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Brian Howard, Deirdre Garrett Mon, Aug 20
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  • 08:22
    Fáilte romhaibh ar maidin! Welcome to the CAO helpdesk. Our expert guidance counsellors Brian Howard and Deirdre Garrett will be here from 8.30am until 6pm to answer any questions you may have today regarding your results, the CAO, or anything else that might be related. Just click on 'Contact Us' to submit your question. In the meantime check for information about college life, first round analysis, and more.
  • 08:23

    The big news for arts students this year is the introduction of three new streams in UCD’s offering.  

  • 08:49

    Son accepted in DARE. Got his first choice place without needing any DARE points reductions. Will he automatically be entitled to all DARE supports available in Trinity? Thank you

    Yes, absolutely.   It is not necessary to receive a place through DARE in order to be assessed for supports while in college because of a disability.   He will undergo an assessment of need when he gets in to TCD to ascertain what supports he is entitled to.   If in doubt tell him to contact the access office when he gets in to college and they will look after him.

  • 08:57

    Hi I have been offered the Level 8 Business Management degree in Tallaght but I really wanted NCI. I have also been offered the Level 6 Business course in NCI, and am unclear what to take?

    I would advise you to look at the course modules and structure of both courses. Is work experience available on either programme of study?

    With your level 6 at NCI you can exit with a qualification after two years if you feel that you're not as interested as you thought you would be. It gives you the option to progress to a higher level of education if this was a route that you were keen on pursing. You would need to know the terms of this progression., e.g. what marks do you need to obtain in yr 2 of your level 6? What level 7 or 8 can I transfer over to? Is there an add on course? Do I enter into yr 2 or 3 of the level 8 etc..

    Answers to all of the above questions should help you make a more informed decision.

    The location and ease of commute should also play a role in your decision. It's a pesonal choice but research is essential.

    Get back on if you need further assistance.

  • 08:59

    My son lost out on his course through random selection. He is going for a recheck on one subject. Is it likely that the best he could hope for is a deferred place for next year and should he just take up his next choice?

    If he is happy to take up a place on his next course choice then I advise he accepts it as there is no guarantee he will get any other offer.   If he is upgraded in October and his points increase, these points are essentially backdated and he may become entitled to a higher preference place.   If this is the case he must be offered that in October either as a place to take up there and then if the college has capacity or as a deferred place if they don't.   He will have the choice to accept the place then or to defer to the following year if offered it in October.

  • 09:03

    Hi there my daughter received an offer for dit this morning but now realizes she would prefer to go to maynooth which was her next option. She has enough points for the lower option. Will she get offered this if she does not accept her current offer?

    All lower CAO choices now become obsolete. She didn't fill her CAO out stating that she would prefer Maynooth. All CAO applicants were given until 5.15pm on July 1st to change their order of preference and to finalise their CAO course choices.

    Your daughter may only receive CAO courses that lie above todays offer from her CAO list.

    Accepting or declining todays offer will not result in being offered lower preference courses in any future rounds.

    The only new courses that you can apply for through your CAO is course that appear on under available places. This facility opens at 12 noon tomorrow.

    Please get back to us if you need further assistance.

  • 09:05

    Hi, I missed UCD Engineering by one point. What is the likelihood of a round 2 offer like last year and in what case will this happen?

    It is almost impossible to tell as a number of factors are at play.   Theoretically, UCD has now offered all it's places and it is up to all the applicants who received those offers whether to accept them or not.   If all of them accept their offer then all places are full and no more offers will be made.   If some of them don't accept their place then those places will be offered to the next most entitled applicants down the merit list.   So there is no way of truly knowing until the reply date for first offers which is Friday 31st of August.

  • 09:06

    I was just 8 cao points off getting medicine. I’ve wanted this course since my uncle was diagnosed with ligma 11 years ago and I got so close. Do you think I have a chance in round 2 or should I reevaluate my options?

    Medicine is a very popular course. Eight points would be a considerable drop.

    Many repeat the HPAT and try increase their overall score. One must have   a minimum of 480 CAO points though.

    You could research graduate medicine as well as studying aboard.

    Please get back on if you need more support. I wish you the very best.

  • 09:08

    My son is an overseas applicant. He has exceeded the points for his first choice (and 2nd and 3rd)but on the CAO website there is no indication of an offer. Who to contact first? CAO or College?

    You need to check if has met all the entry requirements?

    Contact CAO using the 'contact us' button on their website.

    Get back on if you need more support.

  • 09:08

    Can you apply through clearing through UCas, if you do not have an application in with them already. I’d is it possible to make an application at this point for college place this year.

    Yes you can apply through clearing. It is open and available.

  • 09:09

    Why did UCD Computer Science not decrease in the same way as pretty much every other ICT courses has? Did they reduced the number of places? Was about 105 last year. Is it possible to find out?

    The only way to find out for a specific course would be to contact the UCD admissions office and ask them this question.   Colleges can move places around and this may have had an impact or there may be other reasons.

  • 09:12

    I have not received my first choice offer for Public Health Nutrition in DIT despite achieving the points required, I am applying via the cao for the 2nd time having already completed a level 8 degree does this effect my offers?

    Have you met the minimum entry requirements and subject specific requirements?

    Mature applicants receive their offer in round A in early July.

  • 09:18

    Hello, my sons first choice was BESS in trinity which he hoped to gain through the hear system as he was short on points. He got 406 points and the course went down to 511. Is there any chance of him receiving the course In round 2?

    I hope that I don't sound too harsh but I feel that it would be quite unlikely. Trinity wil have reserved a number of HEAR places on the BESS programme. Whether  these places will  become available for future rounds will be dependent on the uptake from successful HEAR applicants and also where you son is placed on the course merit list.

  • 09:29

    My son is 2 points off his course on his level 6/7 list. He has received an offer from his 5th choice on his level 8. If he was to accept the level 8 could he still receive an offer from level 6 in round 2/3?

    Yes. His level 6/7 list will be treated seperately to his level 8 list of choices. Therefore, by accepting today's level 8  would have no bearing on future  offers from his level 6/7 list. He will only receives offers for courses that lie above any offers that he received today.


  • 09:32

    My son missed out in his choice by one point,is there a possibility that he will be offered it in round two,is there anyway of finding out how many students they except into the course every year and how many offers were given /taken in round one.

    There is always the possibility of an applicant moving up their list of college preferences by being offered a place on a higher choice course.   As described in an earlier reply some applicants who were offered places on courses this morning may not accept these places and they will be offered to the next most entitled applicants down the merit list of courses.   In terms of exact numbers for individual courses only the admissions officer for that college will have that detail.   You may find the number of places on a course in the college prospectus or on the Qualifax website but numbers of offers is only with admissions officers.

  • 09:47

     Regarding my question about my sons first choice being Bess, can I ask why you feel that it would be quite unlikely? Is there a way I can find out what the minimum points for hear students were?

    At present he is 105 points short. TCD HEAR eligibilty is not clear enough on  TCD may have a cut off for HEAR eligiblity i.e. where HEAR applicants must achieve with 85 percent of 2018 CAO points.

    I would advise you to contact TCD Access office for more information with regard to their HEAR requirements.

  • 09:47

    If I repeat my Leaving Cert in 2019, can I choose which LC is better, my original 2018 or repeat year 2019, to use for points in my 2019 CAO application?

    CAO will automatically do this for you.

  • 09:54



    She will not get offered any course that lies below todays offer on her CAO list.

    The only new courses that you can apply for through your CAO is course that appear on under available places. This facility opens at 12 noon tomorrow.

    Another option would be to take a year out and repally to CAO in 2019 changing her order of preference.

    Phone both  colleges in question and query their transfer policy. If she was to complete first year in one instution and then move to complete the degree else where. It would have to be in the same discipline though. All colleges have their own transfer policies.

    Please get back to us if you need further assistance

  • 09:57

    my son missed Nuig science by 7 points. Is there any possibility he might get a second round offer?

    Yes there is always the possibility. Whether the course points will fall will depend on the number of acceptances from todays offers and the number of candidates ahead of him in the order of merit that are waiting for a place.

    I don't have access to that information so we will have to wait for round 2.

    The best of luck.

