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Áine McMahon Thu, Apr 17
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    Good morning, Áine McMahon here on Thursday's Daily Wire.  

    Few gremlins in the system this morning but we're here now to keep you updated throughout the day.  

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    The ongoing discussion about Temple Bar continues to win the war for eyeballs on the site today.  

    Our Environment Editor and Temple Bar resident Frank McDonald's take on the news that Huffington Post named it among the world's most dissapointing locations. Read it here.  

    "Tourists from France, Italy, Spain and other moderate-drinking continental European countries are appalled by the spectacle of drunken revellers roaming noisily through the streets on a pub crawl or just falling about the place."

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    Verdicts are expected in the trial of two former Anglo Irish Bank directors accused of providing illegal loans to investors to buy shares in the bank.

    Former finance director William McAteer and Anglo's former head of lending for Ireland Patrick Whelan remain on trial, after the jury acquitted their co-accused Sean FitzPatrick on all charges.

    Both men deny the allegations.  

    Here's Miriam Lord's take on Sean FitzPatrick walking free yesterday.  

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    "Sending this in case I may not be able to say this again. Mom, I love you.”

    That was one of many text messages sent by passengers on a sinking ferry in South Korea yesterday.

    Hundreds are feared dead in the South Korean ferry disaster.

    Shin Young-Jin was one of the lucky ones though. He escaped the tilted vessel and was reunited with his mother, who had texted him back to say, “Oh, I love you too son.”

    Shin was one of 179 survivors rescued before the boat capsized and was submerged totally underwater.

    There are fears for the lives of 287 people, including 244 students who were on a school trip to a nearby holiday island.

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    BBC are reporting that a series of dramatic images of a public execution in Iran, which was stopped at the last minute, are being widely shared and discussed in the country.

    The images show the empty chair, then the crowd of assembled onlookers, and the noose hanging listlessly.

    The accused man, Balal, is hauled out, blindfolded, screaming for his life. As he stands beside the noose, the victim's mother slaps him on the cheek. Then she pardons him, sparing his life. Seven years earlier, Balal had killed the woman's son Abdollah in a fight. They were both 17 at the time.

    This sequence of Tuesday's dramatic scenes of a last-minute pardon was captured by onlookers at the scene.

    You can view the incredible images contained in a photo essay here.

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    Be sure to give him your number one if you see him canvassing around Meath....
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    Credit Unions customers will be able to avail of debit cards by January 2015.

    The Chief Executive of the League of Credit Unions Ciaran Brennan told Newstalk earlier that the cards will be on offer to all credit union customers by early next year.

    The cards will be similar to the old Laser card as money can only be spent if there are funds in the account linked to it.

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    Almost 400 primary schools are to be offered funding from the school book rental scheme capital fund.

    The Minister for Education and Skills, Ruairí Quinn has announced that all primary schools who currently operate a school book rental scheme will be able to benefit from the €15 million School Book Rental Scheme Fund which he secured as part of Budget 2014.

    Fianna Fáil say they welcome the "partial climb-down" by the Minister for Education Ruairí Quinn on the School Book Rental Scheme.

    “This latest u-turn from Minister Quinn will come as some relief to the 76% of schools across the country that were left high and dry when the School Book Rental Scheme was announced in October,” said Deputy McConalogue. “These are schools that were being penalised for their own initiative and resourcefulness in setting up a book rental scheme to help ease the pressure on parents. The vast majority of the schools had to make huge sacrifices to do this, moving funding from other important school projects and engaging parents and local communities in fundraising drives.

  • 11:54
    The Central Bank advising Setanta Insurance customers to arrange alternative cover "without delay" as it is set to wind up. More here.  
  • 12:12

    There are rumours afoot that TV3 are lining-up Brian O’Driscoll to be a big name analyst for their Rugby World Cup coverage.

    Earlier this week it was confirmed that TV3 had beaten RTE to win the rights to broadcast the tournament in September 2015.

    Meawnhile, IRFU chief executive Philip Browne has declared he and the IRFU are “absolutely happy” with the new European Rugby Champions Cup format and organisational structure, Gerry Thornley  reports.

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    "Don’t worry about not having photos, we have men to shoot you,’ said one poker-faced official"  

    Here's Isobel Yeung's piece on taking part in the 27th Pyongyang marathon in North Korea.  

