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The grey army is marching, Fergie's bio is out and all the day's rolling news

Genevieve Carbery Tue, Oct 22
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  • 09:20
    Good morning it's another wet day out there. The beautiful photo at the top of the live blog today is by Bryan O'Brien and of a woman in St Stephen's Green. Now on with the news.
  • 09:29
    The headline of the day that will make your mouth drop open is this one: "AIB becomes Europe’s ‘most valuable’ bank". ....But don't get too excited: 

    "AIB’s market cap now dwarfs the €64 billion bailout of the financial sector by the government since 2008 but it is a false valuation, given that 99.8 per cent of the bank is owned by the State and there is no liquidity in the stock." Ciaran Hancock writes here

    This morning's top story is the hearing of fugitive solicitor Michael Lynn in Brazil as he tried to avoid an extradition hearing. Read more here.

    Meanwhile the Government is on the warpath for the unemployed with a drive to show people that work is better than welfare. Research commissioned by Joan Burton estimates at least 75 per cent of people on welfare could increase their income by about 50 per cent by obtaining a job. Read more here
  • 09:34
    Have you been waiting all your life to see what David Norris looks like without a beard (or had you not even noticed that he had one)? Well drumroll it’s almost here. The good senator said he would would shave off his beard if the public voted against the referendum to abolish the Seanad. 
    Clearly over 50% of the voting public wanted to see him without a beard because they voted against the referendum. It’s all about to kick off on Today FM in the next few minutes (raising money for charidee).  

    We'll be following it as it unfolds..... 
  • 09:45
    Facebook has finally allowed us to express ourselves freely and post videos of our favourite beheadings?! Seriously Facebook? This from the company which previously had restrictions on photos of breastfeeding?
    Ah, they say it’s only if you are condemning them rather than celebrating them (in which case they need to introduce a dislike button). 
    “Facebook has long been a place where people turn to share their experiences, particularly when they’re connected to controversial events on the ground, such as human rights abuses, acts of terrorism and other violent events,” the company said in a statement.
    “People share videos of these events on Facebook to condemn them. If they were being celebrated, or the actions in them encouraged, our approach would be different,” the statement said.
  • 09:51
    A case which represents “a chance for ordinary people to rid themselves of the shackles of debt” has gone through the courts.  What is believed to be the  first ever debt settlement arrangement protection certificate was issued at the Circuit Court in Monaghan yesterday .  It is understood the debt involved was more than €100,000.
    Fiona Gartland has more on this potentially landmark, important case for many here. 
  • 09:53
    David Norris last removed his beard 40 years ago. .."all my strength may ebb away" he tell Ray D'Arcy.
  • 09:58
    In light of last week’s budget hit on maternity leave benefits, which combined with the 2013 budget, leaves new mothers €3,500 poorer, Ronan McGreevy has this interesting story in today’s Health and Family supplement.  
    The number of employers offering full maternity benefit has declined by more than a quarter since the recession began while the number of employers offering no extra payments on top of statutory benefit has increased.
  • 10:07
    Is the grey army rising up once more today for a silver revolutionary u-turn? Older people are to protest outside the Dail at lunchtime today against  budget “attacks on the elderly”.

    However Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore told reporters this morning that there won’t be any change : “The budget has been agreed by government it stands and what we are now focused on is getting out of the bailout”.
  • 10:12
    Before and after...David Norris
    Before and after...David Norris
  • 10:18
    "Oh good god ...I look like a bloody bank manager" David Norris says on the first glimpse of his beardless self...
  • 10:21
  • 10:25

    This is the stuff that magical childhoods of old were made of: 

    “A Norwegian family is trying to trace a British woman who placed a message in a bottle in 1996.  The note written by the then 12-year-old Loretta Brooks from London was washed up off Rjaneset in April last year and found by a sister and brother.”