  • 09:59

    Hi there, My daughter has been offered maths science in ucg. But doesn’t want to accept it. Her first choice was maths science in ucc. She has 520 points. She wants to apply for engineering (her third choice) in UCC through available places.

    Available places opens at 12 noon tomorrow on At the moment all offers that lie below todays offer on her CAO list will now become obsolete.

    You will have to wait and see if this course appears under available places.

    Get back in touch if you need further assistance.

  • 10:01

    I got enough points in the leaving cert to get the course I wanted, I also met the course requirements, the points for my course went down by 30 points and I still didn't get the offer, why?

    CAO wil make you an offer once all minimum entry requirements, subject requirements and cao cut off points have been met. Are you exempt from a langauge? Could it be a language exemption issue?


    I would advise you to contact CAO by clicking on their 'contact us' button on their website.

  • 10:08

    I may be wrong but I think from this year 2018 all students will have to repeat leaving and hpat to apply in 2019. Up to this repeating the hpat and using previous leaving cert results was allowed. Just for info.

    This is news to me.   I have checked with the admissions office of a medicine course provider and on the acer (HPAT) website and have not come accross this change so I am doubtful.   This is currently on the UCD website:  

    Under current regulations there is no requirement for  HPAT-Ireland  and Leaving Cert to be taken in the same year.  

  • 10:14
    Hello. In relation to the UCD Computer Science query, the number of places for all UCD courses are listed at The number of places for UCD Computer Science is 105 as per previous years.

    Thanks John for this.   This is an approximate number of places on each course and is also available in the UCD prospectus.   In terms of the number of places offered this morning it may or may not have been 105 but we have no way of knowing this.   Only the admissions officer who made the offers will have this information.
  • 10:28

    When do you find out if you have got a place with regards to available places tomorrow

    Applicants that arrive in CAO before 11.00am on a Monday will be processed and considered for offers on the following Thursday. Offers will be issued by post on a Thursday and will be available to view on the CAO website the following day.

    Colleges that participate in the HEAR scheme will continue this with courses offered under available places.


  • 10:31

    If I decide to defer my course that I got this year(2018) after getting an upgrade in October, can I still repeat my Leaving Cert in 2019

    Yes but in order to take up a deferred place you must : reapply through CAO in 2019, place the deferred course as your first and only preference on the apllication form and indicate your deferral by ticking the Deferred Applicant indicator box in teh course choices section on your application.

  • 10:32

    I don’t know if this is cao related but anyways I got 542 points and meet all the requirements for the all Ireland scholarship do you think there is a chance I might get it or am I in competition with everyone else in Dublin? Thanks in advance.

    I would suggest you give them a ring on  +353 (0) 1 295 3519 and they will give you the details your need.   Best of luck with it.

  • 10:35

    I’m a Sugondese immigrant with UK citizenship. I am accepted into Trinity College but I am worried the brexit will effect my studies. Where can I find more?

    I would suggest that you contact  the fees office in Trinity  office . 01-8961000

    The best of luck.

  • 10:38

    I recieved enough points for my 1st choice of Trinity Medicine but did not get an offer through the lottery. Is it likely that I would be able to get an offer from Trinity in the second round?

    I am sorry to hear that. How many reject or defer todays offer will influence the number of places and cut off points for round 2. I don't have that information. The number of candidates that have the same points and didn't get an offer due to the same reason as yours will also play a part. You will all be given a numerical number and the person with the highest number will receive thh next available offer and so on.

  • 10:40

    My son applied for a course in GMIT through CAO with a French Baccalaureate. He has enough points but has not received an offer. What should we do? Thank you for your help

    You need to look to see if he met the minimum entry requiremenst along with subject specific requirements. You can then contact CAO by clicking the 'contact us' button on their website.

  • 10:46

    My first choice is primary teaching in pats ,I got 463 points do you think I could be offered it in round 2??

    It will all depend on the number of applicants that reject or defer the offer that they received today for primary education. These places will then be offered in round 2. That is how the system works.

    I am not privy to knowing the number of candidates who accept or reject places from todays offers  hence I cannot perdict round 2.

    I hope that it happens for you. The very best of luck.

  • 10:46

    My son is in DIT doing Business and Law. Applied for CAO this year and was offered Commerce in UCD. Which is the better course??

    This is a very subjective question and the answer you get would depend on who you were asking.   Each course has it's own strengths and merits and really your son should gather as much information about each course and make his own informed decision.   Both are very good business schools.   Would I go back and start Commerce having done a year of Business and Law in DIT and have to pay in the region of 6/7 thousand euro for first year in Commerce?   I'm not so sure.   A good degree from DIT followed by a good masters from a variety of colleges including the smurfit college may open just as many doors.   Get as much information about the 2 courses and only then sit down and make a decision.

  • 10:49

    Hi. My son is short 1 point for Business Studies in UL. Is there any way I can check to see what the first round offer points were for previous years? I know what the final points were but just want to see if the points dropped much after round 1.

    The points for this course stayed at 419 in 2017. It didn't drop in round 2 or any other rounds.

  • 10:51

    My daughter got offered her 1st choice Global Business USA despite being one point short of the 578 ,she is worried that there has been a mistake and that she may not qualify for it, just looking for reassurance for her that it is ok.

    This is unusual.   I would advise checking the calculation of her points again just to be sure.   However, if she has received an offer from CAO, this doesn't come lightly and it is very unlikely it is a mistake and they would not honour it.   If you are really concerned you could contact CAO through their website just to put your mind at ease.

  • 10:53

    I was 1 point off Mental Heath Nursing in DCU. What’s the chances the points will drop DC216

    There was no points drop for this course last year. Whether points will drop will depend on the number of applicants deferring or rejecting todays offer. Unfortunately, I don't have access to that information. Wednesday, August 29th, CAO round 2 offers realeased online.

  • 10:57

    My daughter got 520 points. She has been offered choice 3 which she doesn’t want. She won’t get offered a higher choice because she doesn’t have the points. Will she be offered a lower choice if she rejects 1st round offer.

    I'm afraid not.   Effectively once she was offered her 3rd preference all courses below that have disappeared from her file.   An applicant can hope to move up their list of preferences but never down.   So if she rejects her first round offer there is no guarantee she will be offered anything else, this is why we advise to accept something in round one.

  • 11:00

    Hi, my points were 487 and I wanted BESS (511). I'm wondering what the process is regarding having a subject re-checked and then getting an offer? Is it possible to have this done?

    Hi there, if you just have a look at some earlier replies we have addressed this, but if you have a further query please come back to us.

  • 11:00

    Hi, Vet has decreased by 5 to 560, round 2 last year was 559 from 564 and final offers at 555. I have 555, what are chances of same happening again , as I can’t wuite work out the process. Three is still hope.

    Please see email below. I don't have access to information regarding teh number of applicants that are going to reject or defer todays offer of Veterinary medicine.

  • 11:03

    I applied for medicine and similar courses that may help me transfer to medicine after a year if necessary. I only received an offer for general nursing in UCD. Will a year of this help me get medicine? Should I focus on the hpat and LC instead?

    The only entry route to undergraduate medicine is to achieve the necessary enrty requirements and cut off points. The leaving cert and your HPAT our the main determinents for entry.

  • 11:05

    My daughter got 462 points. She wanted Teaching in Marino. She missed out as the points went up. She was offered 2 courses in DIT but she doesn’t want them. She would like early childhood in DCU but it’s below these on her CAO. What can she do?

    The points for Mariino this year for Primary teaching are 462 with no random selection used so I'm puzzled as to why she didn't get offered a place.   I would email CAO about this to see what is going on   and why she didn't get offered a place.   As you will see from earlier replies once an ofer is made an applicant can never move down their list of preferences even if they have the points.

  • 11:06

    I have received no offers despite having enough points in 2 of my level 8 applications and 6 of my 7 level 7 applications, including my first choice. I meet the entrance requirements to all these courses. What do I do

    Contact CAO by clicking the 'contact us' button on their website. CAO make an offer once all minimum and subject specific requirements and CAO cut off points are met.

    The best of luck.

  • 11:08

    Does law and French in UCC usually drop in round 2?

    It didn't last year but that's not to say that it won't this year. Nothing is definite until round 2 offers have been issued.

  • 11:12

    In the UK we have a popular course called BOFA (business orientation, foreign laungage and arts) that provides us with a range of experience. We graduate with a degree in one of the 3 areas. Are there any similar courses in Ireland?

