SFC: Dublin v Galway

Galway take on Dublin in GAA HQ with a place in the All-Ireland final at stake

Eamon Donoghue Sat, Aug 11
LIVE: SFC: Dublin v Galway

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    Hello and Welcome . . . Can Dublin be stopped? Today it's the turn of Galway to take on the three in a row reigning champions. Galway last won an All-Ireland in 2001 and this is their first semi-final since then. Dublin have won five in the meantime.

    It's a repeat of the league final, Connacht champions against Leinster champions. And we'll keep you up to date throughout.  

    Be sure to get in touch, via either the comments section (‘Contact Us’ tab) or on Twitter (@DonoghueEamon).

    Let's get started!

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    All-Ireland SFC semi-final
    Dublin v Galway, Croke Park, 5pm
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    Team news (as per programme):  

    DUBLIN: Stephen Cluxton; Michael Fitzsimons, Cian O'Sullivan, Philly MacMahon; Jonny Cooper, James McCarthy, Jack McCaffrey; Brian Fenton, Michael Darragh Macauley; Niall Scully, Ciaran Kilkenny, Brian Howard; Con O'Callaghan, Dean Rock, Paul Mannion

    GALWAY:  Ruairí Lavelle; Declan Kyne, Seán Andy Ó Ceallaigh, Eoghan Kerin; Cathal Sweeney, Gareth Bradshaw, Gary O'Donnell; Peter Cooke, Thomas Flynn; Shane Walsh, Patrick Sweeney, Seán Kelly; Ian Burke, Damien Comer, Eamonn Brannigan.

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    "Galway  will need to rediscover the template of the league final, keeping it tight in the early stages, and matching Dublin on the scoreboard."

    Sean Moran is predicting a Dublin win, read his preview here

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    *Johnny Heaney, Ciaran Duggan and Sean Armstrong in for Galway.

    Eoin Murchan and John Small in for Michael Fitzsimons (very surprising) and Michael Dara Macauley. James McCarthy will go to midifeld and Small will fill in at halfback.

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    Crucial to Galway's hopes today are Ian Burke. The only Corofin player featuring for the Tribesmen, he's scored or assisted 1/3 of their scores from play so far this summer. This week's GAA Statistics column focuses on 'the master of assists' . . .  


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    GALWAY: Ruairí Lavelle; Declan Kyne, Seán Andy Ó Ceallaigh, Eoghan Kerin; Cathal Sweeney, Gareth Bradshaw, Johnny Heaney; Ciaran Duggan, Thomas Flynn; Shane Walsh, Sean Armstrong, Seán Kelly; Ian Burke, Damien Comer, Eamonn Brannigan.

    DUBLIN:  Stephen Cluxton; Eoin Murchan, Cian O'Sullivan, Philly MacMahon; Jonny Cooper, John Small, Jack McCaffrey; Brian Fenton, James McCarthy; Niall Scully, Ciaran Kilkenny, Brian Howard; Con O'Callaghan, Dean Rock, Paul Mannion

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    Ciaran Duggan was man of the match when Galway beat Mayo earlier this year, he also stood out in the league final defeat. He made his injury return off the bench against Monaghan last week and if Galway push up on Stephen Cluxton's kickout he will have to be on his game against Brian Fenton.  

    For Dublin Eoin Murchan is expected to come in and mark Ian Burke.