  • 10:30
    Unless you’re of a certain vintage you probably won’t be familiar with Donovan (except for Mellow Yellow and I had to google that it was his) but he did influence the work of a little band called Beatles? 
    Last night Donovan gave a lecture in Dublin about how he taught the Beatles guitar techniques on a trip to India.  “One day John asked me to show him how to do the fingerstyle. I remembered how to do it and he was fascinated. Being the genius that he is, he developed it so fast that he could do it on any chord structure.”
    Ronan McGreevy was there and has this video and written report. 
    More here
  • 10:35
    By the way our own fantastic reporter Kitty Holland is on RTE Radio right now telling Sean O'Rourke about her new book Savita: The Tragedy that Shook a Nation
  • 10:38
    Very relieved I’m not the only person in the country not to have seen Love/Hate yet.  (Given viewership figures this week I’m almost the only person). Actor Colin Farrell told 98FM he hasn’t seen it: “I’m gonna get the box set.  I hear it’s brilliant.  I've a good bit of catching up to do.” Phew. I’m in good company.
  • 10:48
    Will a “Phablet” be the must-have new gadget on everyone’s wishlist by Christmas….or will Nokia’s first foray into the tablet market join the Microsoft Surface RT in the technology flops list. Presumably Nokia is hoping to get a little of the limelight for its ahead of the launch of the new slimmer iPad by Apple later today (or at least hoping to piggyback as a line at the end of the copious amount of stories that will be written on the new iPad).

    Now is that pronounced f-ablet or p-h-ablet? 

    More here
  • 10:54
    Women have been swooning over Barack Obama since well before he was elected. (Remember Obamagirl?). But it reached a new level yesterday as a woman standing behind him during a speech almost fainted. Like a classic super-hero he turned to help her saying (in a voice as smooth and calm as Barry White) “I gotcha, you’re okay". Eoin Burke-Kennedy has more plus a video here. 
  • 11:09
    Some better photos of the good (beardless) senator looking very suave. 
  • 11:12
  • 11:15
  • 11:16
    A live stream video below of Aung San Suu Kyi being presented with the Sakharov prize. Here is the direct link on Youtube
  • 11:23
    Aung San Suu Kyi tells the European Parliament in Strasbourg that the Sakharov prize was awarded to her in 1990, the first year democratic elections were held in Burma when her party won over 82% of sets but was never allowed to take office. “It is so important that we teach our young people freedom of thought. Freedom of thought begins with the right to ask questions”.
  • 11:41
    The battle to control the digital music marketplace is heating up.  Oldschool CD king HMV's move into the area, with a HMV app, has hit a barrier.

    A HMV app has been pulled from the Apple store. It was the first non-iTunes-based service on Apple’s iOS platform to allow the purchase of digital music downloads through a native app experience...... Ciara O'Brien has more:  
  • 11:43
    Unsurprisingly the Burmese opposition leader has received a standing ovation from MEPs. 
  • 11:53
    So David Cameron's concern about Facebook's policy change seems to be for the children watching (rather than the people being beheaded in the videos). 
  • 12:11
    Slurp, munch, cough, splutter….are the only sounds to be heard in a New York  restaurant where diners are asked not to speak during the four course meal in order to enjoy their food more (inspired by a Buddhist monastery). And before you think of a text date, they have to switch off their phones. A good choice for hungry rowing couples or a re-enactment of the average dinner in front of the TV (sans-television)? We have just uploaded the video here: 
  • 12:12
    Very interesting times ahead for people in debt. An avalanche of bankruptcy cases are expected next month following the commencement of legislation that shortens the bankruptcy terms from 12 to three years, insolvency expert group New Beginning has said.  Fiona Gartland writes  more here.
  • 12:28
    The grey army troops are arriving en masse and they're dressed for the weather. 
  • 13:12
    Brollies are at the ready. A big crowd outside the Dail as senior citizens rally about to begin .Gardai have said Molesworth and Kildare Street are closed.  
  • 13:21
    The story about construction giant  Siac seeking  court protection after Polish losses has been getting a lot of interest on the site today. (read here)
    The analysis in today’s Cantillon is worth a read: "The sight of Siac, one of the giants of the Irish construction sector, limping into court, seeking the protection of examinership – most likely today – is cruelly ironic. 
    For Siac, like all the big Irish builders, had adopted a textbook strategy through the collapse of the Irish property crash and the ensuing recession." Read here
  • 13:42
    Images of Fr Ted's "money was resting in my account" flashbacks come to mind with this story of the German "Bling Bishop's" audience with the pope to explain how he built a residence worth €31m. Derek Scally notes that the bishop has a  €15,000 bath tub! More here.
  • 13:46
    Some booing reported as  former Labour minister Roisin Shortall speaks to senior citizens outside the Dail. 
  • 13:51
    There a photos of a coffin placed outside the Dail by protesters with a sign saying the Labour Party is "robbing the dead" of a dignified funeral.
  • 13:58
    We'll be keeping an eye on the "eagerly anticipated" launch of Fergie's biography and press conference as it happens in Manchester over the next while (not the ex-Royal or black-eyed peas member)
  • 14:08
    Fergie's bio is just out at  2pm. So what does he say about Roy Keane?  Here's what has just come in on the wires from PA: 

