4A Qualifier: Donegal v Galway

Galway will look to put their Connacht final defeat behind them against the Ulster side

Eamon Donoghue Sat, Jul 22
LIVE: 4A Qualifier: Donegal v Galway

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  • Hello and Welcome . . . Tipperary are into the hurling semi-finals, but now attention turns to the football action. Cork and Mayo meet in Round 4A of the football qualifiers.

    All the action live right here, and be sure to get in touch throughout, via either the comments section ('Contact Us' tab) or on Twitter (@DonoghueEamon). Let's get started!

  • All-Ireland SFC Qualifier Round 4A
    Cork v Mayo, Gaelic Grounds  Limerick, 5.0
  • Named teams:  

    CORK: Ken O’Halloran; James Loughrey, Eoin Cadogan, Jamie O Sullivan; Sean Powter, Michael Shields, Tomas Clancy; Aidan Walsh, Ian Maguire; Colm O Driscoll, Mark Collins, John O Rourke; Barry O Driscoll, Donncha O Connor; Paul Kerrigan.

    MAYO: David Clarke; Brendan Harrison, Ger Cafferkey, Keith Higgins; Lee Keegan, Chris Barrett, Colm Boyle; Seamus O’Shea, Tom Parsons; Kevin McLoughlin, Aidan O’Shea, Diarmuid O’Connor; Conor Loftus, Cillian O’Connor, Andy Moran.

  • Team changes:

    Jason Doherty comes in for Conor Loftus on the Mayo team.

    While Cork goalkeeper Ken O'Halloran is replaced by Ryan Price

  • Sean Moran's Lowdown

    Last meeting: 2014 All-Ireland quarter-final, Croke Park, Mayo 1-19, Cork 2-15
    Odds: Mayo 1/5, Cork 9/2, Draw 12/1.
    Just the ticket: Adults €20, Students, senior citizens €15. Juveniles €5.
    Verdict:  Mayo

  • "Cork’s best moments against Kerry were Ian Maguire’s taking on the centrefield battle and that would be an important area in which to prosper against Mayo but it’s very hard to see the rest of it coming together sufficiently to spring a shock here."

    Read that preview in full here

  • Can't see Cork going the distance with Mayo here. Although Mayo's running style will suit them! National anthem time
  • Cork 0-0 Mayo 0-0 (1') Big Aidan O'Shea taps down the throw in for Mayo. Game on!
  • Cork 0-1 Mayo 0-0 (2') Two Mayo attacks come to nothing. As Donncha O'Connor scores the first point of the game
  • Cork 0-2 Mayo 0-0 (5') A second free from O'Connor. Cork starting well. They are keeping it tight and physcial in defence
  • Cork 0-2 Mayo 0-1 (6') Cillian O'Connor gets Cork going with a free. Still no point from play from either side
  • Cork 0-3 Mayo 0-1 (9') Donncha O'Connor gets his first from play. His third in all. In from the start today and showing exactly why!
  • Cork 0-3 Mayo 0-2 (10') Lee Keegan gets Mayo's first from play. A beauty from distance.
  • Cork 0-4 Mayo 0-3 (13') Donncha O'Connor with another from play. His fourth. On fire!
  • Cork 0-4 Mayo 0-3 (15') The power of the mark. The power of Aidan O'Shea. He doesn't even need to jump and catches it. Takes the mark quick and Tom Parsons gets inside and points.
  • Cork 0-4 Mayo 0-4 (17') Level game. Andy Moran is working his socks off to make himself an option inside, with Cork back in numbers. He gets it, turns on the inside along the inline and fists over.

    His marker James Loughrey has gone off injured

  • Mayo's first wide comes on 19 minutes. A poor one from Andy Moran. They've been patient in attack so far, but not there.
  • Diarmuid O'Connor tries to drive in on goal and is pushed in the back by Eoin Cadogan. Not picked up by the referee.
  • Cork 0-5 Mayo 0-4 (23') Barry O'Driscoll cuts across to collect the ball on the D. Rides two tackles and points. Very good score.

  • Cork 0-5 Mayo 0-6 (25') Aidan O'Shea has been impressive again. Drives forward to support Moran, takes the pop pass in the right corner and points with his weaker right foot.

    His brother Seamie then makes a great turnover, Colm Boyle makes a break and Cillian O'Connor is at the end of the counter attack to point.

  • Cork 0-5 Mayo 0-7 (27') Big Aidan involved again. Draws in three men, brushes them off and lays off to Andy Moran. His second point.

  • Cork 0-6 Mayo 0-7 (28') Cork needed that one. They work it in and then out, before their captain Paul Kerigan takes it on. And nails his effort over the bar.

