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Anger mounts in Egypt, court appearances in Peru and a walker comes home to Cork.

Conor Pope Fri, Aug 16
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  • 08:20
    Dark days in Egypt. The country is readying itself for fresh confrontation today after the Muslim Brotherhood called for a nationwide march of millions to show anger at a security crackdown on Islamists in which hundreds were killed.

    Egypt’s army-backed government has warned it will shoot anyone who attacks the police or public institutions.

    At least 623 people died and thousands were wounded on Wednesday when police cleared out two protest camps in Cairo set up to denounce the military overthrow on July 3rd of Egypt’s first freely elected president, Islamist leader Mohamed Morsi.

    The mass killings left the Muslim Brotherhood in disarray but it has warned that it will not retreat in the face of army commander General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

    “After the blows and arrests and killings that we are facing, emotions are too high to be guided by anyone,” said Brotherhood spokesman Gehad El-Haddad.
    A statement from the Brotherhood called for a nationwide “march of anger” by millions of supporters after noon prayers today.
  • 08:24
    Interesting story from Kitty Holland in the paper this morning. She reports that a top doctor has said regular breast self-examination is a “waste of time” in the early detection of breast cancer. And there is “very little evidence” that annual prostate-specific antigen (PSA) tests have any impact on improving chances of survival from prostate cancer.

    The director of the National Cancer Registry (NCR). Dr Harry Comber was speaking at the launch of the registry's annual report, which shows that the overall incidence of cancer is continuing to increase. Breast cancer is still the most common cancer among women (32 per cent), while prostate cancer is the most common among men (31 per cent).
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    Good morning. I am Conor Pope. And I am the man on the Daily Wire today. 

    And it is Friday.
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    "With beguiling simplicity, Seamus Heaney once described the weather on the Dingle peninsula as “loud”. It certainly can be, but it is never loud enough to drown out the music and the poetry, which is carried on the winds blowing in off the Blaskets or on the waves that wash the long, white sands of Inch. This stretch of elemental coastline, with its sheer cliffs, black angry seas and gently sloping sands, is beloved of the music- makers and the dreamers of dreams who have come here for generations."

    I went to Dingle earlier this week. And this is what I saw.   The pic, taken by Valerie O'Sullivan is absolutely brilliant. 

  • 08:30
    How bout that global warming, eh? There is a terrifying story on the front of The Irish Times today. Ireland will experience “huge increases” in temperatures over this century, according to a leading Irish expert on climate change.

    Average Irish August temperatures are projected to have increased by “two to three degrees Celsius by 2050, and by six to seven degrees Celsius by 2100”, according to Prof Colin O’Dowd, director of NUI Galway’s centre for climate and air pollution studies.

    The rises predicted are significantly higher than most current forecasts, writes Irish Times new boy Gavin Collins.

    O'Dowd's warning comes as new research published yesterday by German scientists shows climate change will trigger more frequent and severe heatwaves in the next 30 years regardless of the carbon dioxide (CO2) we emit into the atmosphere.
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    I can' t imagine anyone but me will care about this next fact but when I was 14 I used to sit in "the Den" in Colin O'Dowd's parent's house listening to the Rolling Stones in the company of his younger sister.
  • 08:32
    Elvis Presley is 36 years dead today. 

  • 09:27
    The State Examinations Commission (SEC) has “withheld” 50 individual examination papers for breaking the rules and another 25 have been provisionally withheld. A student’s paper is withheld if they break any of the rules for the “conduct of candidates” during an examination, the SEC explains. Included among them are any incidence of suspected copying, trying to get assistance from another person, plagiarism or putting forward another’s work as your own, among others. If cheating is suspected, the superintendent overseeing the examination centre may decide to withhold the student’s script. “The principles of natural justice are applied when following up such cases,” the SEC said in a statement issued this morning.
  • 09:33
    Can you just imagine how terrified any Leaving Cert student who has had a paper quarantined over suspicion of cheating would be this morning... It doesn't bear thinking about!
  • 09:49
    Just popped out to get coffee.Lordy! It is glorious in Dublin this morning... Then I checked the weather forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Tis not promised so nice.
  • 09:53
    36 years ago today The King died. 74 years ago today the leading Prince of the Irish church was born. Cardinal Sean Brady's birthday is today.He has one more year before he must retire as leader of the Irish Catholic Church.
  • 09:58
    Just read a good piece by John O'Sullivan on Jonathan Sexton's Racing Metro debut this weekend.
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    Right so, I will.  
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  • 10:05
    Just came across a remarkable photo-essay abou tthe Klan. Go have a look. 
  • 10:13
    Clifford Coonan has  sent in  a story just waiting to be turned into an absolutely hilarious film.  