  • 12:44

    The prosecutor at the murder trial of double-amputee Olympian Oscar Pistorius is continuing his cross-examination of one of the defence’s forensic experts.
    Chief prosecutor Gerrie Nel questioned materials analyst and former policeman Roger Dixon on the expert’s findings regarding Mr Pistorius’ fatal shooting of girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp last year.
    Mr Dixon has offered a different sequence for the shots that killed Ms Steenkamp, contradicting testimony by a police ballistics expert and the pathologist who did the autopsy on Ms Steenkamp’s body.
    Mr Nel criticised Mr Dixon for testifying in areas he had no expertise in.
    Mr Dixon testified that Ms Steenkamp’s wounds show she may have been in a different position than the prosecution says when she was shot multiple times through a toilet door by Pistorius.

  • 14:00

    The Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald has said a referendum would be needed to give adopted children the full rights to trace their parents.

    Frances Fitzgerald says parents have the right to assert their privacy if they want and their children have no comeback.

    The Minister is working on new legislation to give adopted children the power to trace their parents in certain circumstances.

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    Water palaver! Three out of four households will not be metered when water is charged for next October, Tánaiste Eamon Gilmore has said.

    “We need to have a fair way of dealing with that situation,’’ he said. “I do not think it is acceptable that you can have a charge just based on some kind of crude decision based on the type of house concerned.’’

    There has been confusion about exactly how much householders will be expected to pay for water, when charges are introduced. It is expected an average annual charge of about €240 per family will apply; an annual standing charge of €50 or less will be charged; and the free allowance will be 30,000 litres per adult and 65,000 litres per child a year.  

    Michael O'Regan has the latest here.  

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    Maybe Enda Kenny had a point...
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    More people own a mobile device than a toothbrush and other fascinating stats in this deadly Socialnomics video  


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    FIFA president Sepp Blatter has claimed punishing fans’ racist behaviour by closing stadiums is “extremely dubious” and “unduly excessive”.

    Blatter said sporting sanctions such as points deductions that “cause real hurt to” clubs are a better punishment than closing part or all of a stadium for matches. FIFA has itself ordered games to be played behind closed doors —
    Ukraine were ordered to play a World Cup qualifier against Poland in an empty stadium after fans made monkey chants and performed Nazi salutes. UEFA has also issued a number of similar sanctions after racist behaviour by fans.

    But Blatter, in his column in FIFA Weekly, said that while he wants “drastic and severe” sanctions for racism, that “football without a crowd is like a concert without sound”. He added: “Games behind closed doors are also included in the (FIFA) code but I regard this penalty as an extremely dubious instrument. They represent a disproportionately collective punishment. “Furthermore it involves excluding innocent fans of the opposing team," he added.

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    A writer with the UK Telegraph has slammed, yes SLAMMED, the Irish Dance World Championships or "The Worlds" as they are also known, being held in London this week.

    In a piece headlined “My idea of hell – 5,000 Irish dancers and me” Northern Irish-born journalist Sarah Rainey writes that “hell was an apt description of the "airless conference hall ...bursting with shrieking youngsters."

    She writes, "The air is thick with the smell of hairspray, perfume and chips" ...and “a piercing Irish jig is being played over and over again.” while the outfits are 2so shiny they hurt the eyes" and the dancers are "perma tanned."

  • 15:16
    A dancer prepares to take part in the World Irish Dancing Championships 2014  
    A dancer prepares to take part in the World Irish Dancing Championships 2014  
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    Three weeks without the Seanad, however will we cope?!
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    The jury in the Anglo Trial are set to return a verdict shortly... They have been deliberating for almost 17 hours over five days.
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    BREAKING - Patrick Whelan and William McAteer have both been found guilty of giving illegal loans to Maple 10.  
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    The sentencing of former Anglo executives Patrick Whelan and William McAteer will take place at 2pm on April 28th.  

    Patrick Whelan and William McAteer were found guilty of giving illegal loans to the Maple 10 but not to the Quinn family.  

    The guilty verdicts returned on Patrick Whelan and William McAteer were unanimous.  

  • 15:49

    A jury has found two former executives of the collapsed
    Anglo Irish Bank guilty of charges of illegal lending and providing unlawful assistance to investors.