    "Keane and  Ferguson’s relationship soured in 2005 when the United captain became angry at  Ferguson over conditions at the club’s pre-season training camp. 

    Ferguson says he decided to sell  Keane after that incident. Then came an interview with MUTV in which he “slaughtered” a host of United players. In a team meeting afterwards  Keane accused  Ferguson of bringing his personal affairs in to the club over the Rock of Gibraltar case.

    Recalling  Keane’s mood at the time,  Ferguson said: “It was frightening to watch.”  Keane was sold to Celtic, but turned up at the United training ground to apologise to  Ferguson later that season, the Scot says".
  • 14:17
    "He thought he was Peter Pan. Nobody is." Ferguson says of Roy Keane
  • 14:21
    Clearly no ring of steel up at Leinser House for the older people's protest (unlike budget day last week) .  
  • 14:21
    Fergie has revealed that he turned down the opportunity to manage England on two separate occasions, in 1999 just before Kevin Keegan took the job and then two years later prior to the appointment of Sven-Goran Eriksson. Ferguson said: “There was no way I could contemplate that. It wasn’t a bed of nails I was ever tempted to lie on.”
  • 14:26
    Gardaí have taken a child from a family in Dublin and placed her in the care of the HSE after members of the public reported their suspicions the child had been living as a member of the family but was not a blood relative as they claimed.

    Conor Lally has full details of the story here. He writes that  the information from the public that led to the Garda action, which began yesterday afternoon, appears to have been prompted by a high profile case in Greece. Read it in full here
  • 14:31
    "David (Beckham) was the only player I managed who chose to be famous, who made it his mission to be known outside the game." Alex Ferguson says in his new bio. "David thought he was bigger than Alex Ferguson...the name of the manager is irrelevant. Authority is what counts."
  • 15:41
    Here's the ladybird guide to the Ferguson book. 
      PS apologises for the liveblog hiatus - had a meeting - I'll catch up with everything now.
  • 15:48
    Interesting proposal on data protection from the European Parliament - especially in light of yesterday's reports that the US had intercepted French millions of French phone calls.
    Elaine Edwards reports that companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple - which have their European headquarters in Ireland - may be forced to seek clearance from data protection authorities before handing over the personal data of their users to security agencies outside Europe.  
  • 15:54
    If you missed the live stream of Aung San Suu Kyi finally receiving her human rights prize at the European Parliament this morning 23 years late, we have the video here.
  • 16:00
    Enda Kenny is on his feet taking Leaders' Questions in the Dail. At least one TD isn't too impressed with the leader's answers. 
  • 16:02
  • 16:07
    Following Michael O'Leary's charm offensiveon Twitter yesterday, Ryanair has just tweeted a Youtube video of the making of its calendar of its scantily clad female cabin crew (turning the stomach of at least half of its passengers). Here's their alternative sneak preview instead.  
  • 16:22
    Some voices from the Dail budget protest by thousands of older pople: 
    "The elderly are an easy target, but we've just had enough," said Frank Kevins, a 66-year-old retired chef who travelled 300 km with a poster that said "Only tyrants penalise old people". 