    A zoo in the  Chinse city of Luohe has been caught trying to pass off a Tibetan mastiff as a lion. The  zoo also had a dog in the wolf cage, foxes in the leopard enclosure and nutrias in the snake den.

    Visitors realised the zoo was, ahem, lion , when  the king of the jungle started barking.

    Life's a real bitch sometimes....
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    The High Court has rejected a case taken by a mother seeking orders compelling the HSE to grant her application for a home birth. University lecturer Aja Teehan, whose second child is due on October 13th, watned to have the baby born at home in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny, assisted by a midwife and she alleged the HSE was  operating a “blanket policy” of refusing to cover home births for women who previously had Caesarean Section births and that alleged policy meant  she could not  have her baby at home as a midwife would not get indemnity cover to attend  her. 
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    Righ so, I will.  
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    Martin McAdam who ownsa meat trading firm is to sue  the Larry Goodman-owned ABP Food Group for defamation claiming that  the company deliberately made “false and malicious allegations” about him and his business to deflect media attention at the height of the controversy.

    McAdam Food Products Ltd said notice of High Court proceedings had been served on ABP, which has since sold its Silvercrest plant in Co Monaghan — where horsemeat was detected in frozen burgers — to the Kepak Group.

    ABP Group refutes the allegation, saying there is no basis for the claim or that it has damaged Mr McAdam’s reputation or the reputation of McAdam Food Products.

    This story will run and run. 
  • 11:18
    Frank McNally has written a nice piece on the letter M.
  • 11:29
    Hugh Linehan has just made me aware of this...  It's a film about Elvis that he was involved in back in the 1980s when he had hair.
  • 12:05
    A toilet alarm has just gone off on the second floor of The Irish Times. 

    Yes, our toilet has an alarm.


    I hope someone's not trapped in there. I could go look I spose but, nah, can't be bothered.
  • 12:05
    Stand down. The bathroom emergency has been resolved. 

    Everything is fine. Don't be fretting.
  • 12:06
    This report in from Conor Lally.

    There will be no prosecution in the case of a 21-year-old man who died hours after he attended the Swedish House Mafia concert in the Phoenix Park in Dublin last year, Dublin District Coroner’s Court heard today. 

    Shane Brophy from the Swan, Fairymount, Crettyard, Co Laois, died at his friend’s house in Lucan on July 8th, 2012 hours after the concert.

    Mr Brophy was taken to hospital in Blanchardstown, where failed attempts were made to resuscitate him but he died from the toxic effects of a combination of cocaine and ecstasy.

    Last February, Insp John Burke of Blanchardstown Garda station told Dublin District Coroner’s Court the Garda inquiry into Mr Brophy’s death was at a “pretty advanced stage”.

    He told coroner Dr Brian Farrell there were still inquiries to be carried out and “people to be interviewed and re-interviewed”, he said.

    But today he told the court there would be “no prosecution” in the case and made an application for a date for an inquest hearing. Dr Farrell adjourned the inquest until October 31th next after members of the deceased’s family agreed to attend court on that date.

    At the opening of the inquest into his death last February, Adrian Brophy, brother of the deceased, gave evidence that he identified the body to gardaí at the emergency department of the hospital. Mr Brophy was the youngest of eight brothers and sisters.

    Giving the cause of death, Dr Farrell said the toxicology report carried out as part of the postmortem indicated Mr Brophy had used cocaine and an “ecstasy-type drug”.

    He described the levels in the dead man’s system as being “significant” but told the family that both cocaine and ecstasy could be toxic regardless of the dose taken.

    Mr Brophy died from the toxic effects of a combination of cocaine and ecstasy, he said.
  • 12:15
    I have been mad busy this week and am only now catching up on Kate Holmquist's Tell Me About It page in last Tuesday's paper. It is mad on so many levels.   I don't think I'd get on with the woman who wrote in's gossipy and judgey mates. 

  • 12:43
    The Egyptian military has deployed across  Cairo ahead of the  “Friday of Anger” protests. Dozens of armoured vehicles have closed off streets around part of northeastern Cairo where Islamists staged protests demanding Mr Morsi’s reinstatement and  military vehicles manned by soldiers can  be seen in central Cairo, where checkpoints with barbed wire have been set up. 

    It is going to be a long, long day for the people in that city.  
  • 12:56
    The Community Games are on this weekend. When I realised that is brought the following - frankly demented - song to mind. It has been more than 25 years since I heard it but thanks to the magic of youtube it is still out there. Stand by.
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  • 12:57
    News wires are reporting that Egyptian state TV is saying  a policeman has been killed in an armed attack on a checkpoint in Cairo....
  • 13:13
    Mortgages to the value of €518 million were issued during the second quarter of this year according to figures from the Irish Bankers Federation.  This was up 56.1 per cent on the previous quarter.