  • 17:01
    Dublin 0-0 Galway 0-0 (1') GAME ON! Tom Flynn wins the throw in but the first attack of the game comes to nothing.
  • 17:02
    Dublin 0-1 Galway 0-0 (1') Philly McMahon finds Paul Mannion on the wing, he skins Eoghan Kerin cuts back in and points. Power and speed - scary start!
  • 17:03
    First wide of the game off Damien Comer's left boot
  • 17:04
    Dublin 0-2 Galway 0-0 (3') Ciaran Kilkenny is fouled by Declan Kyne, Dean Rock gets his first free and curls it over
  • 17:07
    Dublin 0-3 Galway 0-0 (6') Hint of a penalty as Dean Rock is fouled, and then fouled again on the advantage. Back for the original free and he scores it himself
  • 17:09
    Dublin 0-3 Galway 1-0 (7') Long ball from Duggan into his Annaghdown team mate Damien Comer, Cluxton comes out but the big Galway full forward punches to the empty net. GOAL!
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    Dublin 0-4 Galway 1-1 (10') Outrageous point from Shane Walsh. Takes on his man, comes back and right footed from 35m floats it over. Brian Howard responds
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    Dublin 0-4 Galway 1-1 (11') Damien Comer cuts in between Cian O'Sullivan and Johnny Cooper. The latter clips him and he makes the most of the contact. BUT, Eamonn Brannigan's penalty is saved!
  • 17:14
    Dublin 0-4 Galway 1-1 (12')  Cluxton's save goes out for a 45 which Walsh misses. Galway come away from that with nothing
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    Dublin 0-5 Galway 1-1 (13')  Mannion pops to Kilkenny and Dublin are back in front
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    Dublin 0-6 Galway 1-1 (14')  Fenton, who earlier caught a great ball, cuts in and extends the Dublin lead.
  • 17:17
    Another Galway wide from a Shane Walsh free, from distance and a tricky angle
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    Dublin 0-6 Galway 1-1 (18')  Excellent catch by Duggan, it's worked to Armstrong who backs himself from distance with other options available - and it's another wide
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    Dublin 0-7 Galway 1-2 (21')  Dean Rock slots a free to put the champions three ahead, not for long though as Ian Burke twists and turns and kicks his first point.
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    James McCarthy harshly pulled for charging and Galway leave a bit on him as he lies on the ground refusing to give up the ball
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    Dublin 0-7 Galway 1-3 (24')  Needless foul by Murchan on Burke, gives Walsh a chance to tap over a free.
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    Dublin 0-7 Galway 1-4 (25')  Ian Burke is fouled by O'Sullivan and Walsh nails the free. Ian Burke has been fouled for the last two points and scored the one before that
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    Dublin 1-7 Galway 1-4 (26')  Hint of steps as Jack McCaffrey goes on a run, he gives a great handpass over the top to Niall Scully on the move, he squares it and Con O'Callaghan dives out to palm into the net
  • 17:32

    Dublin 1-8 Galway 1-5 (30')  Eamonn Brannigan provides the assist and Ian Burke finishes it. Ciaran Kilkenny then skips past Cathal Sweeney and puts three back in it.

    *Mick Fitzsimons is on for the injured Cian O'Sullivan

  • 17:34

    Dublin 1-9 Galway 1-6 (32')  Paul Mannion and Shane Walsh exchange points. They've both been brilliant early on

  • 17:35

    Dublin 1-9 Galway 1-7 (34')  Brave, brave interception by Tom Flynn. It's worked to Ian Burke, his third assist of the game sets up Johnny Heaney.

  • 17:36

    Dublin 1-9 Galway 1-7 (35')  One minute added on before the break

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    HT Dublin 1-9 Galway 1-7  A high quality first half. Galway will look back at a missed penalty and numerous wides, and think they should at least be level. Nevertheless, halfway through and they're still in it. Which isn't to be taken for granted against the Dubs.  

    They're holding their own around the middle, the defence are hitting hard and keeping it compact. Error count is low and Shane Walsh has been prominent. Dublin yet to get going.

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    Dublin 1-9 Galway 1-7  (36')  The second half is underway! Sean Kelly has to be alert early on to flick the ball away as Jack McCaffrey got a flick on the ball as it came down off the post. Kelly saves off the line, Rock takes the resultant 45 but misses it

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    Dublin 1-11 Galway 1-7  (39')  Paul Mannion waits in the pocket, it's worked back out to him, Galway let him shoot and from 40m out on the right hand side he curls over a beauty of a score. O'Callaghan then fists over another

  • 18:01
    Galway kicking every ball in now long to Comer who is surrounded, Nothing coming of it
  • 18:01