    "I already have to choose between paying a bill and buying less food ... It's impossible," said Bernard Keane, 64.
  • 16:35
    Drinkers of West Coast Cooler and Satzenbrau rejoice, whiskey and vodka drinkers be sad. Minimum alcohol prices are on the way and the new pricing structure will be calculated on the sale price per gramme of alcohol.

    Other elements are : a ban on drinks advertising in cinemas during films that are screened for people aged under 18. New regulations for the display of alcohol in supermarkets. Conor Pope has more: 
  • 16:40
    Remember those busy autumn childhood days squirreling away pallets and rolling around tyres and anything else burnable for Halloween? Well they’re at an end. 
    Olivia Kelly reports that  more than 500 tonnes of materials stockpiled for bonfires has been seized by Dublin City Council in the lead up to Halloween. 
    Dublin Fire Brigade has issued a warning on the dangers of unregulated bonfires and illegal fireworks, which result in catastrophic injuries each year.
    The chief fire officer explains why things are now different: “The traditional bonfire was generally smaller - now you have these very large bonfires on unoccupied green areas of waste land and they are very hard to control. A change of wind can completely change the nature of the fire.”

    More here.
  • 16:55
    Nerds everywhere are gushing with anticipation with just over an hour to the Apple launch. (Do people still get excited about Apple launches since the charismatic Steve Jobs died?).

    What can you expect? An  iPad 5  and iPad Mini 2 with a better camera and a retina display and possibly a fingerprint scanner. You can watch it live here.
  • 17:13
    It's been a busy day in Strasbourg. MEPs have voted not  to refer a report promoting sexual and reproductive health rights back to committee. Irish MEPs were divided on the vote and Socialist MEP Paul Murphy said that "some Irish MEPs have learnt nothing from the tragic death of Savita Halappanavar."
  • 17:18
    They silver soldiers came out en masse on this grey day with numbers from the Dail protest put at "up to 12,000" by the Press Association.  "At least three older people collapsed during the lunch-time rally in central Dublin, which had to be interrupted at one stage to secure medical help for one sick protestor." the report notes.
  • 17:23
    This statement from Pavee Point on the  girl taken from a family over identity concerns is well worth reading and reflecting on. 

    “Pavee Point are concerned about witch-hunts against a vulnerable community and old stereotypes of an entire community being propagated in the media coverage of this development,” a spokesman said. “Actions by the state need to be evidence based and due process needs to be accorded to all communities living in Ireland.

    “There is a real danger that precipitative action, undertaken on the basis of appearance, can create the conditions for an increase in racism and discrimination against the Roma community living here.” 
  • 17:38
    Apparently I'm District of Columbia (Does that make me dull or  bitterly divided). Here's a silly end of the work day quiz - which US state are you? 
  • 17:41
    Hola Senor Higgins
  • 17:57
    They're gathered and waiting at Apple with minutes to go. 
  • 18:10
    Cook tells the Apple iPad launch that two thirds of iPhones are running iOS 7
  • 18:14
    Placards bore such slogans as: “Michael Noonan, Wanted for Robbery”; “Kenny, Noonan, Bruton: Three Wise Men? Me Arse”, and, “OAPs: Gas Us. It’s quicker and cheaper”. Kitty Holland's report from the grey army protest is here.  Just in is our video of the event here.
  • 18:25
    After the launch of the "phablet" by Nokia earlier today - this may be the most accurate graphic of the day.  And with that I'm done. We'll update with a story on the website when Cook gets to the good stuff with the jawdropping demonstration of the thin new ipad (it's a bit of a ways off yet). For now I'll enjoy my perfect iPad tonight knowing that tomorrow it will suddenly seem so old and thick and heavy (or at least that's what Apple hopes). Adios.