    Many of our universities offer similar. Take a look at NUI Maynooth, DCU, Trinity and many more.

  • 11:15

    I didnt get the points for my 1st/2nd level 8 choices but got the points for my 3rd choice,Gen nursing in UCC.I wasnt offered a place on this course, I was offered a level 7 course which I don't want. could I get offered Gen Nursing in the next round

    You need to check to see why you didn't receive an offer for your 3rd choice. Ckeck the minimum entry requirements and subject requirements. Maybe you were exempt from a language? Did you fill out an NUI exemption form?

    Contact CAO by clicking the 'contact us' button on their website.

    Get back in touch if you need further assistance.

  • 11:18

    I got 452, I was hoping for primary teaching in Marino. It was 451 last year. It’s jumped to 462. Do you think I might make it on second round offers

    I'm really sorry to hear this as I'm sure based on last years points you thought you were in with a good shot.   But unfortunately the system is very harsh and can lead to great disappointment for someone like yourself who has done a great Leaving Certificate.   As much as I hate to say it I'm afraid it is probably unlikely that a high demand course like this will drop by 10 points but you never know.   There is still hope.   My advice is to proceed as if it is not going to happen and make your decisions on this basis.   Then if you do get an offer in round 2 for Marino then it's a bonus and deal with it then.   Fingers crossed.

  • 11:23

    If I accept a course now can I still apply for an available course Tomorrow

    Yes. You musty put the available place course above todays offer in your order of preferences.

    Please see available places on

  • 11:31

    Hi my son met points and course requirement for DC216 Mental Health Nursing under the Dare Scheme but didn't receive and offer. There are 5% of places available to Dare. Can I find out what points he needed to be within the 5%?

    I'm not sure what you mean by he met the points requirements for the course.   The cut off points for DC216 are 380.   Did he get over this points total?   The only way to find out the points reduction for DARE places is to contact the admissions office of the college in question.

  • 11:31

    Hi Trinity engineering came in @488 points and my son naturally disappointed has 487 what is the likelyhood of 2nd Round points dropping

    Please see answers to similar question below.

  • 11:34

    I've received an offer from UCAS and accepted it to study occupational therapy in Ulster University. I didn't get Occupational Therapy in Trinity and got my second choice of primary teaching in DCU. Should I defer my CAO offer of primary teaching?

    If you want to keep the option of studying Primary teaching open in DCU for next year then yes you could ask to defer your place.   If you feel the place in Northern Ireland may not work out for some reason it might be nice to have a fallback plan.   The deferral proceedure is clearly laid out in the CAO handbook and online.   The two application systems are completely separate and do not interact in any way.

  • 11:37

    I was hoping that Trinity English would take on me to their program. I was short 2 points. Do you think they could take me on in the next round?

    Please see answer to similar question below.

  • 11:55

    Hi my son has adequate points for engineering In DCU but got a H5 in maths, when he needed a H4. Any chance of being offered the course in round 2 offers?

    I am afraid not. CAO will only make offers to those who satisfy all entry requirements, subject requirements and cao cut off points. A number of colleges offer students a second chance to show that they have the maths skills required for entry to certain courses but unfortunately, DCU is not one of those.

  • 11:58

    Got eng cork hoping for nuig in 2nd rd, will we have to pay fees to cork it between 1st and 2nd round? Thx

    No, no fees will be payable between rounds one and two.

  • 12:02

    Hi , I am wondering if my daughter does not accept her offer on round 1 , can she be offered something on round 2 if she meets the requirements etc. Thanks for your help.

    Your daughter can and will be offered all courses  that she meets the rquirements and cut off points in future rounds. These courses must lie above todays offer on her CAO order of preference.

  • 12:03

    My son got no offer because his application did not have his exam number. Is there no way to prevent this happening?

    I'm sorry to hear this.   It is so important to check and recheck the online application before submitting and on top of this the CAO sent out a Statement of Application record to every applicant in May which is basically a printout of their application which they urge applicants to check carefully for errors or omissions.   Your son should send his number immediately to the CAO if he hasn't already done so and he will be considered for the second round.

  • 12:07

    I may get 1/2 2 papers checked to see if it will bring my points up. Meantime I'm going to do PLC. If I get the increased points, will I get offered the course? do I have to defer it for a year if I get it?

    You will get offered a place if they're is still places available or you will be given the choice of deferring. Information regarding the deferral procedure can be found on the following link on page 20:


    The best of luck.

  • 12:07

    If I defer a place in primary teaching this year and I get subjects rechecked and go up in points can I only take the primary teaching next year even if I have even points for another course that's higher?

    When you defer your primary teaching course, that course is put on hold for you for the next academic year.   If in the meantime you get upgraded and become entitled to a place on a higher preference course you will be offered that in October and it is up to you if you want to keep the defered course or if you would like to consider the new course offered.

  • 12:11

    For engineering in Galway, do points come down much in second round offers.  

    I only have last years figures here   and last year the points for General Engineering started on 401 and didn't drop at all and so finished on the 401 points in the final round.

  • 12:15

    Can you explain the bonus system for students answering through Irish for the Leaving Cert?

    This is from the State Examinations Commission website and explains it pretty well:

    A candidate who answers in Irish at the written examination in the various subjects as set out below may be given bonus marks in addition to the marks gained in the subject.

    Bonus marks at the rate of 10 per cent of the marks obtained will be given to a candidate who obtains less than 75 per cent of the total marks in the case of the following subjects:- Latin, Greek, Classical Studies, Hebrew Studies, History, Geography, Physics, Chemistry, Physics and Chemistry, Biology, Science, Business, Economics, Economic History, Agricultural Science, Agricultural Economics, Home Economics, Music, Business Studies, History and Appreciation of Art, Civic, Social and Political Education, Religious Education, Arabic, LCVP Link Modules - written component only.

    Bonus marks at the rate of 5 per cent will be given to a candidate who obtains less than 75 per cent of the total marks in the case of the following subjects:- French, German, Italian, Spanish, Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Accounting, Engineering, Construction Studies, Materials Technology (Wood), Metalwork, Junior Certificate Technology, Leaving Certificate Technology, Typewriting, Russian and Japanese.

    Above 75 per cent the bonus will be subjected to a uniform reduction until the candidate who scores 100 per cent gets no bonus.

    No bonus will be given in the case of the following subjects:- Technical Graphics, Design and Communication Graphics, Leaving Certificate Art (other than History and Appreciation of Art).

    For the purpose of the award of bonus marks, Mathematics, Paper I and Paper II, will be treated as separate subjects.

    Candidates who answer partly in Irish and partly in English will receive no bonus marks.

  • 12:19

    I meet the entry requirements for my level 6/7 course and had the points but i didnt get an offer, didnt meet the required level for level 8 but why wasnt i offer any of my 6/7 levels?

    If you have met the entry requirements and have the same or inexcess of the cut off points for the course then theoretically you should have been offered a place.   If I were you I would contact CAO through the contact us section of their website and query this, quoting your application number.

  • 12:28

    I am HEAR approved, and I apply next year to CAO 2019, will my current HEAR application hold/stand? Do I have to do anything to apply for HEAR again over 2018/1911/

    Eligibility for HEAR carries forward for one year .If a students applied to CAO in 2018 and was deemed eligible for HEAR in 2018, then that HEAR eligibility can be carried forward to the students application for entry in 2019. The student must apply via the CAO again and must enter their correct CAO 2018 application number in the box provided. They are still required to complete all relevant sections of the 2018 HEAR application form, however,  they do not need to supply supporting documents as part of their application.


  • 12:29

    My son got offered pharmacy in rcsi with 554 points if he takes this could he still be offered trinity in second round?

    If TCD is above RCSI in his list of preferences then there is a chance he could get an offer for it. If the cut-off points drop in sucessive rounds for Pharmacy in TCD from 555 to 554 then he will become eligible and will be offered it. We have no way of knowing how many applicants are in the random pool on 555 so it is hard to know if there is scope for a drop in points. Last year the points for Pharmacy in TCD dropped from 553 to 543 so it does happen.   Good luck.  

  • 12:30

    My daughter has missed arts as she applied for DN520 . Is there any way she can get into the arts humanities although it was not on her cao? She has more than enough points for this.

