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Brian Howard, Deirdre Garrett Thu, Aug 16
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  • 08:25
    Fáilte romhaibh ar maidin! Welcome to the Leaving Cert helpdesk. It is day #2 of the Leaving Cert/CAO 2018 season and our expert guidance counsellors Brian Howard and Deirdre Garrett will be here from 9am until 5.30 to answer any questions you may have today regarding your results, the CAO, or anything else that might be related. Just click on 'Contact Us' to submit your question. In the meantime check for information about college life, exam results analysis, and more. If you want to cast your eye back on yesterday's Q&A, click here.
  • 09:21

    Hi. Can my daughter immediately proceed to a script recheck or does she first have to review the script at her school?

    While it's advised for one to view their script it is not compulsory. In order to make an appeal application, you should use the online appeals application service on www.examinations .ie which will become available from 12 noon on the 20th of August. You access this service using your examination number and pin. In order to make a valid appeal you must print of the appeal confirmation form and present it to the Orgainsing Superintendent in your school no later than the evening of the 3rd September 2018.

    Remember that by viewing your script you will have the opportunity to see how the published marking scheme has been applied to your work.

  • 09:28

    Hi I got 543 points and law at trinity is my first choice. The points last year were 534; what’s the likelihood that I get an offer on Monday? Thanks for your help.

    We are not aware of any significant changes to the number of places in the programme so I don't expect any major points changes.   I would be hopeful that you should be ok with the 543 points - a fantastic Leaving Certificate score.   Best of Luck.

  • 09:30

    I got 430 and am Dare approved. I want law plus in UL. How can I find out UL’s Dare intake? How can I find out how many places are available and how many they took in last year. All the other universities are open amount of intakes.

    Click on the link below:

    University Limerick will have an access office where you can contact and seek information from.

    Get back on if you need further assistance.

  • 09:55

    There is no information on this link only that 5% intake is from dare. 5% of how many in Law Plus?

    I would advise you to contact the admissions offfice and they will clarify the details that you require.

    There is a lack of information regarding the specifics of DARE reduced point offers.

    Best of luck.

  • 10:27

    My son got 601 points yesterday. He was hoping to get 625 to get a scholarship. He got a H3 in Irish and was expecting a H1. He will view this script. Will he automatically see his Oral result at this time or is there a process to apply to see it?

    No. This information is not provided at the viewing and these marks are not routinely released. However, you should note that, with two exceptions, practical work and oral tests are fully revised as part of the appeal process. You can make a data access request to have these marks provided to you.

  • 10:31

    Hi My son got 555 in his Leaving Cert but is going to get his maths paper and chemistry paper rechecked. He is 10 points short for pharmacy in UCC but has enough for Dublin. Can he transfer from Dublin if he gets the extra points after recheck

    Remember he is 10 points short of last years cut off points - this could change this year - he might make it yet if the points drop.   But based on the scenario above, if he gets an upgrade in October and becomes entitled to a higher preference course (pharmacy in UCC) then he must be offered a place on that course.   However, it may not be this year.   If they cannot create an extra place this year due to lack of space, the best they may be able to do is offer a deferred place the following year.   If they can facilitate him this year with a place then yes in theory he should be able to transfer to the new course.

  • 10:33

    If my son transfer from the royal college iof surgeons to UCC after getting a recheck in his leaving cert results is he charge the two admission fee and is he guaranteed a place in Cork if he has the points after the recheck Thanks

    He will only be charged the admission fee once. He may be offered a place in mid-October providing that there is a space available for him. If the UCC course is full then he will be offered a deferred place for 2019. He would have to complete a 2019 CAO form to include only the deferred course. A submission of another course on his 2019 CAO would result on him losing his deferred place and entering the 2019 points race.

    Results from the appeals are issued in mid-October. The State Examination Commission automatically informs the CAO of all changes of results.

  • 10:47

    If you don’t get enough points for your 1st option and accept the 2nd option - if there is a 2nd round of offers on your 1st option can will you be offered it and can you accept it even if you’ve already accepted the lower points option

    Yes.   If you accept your 2nd preference in round one, all is not over.   You will still remain in contention for a higher preference place (1st preference in this case).   So in round 2 if you become entitled to your 1st preference you will be offered this even though you have accepted your second preference in round 1 and it is up to you if you want to accept it or not.   You can stay with your round one place or switch to your round two offer.

