All-Ireland SHC semi-final - Galway v Clare

Reigning champions Galway take on Clare for a place in this year's All-Ireland final

Eamon Donoghue Sat, Jul 28
LIVE: All-Ireland SHC semi-final - Galway v Clare

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  • Hello and Welcome . . .  Clare are back in Croke Park for the first time since their 2013 heroics, and are up against the reigning champions. Galway come in as hot favourites but this should be interesting at a rainy Croke Park.

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    Let's get started!
  • All-Ireland SHC semi-final
    Galway  v Clare, Croke Park, 5pm
  • Team news (as per programme):

    GALWAY:  James Skehill; Adrian Tuohy, Daithi Burke, John Hanbury; Padraic Mannion, Gearoid McInerney, Aidan Harte; Johnny Coen, David Burke; Joseph Cooney, Joe Canning, Jonathan Glynn; Conor Whelan, Conor Cooney, Cathal Mannion.

    CLARE:  Donal Tuohy; Patrick O'Connor, David McInerney, Jack Browne; Seadna Morey, Conor Cleary, Jamie Shanahan; Clolm Galvin, Cathal Malone; Peter Duggan, Tony Kelly, David Reidy; Podge Collins, John Conlon, Shane O'Donnell

  • A good start to the day already for Galway. Their minors were 3-22 to 0-16 winners over Dublin in the All-Ireland semi-final. And their ladies footballers set up a quarter-final meeting with Mayo after comfortably beating Westmeath.
  • "Maybe the champions will fall back from where they were in Thurles but otherwise they’re on the way to successive finals for the first time in 28 years.  Verdict:  Galway"

    Read Sean Moran's preview in full here

  • Daithi Burke's ankle is strapped up but he starts. Conor Cooney comes in to the Galway team in their only change.

    There's a pre-match presentation by the armed forces in Croke Park . . . celebrating 60 years of peace keeping missions.
  • Galway 0-0 Clare 0-0 (1') GAME ON! Clare win the throw in. They get it in to John Conlon but he's bottled up and turned over. Down the other end and Aidan Harte strikes the first wide
  • Galway 0-1 Clare 0-0 (2') Joe Canning punishes a poor puck out from Donal Tuohy
  • Galway 0-1 Clare 0-1 (4') Peter Duggan taps over a free to get Clare underway
  • Galway 0-3 Clare 0-1 (6') A very harsh free for overcarrying against Colm Galvin. Canning scores the free. Conor Cooney then plucks a long ball, turns and points.
  • Great work by Cathal Mannion to set up Johnny Glynn but as he strikes Tuohy is out and all over him forcing his goal effort wide
  • Galway 0-4 Clare 0-1 (10') Another poor Clare puck out and this time Conor Whelan snaps it up and points
  • Galway 0-5 Clare 0-1 (11') Great work by Padraig Mannion to pick the pocket of Podge Collins, it's worked out the field and Johnny Coen drives the ball over from distance (Galway playing with the wind advantage)
  • Galway 0-6 Clare 0-1 (12') Johnny Glynn grabs a long ball and handpasses to Cathal Mannion, but he takes his eye off the ball when a goal looked certain. The Galway corner forward recovers to pick the ball back up and take his point
  • Galway 1-7 Clare 0-1 (16') Clare actually win a long ball into the Galway full-forward line, but the Galway attackers force the turnover and Conor Cooney taps the ball into the corner. Joe Canning follows up with a point. Clare are in serious trouble
  • Galway 1-7 Clare 0-2 (17') David Reidy snaps up a break, loses his man with a dummy and scores a badly needed point from a tight angle
  • Galway 1-7 Clare 0-4 (21') Inspirational from Shane O'Donnell. Galway are pushing up and putting huge pressure on from their forward line back, this time though Shane O'Donnell wins the ball and shakes off his man, rides another tackle and takes the advantage after being fouled, to point from distance. Duggan then adds a free
  • Galway 1-7 Clare 0-5 (21') Four in a row from Clare - out of nowhere. The last of which being a Tony Kelly point from out by the right sideline
  • Joe Canning's sideline cut is Gawlay's sixth wide
  • Galway 1-7 Clare 0-5 (26') Hawk eye rules out Aidan Harte's point, as their wide tally rises to eight
  • Galway 1-8 Clare 0-6 (28')  Tony Kelly is inches wide from the sideline. Seconds later he sends one over from a long way out (into the wind). Cathal Mannion then gets Galway's first point in 12 minutes
  • Galway 1-8 Clare 0-7 (29')  Peter Duggan wins a free and scores it himself. His third
  • Galway 1-8 Clare 0-8 (31')  Daithi Burke fouls Conlon and Duggan scores the resultant free. Clare have outscored Galway 0-7 to 0-1 since the 16th minute.
  • Galway 1-8 Clare 0-9 (34')  Following Galway's 10th wide, Peter Duggan fields a puck out, turns and gets his first from play
  • Galway 1-9 Clare 0-9 (35') Cathal Mannion taps over his third point. Two minutes of first half added time announced
  • HT Galway 1-10 Clare 0-9 Catch and point from big Johnny Glynn to end the first half.  
  • Galway started that half as they did against Kilkenny. A different level! But they took the foot off for the second 15 minutes, wherein Clare outscored them 0-7 to 0-1. Still though they go in at the interval four points up after two missed goal chances and 12 wides.
  • 54,191 is the official attendance in Croke Park today
  • Galway 1-11 Clare 0-10 (36')  Clare leaving Galway waiting for the second half, but we are finally underway! Joe Canning sends the first point of the half over via a sideline cut. A special score. John Conlon responds with his first point
  • Galway 1-11 Clare 0-12 (39')  Tony Kelly wins a free and Duggan drives it over the bar. Clare with the wind now for this second half. Duggan then scraps brilliantly to break the ball out to Conlon for his second score
  • Galway 1-11 Clare 0-13 (39')  Shane O'Donnell makes it a one point game!
  • Galway 1-12 Clare 0-13 (41')  Galway go long, McInerney is now marking Glynn but all he can do is foul the big full forward. Canning slots the free
  • Galway 1-13 Clare 0-14 (44')  Cathal Mannion pushes in the back and Duggan absolutely drills the resultant free over the bar.