    The only way for 2018 entry would be if the Arts humanities appears under available places on Available places opens at 12 noon tomorrow. All information on available places can be gotton on

  • 12:38

    I applied for LC110 and other courses but I got no offer at all. I did my leaving very in Spain. I have submitted everything and got a good mark for my portfolio. It says that CAO “are not yet authorized to offer me a place”. Can you help?

    This is a very specific case and I would advise contacting CAO with full details including your CAO application number and asking what is happening with your application.   Use the contact us section of the CAO website.   You might also try to speak to the admissions office of Limerick IT and seek their advice also.

  • 12:41

    Is there any possibility that a course can drop by 10 points or so in the second round offers? Physiotherapy in UL is 566, whereas I got 554.

    This is a very popular course. It is possible. Nobody will know for sure until round 2 offers are out. I don't have access to information that  is needed to make a good indication. The 2017 round one cut off points for Physio in UL was 564, it fell to 554 in the final round.

  • 12:43

    My son got the exact number of points required for Physio on UL. However was not offered a place. The CAO list indicates that not all students who had the exact point requirements were offered a place. Why would this be the case?

    The cut off points for Physiotherapy this year in UL was 566*.   The star indicates that not everyone on 566 got a place on the course, as random selection was used.   For example they may have had 3 more places to offer when they hit 566 but they may have had 6 people on 566 all equally entitled to the remaining 3 places.   So randomly 3 of the 6 are chosen to get the 3 places.

  • 12:43

    Hi my daughter got 463 points but has missed a place for DCU Primary teaching by 1 point. Do you think she might have a chance with the second round? Also is applying to a private college an option at this late stage, if so what private colleges ?

    Private colleges are still taking direct entries. The college depends on your location and interests. Dublin Business School and Griffith College are an example of two private colleges.

    Please find the answer below to a similar question regarding primary school teaching and round 2.

  • 12:49

    If 4th choice is accepted but 2nd choice is offered next week in second offer, can I accept that one then.

    Yes.   If you become entitled to a higher preference course (e.g. 2nd choice) in round 2 you will be offered it and it is up to you if you wish to accept it or not.   You can always hope to move up your list of preferences   but not down.

  • 12:51

    My daughter got 509 points but did not get a place for Radiology UCD this morning. It was no 4 on her list of choices for CAO. What are her chances in Round 2.Thank you


    This course was 509 in the first round last year and fell to 498* in the final round. It can change year on year. No prediction can be made as we don't have access to how many successful candidates  accept, reject or defer today's offer. All these components will influence the outcome of round 2.

  • 12:55

    Hi my son has been offered a course through the hear scheme . Can he defer a place offered by hear and still get it next year.

    The fact that he got the place through the HEAR scheme should not make any difference when it comes to requesting a deferred place.   He has his place now and is entltled like anyone else to apply for a deferral.

  • 12:57

    I got 410 points and my 4th option was computer science which has gone down to 403 but It wasn't in my offer today.... What do I do??

    It sounds as if you may not of met the minimum entry requirements for this course. Check this out. If that isn't the case then contact CAO by clicking the 'contact us' on the cao website.

  • 12:59

    Got my 2nd choice today should I accept it even though I'm sitting special maths exam for 1st choice engineering UL.

    Yes and if you become entitled to your first preference through your score on the special maths you will be offered it in round 2.   Best of luck.

  • 13:02

    I'm 5 points off arts in UL is there any chance that it will drop in round two? I also don't understand how the points for arts dropped in every other college but it went up by 3 in UL, could you explain why? Thanks

    Points are determined by the supply ( number of places made available) and the demand ( number of cao candidates wishing to do this course and their points).

    The points for this course didn't drop last year in future rounds. We cannot predict. we will have to wait and see what happens in round 2.

  • 13:15
    What is the reason for releasing the offers at 6 am on a weekday morning? My daughter missed her first choice by 1 point, having worked extremely hard to achieve it, and we had to leave the house 30 minutes later with her devastated.

    I'm so sorry to hear this and as a parent I can only imagine pain involved for all involved in this awful situation.   I'm not sure why the offers are released at 6am as opposed to 9am.   I suppose the CAO are trying to get the offers out to applicants as soon as they can, as so many are anxious to get them asap.   This kind of disappointment is difficult at the best of times so I hope she had other family or friends to talk to about this.   It may not be over yet and in successive rounds, points can drop in some of the most sought after courses so she should hang in there and hopefully she might squeeze into a place on the course.
  • 13:21

    My son had his 2017 papers remake and went to 520points. His trinity course was deferred as course full after rechecks. This year we accepted course on cao but today the cao said we should have accepted in July. We were unaware of this. Can he get in?

    I would immediately contact the admissions office in TCD and explain what has happened.   Hopefully if they have a place available they will be able to offer a place in round 2.   I am assuming he got an offer letter in July.   Hope this works out.

  • 13:22

    Hey again I'm the one that asked about computer science. I got higher than the requirements. Will I contact CAO?  

    Yes and the best of luck.

  • 13:25

    Is it possible that psychology through science in maynooth will drop by 10?

    No way of really knowing if this will happen until   all applicants respond on Friday.   Then admissions officers will know if they can offer any further places and hence the cut off points may drop.   Not that this has any direct bearing on this year but last year there were no points dropped after round one.

  • 14:28

    My daughter has missed her first choice in DCU. She doesn't want to except her second choice. Is it possible for a course to drop entry level points on the second round? Is there any way she can be offered her third choice if not?

    Yes it is possible for a course to drop in successive rounds and id she becomes entitled to a higher preference place she will be offered it.   There is no way that she will be offered her third preference as it is effectively gone now.

  • 14:29

    Am I able to accept a first preference course and then apply for and accept an Available Places course?

    Yes providing that you place the course from available places at the very topp of your list. view more information under available places on

  • 14:30

    If I send my application to view a script, do I have to show up to the viewing session? (I want to wait for round 2)

    Yes, you must attend to view your scripts - you can bring soneone with you but you must attend.

  • 14:32

    Hi if I accept a level 8 course today will I still be offered other courses in round two and does hear apply in round two

    You will still be in the race for all courses that lie above your offer today on your cao form. An offer will be made if you meet entry requirements and cut off points in round 2. Accepting todays course will not influence potential future offers. HEAR will continue to apply if the number of allocated places haven't been filled up.

  • 14:34

    Hi my son got 440 points which was enough to do Biomedical science in Maynooth, they put the points up by 5 this year and he was offered his 2nd choice - general science. Can he accept this offer and wait to see if he gets his preferred choice in round 2?

    Yes. He will get an offer in round 2 if he then meets the new cut off points along with the minimum requirements. Accepting todays offer will not rule him out of future offers.

  • 14:35

    If I get an offer in round two and defer it for next year, do I have to go into it or can I continue with the current course I'm doing ,(if I decide not to change) thanks

    If you already have accepted an offer in round one and then get another in round two and then decide accept it and to defer it, any place from round one will then be offered someone else.   Your deferred place is then held for your until the next academic year.   If you want to take up the deferred place you must apply through the CAO next year just putting that one deferred course down on the form.   If you decide to put any other course on the application then you are in open competition for places and lose your deferred place.

  • 14:36

    I got 359 points in the leaving cert and arts in UL went up to 363. Is there a chance i would still get accepted in round 2 if people dont accept their offers from round 1?

    Yes, indeed if it is above your current offer. Please see replies below similar to this.

  • 14:38

    Can i ask why do some courses have a random selection process, why don't they increase the points -it seems unfair?

    A course may have 50 places available. The demand is 61. The last  eleven people have the same number of CAO points. Who out of the eleven is offered the last place? This is when each candidate is allocated a numerical number and random selection is used. The candidate with the highest number gets the last offer. If another place was to become available then the scond highest numbered candidate gets that place.

  • 14:39

    My son got 303 points but has not gotten an offer from his course with a entry requirement of 225, he meets all the other entry requirements. Is there any reason to this?

    Something is not right. Get in touch with CAO office by clicking the 'contact us' button on

    Get back on to us if you need further assistance.

  • 14:40

    Can I accept a course and then defer it? What happens when you accept a course?