  • 10:51

    Hello, do you have to accept the first choice on your list that you have enough points for

    The choice is yours. Once you receive an offer on Monday  all course choices that lie below that offer on your CAO will become obsolete. You may be offered courses that lie above your offer in future rounds, if you then meet the necessary requirements and points. This process will happen whether you accept or reject Monday's offer.

    I would advise you to accept Monday's offer as you can always change your mind or may even get offered a course higher up on your preferences at a future date.

  • 11:00

    I got 520 points in LC, have UCD Science first option but would prefer to do UCD Engineering. What is best option for me at this stage? Should I accept Science and see if I can move across to Engineering if space allows, or do I re-apply next yr

    I would advise you to contact UCD admissions office. Each college has their own transfer policy.

    You could also query the financial cost that would be involved if you were to start science, unable to transfer and drop out before mid term break.

    This might help you weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of starting UCD Science. Obviously too late now to change the order of preference. Once you receive your first offer all offers that lie below this become obsolete.

    I hope that this has helped you. The very best of luck.

  • 11:01

    Hi I have 11 points more than was required for food science in UCD last week which is my first choice. What’s the likelihood that I will get an offer on Monday

    Nobody will know for definite until Monday but I would be confident for you.

    Well done and the best of luck.

  • 11:04

    My daughter got 544 points yesterday..She wants to do Pharmacy in Trinity. Would you think she has any hope?

    Last year the cut off points for Pharmacy was 543 but not everyone on 543 got an offer as random selection was used.   So if the points remain the same which we hope they will your daughter will be safe and get an offer.   There is no way of knowing for definite but I think she has a very good chance.   Fingers crossed.

  • 11:07

    Is pints for acvountancy in UCC likely to fluctuate much from last year

    There has been no big change in the demand for level 8 courses this year. Some courses will still obviously grow in popularity. Other disciplines will fall. Unfortunately, I do not have  access  to that information. Nobody will know for definite until Monday.  

    We wish you the best and hope that you get the offer. Well done.

  • 11:10

    My son got 477 and wanted law in ucc which was 480 and 475 on 2nd round last yr. He now has decided he would like his 2nd choice of commerce which he has enough points for. I am hoping he will be offered this on 1st . Does he have to take law?

    If your son is offered Law in round 1 then this is the only offer he will be made as he is at his first preference.   He will not be offered his 2nd preference in this instance.

    If your son is offered his 2nd preference (commerce) in round 1 and then becomes entitled to a place in his first preference in round 2 having already accepting commerce, then he has the choice to stay with the commerce or move to the Law course.

  • 11:24

    You posted yesterday that law and business in UCD last year was 529 but on the UCD website it says 521. Could you please clear this up?

    Law and Business in round 1 2017  was 529. 521 in final round.

  • 11:25

    My daughter got 601 will she be offered a scholarship as we didn’t apply for any?


    What college did she apply for? It varies from college to college.

  • 11:28

    Hello my son get 455 points and is hoping to get dn700 politics, philosophy and economics what are his chances

    As you know we cannot predict exactly what the cut off points are going to be for courses and in this instance this course has just been launched this year so it makes it harder to make a call on it.   Unfortunately, in this instance I feel the points are going to be a little higher than 455 for this course. The options available in this degree are going to attract a lot of attention and will I think be quite popular.   I hope I am wrong for your son's sake but from other similar offerings I feel I could be right.

  • 11:33

    My daughter wishes to do a BEd in Mary I and has 496 points which is 30 points more than last year’s requirement. That should suffice do you think? Many thanks.

    Yes, I think she should be fine with that fantastic score.   I would be highly surprised if the points increased to that level for primary teaching.

  • 11:33

    My daughter got 601 will she be offered a scholarship as we didn’t apply for any?


    I feel that your daughter will be entitled to what is know as an excellence scholarship. Please click on link below:

    I would advise you to make contact with their admissions office also.

    The very best of luck and well done.

  • 12:03

    Hi my son achieved 487 points and is hoping to gain entry to either UDD or Trinity Engineering. Any opinion on where the points may sit on Monday ? Thanks


    He would of gotten accepted to Trinity   if it was this time last year. Engineering in Trinity in the final round of CAO 2017 was 466* whereas UCD was 489. Nobody will know the definite points for CAO 2018 for definite until Monday.