    In the next atack Tuohy makes a terrific save to deny Conor Cooney. It's worked back out to Joe Canning who points on the follow up

  • Galway 1-16 Clare 0-14 (46') Canning eases a free over to put three in it again. Daithi Burke and John Conlon having a great battle this second half.

    David Burke then catches and scores over his shoulder. Galway pulling away as they did after Kilkenny's comeback in the Leinster final replay.

  • Galway 1-16 Clare 0-16 (50') Duggan maintains his 100 per cent accuracy from frees. David Fitzgerald, just on the field, then bursts through the middle to add another

  • Galway 1-16 Clare 0-18 (52') Galvin again with the assist for Tony Kelly. Duggan then wins a puck out and gets Clare's fourth in a row. He's been immense.

  • Galway 1-17 Clare 0-19 (54') The Banner are on the surge! John Conlon points as Galway lose Gearoid McInerney to injury . . . only for a matter of seconds though as Conor Whelan takes on his man and scores from the sideline

  • Galway 1-18 Clare 0-20 (56') Level again. Another Duggan free. His 10th point.

    Glynn then wins a puckout, pops to Canning and he puts Galway one point up

  • Galway 1-19 Clare 0-20 (59') Conor Whelan uses his body well and wins a free on the edge of the D. Canning converts. Two point game

  • Galway 1-19 Clare 0-22 (61') Duggan from just inside his own half scores his 11th point. And inside the final 10 minutes that free makes it a one point game. Before Ian Galvin makes it level!

  • Galway 1-22 Clare 0-23 (63') Peter Duggan's point is sandwiched between efforts from Cathal Mannion and Canning. Duggan was being tackled by three Galway defenders and as the ball looked to be spilling away from him he controlled it with two flicks before doubling it over the bar. A special score!

  • Galway 1-23 Clare 0-23 (65') Niall Burke is on, and after scoring a point he wins a dirty ball and pops it to David Burke who opens up a three point lead

  • Aaron Shanagher is on, making his first appearance since his cruciate ligament injury
  • Galway 1-23 Clare 0-25 (68') A sideline cut from Tony Kelly is followed up by a John Conlon score

  • One point game and three minutes added on
  • Galway 1-23 Clare 0-25 (71') Tony Kelly's long ball goes wide. Clare win the puck out . . .  