    If you are   deferring a course you follow the proceedure laid out in the CAO handbook.   You do not accept it. You apply to the admissions office for a deferral and if granted then you just reapply next year.   Read page 20 of the CAO handbook for full details.   If you accept a place the college will write to you and give you details for registration onto the course.

  • 14:41

    Checked CAO application and it said no offers, what does this mean. I only had put 1 choice when I submitted earlier this year.

    It means that you didn't meet either the minimum requirements or the cut off points for this course or both.


    You may have to look at other options.

  • 14:44

    I've been offered arts, but many people have a taboo about doing arts. However considering I didn't get enough points to do Law outright, I think doing it through arts should get me where I want to be. Am I right or not?

    Yes, I think you are right.   An Arts degree is a fantastic degree as long as you graduate with a good honours degree.   It is important to do subjects that you like and are good at so that hopefully you will do well in.   There are lots of opportunities at postgraduate level for honours Arts graduates including Law.    

  • 14:45

    Thank you for your kind reply to my question about the time of releasing the offers. I was thinking they could be released at 7 pm on Sunday instead.

    No problem, I hope things work out.   Remain positive.

  • 14:46

    Does Dare application (for epilepsy )work when applying for nursing? Do you know how many or if many places are available nationally via same? What reduction in points is allowed?

    Each college has their own DARE requirements. The number of allocated places for DARE may vary from course to course also. The reduction of points will very much vary from year to year. It depends on the competition from all DARE applicants and their points. I suggest that you take a look at this link:

    Get back in touch if you need further assistance.

  • 14:48

    Hello I completed the 2017 Leaving Cert and got 297. I applied to the CAO this year for Arts in Mary I which is 320 and I thought I would get It with HEAR but I didn’t, I found out hear doesn’t offer reduced points for under 300 what can I do?

    I am sorry to hear that.

    You're going to have to search for a similar course in another college. Have you looked at doing a PLC and using that as an alternative route into third level?

  • 14:52

    My son did not meet min requirements for gen eng (H) of H4 maths. A H6 is acceptable along with H$ in applied maths. My son between 2 stools as scored H5 in both maths and applied maths. Any chance this would be deemed equivacal in round 2?

    Entry requirements don't change from round 1 and all other rounds.

    You need to contact CAO if you feel that the requirements have been met but no offer has been received. Use the 'contact us' button on

  • 14:52

    Son focused on honours maths(got it) but got h8 in English we are rechecking but though he got points needed h8 English is problem.... He now wants to do plc and hopes to get on course next year but should he repeat English or does this matter?

    If he repeats English then he can combine his results from both years to matriculate.   He probably only needs an O6 or H7 to matriculate.   While he is doing the PLC would it be a big burden to repeat even pass English and get 40%.   He would then be covered in the event he ever needed it again.   I think he should seriously consider repeating it if it is not a major ordeal for him.

  • 14:57

    I got 577 points, combined with my Hpat score I got 723 in total. My first choice was Medicine in NUIG but I was 2 points off. Is there any chance Ill get a place next week or is that highly unlikely?

    One might think that on a course like Medicine, points will never drop in round 2, but I have seen this happen, so you just never know it could happen for you.   Unfortunately, we have no way of knowing until round two offers emerge but I would remain hopeful if I were you.   In a lot of colleges last year, Medicine dropped   from 1st to final round.

  • 15:00

    My daughter missed out on mh101 she had 317 points what is the chance of an offer in round 2 ? She got offer for nuig hshould she accept or defer as going to have scripts viewed in the hope of an upgrade ?

    She should accept NUI Galway if she feels that she would enjoy the course and the material on the course. She will still be in the running for future round offers even if she accepts or declines todays offer. Todays offer has no bearing on the possibilities for future offers. She will receive an offer for Maynooth in round 2 if she then satisfies course requirements and cut off points.


    Result of appeals are out in mid October. If she then has an increase in points and meets the required cut off points the college must offer her a place   (providing that there is space available) or give her the option of deferring until next year. Be sure to read the CAO pg 20 regarding seeking a deferral.

  • 15:00

    My son has recd a first round offer of OT in Trinity and has accepted it. Would it be possible to move to NUIG for 2nd Year and how does he go about it.

    It may be possible as transfers do take place especially in similar courses like this.   What I would do is contact NUIG admissions and also the faculty office for OT and find out what their position is on transfers.   They might not be able to give you a definitive answer for you for next year but maybe give you an indication of the posibilities.

  • 15:02

    My son got 498 and has missed out on UCD Commerce in random selection. What are the chances of getting commerce in 2nd round (or subsequent rounds)

    It's dependent on two things. Where he is in the line for random selection and then how many of todays offers of Commerce are accepted, deferred or rejected. This willl determine if a space or spaces become available for round 2.

    I hope that this is clear enough.

  • 15:04

    I accepted my second offer through the HEAR scheme. I am going to recheck and appeal some scripts in the coming days. Could I get my first preference if I upgrade?

    Yes, if you get sufficient grades upgraded you could possibly get an offer on your first preference.   It will all depend on the extend of the upgrades and the points you have to bridge to the 1st preference course.

  • 15:06

    Cao points have risen by 40%. More students are missing out by 1 point than ever before. Is it time to revert back to the old system which is much fairer and rewards hard work?

    Thats a big question which unfortunately we don't have time to get into here but it is certainly a question that will be asked when this cycle is finished and all the figures are available.   I would say watch this space for the analysis.

  • 15:09

    I got 434 points for the leaving and want to do Sports and Exercise Management in UCD which came in at 431 points this year. However, not all with these points got accepted, me being one of those people. Could I get it in second round?

    You have the cut off points. You have more than what was required. You should of received an offer. It may be an issue with minimum requirements. Have you checked to see if you satisfy the minimum and subject requirements?

    CAO make an offer once all entry requirements and cut off points have been met.

    Get back in touch if you neeed further assistance.

  • 15:12

    Listening to radio this morning. 45e for a new application CAO form from tomorrow. Is this for people who never applied to cao or can my son reapply and do a new application.

    This is only for those who have not applied to CAO already but are now applying for an available place listed on the CAO website.

  • 15:13

    I missed out on my first choice (Gobal Commerce NUIG) by 1 point. If I don't get a second round offer but I go up in the rechecks will I be able to transfer from regular commerce in NUIG

    You will be able  to transfer  providing that they have a space available. You will also be given the option of deferring.

  • 15:16

    Just wondering do the points for GY104 denominated psychology in NUIG usually come down in later round offers or stay relatively the same! Thanks


    The points for GY104 2017 were the same in round one and in the final round. That doesn't mean that it will be the same for this year or other years. It can vary but I don't have access to the data needed to make an accurate perdiction for round 2.

  • 15:22

    my son has been offered a place in ucc but now would prefer a course that was further down his list . Is it possible for him to apply for any unfilled place on this course without affecting his current offer and what in the process

    Once he puts the new course (from available places) above todays offer.

    Available places open at 12 noon tomorrow. view more information on available places by going to


  • 15:24

    I received an offer for my first choice in NUI Galway today and accepted it - is there anything else I should receive/do now?

    You should of received a confirmation email. The college will be in touch over the next few days/week.

    Well done and the best of luck.

  • 15:26

    Are there usually a small amount of courses not filled or a large amount that will be offered tomorrow

    The private college tend to have a lot of courses up on offer. Other thrid level courses that appear under available places tend to vary each year. You can now view unfilled courses. Application for these courses opens tomorrow at noon.

  • 15:31

    I am a DARE student who received 413 LC points. I got CW188 at 440 points and i am wondering what id the likelihood of me getting DN425 in the 2nd round whicj was 488 points. I am wondering as I have to put a deposit down on a house in Carlow today.

    Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing this here, so what I would suggest is giving UCD admissions office a call and ask them.   They mey be prepared to discuss your position in relation to DN425 to give you an idea if all DARE places are gone or if there is a likelihood of an offer in round 2.   Bes of luck with it.

  • 15:33

    I have a student who has contacted me re: having lost his CAO number , I am in holiday , can this be retrieved for him?Thankyou

    Students must contact CAO themselves. They can email by clicking the 'contact us' button on the CAO website.

  • 15:35

    Can you tell me what the points this year are for trinity college economics and German. I seem to be unable to find them online.