    I would be hopeful that he would get an offer.

    The best of luck and well done on a great result.

  • 12:08

    My daughter got 412 points but wants to study Architecture in UCC. She was accepted onto Dare. Is there any chance she would be offered a place do you think? She's adamant she'll repeat if she doesn't


    Please  follow this link:

    Nobody will know for definite until Monday.

    I would advise you to contact the admissions or access office of UCC. Get back on if you need any further assistance.

  • 12:34

    My son got 495 points but unfortunately got a H7 in Maths and required H6 for Science in UCD. He will review scripts. Should be offered DIT Science on Monday. Would he be better off doing PLC course as a pathway to UCD Science?

    He has a number of options. He could also look to repeat just his maths in June 2019. He could then apply through CAO 2019 with the hope that his cao points for 2018 and entry requirements would meet the cut off points for 2019. This link should show you the FETAC level 5 courses that can allow you access year 1 of Science in UCD.

    Please get back on if you need further assistance.

  • 12:35

    Hi, I achieved 511 points in the leaving cert, what do you think my chances are of being accepted into science in UCD? Thanks

    While not able to say catagorically, I feel that you may be ok with 511 given that last year the points were 505 and it doesn't appear that there are any major changes in relation to course numbers.   6 points will hopefully be a big enough buffer to secure a place.   Best of luck.

  • 12:35

    Hi! Just wondering what my chances are of getting law in trinity , I got 544 points , thanks !


    I would be confident as this course went to 534 in the final round of offers last year. Nobody will know for definite until Monday.

  • 12:39

    Would my son be able to appmy for a place via UCAS clearing if he doesnt have enough points for CAO first offer next Mon.He has not applied to UCAS already

    Yes clearing system is still open. Please follow the link below.

    Get back on if you need further help.

  • 12:45

    My daughter got 3 points more (487) than necessary for art history and philosophy in tcd last year, do you think there is much of a chance of her getting an offer on Monday for it?

    This is difficult to say but yes, I think she could have a good chance of getting a place.   I think in the new points system a buffer of 3 might be ok and with the overall numbers of applicants being down this all helps her chances.   Unfortunately, it's a case of wait and see on Monday.   Best of Luck.

  • 12:50

    Will the high failure rate in maths this year mean that points for courses (possibly law / business) drop?


    That will depend on the results of all the candidates applying to that course. The cut off points are set from the supply and demand. Obviously if many don't meet the entry requirements demand will fall and therefore, causing the cut off points to fall. I don't have access to this information. Nobody will know for definite until Monday.

  • 12:52

    Hi got 430 points yesterday What should my chances be for business degree in UL was 41 last year


    Last years cut off points for this course was 419. I would be very confident that you will receive an offer. Nobody will know for definite until Monday.


    Well done and the best of luck.

  • 12:54

    My daughter received 500 pnts. She applied for Psychology in UCD as her 1st choice & Psychology in Maynooth as her 2nd. If she gets offered her 2nd choice should she accept it in the hope that she may get offered UCD in the 2nd round offers?

    Yes accept it. She will still be in the running for getting a higher preference course offer in future rounds regardless of whether she accepts Mondays offer or not.


    Well done.

  • 12:59

    Hi, My son achieved 566 points yesterday and will be going to UCD. Are there any scholarships available?

    I don't think so. Please read the link below. UCD look for 6H1.

  • 13:00

    Hi, My son got 462 in his leaving cert & wants to go to Mary Immaculate to study primary school teaching. St. Pat’s Dublin is his second choice. Do you think he has any chance of being offered a place in Mary I on Monday?

    The points of the last person who got an offer of a place last year was 465 so your son is just below that on 462.   If the points remain at last years level he will not be offered a place.   However as we all know cut off points can and do drop for certain courses, the only problem is we don't know which courses will change and by how much.   I'm afraid we will just have to wait until Monday to see if the points change.   Best of luck on Monday.

  • 13:02

    I got 520 what are the chances of me getting any law related courses in trinity or UCD? Thanks

    Final round 2017 cut off points TCD Law- 534, UCD Law- 521.

    I would imagine that you will be very close but nobody will know for definite until Monday.

