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Questions over Snowden, Keaveny joins FF and all the news as it happens

Genevieve Carbery Tue, Dec 3
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  • 08:54
    This morning's must read article says Thomas Byrne was until recently the sole director of Foam Cafe on Strand Street, Dublin and used a false name while running the business.

    Former customers say Byrne ran the cafe while presenting himself as a “Sebastian Hobart” and he claimed to have returned to Dublin after working in the fashion industry in London.

    Fascinating stuff from Ruadhan MacCormaic

  • 09:08

    After many years of talking, it is finally happening. Some Dublin Bus routes are to be privatised.

    Any of us who use our groaning bus services regularly would be delighted for improvement to come from market efficiencies of competition. However the competition argument has always puzzled me with bus routes. If the 17 bus route is privatised –that means there is only one company operating the route – and that gives them a monopoly or means they are competing with no-one?

    Enough of my amateur economics. More details here:

  • 09:13

    Can you speak  Japlebarese? Well it seems our Taoiseach is flawless in this little known Japanese dialet spoken mainly in Mayo. If you haven't read Miriam Lord's colourful report from Japan it will make you smile. Read here.  

    By the way Genevieve Carbery here on the Daily Wire. Thanks for joining me.  

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  • 09:26

    We’ve heard lots of arguments over the years against wind turbines but scaring the horses is a new one.

    Jockey Ruby Walsh has said proposals to erect wind turbines close to stud farms would be “extremely dangerous” for horses.

    He was“certain that it would be dangerous to ride thoroughbreds within sight or earshot of a rotating wind turbine.

    That’s a ‘nay’ to wind turbines from the horses then? (The puns can only get better from here)

    Fiona Gartland has more here.

  • 09:33

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit Fianna Fail Colm Keaveney. Shall we be expecting these words from Micheal Martin this afternoon as he is expected to welcome ex-Labour chairman Colm Keaveney to the party.

    Any Latin aficionados apologies for my Google translated pigeon Latin! For context just before he voted against the Welfare Bill and was expelled from Labour last December he tweeted 'Acta non verba', Latin for 'deeds not words'

    Follow the story here.  

  • 09:57

    If you missed Evelyn Cusack’s cold front on quack weather forecasters on Sunday it’s here. Some folklore and amateur forecasters have gained notoriety in recent years.

    But the Met Eireann queen of forecasting said on Sunday:
    “Unfortunately animals and plants can’t help us they only respond to recent or current coniditons…nor can the moon cycles predict the weather”

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  • 10:05

    Women are better at intuitive thinking. Women are better at remembering things. When you talk, women are more emotionally involved - they will listen more. - No I’m not on my feminist soap box it’s now a proven scientific fact.

    A new study out today drew on nearly 1,000 brain scans to confirm that stark differences exist in the wiring of male and female brains.

  • 10:13
    Like vatican white smoke the Latin tweet has come from Colm Keaveney.  

  • 10:18
    If you weren't up early or were half asleep you missed out on one incredible sunrise.
  • 10:28

    There will be a sigh of relief on Marlborough Street this morning with some good results for Irish students in international tests for literacy in maths, science and reading.

    Ireland was well above OECD averages for print reading ranking 4th and in digital-based reading literacy we were 5th , science rankings were up to 9th while print maths wsas at 13th.

    The PISA exam results released today shows country by country league tables.

  • 10:39
    Laure Prouvost invents notional grandparents for herself……Their complementary stories are told in two frenetic, very funny and also genuinely moving films, delivered with great brio. They say a great deal about emotional and intellectual life. Art critic Aidan Dunne has more from Derry about the awarding of the Turner prize last night here
  • 10:47

    “For Fianna Fáil, Keaveney will be presented as a bit of a coup, a signal that those who voted and represented Labour in the last election are looking around and see Fianna Fáil as the best fit,” Harry McGee writes on   “by far and away the most high-level defection in parliamentary politics for quite some time.” Read more of his analyisis here

  • 10:55

    "This rampant corruption of many of Fianna Fáil’s members and public representatives is part of the philosophy of tolerance that existed within that party."

    "  Some of these Members, with mustache a quivering, were highly vocal supporters of former Taoiseach, Bertie Ahern, and acted as attack dogs on any investigation into planning matters in this country and on Ahern’s probity."

