SHC: Tipperary v Clare

The first of this year's All-Ireland hurling quarter-finals; reigning champions Tipp take on Clare

Eamon Donoghue Sun, Jul 23
LIVE: SHC: Tipperary v Clare

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  • Hello and Welcome . . . The first of today's three matches, and the first of this year's All-Ireland quarter-finals. Tipperary versus Clare. Will the All-Ireland champions be knocked out by July? Let's see.

    All the action live right here, and be sure to get in touch throughout, via either the comments section ('Contact Us' tab) or on Twitter (@DonoghueEamon). Let's get started!

  • All-Ireland SHC quarter-final

    Clare v Tipperary, Pairc Ui Chaoimh, 3pm
  • Team news:

    TIPPERARY:  Daragh Mooney; Donal Maher, Tomas Hamill, Barry Kennedy; Seamus Kennedy, Ronan Maher, Padraic Maher; Brendan Maher, Michael Breen; Noel McGrath, Patrick Maher, Dan McCormack; John ODwyer, Seamus Callanan, John McGrath.

    CLARE:  Andrew Fahy; Seadna Morey, Patrick O’Connor, Cian Dillon; David Fitzgerald, Conor Cleary, Jamie Shanahan; Colm Gavin, Tony Kelly; Cathal Malone, Podge Collins, John Conlon; Shane O’Donnell, Aaron Cunningham, Conor McGrath

  • Clare boss Gerry O'Connor; "We are going to war. The time for talking is over!"

    Strong pre-match words! Will Clare back it up though?

  • Sean Moran's Lowdown:  

    Last meeting: 2011 Munster semi-final, Limerick, Tipperary 4-19, Clare 1-19.
    Odds: Tipperary 1/4, Clare 9/2, Draw 12/1.
    Just the ticket: Stands Sold out, Premium (limited) €70 and Juveniles €10,  Terrace  €25 and Juveniles €5.
    Verdict: Tipperary

  • "A win here would be a good way to enter the semi-finals for either team but with Clare understrength at the back and the champions’ attack beginning to function again, that outcome looks far more likely to be Tipp’s"

    Read that preview in full here

  • "David McInerney will be a huge loss for Clare at full back. He played well against Cork but crucially he was also their primary leadership figure and it’s hard to think of worse timing for an injury than when about to face Tipperary’s revived full-forward line."

    Nicky English fancies his native Tipp . . .

  • Pre-match parade almost complete. Lovely conditions at  Pairc Ui Chaoimh. The new stadium looks great! Let's hope the match lives up to it
  • Tipperary 0-0 Clare 0-1 (1) Tipp win the throw in, first attack comes off the post via a Seamus Callanan shot. On the counter Tony Kelly gets Clare underway. Great start
  • Tipperary 0-2 Clare 0-1 (2)  Bonnar Maher slips a handpass to Noel McGrath who drives over Tipp's first score. Before John McGrath floats over a beauty from the sideline.
  • Tipp won the toss and looked to play into the, slight, breeze in this first half
  • Tipperary 0-2 Clare 0-2 (4)  Lovely ball into Shane O'Donnell, he puts Podge Collins in on goal with a crossfield pass, but he is held up. It comes back to O'Donnell and he flicks over his first point
  • Tipperary 0-3 Clare 0-2 (6)  Long ball into Callanan, he taps down to himself and finds space in the right corner, and, from a very tight angle drills over a great point.
  • Tipperary 0-4 Clare 0-2 (8)  Noel McGrath is a man in form today. Another point, this one from the right wing.

    Clare have a goal disallowed with Conor McGrath taking too many steps. Three wides and that missed opportunity from Clare's last four attacks

  • Tipperary 0-6 Clare 0-2 (10)  Bubbles' first. A great team move, Tipp play it short around their half forward line to create space for their corner forward to convert.

    Callanan adds a free. First free at the posts in the game.

  • Tipperary 0-7 Clare 0-2 (13)  Another Callanan free. Clare being punished for their wastefulness


  • Tipperary 0-8 Clare 0-2 (14)  Bonnar Maher finds space inside, opts to pass to John McGrath. Pass arrives at the corner forward's toes though and he does well to double it over the bar

  • Tipperary 0-8 Clare 0-3 (15)  Tony Kelly's first free of the game, a tricky one on the right wing. Straight over the, red spot.

  • Tipperary 0-9 Clare 0-3 (17)  Seamus Callanan comes out around the middle, on the left sideline, and from nothing collects a pass and drives over a beauty.

  • Tipperary 0-9 Clare 2-3 (19)  Conor McGrath collects the breaks from a loose pass and gives a great handpass to Aaron Cunningham. He takes his time, ignores the tackle and drives it low under the 'keeper.

    Next attack, Shane O'Donnell catches, pops it to Cunningham and he grabs ANOTHER GOAL!

  • Two poor wides, Podge and then John Conlon. Clare well on top but not converting
  • Tipperary 0-11 Clare 2-3 (25')  Michael Breen picks up a break and scores a good point. Cathal Malone then hits Clare's ninth wide before Hawkeye confirms a Bonnar Maher point

  • Tipperary 0-12 Clare 2-4 (28')  Jamie Shanahan responds to a Callanan free. Clare needed that score.