    Well done on achieving such a high result.

  • 13:07

    Are points likely to drop this year.

    Very broad question, with no one size fits all answer.   The points may drop for some courses but may rise for others.   As we have said in earlier replies, points are a function of demand and supply for individual courses.   This demand and supply can change differently for different courses thus leading to a points increase in some courses and a decrease in others.   Which ones will rise and which willdrop no one really knows for definite until Monday when the offers are released at 6am.

  • 13:10

    Hi my daughter received 452 points and wants to do primary school teaching in Marino. She has Hear, I know she was close to last years points but there was an increase applicants for primary teaching this year.

    Allocation of DARE and HEAR and Mature Places in  MIE

    MIE reserves a total of 15% of places on undergraduate courses for students on alternative admissions schemes. These places are allocated to students with disabilities (DARE), students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds (HEAR), and Mature students. Offers are evenly distributed amongst all eligible applicants. Applicants should note that DARE and HEAR eligibility provides an opportunity to compete for such places; it does not guarantee or entitle them to an offer of a place on reduced points.  

    Students who are eligible for DARE and HEAR offer must still:

    a) meet the matriculation/admission requirements


    b) meet any subject specific requirements for their chosen course, where applicable.  

    A reduction of up to 10% of the points required for each course is granted to DARE and HEAR eligible students. Marino reserve 5 places for HEAR applicants entering their Bachelor in Education (Primary).

    The cut off points for this course last year was 451.  I would be confident but nobody will know for definite until Monday.


  • 13:11

    If I have 500 points do you think I am safe to get teaching in Mary I?

    Looks pretty good.   Well done on a great LC.   Based on previous cut offs for primary teaching in Mary I, last year being 465, I think you are in a great position.

  • 14:08

    Son got 412 wants dt299 423 last year. 2nd level 8 is food innovation. Should he accept it or go for his level 7 general science and try transfer after the 3rd year into final year of dt299. He is worried when gets to year 3 he wont get to do it

    I would recommend that you look into the course modules on each programme. This should be the determinimg factor. Is is vital that he chooses the one he feels that he would enjoy the most.

    Contact admissions and ask what eligiblity criteria is needed to facilitate a transfer after his third year.

  • 14:11

    Hi, I really want to do European Studies in tcd and saw that points last year were 520, I got 542 but the highest it’s ever been is 545 do you think I’ll be safe and if loads are hoping to do that course? Thanks in advance

    I would be confident that you will receive an offer. Nobody will know for sure until Monday.

  • 14:15

    Some colleges and courses offer a Maths exam for those that didn't meet the Entry requirement, why don't all colleges and courses offer this?

    This is a question that might need to be taken up with the CAO. CAO might liase with the other colleges.

  • 14:16

    Hi, is there one source/website I can find data on how many places were available for each course last year and how many students have applied for overall and as 1st choice? Thank you.

    I am not aware that this information is available.   Qualifax generally give a figure for the number of places on a course but how accurate that is I'm not sure.   In terms of how many students have applied overall and as 1st preference for each course, I am not aware of any place that this information is supplied.   This is information that admissions officers and the CAO would have for each college but I don't think it is available for all colleges in one place.

  • 14:17

    Hi my son got 399 points and put down architectural technology as his 3rd choice.Last year points were 380.Do you think that he has a chance of an offer? Also if he requests to defer for a year, do we have to pay any fees/registration fees this year?

    I would be confident that he will receive an offer but nobody will know for definite until Monday. You will not pay any fees/registration fee for deferring.

  • 14:26

    I have 542 points, have physiotherapy in UL and UCD as first and second choices on UCD as third choice and Physiotherapy Trinity as fourth choice ..I now really want to study pyhsiotherapy,,what options are there for me..


    You're very close to what physiotherapy was last year in UL and Trinity. Unfortunately, it's too late to change your order of preference.

    Let's just hope that you get your first or second offer. If you do happen to recieve your third offer then all course choices below this on your CAO order of preference become obsolete.

    You could research graduate physiotherapy courses, applying to CAO 2019 (points could increase or decrease) or look to study in the UK?

    I hope that you get what you want. The best of luck.