  • Cork 0-7 Mayo 0-7 (30') An excellent free from near the left sideline by Donncha O'Connor. Brilliant from him this first half hour.

  • Cork 0-7 Mayo 0-7 (33') Crossfield ball into Donncha O'Connor. He turns Ger Cafferkey inside out and left footed kicks it - according to the umpires it's over the bar - but linesman corrects the referee and it's ruled out.

  • Cork 0-7 Mayo 0-8 (34') Jamie O'Sullivan black carded for third man tackle on big Aidan. Cillian O'Connor scores the free.

  • Cork 0-7 Mayo 0-10 (36') Jason Doherty wins the kickout, takes it on and scores an excellent point. Before Cillian O'Connor goes it alone, takes on his man and points left footed.

    We have a minute left of first half injury time

  • HT Cork 0-7 Mayo 0-10 Mayo finish the half strongly. The more that Cork are forced to come out, Mayo will catch them on the counter. Big Aidan O'Shea again dominating.

    Surely Alan O'Connor will be brought on here to deal with that. Cannot understand how he is not starting.  

    A decent half of football in Limerick.

  • Cork scorers: D O'Connor 0-5 (3f), B O'Driscoll and Kerrigan 0-1 each.

    Mayo scorers: C O'Connor 0-4 (0-2f), A Moran 0-2, L Keegan, A O'Shea, J Doherty, T Parson 0-1 each.

  • No changes on either side at the interval
  • Attendance is 13,545 in Gaelic Grounds
  • Cork 0-7 Mayo 0-10 (35') First attack of the half ends in a Cork wide
  • Ruairi Deane comes on. No Alan O'Connor.  
  • Cork 0-7 Mayo 0-11 (37') Great score. Diarmuid O'Connor to Aidan O'Shea who wins it with two men on him. Pops to Parsons who finds Moran who scores his third point.
  • Cork 0-7 Mayo 0-12 (39') Diarmuid O'Connor on the turn curls over a beauty. Mayo finding their groove.
  • Cork 0-7 Mayo 0-13 (41')  Mayo playing beautiful football. Lee Keegan breaks. The attack goes into the corner but is then popped across to Cillian O'Connor who spins his man and gets his fourth point from play.
  • Paddy Durcan comes on for Barrett. Mayo have some strong players to bring off the bench. Can't see it getting any better for Cork
  • Cork 0-7 Mayo 0-14 (45')  Durcan drives on, mad to impress. Rides the tackle and points at full tilt.
  • Cork 0-9 Mayo 0-14 (47')  No Cork score in 16 minutes, Barry O'Driscoll though finds space inside and goes for it. Before he can unload he's fouled. Donncha O'Connor scores the free.

    Like waiting for buses, Cork get another then straight away. John O'Rourke.

  • Cork 0-11 Mayo 0-14 (49')  Two in a row from John O'Rourke. Turns his man inside out and then curls it over. Before Colm O'Neill floats over his first point.

  • Cork 0-11 Mayo 0-15 (51')  Big Aidan O'Shea again takes in a number of tackles, then pops out to Cillian O'Connor who has the time to kick over his fifth point.

  • Cork 0-11 Mayo 0-16 (52')  Aidan O'Shea left one on one, he wins it. Tears by his man and then points. Could've went for the goal but was happy with his point

  • Cork 1-11 Mayo 0-17 (54')  Andy Moran points... before a brilliant CORK GOAL by Sean Power.  

    Drives at the Mayo defence, dummies left then right and keeps it low and hard. Another goal chance follows, but John O'Rourke one-on-one drives it wide.

  • Cork 1-12 Mayo 0-17 (57')  Cork go for goal again. Clancy, the other Cork halfback, drives forward but his effort at goal is tipped over the bar.

  • Cork 1-13 Mayo 0-17 (59')  John O'Rourke makes up for his missed goal chance with his third point.

  • Cork 1-13 Mayo 0-18 (62')  A sixth point from play for O'Connor as Conor Loftus comes on for Andy Moran who was excellent.

  • Cork 1-13 Mayo 0-19 (64')  Cillian O'Connor slots over a close in free after a sloppy foul from Cadogan. Three in it as we enter the last five minutes.

    O'Connor's ninth point (3f).

  • Luke Connolly with Cork's 12 wide. His effort pulls when you really would've expected him to nail it. Cork need to take all the chances they can get!

  • Cork 1-14 Mayo 0-19 (68')  A Colm O'Neill free ends a 10 minute spell with no Cork score. Which came from another Sean Powter run.

  • Cork 1-14 Mayo 0-20 (69')  Conor Loftus settles himself, turns in and shoots high and over the bar while under pressure. Great score.  

    Six minutes of injury time to be played.