    The IBF welcomed the  uplift recorded in both volume and value of new mortgages, saying lenders continue to report a “healthy pipeline” of borrower interest.

     Before they get the bunting out, they should probably know that the figures represent just 0.1 per cent growth in Q2 compared  with same quarter in 2012.

    Unless my maths is awful that is growth of around €500,000.

    That is an increase of two mortgages.

    Happy days are here again.
  • 13:58

    Who' d be a patient or the relative of a patient in  Waterford Regional Hospital today?

    Immediate and serious risks to the health and welfare them have identified by the Health, Information and Quality Authority. The risks connected to to the transmission of infections have to be "seriously addressed" within six weeks, the authority has said.

    Among the risks identified were serious breaches of hand-hygiene standards, a toilet area “heavily stained with a mould-like substance”, an unlocked medication fridge, used surgical instruments and a used tracheotomy tube stored on top of a tray containing disinfectant fluid; a designated hand-wash sink containing pieces of equipment soaking in solution, a patient with a suspected communicable disease not in a room but in an open bay, and a commode not being washed after use.

    The Hiqa inspectors, who made an unannounced visit to the 549-bed hospital on June 25th, found the environment to be “generally unclean”.

    As I said, Jaysus.  
  • 14:30
    Russian athlete Yelena Isinbayeva yesterday:  “[Emma Green-Tregaro decision to paint her fingernails in the colours of the rainbow is support of gay rights] is disrespectful to our country, disrespectful to our citizens because we are Russians. Maybe we are different than European people and people from different lands. We have our law which everyone has to respect. When we go to different countries, we try to follow their rules. We are not trying to set our rules over there. We are just trying to be respectful. We consider ourselves, like normal, standard people, we just live boys with women, girls with boys... it comes from the history. I hope the problem won’t ruin our Olympic Games in Sochi.”

    Russian athlete Yelena Isinbayeva today: “English is not my first language and I think I may have been misunderstood when I spoke yesterday. What I wanted to say was that people should respect the laws of other countries particularly when they are guests. But let me make it clear I respect the views of my fellow athletes and let me state in the strongest terms that I am opposed to any discrimination against gay people on the grounds of their sexuality (which is against the Olympic charter).”
  • 14:35
    The widely anticipated violence in Egypt has  started.  At least a dozen people have been killed in fresh clashes as protesters returned to the streets to demand the end of the military-led regime. Eight protesters have been killed in the city of Damietta, while four were killed in clashes with security forces in the Egyptian city of Ismailia, noth east of Cairo.

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    Some good news for air passengers this afternoon. The planned strike by Aer Arann pilots, due to start next Tuesday, has been suspended to allow a negotiated agreement on pay to be put to ballot. The agreement follows talks between representatives of the Irish Airline Pilots’ Association (IALPA) and Aer Arann management. The union said the proposed deal would re-establish pay scale progression, which had been suspended yb the company in 2008.
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  • 14:48
    Yes, that last tweet is the thickest thing I have seen today on many, many levels.
  • 14:53
    "I’ve long found journalists the most touchy of creatures concerning even the slightest criticism of how their profession carries out its public role. "

    Sorry, what?

    How dare you call journalists touchy John Waters! How dare you!

    That is the most outrageous thing I have ever heard and, frankly, I have  never been as offended as I am right now. 

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  • 16:09
    Here is a video which has apparently come out of Cairo in the last hour purporting to show protesters jumping from a bridge in the city this afternoon.

  • 16:10
    And a convoy of more than two dozen cars draped in the Egyptian flag have just passed this building en route to the embassy in Ballsbridge. One of our reporters is on the way there too.
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  • 16:36

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    Some very strong pics from Cairo coming out of Reuters now.
  • 16:41
    There will be serious disruption on Dart serivces heading beyond Clontarf this evening. Irish Rail are saying the service will be disrupted for at least two hours after a person was struck on the line between Clontard and Killester

  • 16:43
    A passenger ferry carrying up to 700 passengers has struck a cargo shop in the Philipines. The ferry has reportedly gone under. Rescue workers are at the scene.
  • 17:45
    We got a release from the Irish Bankers Federation today. 
    This is how it started:
    3,229 mortgages issued in Q2 2013 to the value of €518

    Home purchasers account for over 90% of all new mortgage credit
    The latest figures from the IBF/PwC Mortgage Market Profile, published today, show that the number of new mortgages issued in Q2 2013 has increased by 56.1% on the previous quarter.

    This is an incredibly misleading way to start the release. Compared with quarter two of 2012 the market recorded growth of just 0.1%.

    The value of these mortgages actually declined by €6 million.

    It is almost like the Irish Bankers Federation is trying to mislead people. 

  • 17:48
    Clery's is laying people off... And there is still no sign of it opening.

    Not good. Not good at all.  

  • 17:49
    We're off. It's Friday evening.