  • 14:29

    Why are dates for reviewing scripts so late, given that there will be 2 rounds of offers out on the CAO? If it is a calculation error, is this not too late for a simple but costly mistake?? (anxiety & stress for all concerned)

    I don't know the answer to this question, but I would imagine with 57,000 candidates in the LC it is quite an undertaking to get the scripts of those who apply to view their scripts back to the correct school and then to organise the viewing slots, personnel, etc.   It might seem easier than it is to organise this, with constant checking that the correct papers are being sent to the correct candidates.   If you sent this question to the State Exams commission it would be interesting to hear their response.

  • 14:32

    I was disappointed with three H5's in subjects that ordinarily I would have been pretty strong in. How do you recommend that I go about a recheck? Is it possible to see whether it is worthwhile with such a recheck, by seeing my grade? If so, how

    You should complete the form that came in the envelope with your results. Fill this form out and return it to your school by Tuesday 21st August. You will then be allocated a time when you can go into the school and view your script. Then decide on whether you wil make an appeal or not.

  • 14:35

    Hi! I got 511 points yesterday , the first option on my cao is speech and language therapy in Trinity, what is the possibility I'll get this course? I would actually prefer my course option which is science in UCD, thanks!

    With the cut off for Speech Therapy last year at 511 you have to have a good chance of getting an offer, asuming the points don't rise.   If demand is higher this year for Sp. Therapy then the points might rise slightly and you could be in trouble.   You would have a stong chance of getting Science in UCD as last year this was 505 points and I feel this is unlikely to go much higher than this.

  • 14:36

    My son would bs short 12 points for his first choice, based on last year. If he appealed and received any upgrades after his course started, could he start late or would the place be deferred till next year

    They would offer him both choices if they were places still available on the course. The choice would be his. Results from appeals will be out in mid October. The SEC contact CAO directly regarding any upgrades.

    The best of luck.

  • 14:38

    My daughter got 466 points. Do you think she will get St Pats or Marino college for primary school teaching

    I would be confident that she will receive an offer. Nobody knows for definite until Monday.

    The best of luck. I hope that it works out for her.

  • 14:40

    I have achieved 517 points and have European Studies as my second choice, History and Law in UCD is my first choice. Do you think the points for the Trinity course are lightly to go up or down? They were 517 last year.

    I'm afraid we have not enough knowledge to make a realistic call on this, it's really hard to know.   At least you have the same points as the last person who got a place last year and with a bit of luck you might be that person this year to get in.   Best of Luck.

  • 14:45

    Hi My daughter got 455 points and is hoping to do International business in UL the points were 500 last year but she has the HEAR scheme, is there a chance she could get it on that? Do you know how many places UL allocates to Hear students?

    It is impossible to say as I don't know the number of HEAR applicants for this programme of study or the points of each applicant. University Limerick reserve 7 percent of places for HEAR applicants. I would advise you to contact admissions at UL to find out the number of places in total on this course. It wil still be a guessing game until Monday.

    The very best of luck.


  • 14:52

    Hi my son got 320 yesterday and he was hoping to do Batcholer of Arts in maynooth which was 327 last year.The points have gone down every year before this is there any chance of the points going down and him being accepted.What back routes is there??

    It is not inconceiveable that the points for Arts might go that low.   In UCD last year the points dropped to 321.   I know it is a different course/college but it shows Arts could go to that level.   So I would not loose hope.   Back routes - he could possibly do a pre Arts PLC course and use this to access the Arts degree through the Higher Education Links scheme. Dunboyne College or Rathmines college are 2 places you could have a look at for such courses.

  • 14:55

    How do you receive a physical copy of the scripts, I heard that you can this year but dont know who to contact. Thanks!

    In light of  a recent court ruling the SEC is changing the viewing service this year to enable candidates to make copies of their scripts during their viewing session with their own digital device. You will not receive copies of your scripts until after the closing date for the appeals. This means that you need to make a data access request.


  • 15:02

    When setting out reasons for requesting a deferral to a college (architectural technology)would it be okay to give 2 reasons-1) to save money towards tuition fees and 2) to do a pic course for a year in architecture.Thanks.

    This seems very reasonable to me.   Finance is always a big reason for deferring a place in college allowing students to raise funds for living and tuition expenses.   Also spending a year dong something related to the CAO course to be deferred is something that I'm sure colleges would be happy to see happening.  