    Pat Whelan and Willie McAteer were judged guilty on ten counts of illegal loans to clients known as the "Maple Ten". They were found not guilty on six other charges of illegal loans to the family of businessman Sean Quinn. Former

    Anglo Irish chairman Sean FitzPatrick was found not guilty of the same charges on Wednesday in the first such case since Ireland was rocked by a banking crisis six years ago. The three men were accused of providing loans to the Maple Ten and to the wife and five children of Quinn in 2008 to enable them to buy shares in the bank, boosting its stock price.  


    Judge Martin Nolan thanked the seven women and five men on the jury for their work and exempted them for further jury service for 10 years. Whelan and McAteer have been remanded on continuing bail pending a sentencing hearing on April 28TH.


    The landmark case of a boom-to-bust bank was the first time anyone has been prosecuted under section 60 of the Companies Act in Ireland. The state’s case against the bankers was that the loans were extraordinary business and in contravention of that law.  

    The verdict draws to a close just one aspect of complex fraud investigations focusing on the turbulent months before
    Anglo was nationalised in January 2009 at a cost to Irish citizens of about 30 billion euros.


  • 16:11

    Sinn Fein TD and Finance Spokesperson Pearse Doherty TD is first out the traps with his reaction to today's verdict in the Anglo Trial.

    He said there would be mixed emotions from the public in response. He added however that there is still a long way to go before the Irish people feel justice has been served on all those culpable in the Irish banking crisis.


    "There will be mixed emotions to the two verdicts last night and today from the Irish people. Though Judge Nolan quite correctly pointed out that these men were facing technical charges and were not answering for the problems of the entire banking system, many people just saw this as a trial of the former bankers who contributed to the crash. We are still waiting for justice to be served on all those culpable in the Irish banking crisis."  

    All the other party finance spokespeople need to get a wriggle on.  

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    Patrick Whelan, former director of Anglo Irish bank having been found guilty of providing unlawful financial assistance to buy hsares in Anglo Irish Bank, leaving court this afternoon.   
    Patrick Whelan, former director of Anglo Irish bank having been found guilty of providing unlawful financial assistance to buy hsares in Anglo Irish Bank, leaving court this afternoon.  
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    Getting away from the Anglo Trial for a bit; The Seanad has today passed a law that will ban smoking in cars that children are travelling in.

    The legislation cleared its final stages in the upper house earlier today and will now go to the Dáil where the government has indicated it will support the bill.

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    We're all a bit tired from the vagaries of the Anglo Trial so here's a video of Russian firemen making a hovercraft from their hoses. No sign of water charges there.  


  • 17:09

    Amateur video footage has emerged of passengers waiting inside the capsizing South Korea ferry whicle questions have been raised about a delay in the evacuation order.

    A crew member has said there was a delay in issuing an immediate evacuation order for the stricken South Korean ferry because officers on the bridge were trying to stabilise the vessel after it started to list amid confusion and chaos, a crew member says.  

    Full story and additional videos here.  

  • 17:20

    Good news for music fans - HMV Grafton Street will throw open its doors this Saturday 19th April at 8am, to celebrate its official opening with a day of music, entertainment and opening day deals.
    The 10,000 square foot store is located across three floors in the new Grafton Street premises that used to house AWear.

  • 17:42
    It's Good Friday tomorrow but Publin have compiled a list of places you can get alcohol, the heathens!
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    Fianna Fáil spokesperson on Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Dara Calleary says he’s extremely concerned following the collapse of Setanta Insurance, which has left 75,000 people without insurance and out of pocket. “The collapse of Setanta Insurance is extremely worrying, for consumers. Tens of thousands of people who had signed up and paid over money have now been left without cover and with no recourse. This liquidation is the third catastrophe to hit the insurance industry in recent years, following the RSA bailout at the end of last year, and Quinn Insurance being put into administration back in 2010. All these financial fiascos have led to higher costs for the consumer, with larger premiums as well as Government insurance levies being forced on them”, said Deputy Calleary.


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    That's all from the Daily Wire today - it will be dry tonight but temperatures will fall to between 1 and 3 degrees in the northeast and east.

    Winds will be light variable and patches of mist and fog will form again.

    Tomorrow will be dry and sunny with temperatures of between 12 and 15 degrees in light variable winds. It'll be cloudier at the west coasts later in the day.