  • Cork 2-14 Mayo 0-20 (69')  Cork work it through the hands. Their traditional style. It comes to Connolly who raises the green flag!

  • Cadogan is almost in but Cafferkey cuts it out. Four minutes of injury time left and it's a level game!
  • Cork 2-14 Mayo 0-21 (74')  Mayo counter quickly. It comes back out to Paddy Durcan who curls over his second point.  Huge score

  • Instead of keeping the ball Loftus shoots wide. Cork go short with the kickout and come again  
  • Crucial interception from Donie Vaughan
  • Luke Connolly lining up a free from over 50m off the ground. Last minute
  • He's nailed it!!
  • FT Cork 2-15 Mayo 0-21 An incredible effort by Connolly, who also got the equalising goal. Extra time to come!

  • Mayo had the chances to keep the ball and kill the game. Three times in those final minutes.

    Once again the men of Mayo will have to dig deep into those reserves.

    Cork, as they did against Tipperary, causing havoc when they decide to run the ball. That is Cork football. Whether it's underage or Sigerson or club.

  • Mayo struggling after Lee Keegan's black card, and with Aidan O'Shea gone deeper inside they've lost their stranglehold around the middle. Colm Boyle gone off too.

  • Donegal/Galway has been put back 15 minutes in Sligo
  • Alan O'Connor on for Cork
  • ET Cork 2-16 Mayo 0-21 (70') Mayo win the throw in but their first attack comes to nothing. Paul Kerrigan down the other end floats over a beauty. Cork ahead!

  • ET Cork 2-17 Mayo 0-22 (72') Level again. Conor Loftus takes it on, he loves the pressure this lad. And gets his second point.

    Kerrigan responds.

  • ET Cork 2-18 Mayo 0-23 (75')  Brilliant point by Michael Hurley. Skins the Mayo defence and curls it over from the right of the posts. Cork are two up . . .

    Not for long though. Big Aidan takes it on the burst and bombs over a point.

  • ET Cork 2-19 Mayo 0-23 (78')  Colm O'Neill is forced out to the left, but he's happy to take it on and curls it over the bar. Lovely score. Cork two ahead again.

  • ET Cork 2-19 Mayo 0-24 (80')  An off the ball foul on Vaughan gives Cillian O'Connor a free from distance and out on the left. But he wraps around it and it's a wonderful score!

  • Sean Powter has ran himself to the ground. Cramp forces him off
  • ET HT Cork 2-19 Mayo 0-24  Cork ahead and still causing all sorts of bother when they run at Mayo. Both teams look tired. A goal would win it!

  • ET Cork 2-19 Mayo 0-25 (81')  Second half of injury time underway.  Evan Regan kicks Mayo's seventh wide before Keith Higgins takes his point when the goal might have been on

  • ET Cork 2-19 Mayo 0-26 (83')  What a score by Diarmuid O'Connor. Just goes for it. Level again. Mayo fans in Limerick loved that!

  • ET Cork 2-19 Mayo 0-27 (85')  Goal chance for Loftus. Goes low but it's out for a 45. Cillian nails the 45

  • ET Cork 2-20 Mayo 0-27 (87')  Hurley's second point. Like his first, all about the pace. Great score. The Rebels won't give up here

  • Mayo playing keep ball. A point up and a minute left
  • Cork surround Coen but the referee gives the free to Mayo. Cork sideline is furious. Was a 50/50 call
  • Alan Dillon has kicked the free straight to a Cork man on halfway
  • They work it to Kerrigan on the left, back across . . . .
  • Hurley takes it on but slices it. Three minutes of injury time left
  • ET Cork 2-20 Mayo 0-27 (91')  Cork's 16th wide. Little over a minute left

  • ET FT Cork 2-20 Mayo 0-27 (91')  Mayo hold on. They are into the last eight again. This team has heart like no other. How much will this 90 minutes have taken out of them though? Great courage by Cork but the better team progresses!

  • Now to Sligo, and Donegal versus Mayo is already underway.

    After 11 minutes Galway lead 0-4 to 0-3

  • Donegal 0-4 Galway 0-4 (13') Michael Murphy levels matters with a free for Donegal. Still catching my breath with the action from Limerick!
  • That's Murphy's third free. All pretty close in. He'll slot those all day
  • Poor pass into Ian Burke who was through on goal. Down the other end and Paddy McBrearty floats one over from play.
  • Donegal 0-5 Galway 1-4 (17') Heaney gives Galway a two point advantage. Well worked goal set up by Sean Armstrong in the corner. Soft hands and a great finish.
  • Donegal 0-5 Galway 1-5 (19') And Heaney follows up with a point. Galway three ahead now thanks to his double
  • Donegal 0-5 Galway 1-6 (22')  Patient build up play by Galway for that last score. Comer was one on one inside if they let it into him though.