  • Colm Galvin finds Tony Kelly and he's fouled (very soft free). Duggan has the chance to level it
  • Galway 1-23 Clare 0-26 (73') Duggan has been sublime. He floats it over. Johnny Coen then gets the chance to win it but drops it short

  • Galway 1-23 Clare 0-26 Extra time will be needed!

  • That was a huge missed chance by Coen. But what a finish to normal time. Clare giving it everything, with Duggan, Tony Kelly, Colm Galvin all outstanding! Do Galway want it enough now to come again in extra-time?
  • ET Galway 1-24 Clare 0-26 (1')  Galway win a free straight from the throw in and we are underway in extra time . . .  

    Canning scores it.

  • Two wides for Clare, one is a misplaced long ball to John Conlon and the other is via Seadna Morey.
  • ET Galway 1-25 Clare 0-26 (5') A sublime sideline cut from Joe Canning. His second of the match.

  • John Conlon hits Clare's fourth wide of this extra time period
  • David Fitzgerald makes it five and 15 overall
  • ET Galway 1-25 Clare 0-27 (7') Conlon is out in front again, handpasses to Ian Galvin and he points on the run. Clare's first in extra time.

  • Peter Duggan is lining up a sideline cut   . . . but it's well wide
  • ET Galway 1-25 Clare 0-27 (10') Two minutes to be added on at the end of the first half of extra time

  • Tuohy lucky to get away with a short handpass but the Clare fullback line scramble well. It's worked out to Ian Galvin . . but from the sideline it's wide again
  • ET Galway 1-26 Clare 0-27 (12') David McInerney gets a yellow and concedes a free for throwing his hurl to block Johnny Glynn. Canning then puts two between the teams

  • ET HT Galway 1-26 Clare 0-27 Lots of wides and missed chances in that half. Only four points scored. It's still all to play for.

  • In 80 plus minutes of hurling Clare have yet to lead. But they are 10 minutes and one score away from an All-Ireland final!
  • ET Galway 1-26 Clare 1-27 (11')  Clare come away with the ball from the throw-in. They go long, it falls to Aron Shanagher and he buries a goal on his return. Clare lead for the first time!!!

  • ET Galway 1-27 Clare 1-27 (13') Galway equalise immediately (Jason Flynn). John Conlon is then well blacked by John Hanbury but Peter Duggan misses the 65. His first miss

  • Galway have lost Joe Canning to injury as Duggan puts Clare one up with a free
  • ET Galway 1-28 Clare 1-29 (16') What a score, like his point in the first half, Shane O'Donnell shoots with men hanging off him after a run down the sideline.

    Jason Flynn responds with a free after taking over from the injured Canning

  • ET Galway 1-29 Clare 1-29 (17') Massive goal chance for Jason Flynn but he blazes it over. Level game

  • Donal Tuohy pucks it out after a short stoppage for treatment to him after he dived out in front of that shot on goal. Three minutes added on
  • Davy Glennon wins a free. This is where you want Joe Canning. Jason Flynn will take it
  • ET Galway 1-29 Clare 1-29 (21') Hawk eye is called upon . . . and it's wide!

  • Daithi Burke comes out and catches it. He passes it to Johnny Coen and Galway go ahead!
  • Wide from Shanagher in response
  • ET Galway 1-30 Clare 1-29 (22') Last minute! and Galway have a sideline ball in the Clare corner back area

  • Wide from Niall Burke
  • Clare take it short
  • David Fitzgerald to Jason McCarthy. And it's level again!!!
  • ET FT Galway 1-30 Clare 1-30  What a game, Clare gave this everything and deserve their draw. Galway will have Joe Canning's injury and a huge wide count to reflect upon

  • Peter Duggan finished with 0-14, Tony Kelly and Colm Galvin were outstanding late on in normal time. John Conlon and McInerney both stood up. Clare never went away, not after Galway's massive start, they never led until the second half of extra time. Galway lost Joe Canning, Gearoid McInerney, David Burke and Conor Whelan all looked to have picked up injuries. While wides and missed goal opportunities at key periods kept Clare alive. So they'll expect to have lots to improve upon for the replay, Clare however will take massive confidence from today!
  • So that's that . . . Clare and Galway must do it all over again. They'll find out tomorrow who'll await the winner in the final.  

    Match report and analysis to follow from Croke Park, and we'll be back tomorrow with Cork v Limerick. Until then, thanks for joning us.  

    All-Ireland SHC semi-final
    Galway 1-30 Clare 1-30 AET