    509* Random Selection

    Points are available at this link:

  • 15:37

    If a course does not appear on available places list can it still be included in available places application? Thank you

    No. only courses that appear on the list can be included.   More courses may be added in the next few days so keep an eye on it.

  • 15:37
    my daughter achieved 441 points and was hoping for modern irish and sociology in Trinity TR512. she. did not get this offer in this round , what are her chances in 2nd round. Go raibh maith agat

    I am assuming that she has met the minimum entry requirements. What will happen in round 2 is too difficult to tell. It will depend on the number of successful applicants that defer or reject todays offer. Another factor will be where your daughter lies in order of merit.
  • 15:38

    Want to check my offer got no email

    Log into your account on

  • 15:40

    Hi, does the available places application stay open until all kinds of offers have been made?

    All information relating to available places can be found on under the heading available places. There is also a short video clip.


    Please get back on if you need further direction.

  • 15:42

    When will we be given registration details from our college? I need to register in order to look for student accommodation

    I would start looking for accommodation once I received an offer of a college place. You should receive documentation from your college over the next few days or week.

  • 15:42

    My son did not receive an offer on this round and I would be very surprised if he did for any of the courses he had down. Can he apply under available places and if successful then defer the place until next year if successful?

    Yes he can apply for any of the courses on the available places list and if successful he can apply for a defferal.   To take up that place he must apply to the CAO next year and put only that course on the form.   If he adds any other course to the applicationthen he loses his deferred place and is in open competition for all the places he has now applied for.

  • 15:43

    Hi my daughter got offered LIT in Thurles. This is not her top three choices. If she accepts can she still get offered a place in round 2?

    Yes. Accepting her offer today will still mean that she can receive offers for courses that lie above todays offer in future rounds.


    The best of luck.

  • 15:46

    Do points always drop in round 2 offers or do they only drop in some courses?  


    The points for many CAO courses stay the same. Other courses drop in points in order to ensure that all places on the course are full up. What course will see a fall in points and by how much will only be know when round 2 is issued on Wednesday August 29th.

  • 15:48

    Hi I got 377 in my LC , I was hoping for arts in UCD at 330 points. It went up to 381 (places offered went down too), what are my chances of getting in on round 2

    Please see answer to similar question answered below. I hope that it works out for you.

  • 15:50

    Hi my daughter is declining her first offer, does this affect an available places application? Thanks

    She needs to put the course from the available places above todays offer on her CAO list. Available places opens tomorrow at 12 noon.


    Get back on if you need further assistance.

  • 15:55

    I got 297 but Arts is 320 and even bough I qualified for HEAR I did not get reduced points. Is it possible that in round 2 Arts could drop by 23 point and if not how can I get into arts this year?

    Another option would be to do a FETAC course. This could be called a pre university level 5. You need to research what FETAC courses can be used to progress into teh Arts degree of your choice.

    Points may drop. 23 points would be a considerably drop. Some universities have a minimum entry point level of 300 points.

  • 15:55

    Are the level 6/7 and 8 lists treated seperately? for example if I was to accept a course on my level 8 list could i still get an offer on my level6/7 list or vise versa?

    The two lists are completely separate.   Many people get two offers, one from their level 8 and one from their level 6/7.   If for example you get your 3rd level 8 and your 3rd level 6/7 in round one.   You decide which offer to accept.   If you accept your 3rd preference on your level 8 the you will still remain in the running for a higher preference on both lists and you will be offered them if entitled to them.

  • 15:58

    What if I can not attend my viewing session for my script? What should I do?

    If you cannot attend the viewing of your scripts then the only alternative is to make a decision yourself as to whether you want to appeal some subjects.   You cannot nominate anyone else to view your scripts without you being present.

  • 15:59

    My daughter missed out on DCUPrimaryTeaching but has got offered Bachelor of Religious Education and English. She really wants to do Primary teaching if she completes this course is there any add on course she can do to qualify as a primary teacher?

    She can apply to do a masters in primary education. I would advise you to look up the minimum requirements for this master. Entry requirements and specific subject requirements are changing for primary education. Hibernia and St Pat's are two of many who offer this masters.

    Get back on if you need further assistance.

  • 16:00

    Thanks for such a wonderful service.. it really helps all of us frustrated and confused parents and students!


    Keep them coming!!! Here until 7pm and back again tomorrow first thing!


  • 16:01

    My brother got more points than he needed for Engineering in UL but got no offers. Someone didn’t match him to his leaving cert results & this was not his fault, how can this be fixed & he can get the course he should have?

    All of this needs to be brought to the attention of both the CAO and the Ul admissions office quoting his CAO number and all relevant details.   If this was not his fault hopefully the matter will be rectified and he will get his offer in round 2.

  • 16:02

    My daughter got 357 In her leaving cert, she wanted gno agus gaeilge in dcu but missed out by 5points! Meanwhile she has accepted a level6 in DIT in business management but is not keen on going, what are the chances of a second round offer ?


    Please see answer to similar question below

  • 16:02

    I am 2pts short of commerce in nuig,what in your opinion are my chances of getting it on a second offer.

    No way of knowing I'm afraid.   Have a look at a few similar questions and replies earlier.

  • 16:04

    My daughter missed out on a arts degree in UCD by 4 points. Any chance she might get it in round 2 . Thanks

    Please see previous replies similar to this.

  • 16:04

    How many rounds are there?

    There are two offical rounds. But offers will continue until all places are filled. Final offers will be issued in October after appeals results are issued.

  • 16:05

    Not sure if my email went through, but we are unable to work out the points for economics and German in Trinity college. Could you help with this?

    Answered earlier with link to TCD points.

  • 16:12

    Hi my daughter applied to ucd, Arts DN520. We were so sure last Wednesday she would get her first choice. She got 370 but there was a huge hike of 59 points to 381. She got her third choice but hoping for first. Is there any chance of second roun

    Please see answer to similar question below.

  • 16:13

    Hi - I got offered Maths Science in NUIG today. I missed Maths Science in UCC by 23 points. If I go to NUIG fir first year - is it possible to transfer to UCC in second year.

    Transfers are possible and do happen but they are treated differently by different colleges.   Like in a previous reply I would ring UCC admissions and Maths Science faculty office and see what is their policy is in relation to transfers.   If the material covered in first year iin boht courses has a good overlap and they have space they might facilitate you.

  • 16:14

    If a student's grade is upgraded on appeal will CAO notify the college or will the student need to do it?

    This will be taken care of by the CAO and if you become entitled to a new offer it will be made to you by the CAO.   The colleges will be made aware of these offers.

  • 16:16

     applied for a SUSI grant, which I was awarded. I wrote down that I was going for a course in Trinity, but I accepted a course in UCD. Will that affect my grant and how exactly does the grant work? Thanks.


    It will depend on where your home house is and if it is under 45km from UCD or not. That is the only affect it may have. You get nine grant instalements. You receive a monthly payment. Those who applied for their grant  when it opened in April will be processed first and will be due to receive their instalements in September.

    SUSI will look for your college offer and acceptance over the next few days.

  • 16:18

    My daughter got 429 points, she had social science UCC on her CAO application but didn't get an offer for it even though it is 387 points. People with less points than her were offered it. What can she do?

    Did she get an offer in another course above this course on her preference list.   If so she will not be offered this course even if she has the points.   If she has not received any other offer has she met all the entry requirements for the course.   If she has then I would advise contacting CAO using the Contact Us button on their website.

  • 16:18

    My son wants to do a criminal justice course which is 400 points. If he gets his exams rechecked and goes up to 388 points , will he be offered a place on the course if the places available wont be filled up?

    CAO will make an offer once candidates meet th eentry requirements and the cut off points. Points may fall if places   aren't filled. How much they will fall or if they fall will not be know until round 2 on Wednesday August 29th.

  • 16:22

    Son wasn’t offered a place even though he got the points. We understand the random selection and can live in hope for rounds, 2, 3, 4 etc. Is there anyway to find out what place you are on the list?

    Did he meet the entry requirements? Or was it a case of random selection? The admission office of the college in question may or may not tell you this information.

  • 16:24

    Could I get my scripts checked from last years leaving cert 2017?

    As far as I know this is not possible as all papers are from last year are no longer available.   They are confidentially disposed of in December in year of exams. Contact the state examinations commission for more information.