  • 15:04

    Hi I wanted to do medicine but only scored 155 in hpat can I repeat the hpat next year without repeating my leaving cert in 2019 and use my points to get medicine next year if I go into pharmacy this year

    Yes you can. Take a look at this link:

  • 15:05

    Hi, I want to do primary teaching in St.Pats , I got 463 and the points last year were 462, do You think there is any chance of me getting it ??


    I would still be confident. Nobodey will know for definite until Monday.

  • 15:07

    I got 555 points do you think I would be safe for physical sciences in Trinity as this is the first year the course is running?

    General Science was 505 last year and I do expect   the points to rise for the denominated science courses but I feel you will be safe with 555.   I would be very surprised if it went above 555.   Fingers crossed.

  • 15:08

    Hi, just wondering that if you're getting your grades in French and History rechecked do they only recheck the written paper or will they also recheck they oral tape in French and project in History?

    Practical work and oral tests are fully revisted as part of the appeal process. You won't see  them at the viewing session but they are reviewd at the appeals stage.

  • 15:18

    Hi, I got 601 points yesterday looking to do engineering in UCC. Do you think I could get any scholarship with these points? I'm hoping to appeal and get a higher mark. Do you know of any scholarships that I could only get with 625/613?

    In UCC there is the  QUERCUS ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS which you could possibly be entitled to.   Here is a link to the details of their scholarships: There is also a scholarship called the Naughton Scholarship for Stem areas including Engineering that you could check out.   Details here:  

  • 15:20

    My daughter achieved 430 point in her leaving cert. She wishes to study economics & politics in UCD under DN 700 BSc in Social Sciences. Do you think she is in the region to get s place.

    This is  a new course. I am guessing that the points will be similar to what it is at other universities. Probably a little higher as Dublin is  a popular place to attend college. Nobody will know for definite until Monday. I would be hopeful though.

  • 15:20
    I wish to repeat my LC but want to carry OL Maths and OL French just as requirements, my brother said this should be possible... Is that true and do I have to fill out any forms? It would be great to focus on all HL subjects. Thank you for your help!

    Yes, this is true.   You can combine leaving certificates for the purposes of entry requirements but not points.   When you are filling in your new CAO form next year make sure to put both your LC numbers down so they can access the results from both your LCs.
  • 15:21

    Hi Do you think the points for pharmacy in UCC will stay the same or hopefully go down

    Too difficult to perdict. I don't have the necessary information to make a prediction. I hope that you receive an offer though.

  • 15:23

    Hi, I got 509 points in my LC. My 1st preference is UCD engineering and 2nd TCD engineering with management. I don’t mind which I get. I have the maths requirement. What chances of me getting either of these on Monday?


    Your chances are good. Your points are above what was needed for last year. Nobody will know for definite until Monday.

  • 15:24

    Hi Can I repeat the Hpat next year without doing my Leaving Cert again. Also can I go into another course this year and change to medicine next year if I do well in the Hpat next year Thanks

    Yes and yes.   You can repeat the Hpat without repeating the LC and yes you can start another CAO course and switch next year if you get the points for Medicine.   There will be implications for fees for the first year of Medicine as you have already used up your first year "free" fees in the other course.

  • 15:28

    My daughter did better than even hoped with 541 points. If she is offered her first choice which is Global Business TCD does she have to take it as she would now prefer her no 2 choice of BESS. A nice dilemna in reality!


    Well done to all. Once she receives a college offer all offers that lie below will become obsolete. If she receives her top preference then she will not receive any other offers in future rounds.

    Contact admissions in TCD and query their transfer policy. She may be able to transfer after registration providing that she meets the requirements and that there is space for her on the BESS course.

  • 15:31

    If I accept a place next Monday and in the rechecks get offered a higher place can I accept this course but defer it and continue in the original course for the year

    Yes you can. You  will be charged tuition fees though. The State will only cover your tuition fees for one first year of study. Be sure to research this before you make your mind up.

  • 15:32

    Are the points for primary school teaching in Pats likely to go up or down? I got 463 however they were 462 last year is there any chance of me getting a place ??


    We don't have access to the necessary information. Nobody will know for definite until Monday. I would remain hopeful though.

  • 15:35

    Thanks for both responses to earlier questions. Great support service! Good luck to all the young people out there finding their way in life!


