connor takes a pass from his brother and passes it into the left corner

  • Roscommon 0-6 Mayo 4-11  (46') Long kickout. Keith Higgins wins a mark on the Roscommon midfielder. It's worked inside and Tom Parsons gets in on the act.  

    Conor Deaney gets one back for Roscommon

  • Roscommon 0-6 Mayo 4-12  (49') Good work by substitute Conor Loftus. Andy Moran is at the end of the move and he raises another white flag

  • Second yellow for Fintan Cregg - must've been for something off the ball - Rossies down to 14. Free turned into a hop ball. Mayo win it. Cillian O'Connor passes across the goal to Loftus and his effort at scoring a fifth Mayo goal is inches wide
  • Cillian O'Connor adds a free and then one from play. It's now 4-14 to 0-6. A 20 point lead with 58 minutes gone
  • Roscommon 0-6 Mayo 4-14  (59') Ian Kilbride comes on and he will add a bit of physicality. Kevin McStay has got it all right so far this summer. But the match-ups, and the selection changes/subsitutions (and their timing) have been really off today.

  • Roscommon 0-6 Mayo 4-15  (62')  Colin Compton on for Enda Smith after Drake adds another score for Mayo

  • Roscommon 0-7 Mayo 4-16  (62') Another for Drake. He fists over the bar after Niall Kilroy gets Roscommon's seventh point

  • Roscommon 0-8 Mayo 4-17  (68') Shane Nally curls over a lovely point from the left of the posts. Mayo's 12th different scorer so far. Diarmuid Murtagh responds with a close range free

  • At least four minutes of additional time to be played
  • Roscommon 0-8 Mayo 4-18  (72') Stephen Coen is Mayo's 13th different scorer. Two more minutes for the Rossies to endure

  • Roscommon 0-9 Mayo 4-19   (73') Shane Nally's second point. This one from beyond the 45. Donie Smith gets one back, a lovely outside of the left effort

  • FT Roscommon 0-9 Mayo 4-19 - Demolition job my Mayo. They really pressed Roscommon and made it a physical battle. Exactly what a young, slight, nippy Roscommon wanted to avoid. The score reflected that physical dominance

  • Aidan O'Shea (man of the match); "A few tactical tweaks worked. Everyone has written us off, as per usual. But we keep going.

    "We'll keep going at it, we've a game next week and we are really looking forward to it."

  • So that's that . . . A bad way to end the summer, but Roscommon are Connacht champions and they can be pleased with their season overall. Mayo are back in the last four and coming to form at the right time. It took them over 140 minutes but in the end there were 22 points between the teams.

    The best four teams in the country are in the semi-finals, so let the battles commence!

    Match report and analysis from Croke Park to follow on the site. Until then, thanks for joining us.  

    FT Roscommon 0-9 Mayo 4-19