    Fianna Fail's soon-to-be newest member Colm Keaveney speaking in the Dail only last year during a debate on the Mahon tribunal. More here

  • 11:00
    Why thank you Faisal (Channel 4 News Economics Editor).
  • 11:08
    No hard feelings then?  
  • 11:14
    More Keaveney comments on FF come back to bite and it's only two hours since this broke.  
  • 11:33
    It may be the 21st century, but women and girls are still getting a raw deal in the world of sport.....It's time to stop paying lip service to equality: we need to see more coverage of women's sport and a higher number of women working in the sport media if we want to change attitudes. ..great to see this EU Commission calls for action today... (This time I am up on my feminist soap box)
  • 11:37
    Someone needs to remind Bob Dylan that the times they are a-changin' . The singer  is being investigated in France with inciting hatred over a 2012 interview in which he compared Croatians to Nazis and the Ku Klux Klan. More here.  
  • 11:54

    Are you smarter than a 15-year-old? Here's a PISA question:

    Mount Fuji is only open to the public for climbing from 1 July to 27 August each year. About 200,000 people climb Mount Fuji during this time. On average, about how many people climb Mount Fuji each day? A. 340 B. 710 C. 3,400 D. 7,100 E. 7,400

    The Guardian has published more questions (and answers lazy bones) here

  • 12:03

    "I’m sad that he has taken this particular route but it’s a free country." Ruairi Quinn has told Newstalk of Colm Keaveny's move.  

    Meanwhile Twitter is cracking me up as we wait for more news on this:

  • 12:06

    “Fianna Fáil is the only party that has really changed. That view was reinforced for me at the weekend (the Labour Party conference) where I was surprised at the auction politics on show," Colm Keaveney told The Irish Timed as he confirmed  he will represent the party in the next general election in Galway East. More here.

  • 12:11

    Speaking of change in politics, Ireland has moved up four places on a global index of perceived official corruption to 21.

    But Spain has fallen ten places to 40 aftea spate of scandals in its ruling centre-right ruling party and the royal family, Transparency International said.  Least corrupt is Denmark and most corrupt is Somalia. More details here.  


  • 12:17

    When is a selfie not a selfie? When it's a Darth Vader PR selfie to begin the Star Wars-mania.

    Posted in the past 24 hours  with the caption "Another day at the office. #StarWars #DarthVader #selfies #gpom" , it already has 20,000 likes. (Just to be clear it's a photo of Darth Vader taking a selfie)  

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  • 12:31

    North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is believed to have dismissed a powerful uncle from his power posts.  Jang Song Thaek has now  disappeared after the public execution of two of his allies, according to wire reports..... Hmm I wonder  why North Korea is classed as one of the most corrupt countries in the world according to today's Transparency International report?  

  • 12:44

    Did you read the live tweet row with an annoying passenger called Diane in 7a? It was a hoax, TV producer Elan Gale has revealed. The dozens of tweets about the fictional passenger generated many news articles and debates about whether what he did was right or wrong.

    It was a pretty elaborate hoax in fairness. Here’s an example. Read them all here.

  • 12:55
    The big  story this lunchtime:  A 27-year-old man made no reply when he was charged with the murder of a man whose burned remains were found in the Phoenix Park, a court heard today.

    The deceased, Gerard Donnelly, who is believed to have been from Tallaght in Dublin, had been sleeping rough in the park and his remains were discovered last Friday when gardaí spotted a fire near the Wellington Monument.  More here

  • 12:59

    More politicans whose words are coming back to bite. This time it's Boris Johnson, London's mayor who struggled with a live test on radio today.  

    Last week he caused controversy by suggesting some people struggle to get on in life because of their low IQs. In a quiz framed as an IQ test on LBC radio he was asked  the cost of cash tube fare from Angel to London Bridge live on air and also failed to answer two other questions, the Guardian reports. More here.  

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  • 13:15
    “There is no documentation to support that the HSE agreed to this at any juncture” James Reilly tells RTE Radio on allegations that the HSE had agreed to CRC top-ups.
  • 13:27
    Jeremy Paxman gave a challenge to the world memory champion Jonas Von Esse  to  remember  Newsnight’s credits. He struggled under Paxman’s steely gaze. Watch here
  • 13:27
  • 13:31
    Colm Keaveny due on the plinth right about now. Not quite welcome banners and balloons  by all in the party :  “I just wonder how the local organisation will be…” Willie O’Dea tells RTE a “It’s not a matter to get all excited about…”
  • 13:37

    Very sad story emerging from the High Court today. The HSE has agreed to pay almost €800,000 and has unreservedly apologised to the family of a 29-year-old woman who became seriously ill when in Sligo General Hospital for delivery of her first child and died eight days later.