    You're very welcome. Here next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

  • 15:53

    If I take Science in UCC and in the rechecks am entitled to Medicine in Nuig can I defer medicine and continue with Science for the year and then in 2019 take up Medicine. Thank you

    Yes you can but you will be charged tuition fees for your first year of Medicine in Nuig. Your tuition  fees for the first year of Science in UCC will be paid for.

  • 15:55

    Hi my daughter had hoped to go to Holland for college but she didn't get the 2 h4s needed, I'm just wondering if she does a plc course can it be used to get into her course in Hollandnext year

    No. QQI has links with theh Higher Education in Ireland. I would advise you to contact the admissions office of the college in question.

  • 15:57

    My first choice on my CAO application is communications in DCU and reached the amount of points required for the course. However the course requires a H4 in English and I got a H5 (getting it re-checked). Is there any way around this? Thanks!

    No. You must meet all entry requirements, specific subject requirements and the cut off points before any offer can be made.

    You could be made an offer in mid October if you receive an ungrade.

  • 16:02

    My daughter didnt get thepoints for primary teaching but is thinking of doing the Early childhood and education degree in UL next year. Is there some way she can qualify as a primary teacher with this degree. Thanks.

    She would have to complete a masters in education (primary) after this degree. This degree   would not be enough on its own to qualify you as a primary teacher.

    The early childhood degree  offers students the opportunity to become specialists in the care and education of young children from birth to six years of age.

  • 16:06

    Hi - I got 466 points and applied for DC110 & DC113 - final places last year were to 466 points - what do you think are my chances of getting offered each of those courses? Thanks

    Nobody will know until Monday. We don't have access to the information that influences points for courses.

  • 16:26

     got 564 points but I don’t have anything above 510 on my cao application,what can i do?i didnt put higher points options because i wasn’t confident at all,is it possible to transfer to a course i don’t have on my cao?


    You will get offered the highest course in which you meet the minimum entry requirements and cut off points for.

    It is too late now to add courses onto your CAO course unless they appear under available places on

    Some colleges may allow you transfer onto a another course. You would have to contact the admissions of the college. Each college has their own transfer policies.

  • 16:30

    If my daughter starts a plc course as another way into the cao course she wanted while she is appealing her H8 in maths and then gets the upgrade to H7 in Oct can she transfer to her college course if offered & will it affect her susi grant etc


    She can transfer if there is a place still available. Otherwise she will be offered a deferral. If she accepts the deferral her susi grant will pay her for her plc and again for her first year of her degree. SUSI will pay aslong as you continue to go up a level on the nfq.

    If she transfers over contact will have to be made with SUSI.

  • 16:31

    Hi - I got 470 points and I hope to study drama and Spanish in trinity which was 469 last year. Do you think i should be ok with my points?

    I hope so but nobody will know for definite until Monday.

  • 16:40

    If I have my papers checked on appeal, and get offered my first choice, do i have to accept the new offer or can i continue with the course I'm on.

    This decision lies entirely with you.   If you have already started a course and then you get upgraded and are offered a higher preference course, you can decide, as some do, to change to the new course or you can decide to stay in the course you have already started.   This decision is entirely yours.

  • 16:55

    MANY Thanks for valuable info received earlier this afternoon..S

    You're very welcome. We are back again tomorrow and again next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday!

  • 17:01

    How can you answer some of the queries when the points are not set yet ? how can you tell the mum of the boy who got 455 interested in dn700 that they will not get the course ?

    We have been quite clear in our replies that we have no way of knowing where the cut off points will land for all the courses.   This is currently only being worked out by the admissions officers in conjunction with the CAO, who have all the information required to allocate the available places and find the cut off points.   However, based on our experience of the process and working with many courses in many colleges we offer our opinion.   In this case with Social Science I believe the course has been radically overhauled and has attracted a lot of attention during the year and so will increase significantly in points.   I may be wrong and we will see on Monday but it is purely an opinion.

  • 17:11

    Are gaelteacht applicants for Mary I shortlisted if there is a lot of applicants and how I have 465 points and hoping to get a place


    Yes they would be shortlisted. I would be confident that you will receive an offer having 465 points. Nobody will know for definite until Monday.

    I hope that you receive an offer. Well done.