    On the next attack they do give it to him, he takes it on the turn and goes like a bull down the inline before being dragged down.  

    Armstrong slots the resultant free

  • Donegal 0-5 Galway 1-6 (26')  The ball comes off the post. Murphy fumbles his handpass back - a very, very rare mistake by him - and Tom Flynn comes in on goal but is dragged down by the 'keeper.

    Black card for Mark Anthony and Peter Boyle comes in. PENALTY to come

  • Donegal 0-5 Galway 2-7 (28')  Liam Silke nails it. The wing pack passes it into the net. Paul Conroy then adds another point

  • Donegal 0-6 Galway 2-8 (32')  No Donegal score in 15 minutes. Before Murphy drills over a 45. His fourth point.

    Galway meanwhile go seven ahead again through Ian Burke. A late starter for the Tribesmen at corner forward, great to see the former Under-21 Footballer of the Year getting his chance and so far he's been lively

  • Donegal 0-6 Galway 2-9 (33')  Damien Comer, who has been excellent in this first half scores a beauty, which stems from a brilliant turnover from Gareth Bradshw on Michael Murphy.

    They had a goal chance before that though but Peter Boyle pulled off a good save

  • Donegal 0-6 Galway 3-9 (36')  A third Galway goal. Johnny Heaney's second (2-1 for him), he palms into an empty net. One minute of added time remains. Too easy

  • HT Donegal 0-7 Galway 3-9 Martin McElhinney comes on to try and halt the Galway dominance at midfield. He gets the last point of the half. Leaving Kevin Walsh's team with an 11 point lead at the interval

  • Galway kicking the ball out long and winning the midifeld battle. They've scored three goals and had two more great chances.  

    Well on top and you can't see Donegal coming back. They've been dire all summer and this sums it up.

  • Donegal have the slight breeze. Perhaps they'll put Murphy in at 14 as it's not realy going his way around the middle
  • Donegal 0-7 Galway 3-9 (35')  Murphy wins the throw in and is fouled. Second half underway!

  • Donegal 0-7 Galway 3-10 (36')  Johnny Heaney adds another point. He's got 2-2 today! After two early wides by Donegal

  • Donegal 0-7 Galway 3-11 (38')  Sean Armstrong then adds his fourth. Galway taking off where they left off in this second half!

  • Donegal 0-7 Galway 3-12 (39')  And they keep coming. Team captain Gary O'Donnell drives up from the back to create a 14 point lead.

  • Donegal 0-8 Galway 3-12 (41')  Martin O'Reilly gets Donegal's second half scoring underway. Murphy getting to grips with the Tribesmen kickout but Galway still rampant

  • What a blow. Murphy blackcarded. Very harsh black, more clumsy than anything else!
  • Donegal 0-9 Galway 3-13 (48')  McElhinney now black carded too. So Donegal playing with 13 as Michael Daly floats over a point in response to a nice Paddy McBrearty effort

  • This is a nightmare for Donegal. Two men in arrears and trailing by 13 points with 20 minutes left!
  • Paddy McBrearty goal chance. Off the bar. Nothing going for them. When the ball does go into the Donegal fullforward line they are causing problems
  • Donegal 0-10 Galway 3-13 (52')  McHugh fouled. McBrearty slots the free.  

  • Donegal 0-11 Galway 3-13 (55')  Michael Langan with a good score for Donegal who are still plucking away

  • Second yellow for Declan Kyne has seen Galway down to 14 men. So 14 against 13
  • Donegal 0-12 Galway 3-13 (59') Martin O'Reilly's second point in this second period for Donegal
  • Donegal 0-12 Donegal 3-14 (60) Into the last 10 minutes and Eamon Brannigan adds another point for Galway
  • Donegal were flat against Meath. Torn apart by Tyrone. But against a team fresh from a Connacht final humbling, this was not at all expected
  • Interesting to see Galway again not finishing strongly. As was the case when they just held on against Mayo and laid down for the Rossies.

    The fullback line again looking dodgy at times too.

    Picking at straws though to find flaws in such a heavy win.
  • Donegal 0-13 Galway 3-16 (68') Armstrong adds a free. Excellent again today, as he was v Mayo. A wise head.

    Paddy McBrearty gets one back before Gary O'Donnell gets his second
  • FT Donegal 0-14 Galway 4-17 - Couldn't get any worse? Danny Cummings gets a fourth goal!
  • So that's that. Galway and Mayo join Roscommon in the last eight. Three Connacht teams.

    One win a lot more convincing than we expected, and perhaps the other less so.

    Reports and analysis to follow. We'all be back tomorrow with more hurling. Until then, thanks for joining us.