    "We are heartbroken that our calls for an inquest in this country have to date been declined" her husband Michael said outside the court.

    “Dhar’s memory deserves an inquest and it is an ongoing breach of our family’s human rights for our calls for justice to remain unheeded.”

  • 13:52
    "For decades, RBS failed to invest properly in its systems. We need to put our customers' needs at the centre of all we do. It will take time, but we are investing heavily in building IT systems our customers can rely on." RBS (Ulster Bank) chief said after the technical glitches. More here
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  • 14:08
     "I wouldn’t like to live close to a pylon, but who would?” that’s Eirgrid’s chairman designate  John O'Connor speaking before an Oireachtas committee today. Woops. This will undoubtedly just come back to haunt him  amid controversy over plans to build an overground power line linking Leinster and Munster.  
  • 14:15

    Are rising rents causing more homelessness? Threshold seems to think so.

     “The pressure facing tenants in the private rented sector are comparable to the late-1990s when there was an effective bubble in this sector and people were moving into homelessness at a high rate.,” the housing charity has said. Figures released by Dublin Region Homeless Executive today showat least 139 people are sleeping rough on the streets of Dublin.

  • 14:18
    Breaking -More than 100 cars and lorries have been involved in three pile-ups on a fog-shrouded Belgian autoroute leaving at least one person dead and 54 injured.
  • 14:36

    How’s about this for a u-turn (or Volte Face as Colm Keaveney might say)  

    “I am very proud to be associated and welcomed to a family, a party that hasn’t engaged with reckless politics," Colm Keaveney said today ….."Fianna Fail is a party that has learned from the mistakes of the past…. ….I have always gravitated towards their policies particularly in the area of health."

    How does this sit with his General Election video (here) in 2011 by the then councillor. “I believe that the recovery of ordinary people is more important than a Fianna Fail plan to recovery people such as Sean Fitzpatrick…..and to take money from the blind and disabled”  (h/t for video to Broadsheet.)


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  • 15:09
    Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger is being questioned by UK MPs over his decision to publish the Snowden leaks. Only 1% of information in the files have been made public so far, he says. The Guardian is live-blogging it of course (imagine getting that assignment , gulp).  While huffpo has picked up this flattering photo.  
  • 15:25
    Rusbridger tells MPs that copies of Snowden files are being held securely.There isn't an editor on Earth  who would have handed back the information, the Guardian editor says.
  • 15:38
    So I'm going to have to serve the plum pudding by 7pm to make sure this happens:  
  • 15:40
  • 15:51
    Asked if he had admitted a criminal offence and should he be prosecuted (in discussion on sharing Snowden info and names with New York Times), Rusbrudger says:  That depends on your view of a free press.
  • 15:58

    Rusbridger does not expect the Guardian to be publishing a huge amount more of the Snowden documents.

    He did not know an editor in the world who wouldn’t agonise about decisions such as this…”we are all patriots”

    There have been more than 100 contacts with officials on this to be aware of their concerns before they were published, he said.

    He had an agreement with the NYT that they would not publish names before releasing material to the paper.  

    As they say in my this part the world- he’s playing a blinder answering these questions from MPs.

  • 16:08
    Some great news as changes to modernise Ireland's bankruptcy laws have finally been announced, with the bankruptcy term reduced from 12 years to 3.  Insolvency Service of Ireland (ISI) director Lorcan O’Connor said the legislation was “good news for people who are struggling with personal debt”. .....It would have been great to have this five years ago but better late than never. Colin Gleeson has the details  
  • 16:19
    Just had a look at tonight’s weather forecast. Brrrrrrr. Lowest temperatures -1 to plus 3 with some frost and fog  and a risk of icy patches also. The “cold snap” begins.  
  • 16:26
  • 16:36

    If you thought the Irish justice system was slow try this - an Indian postman has been cleared 29 years after he was charged with stealing less than €1.
    He was suspended from his job, called to 350 court hearings and reduced to penury. BBC has more.  

  • 17:00

    A donkey has been resuced from the canal on the Nangor Road in Dublin by the DSPCA and emergency services. They've called it Nicola and it's suffering from hypothermia after being in the water for a long time but will recover Some good news after the horrific  recent  story about a horse being burned.  There's a photo on their facebook page here.  

  • 17:09
    A fascinating heat map from the US shows the “sweariest” State based on phone calls of recorded conversations (to banks etc). It’s Ohio people who swear twice as much as Washingtonians. What would be the sweariest county in Ireland – Cork? And on that note goodbye! Thanks for reading.