  • 17:17

    Do you think points for Primary Teaching in St. Pat's and Marino are likely to go up or down this year? Thanks.

    Unfortunately we don't have the information to make an exact call on this. From year to year primary education can change by small amounts. It is impossible to tell until Mondy.

  • 17:23

    I got 521 and Veterinary medicine is my first choice, is there any chance i could get it?? If not, how could I apply to universities in europe to do the same course?

    I would never say never, but based on last years cut off of 564 it probably is unlikely that a very high demand course such a Vet Med. is going to drop by over 40 points, but we will have to wait and see on Monday.   In relation to Europe a lot of Irish students are now very sucessfully studying Veterinary Med in Budapest and there are others in Poland also.   You could have a look at the EUNICAS website and you will get details of the various opportunities there.   Representatives of these colleges will be at the Higher Options Exhibition   this September in the RDS.

  • 17:26

    Hi my daughter got way less than the points she expected and looks like may only get 7th choice on her cao she has over 80 points more than the 2017 points for the course. How do i find out how many places are in each course. The course is bn111

    I cannot seem to find that information either. I tried calling there admissions office but I got no answer. Try this number in the morning or get back on to us 01 885 1000.

  • 17:29

    Hi, my son is 10 points short of MH101 in Maynooth University and is accepted for the dear scheme and meets the course requirements. Will he get accepted or an offer Will the points for arts go down


    NUI Maynooth will reserve a certain number of places on each course for DARE applicants. Whether he will be successful or not will depend on the points  obtained by the  other applicants that he is competing against. Maynooth do reserve a large number of places for DARE candidates so I would be hopeful for him. Nobody will know for definite until Monday.

  • 17:39

    Hi, my son received 455 points. He was hoping to do commerce with French in NUIG. Do you think there would be a points drop for this course this year, as it was 476 last year. Thank you

    Even if it was to drop I don't feel that it would decrease/ drop by a huge amount. It is a very popular course. Nobody will know for definite until Monday.

  • 17:50

     I started the application for susi (did eligibility reckoner and the response was that I may not qualify) and my son is hoping to defer his college place for a year. Should I go ahead and finish the application or do it next year?

    I would advise you to complete the application now. You must inform SUSI if you defer a college place that you have accepted, if you defer a year of your course or if you withdraw from or otherwise cease to attend your course. If you do not inform SUSI of this, you will be liable to repay any grant overpayment made to you and/or you may be ineligible to receive a grant (or may receive a reduced grant) on resuming your studies in the future.

    If you're eligible you can carry  your grant  forward into next year as long as your circumstances don't change. I would have to confirm this with susi.   Unfortunately, they are  closed now. You could try contact them in the morning.0761 08 7874.

    Please get back on if you need us to call.

  • 18:03

    Will I need to have a H4 in my leaving cert Irish if i wish to apply for primary school post-grad in 2021 as it is going up next year to H4 from H5 for under graduate?or will it be based only on Irish interview & degree result.

    I would advise you to contact admissions office of one of the colleges that offers the master in education (primary).  

    Information  on entry requirements for undergraduate entry for 2021 is not know yet.

  • 18:07

    Hi My son got 398 points for agricultural science and the points for agricultural science in Waterford IT is 398 Will the points go up if there is a big demand for this course and other agricultural courses

    There would have to be an increase in demand for that particular course in order for points to be driven up. The cut off points will be determined by the points obtained by the last successful applicant that gets a place on this course. I don't have access to this information. Nobody will know this for definite until Monday. Remain positive. I hope that you get an offer.

  • 18:11

    How high do you believe DN700 will be? As I hope to study politics philosophy and economics with 465, how high could DN700 realistically raise to?

    As mentioned earlier, we have no way of knowing where the cut off points for this or any other course will be but as an educated guess I have a feeling it will be in the mid 400s, where exactly we'll see on Monday.   Hopefully you will be ok with your points and be happy on Monday.   Best of luck.

  • 18:13

    My daughter has applied for Integrated Nursing in UCC and has enough points for the course based on last years cut off point. Any idea how they select the students for the 20 places? Is it those with highest points or random selection. Thanks


    All students with equal points i.e. the cut off points are given a numerical number. The student with the highest numerical number gets offered the place. He/she is now the 20th person.