  • 16:26

    My son has been offered a place in WIT through the CAO. He wishes to defer this for a year as he wants to do a PLC. What has he to do?

    The full precedure is outlined at this link to the CAO website.   The main thing is not to accept the place.

  • 16:26

    If you got 496 and the course is 496 but you didn’t get an offer, can you be guaranteed a place in 2019? What exactly is round zero?

    Round zero is  offers made to  deferred applicants , applicants who have completed an Access course, QQI applicants, mature and graduate entry medicine applicants.

    Not being  offered a place due to random selection does not guarantee you a place on this programme for 2019.

  • 16:28

    Hello , I got my first choice today , World Languages in UCC , but now i really wish i hadnt put it first because id much prefer what i had second , social science also in UCC .Is there anyway i can change without taking a year out ?

    Afraid not, once you were offered your first preference, everything below that is effectively wiped from your application.

  • 16:33

    My first choice Industrial physics in UCC has risen from 445 to 511 in a single year. Do you think points will keep inflating because of the new system?

    There are a number of factors which can lead to a course increasing in points.   Higher Demand, Reduced places offered, Higher academic achievement of those who applied, etc.   so it is not necessarily down to the new points system.

  • 16:34

    My daughter received 399 pts in the LC, her 4th choice was nursing St. Angela's Sligo and she was 1 point off. Is there any chance she ill get an offer next week in round 2 and is there a chance the points will drop for nursing for this college?

    Please see replies to similar questions earlier.

  • 16:37

    My son received his first choices level 7 and 8 civil engineering in gmit. He seems to want to do the level 7. I think he should do level 8 as he had way more points than required.what do you think

    It's a personal choice. The level 8 may go at a faster pace. I would contact the Engineering dept and seek advise from a member of the department. I would be looking to register on the level 8 programme. They may offer an exit after three years and give a level 7 qualification.


    It is  a must that you speak with the enginnering dept at GMIT. More information will lead to a more informed decision.

  • 16:38

    What decides who gets places for Available Place Courses

    Everybody needs to meet the minimum entry requirements. Then you will be placed in order of merit based on CAO points.

  • 16:38

    Hi, my son got 566 points and was offered Law & Politics in UCD. His first choice was the same course in Trinity which came in at 578. If after a re-check he gets offered TCD does he have to defer that place until next year?

    This depends whether TCD can creat a place for him in October.   If they can they must offer him a place in October and it is his decision to stay where he is   or take the place offered.   If they cannot offer him a place in October they must offer him a deferred place in the following year.

  • 16:40

    Some of the courses that my daughter has applied to (such as human, health and disease in trinity) do not appear in the PDF of the CAO's 2018 Round 1 offers. Why is this and where can I see the points requirements for these other courses?

    See link to TCD points below.

  • 16:42

    If you have no offers but want to defer college until 2019 can you just reapply a brand new cao in February 2019 using this years points?

    Absolutely.   You now have your LC and it's points and can use them to apply whenever you wish.

  • 16:44

    I am an IB student , scored 42 marks and 172 in HPAT. In addition, I have taken HL maths so theoretically my total marks are 757 . However, I have not offered my medicine choice by all four places I applied. I am not sure about the reason..

    I would put all the details in an email to CAO quoting your CAO number and seek their guidance as to why no offers were made.

  • 16:45

    My Son missed out on a first round offer for DL838. Points required = 865 he got 843, if he accepts his second choice, will he have the possibility of getting his first choice ? or do you think the delta is too big to get his first choice?

    Please see replies to similar questions below.

  • 16:46

    Hi , I have accepted an offer to DCU. The campus accommodation is out the by 31st. Should I put a deposit on another place or wait? Thanks

    That really is a personal choice. Would you contact DCU accommodation office on    01-7005344 ?

  • 16:46

    Thank you so much for your help. This is confusing territory


    You're very welcome.

  • 16:46

    I got 398 points and my course went from 400 to 401, is there any chance it could go down to 398 in round 2?

    Please see replies to similar questions below.

  • 16:47

    If you accept your round one offer can you receive and accept an offer in round 2?

    Please see reply to similar questions earlier.

  • 16:47

    Is it possible to get an offer for a course in round 2 without meeting the minimum requirements? Maybe if you are only off by a few points

    It is not possible, I am afraid. You must meet the entry requirements and the cut off points before CAO make an offer.

  • 16:48

    When is it possible to apply for available places please. I see one on the list that my daughter wants to apply for. THanks


    Available places opens at 12 noon tomorrow. The best of luck. Learn more about available places on

  • 16:52

    I missed out on GY350 by 3 points, should I wait until after round 2 to get my papers rechecked incase my points go down?

    I would advise you to complete the form seeking a viewing of your scripts. You will then see if your result lies close to the next grade. Round 2 will be out on August 29th. The viewing of scripts happens on Fri and Sat   September 1st.

  • 16:55

    I see now I answered my own question in relation to what time can we apply for available places. Is it on a first come first served basis? or how does it work? Thanks this is great info on this live blog

    Each applicant must meet the minimum entry requirements. All applicants will then be placed in order of merit based on their CAO points. The applicant  with the  highest points receive first place etc

  • 16:58

    My daughter was offered Law (joint honours) in DCU, however, she did not achieve the required English result to chose Media along with this, is there anyway possible she can chose her third option of politics and law?

    I would advise you to phone the admissions office at DCU on  700 5338

  • 17:04

     wanted to do law at Trinity or UCD but missed out on both. Is there a stigma to doing Law at a private college like Griffith College? What is the standard of degree from there and is is well regarded internationally?

    You would l graduate with the same standard hons level 8 degree from Griffith as you would from Trinity. The modules should be very similar. Both are Law degrees. If you were to go onto do FA1 exams both would be regarded as the same.

    Please get back on if you have any further questions.

  • 17:09

    So SUSI will contact me about the grant? Do I just have to use my grant reference number when registering or is there more to it? It is hard to find info on this. Thanks.

    You should have made a grant application already.

    Where a Final Course Acceptance (FCA) form is requested to confirm that you have accepted a college place it should be provided as soon as possible in the following way:

    • You should submit  your FCA form online by accessing your SUSI on line account using  your unique username, password and pin code.
    • However, if you ticked the SUSI option on your CAO form you do not need to take any action – this information is provided by CAO to SUSI when a CAO offer is accepted.
  • 17:11

    If a course increased in points between 2017 and 2018, could it go back down in round 2?

    Yes it could. Round 2 is out on Wednesday August 29th.

  • 17:12

    I got offered level 7 engineering in DIT. I also applied to do the TAP course and its offer (if I get it) should be given to me on the 24th which is when the Round 1 offers end. I'm wondering if I can accept DIT and refuse later in place for TAP?


  • 17:13

    Overseas qualifications are processed by the HEIs themselves in order to calculate points, I found out this morning. That means offers will only be made next Wednesday. It is possible to contact the school/university to ask for intormation.

    My understanding is that EU overseas qualifications are manually scored by the HEIs and this is done in July if the paperwork is sent in on time and offers are made in Round one.   If there is a problem or paperwork not supplied then delays may occur with offers.   If in doubt contact the admissions office of the appropriate college.

  • 17:13

    I got offered level 7 engineering in DIT. I also applied to do the TAP course and its offer (if I get it) should be given to me on the 24th which is when the Round 1 offers end. I'm wondering if I can accept DIT and refuse later in place for TAP?

    Yes you can accept it. If things change you should let both CAO and the college know as soon as possible. You will not be charged for this.  This place could then be offered to someone else.

  • 17:17

    If a student's points is upgraded on appeal but they are not entitled to a new course will the college still be notified of this new change in points? If I go up on appeal it means that I won't use my HEAR place which can be given to someone else.

    I'm not entirely sure what is being asked here, could you please clarify. Thanks.

  • 17:19

    Just wanted to say thanks (son did meet min entry requirements), only 17 places on course last year though, (Geo&PS in TCD), will try the admissions office to see if we can find out his place in the Q

    You're very welcome, hope it works out well for him.

  • 17:22

    If I accept undemoniated engineering in gaway. What are my chances of getting into engineering in 2nd year

    I would advise you to contact the admissions office of the college in question. They will inform you of the process needed for the above.


    The best of luck and well done.

