Club SHC final: Ballyea v Cuala

The small rural parish of Ballyea meet the suburban giants of Dublin in a Patrick's Day cracker

Eamon Donoghue Fri, Mar 17
LIVE: Club SHC final: Ballyea v Cuala

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  • 14:36

    Hello and Welcome... and Happy St Patrick's day! All-Ireland club final day, and two exciting games to look forward to. In the hurling Cuala and Ballyea do battle, before Dr Crokes and Slaughtneil compete for the football title.  

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  • 14:38

    All-Ireland senior club hurling final: Ballyea (Clare) v Cuala (Dublin), 3.0, Croke Park

    All-Ireland club football final:  Dr Crokes (Kerry) v Slaughtneil (Derry), 5.0, Croke Park

  • 14:51

    "Ballyea have structure in defence but do they have the pace to deal with the Cuala attack in Croke Park?" - Sean Moran fancies Cuala.

    Read his preview in full here

  • 14:57

    Cuala are aiming to become the first Dublin team to win the All Ireland club hurling championship - Malachy Clerkin on the result of culchie Dublin enveloping its poshest village..

    Read that piece in full here

  • 14:59
    Teams out and ready to go in Croker
  • 15:04
    Cuala 0-0 Ballyea 0-0: GAME ON!
  • 15:05
    * St Mary's Magherafelt are MacRory Cup champions for the first time
  • 15:07
    Cuala 0-0 Ballyea 0-1 (3') Scrappy start in a drizzly Croke Park. Niall Deasy gets the scoring underway with a free from the edge of the D.
  • 15:08
    Cuala leaving Con O'Callaghan inside on his own, hoping to isloate him and get the ball in early. They've hit two early wides
  • 15:09
  • 15:11
    Cuala 0-1 Ballyea 0-1 (7') David Treacy gets the Dublin champions underway. With a brilliant point
  • 15:14
    Cuala 0-2 Ballyea 0-1 (9') Two in a row for Treacy, leading by example. Both from play. Con O'Callaghan then should have had a free after a blatant pull back, he's looking dangerous
  • 15:18
    GOALL Cuala!
  • 15:19
    Cuala 1-2 Ballyea 0-1 (14') Colm Cronin goal, from the left of the goals he stuck it across the keeper. Cuala well on top!
  • 15:21
    Cuala 1-2 Ballyea 0-3 (16') Great response. Points by Deasy and their first from play via James Murphy
  • 15:22
    Cuala 1-3 Ballyea 0-4 (19') Another from David Treacy, before Pierce Lillis hits back for Ballyea
  • 15:26
  • 15:27
    Cuala 1-4 Ballyea 0-4 (22') Big chance there for Con O'Callaghan. Just beforehand Treacy slots a free to put three in it again. Cuala in control
  • 15:28
    Cuala 1-5 Ballyea 0-4 (24') John Sheanon raises a white flag after great work by Mark Shutte
  • 15:33
    Cuala 1-6 Ballyea 0-4 (30') Darragh O'Connell adds to the Cuala lead, with a fine effort on the run from midfield. Two minutes of additional time to be played
  • 15:34
    Cuala 1-7 Ballyea 0-4 (32') Con O'Callaghan's first of the game. Six points in it now
  • 15:36
    Long ball into the corner, he turns his man inside out and slots it off his right hand side.  
  • 15:37
    HT Cuala 1-7 Ballyea 0-4 - Cuala deserving of their lead. Ballyea haven't got going at all yet. Con O'Callaghan hit the crossbar too. They'll be after more of the same in the second half
  • 15:44
  • 15:44
    John Sheanon doing a fine job on a frustrated looking Tony Kelly. He's got a point too and set up the goal. Ballyea need more from their former Hurler of the Year
  • 15:47
    Second half is underway! Cuala six ahead
  • 15:49
    Tony Kelly steal, creates a good goal chance for Ballyea. But half-hooked, Lillis' effort at goal is saved. Big moment. An early goal there would have been huge
  • 15:52
    Cuala 1-9 Ballyea 0-4 (35') A David Treacy free gets the second half scoring underway. Before Con O'Callaghan gets his second point. This time off his left
  • 15:53
    Cuala 1-10 Ballyea 0-5 (41') Treacy adds another before a badly needed Ballyea point via Clare football captain Gary Brennan
  • 15:57
    Cuala 1-11 Ballyea 0-7 (40') It's really opened up here. Colm Cronin with his second point for Cuala. Niall Deasy (free), and Pierce Lillis with the points for Ballyea
  • 15:59
    Cuala 1-12 Ballyea 0-7 (41') Treacy adds another free, that he won himself after a powerful run. Ballyea are struggling to contain Cuala's power
  • 16:00
  • 16:01
    Cuala 1-12 Ballyea 0-8 (43') Another Deasy free, from 50m on the left
  • 16:05
    Cuala 1-13 Ballyea 0-10 (48') Niall Deasy grabs two frees either side of a Treacy point. Six points in it now. A lot of fouling on either side, some of the Ballyea frees a little on the soft side
  • 16:07
  • 16:09
    Cuala 1-14 Ballyea 1-10 (51') Niall Deasy shrugs off his man and buries his shot into the roof off the net
  • 16:10
    Cuala 1-15 Ballyea 1-10 (52') Darragh O'Connell makes a great run and his point is the perfect response. Goal chance was on though
  • 16:10
    GOALLL CUALLA. What a few minutes of hurling  
  • 16:11
    Cuala 2-15 Ballyea 1-10 (53') Jake Malone breaks inside, and doubles it into the top right corner. That goal concession was the wake up call Cuala needed
  • 16:15
    Cuala 2-17 Ballyea 1-10 (57') A beauty from Daragh O'Connell is added to by a Mark Shutte point. 10 points in it. Ballyea looking deflated. Cuala are full value for this  
  • 16:16
    Four minutes of added time to be played. Cuala 10 ahead
  • 16:18
    Cuala 2-18 Ballyea 1-10 (61') 11 points ahead now. Game all but over
  • 16:20
  • 16:21
    Game over! Cuala fully deserving. Colum Sheanon with the last score of the game
  • 16:24
  • 16:24
    FT Cuala 2-19 Ballyea 1-10 - Cuala by far the better team. Ballyea never really got going, and when they did get their lifeline with the goal it was Cuala who kicked on!
  • 16:26
  • 16:29

    So that's that.. Cuala become the first Dublin club to win the All-Ireland hurling championship. And they were fully deserving.  

    Next up it's the football final. And we'll be starting the blog for that shortly after half four. So stay tuned.