  • Tipperary 0-12 Clare 2-5 (31')  Conor McGrath works hard to turn the ball over and scores a great point. He's growing into this one

  • Tipperary 0-15 Clare 2-5 (35')  Callanan ends a run of Tipp wides. Seamus Kennedy follows up with another before Bubbles adds a third in a row.

  • Two minutes of first half additional time to be played
  • Tipperary 0-16 Clare 2-5 (36')  Poor puckout from Clare, John McGrath gets on it, turns and straight over the bar. Absolute gift.

  • HT Tipperary 0-16 Clare 2-5  Tipp far more clinical in that first half. Even playing into the slight breeze. Clare are feeding their forward line an awful lot more than in the Munster final, but still forcing it. Too many wides, 10 in all, and too many poor puckouts.  

    Their goal threat is keeping them in it. When they get on it inside a goal looks on nearly every time

  • Tipperary 0-16 Clare 2-5  (35') Second half underway. Yellow cards apiece for Cian Dillon and Noel McGrath for some off the ball stuff before Tony Kelly gets the first wide of the half from a free.

    Clare wide number 11.

  • Tipperary 0-16 Clare 2-6  (37') James Barry can't gather, and Shane O'Donnell pounces. Quick pick up and over the shoulder point.

  • Tipperary 0-17 Clare 2-6 (38') Poor clearance comes straight back in and Bubbles floats over a fine point

  • Tipperary 0-18 Clare 2-6  (40') Brilliant length of the field move by Tipp, Bubbles gives the final pass to Callanan who winds up, but it goes over. That attack deserved a goal.

  • Tipperary 0-18 Clare 2-8  (45')  Tony Kelly with a free to keep Clare ticking.  

    Then Conor McGrath wins another free in the corner and Kelly, from the resultant free cuts the deficit to four.

  • Tipperary 0-19 Clare 2-9  (47') John McGrath's fourth point. That's the 14th point from the Tipp fullforward line who are causing havoc.  

    Tony Kelly, now in at centre forward, responds with a free.

  • Tipperary 0-20 Clare 2-9  (49') Noel McGrath's third point from play, after a good ball from Breen. Game has gone a bit flat here, which will suit Tipp

  • Tipperary 0-22 Clare 2-9  (52') Another poor Clare clearance (it's killing them). Comes back in for an easy John McGrath point. His fifth. His brother Noel then follows up with his fourth

  • Tipperary 0-23 Clare 2-10  (54') David Reidy, on as sub, takes over free taking duties and scores his first one. But Bonnar responds immediately for Tipp

  • Tipperary 0-23 Clare 2-11  (57') Tony Kelly's sixth point, his second from play. Clare made to work hard for every score, and they certainly did scrap for that one

  • Tipperary 0-23 Clare 2-12  (58') A good spell for Clare. Peter Duggan wins the race to a loose ball, picks up and points. He's done well since coming in.

    Then Tony Kelly with a bad wide, Clare's 15th, which should have ate further into the Tipp lead.

  • Tipperary 0-23 Clare 2-13  (60') Colm Galvin with loads of time around the middle floats over another point. Three in a row for Clare

  • Tipperary 0-23 Clare 2-14  (62') Duggan wins another free, not given the advantage. But Reidy steps up and scores the free from a tight angle on the left.

    Then Cathal McInerney backs himself over on the other side, and over his shoulder he makes it a three point game!!

  • No Tipp score in 10 minutes, four wides though.
  • Tipperary 0-23 Clare 2-15  (64') Peter Duggan wins another puck out. It goes into Conor McGrath who backs himself and rightly so! Two point game!

  • Tipperary 0-24 Clare 2-16  (68') Bubbles responds to another Clare score. Badly needed point.

  • Tipperary 0-27 Clare 2-16  (68')  Callanan leaves the field with a hand injury. Brendan Maher though steps up to point a free in his absence. Before John McGrath and Steven O'Brien add scores. Tipp have weathered the storm

  • Four minutes of injury time to be played
  • Tipperary 0-28 Clare 2-16  (71')  Peter Duggan turned over as he was about to pull the trigger. Ball worked down the other end and Jason Forde points for Tipp

  • Clare goal - a scrappy one from Cathal McInerney. Too little too late
  • FT Tipperary 0-28 Clare 3-16  McInerney reacted quickest to the saved shot from distance. Clare's third goal and they could've had more here. Tipp's fullback line will need to improve in the last four.

    Worrying looking hand injury to Callanan also.

  • Michael Ryan: "That was a classic match. Clare really came back into it. I thought it was a really good game and everyone who played out there deserves credit!"
  • So that's that . . . Tipp into the last four but with plenty to work on. Attention turns to the football qualifiers now, before the second hurling semi-final tomorrow.  

    Report and analysis to follow. Until then, thanks for following us.

    FT Tipperary 0-28 Clare 3-16