  • 17:24

    My daughter get 533 points but sje didng get into any if the medicine college . She got biomedical in trinity. Should she reoeat to get in medicine her hpat is 165

    This is a very personal decision for your daughter.   IF she feels she could improve on the 533 then it is worth considering.   Or she could start the Biomed course in Trinity, repeat the HPAT and try to increase her points that way for Med next year.    

  • 17:31
    My daughter got accepted to her course of choice. We have lived outside of Ireland for some years but she moved home with grandparents 2 yrs ago to do the LC. Wondering how the University can determine if she qualifies for „Irish Fees“?

    To qualify for free fees, you must meet criteria with regard to:

    • Residence and
    • Nationality and immigration status and
    • Course requirements


    You must have been living in an EEA member state or Switzerland for at least 3 of the 5 years before starting your course. The members of the EEA (the European Economic Area) are the member states of the EU, along with Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein.

    Does this answer your question? Get back on if you need further assistance.

  • 17:32

    I got 398 and my course was 401, but in 2017 it was 400. Is there still a chance it could go down below 398 in round 2?

    Please see replies earlier to similar question.

  • 17:33

    I missed out on my course by 3 points what are the odds of it going down 3 points in round 2 also is there anyway to check how many people applied for the course

    Please see replies to similar questions earlier.

  • 17:36

    My son did a plc course and it worked out his score as 290 and he was offered business in NCI level 6. Is thee a chance he will get an offer for the level 8. It says his score for NC103 is 293. I’m confused as to how iit works?

    NC 103 had cut off points of 270. Your son may get an offer for the level 8 if the points fall from 300 to 290 and he meets the necesssary entry requirements.


  • 17:39

    Can one transfer from Mary I.limerick Early years Ed. to ucc if a place is available in early years in ucc..she has 452 points and has the place in Mary I . How and when can this be done

    All colleges have different transfer policies. It has be known for people to transfer after first year providing that both courses share similar modules.

    I would advise you to phone the admissions office at both colleges.

  • 17:41

    My son has required points for a course but has not been offered it . It is not registering as random selection . What can he do ?


    Check to see that he satisfies all the entry requirements. If this is so, then contact CAO by clicking the 'contact us' button on

    Get back on if you need further assistance.

  • 17:51

    Is it possible to accept a Level 7 course today and also apply for Level 8 Available course tomorrow? If I am offered this L8 Available course can I still accept my Level 7 one?

    Yes. Your level 6/7 are independent of your level 8 choices. You can accept your level 7 and then apply for available places putting this course high up in your order of preferences.

  • 17:52

    Hi, I did my Leasing Cert back in 2012 and got 550 points. I got my bachelor's from UCD. Can I use these points to apply for another bachelor's degree in 2019?

    Yes, my understanding is you can use your LC from 2012 for a new application.   In what way the LC will be used I am not sure, it may be just like a typical school leaver application or it may be used differently as part of a mature student application.   I would speak to the admissions office of the college you are thinking of applying to to seek their guidance.

  • 17:54

    Are available places are those that the college didn't managed to fill?

    Yes, essentially any courses that the colleges feel they will not fill with the normal procedure   can be advertised in vacant places.

  • 17:57

    My daughter got 445 in CAO her top three were primary teaching so the closest she came was Marino 462 a difference of 17 from experience is there any hope of getting the extra 17 following a appreal, Should I view the scripts

    You would have to go up a lot in the appeal to receive an extra 17 points. Results from appleals are issued in mid October. CAO notify colleges immediately. Your daughter could then receive an offer if there was a place available. If the course is full they will offer her a deferral for the following academic year.


    I would suggest that you complete the form for the viewing of scripts and return this to your school by Tuesday August 21st. You will be in a better position to judge after the vieing of scripts.

  • 17:58

    Can you count the bonus marks for honours maths if maths is not in the group of 6 subjects?


    I am afraid not. You must include Maths as one of the six subjects.

  • 18:02

    Can you exit a course soon after it starts without having to pay a full years fees?


    The deadline dates vary for each college. Normally if you leave your course before the end of october you won't lose your free tuition fee if you were to return to a different course the following academic year.

    Your registration fee can be paid in two instalements. You will need to check the deadline dates with your college. Also put the above question to them as the rules vary from college to college.

  • 18:10

     My son got 530 n H1 in maths. He got comp science in Trinity as second choice but wants to go to computational thinking in Maynooth which was his third choice. can he refuse his first offer and how does he know if there is still places maynooth

    CAO applicants will never get offered courses in future rounds that lie below their course offer received today. All courses that lie below todays offer will now become obsolete on him. This will happen whether he accepts todays offer or not.

    All unfilled college places are on under available places. These are the only courses that can be put on his CAO fom for any future rounds of CAO 2018.

    Your son will still be in the running to get his first choice offer or his course from available places providing that he places it above todays offer.

    I hope that I have been clear enough. A lot to take in.

  • 18:10

    Thank you so much for your reply, have a nice evening.


    Yor're very welcome. Back again in the morning!

  • 18:13

    My son achieved higher points in leaving cert than expected and would like to do medicine but did not complete the hpat. Is it possible to apply for the hpat in 2019 and use current leaving cert points to apply for medicine?

    Yes it is possible. View the link below:

    The best of luck. Get back on if you need further assistance.



  • 18:14

    If you meet the entry requirements but you are way off from desired course (70 points) and someone who got offered this course in round 1 rejects it, would this mean that I could get this course offered in round 2,3? I accepted my 2nd choice

    Having accepted your 2nd preference the CAO will continue to try to get you a place on your first preference.   If you become elligible for a place on your first preference because some of the applicants who were offered the places in round one don't accept them then you will be offered the place.   70 points is a big gap to bridge but never say never, it could happen.

  • 18:16

    I got 440 points and my course is 460 but I got in the course as a HEAR student. I am going to recheck my scripts & appeal some results. If I am upgraded will the college be notified and will someone else benefit from a free place?

    Yes. If you are upgraded to a new course then your existing course may be offered to another applicant ( who may be a HEAR candidate) who now becomes elligible to the place.

  • 18:22

    My nieces has 475 point after doing PLC course and all her friends got on the same degree course but they didn’t get as high marks as she did, and got on the course for psychology, in fact some of the girls had 50 and some had 70 below her.

    I'm not sure where the 475 points came from as my understanding is that the maximum points one can get from a PLC course is 390.   Could you clarify please.   Thanks.

  • 18:23

    My son applied for deg in film/tv prod in Griifith College, min req 5x06/H7 to include maths. He got 2xH6, 1XH5, 1xH4, 2xO7, with an O7 in maths, he didnt get offered a place, might he get an offer with maths O7 in second round offers?


    Has he passed  in English, Irish or a  language? Maths doesn't seem to be a requirement for this course.

    I would advise you to contact CAO by clicking the 'contact us' button on

  • 18:27

    thanks for all your answers... one last one on available place... when does a student find out if they were accepted on available place is this Round 2 on the 29th? Thanks

    Yes in round 2. Then after that all applicants that arrive in CAO before 11.00am on a Monday will be processed and considered for offers on the following Thursday. Offers will be issued by post on a Thursday and will be available to view on the CAO website the following day.

    We are back again tomorrow. All questions welcome.


  • 18:27

    If I accept my second choice now , and get offered my first choice in rd 2 can I take my first choice


    Yes you can accept your first choice if you get offered it in future rounds.

  • 18:27

    Random selection applied at 408 points for General Nursing at Trinity .My daughter has 412 points and meets minimum leaving cert subject requirements. How come she misses out ?

    If you checked the calculation of your daughters points and they are 412 and you have made sure to check that she has met all the entry requirements, the there seems to be an issue here.   I would email the CAO through their Contact Us form on the ir website and quoting your daughters application number give them all the details and seek their guidance as to why no offer was received.

  • 18:31

    I’m 40 points short from my top choice and I’m not happy with 2/3 of my results in English I went down 6 grades and in the other two I went down 4 from the pres do rechecks usually go up,that much

    I suggest that you complete the form seeking the viewing of your scripts. This must be back with the school by tomorrow. At your viewing session you can check that the marks  were calculated properly. You will have a greater insight as to whether you should acheieve an ungrade if you were to appeal it.

  • 18:47
    The Helpdesk has now closed for the day. It will resume again at 9am on Tuesday morning.