    Dublin 1-11 Galway 1-8  (41')  Tom Flynn points from distance, he's having a very good game and a very good season

  • 18:04

    Dublin 1-11 Galway 1-8  (43')  Dean Rock with a rare wide from a free. Cormac Costello is on for Niall Scully

  • 18:06

    Dublin 1-12 Galway 1-8  (46')  Ciaran Kilkenny was the man of the match in the league final between these teams, he's just kicked his third point. Meanwhile Michael Daly is on for Armstrong

  • 18:08
    Excellent Brian Howard block on Daly and Galway are looking a little out of ideas here
  • 18:09

    Dublin 1-13 Galway 1-8  (49')  Dean Rock follows up on two misses by slotting a simple free. Dublin five up now

  • 18:11

    Dublin 1-14 Galway 1-9  (51')  Great work by Kelly to set up Daly for a lovely curling effort. Peter Cooke comes on for Brannigan as Fenton plucks a kickout, works it to O'Callaghan and he gets his second point (1-2)

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    Dublin 1-15 Galway 1-9  (52')  Cormac Costello and Rock combine and the latter puts six in it

  • 18:14

    Dublin 1-15 Galway 1-10  (54')  Comer wins the breaking ball on two Dublin defenders, wins a free. Walsh converts and Galway needed that

  • 18:16
    Kevin McManamon on for Dean Rock - shows how ruthless Jim Gavin is
  • 18:17

    Dublin 1-16 Galway 1-10  (57')  Superb double block by Galway and they are giving this everything, but it still comes back to Costello (who was the first man blocked) and he taps over. Murchan off Macauley on

  • 18:19

    Dublin 1-17 Galway 1-10  (58')  Howard makes the break and Costello finishes it again. This lad is a scoring machine!

  • 18:21

    Dublin 1-18 Galway 1-10  (60')  Brian Fenton's second point, kicks this one off his left. 10 minutes left and hard to see any way back for Galway

  • 18:22
    Poor wide from Shane Walsh, free over on the left wing.  
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    Dublin 1-19 Galway 1-10  (65')  Paul Mannion wanted to take it, but Costello insisted. And he converts the free from the left footers' angle

  • 18:27

    Dublin 1-20 Galway 1-11  (67') Damien Comer picks up the ball, literally buries the man who came to tackle him (Cooper), then takes a wild shot from the corner, and it goes over. O'Callaghan gets one back after a run from McManamon

  • 18:29

    Dublin 1-20 Galway 1-12 (69') Gary O'Donnell gets up for his customary point from right half back

  • 18:30
  • 18:30

    Dublin 1-21 Galway 1-12 (70') Mannion off his right from the edge of the D. Four minutes added on

  • 18:32

    Dublin 1-23 Galway 1-12 (72') Paul Flynn swings one over from a left half forward position. McManamon adds another. Their ninth scorer

  • 18:33

    Dublin 1-24 Galway 1-12 (72') Flynn to McManamon and it's over the bar again. The Dublin AvB matches over the next two weeks will be interesting!

  • 18:34

    Dublin 1-24 Galway 2-12 (73') The ball breaks to Walsh and he keeps it on the ground and buries it soccer style in the bottom left corner

  • 18:36

    FT Dublin 1-24 Galway 2-12  Dublin's bench just kicked on and a tired Galway team gave everything but had no answer. Any chance they did have and they needed to take their early chances and their penalty in the first half. After that it always looked beyond them.

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    So that's that . . .  Dublin are back in the All-Ireland final. One step away from four in a row. Galway can look back on a very positive season. A league final, a Connacht title. A win over Kerry and a first semi-final since 2001. The likes of Shane Walsh and Tom Flynn have come of age and with the likes of Comer and Heaney in their ranks they are going in the right direction.  

    Match report and analysis to follow from Croke Park. And we'll be back tomorrow for Monaghan v Tyrone, to see who will take on the Dubs on the first weekend of September. Until then, thanks for joining us.

    Dublin 1-24 Galway 2-12