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Taoiseach's expenses, merging FF and FG, and naming that Liffey bridge

Joanne Hunt Mon, Aug 26
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    It's a dry, cloudy but mild start in the Capital this morning. There might be a little patchy mist in the west later, but 18-21 degrees in sunny breaks for the rest of us. Get to the south east for the best of it.
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    Good morning. Joanne Hunt here on the Daily Wire, with you until 5pm.
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    The headlines in this morning's Irish Times: Wife found body of hit-and-run victim. US rebuffs Syrian offer to let UN inspect gas attack site. Taoiseach's 'Time' cover had his department buying the prints.
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    Bet there are some sore heads in Mayo this morning?
  • 09:16
    Headline writers had some fun with the Mayo win:
    Go, West! Mayo one step from all-Ireland glory (The Mirror)
    Wild West (The Star)
    Mayo the force be with you (Irish Sun)
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    “Disturbing and retrograde”, Bill O'Herlihy's description of a Fianna Fáil and Sinn Féin coalition. His address at the annual Béal na Bláth commemoration made the case for the coming together of Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil.
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    “The vast majority of the people of Ireland have lost any real contact with that quarrel," said O'Herlihy of the Civil War. Not outside of the Pale methinks. While the quarrel might be near forgotten, generations of families still vote along these lines. Read Bill O'Herlihy's full address here.
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    I can't see old FF or FG stalwarts being willing to man the church gate collection for a merged party.

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    Some headlines from the rest of the papers today:
    Irish Examiner: Staff not vetted in half of inspected creches.
    Irish Independent: Knives out in FG ahead of European elections
    Irish Daily Mail: Drugs minutes
    Irish Sun: They blew Dean's face off
    Irish Daily Star: Held down and shot 13 times
    Irish Daily Mirror: Dean shot by mistake
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    As Spanish telco Telefonica ditches its Irish asset O2, it's making roads into the German telecoms market . Read more...
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    A one-way business-class flight for Minister of State, Paul Kehoe from Brisbane to Dublin on March 22nd  cost of €4,346. TD's flying for more that seven hours qualify for business class travel. Read Pamela Duncan's report.
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    Other costs include €3,500 for the use of the VIP lounge in Dublin airport run up by former president Mary Robinson and EU Commissioner Maire Geoghegan-Quinn.
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    Rock up 75mins before the flight. No unseemly taking off of belts and shoes with the hordes. Get a buggy around the shops, have a drink, watch a bit of telly and then get a lift out to your plane - who knew air travel could be like this? Mary and Maire, that's who.
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    Name that bridge! There are five contenders for the new Liffey bridge: Willie Bermingham, founder of Alone; Frank Duff, founder of the Legion of Mary; Rosie Hackett, a trade unionist who was involved in the 1913 Lockout; Kay Mills, who played camogie for Dublin, and Bram Stoker, creator of Dracula.
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    Or we could go all literal on it - crossing the Linxi river in China's Sanjiang province is the  'Wind and Rain' bridge. Dublin City Council officials, take note.
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    Our Jason Kennedy spent two weeks volunteering in a lion park in South Africa. Warning:  This video may contain images of incredibly cute baby lions.

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    Coca Cola, Avonmore  milk, Brennan's bread, Lucozade and Cadburys Dairy Milk - the biggest selling brands in Irish grocery. Taytos get knocked out of the top five by choc.
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    "There was oil from the barges, and my sisters told me later there were dead dogs and cats floating in the Liffey." The Liffey swim 70 years ago, remembered by Anthony Kennett who won the race in 1943.
  • 11:44
    MiWadi climbs the Top 100 brands charts. Why? Because for hard-pressed families, it lasts a lot longer and is better value than its carbonated rivals. (At least until water charges come in).
  • 11:54
    This winter, we will mostly be wearning drindl skirts, cocoon coats and biker jackets. Rosemary MacCabe asks the experts for their picks.
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    Peats Electronics to close again. Such a pity, I spoke to Ben Peat last year and he had made valiant efforts to keep the business his father founded afloat. Read that interview here.
  • 12:59
    TV and internet providers tried to persuade the Government that anyone seeking deals with their banks over debt should be allowed to retain premium TV services and high-speed broadband. Carl O'Brien reports.
  • 13:05
    I'm off to church - in a giant warehouse in an industrial estate. If you missed it on Saturday, read about Ireland's new places of worship.
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    Some dodgy moves from Miley Cyrus at the VMAs. She's 20. And it shows. Love the non-reaction from Rhianna and OneD.
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    This all sounds a bit botched - Gardaí are investigating whether a man shot himself in the leg by mistake while fleeing the scene of a shooting in  Glasnevin this morning.

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    Gardaí believe the younger man, who was on a bicycle, shot the older victim, who was also on a bicycle.
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    A man in his 20s has died in a single vehicle accident in Cavan. The accident happened at 5.45am this morning. Another man and two women were also in the car. They sustained non life-threatening injuries.
  • 13:42
    The 'Peru Two' - Shane Hegarty's take on it. With some interesting comments from yerselves below.
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    "We gotta make things leak," sings Julian Assange in his latest pitch to be elected to the Australian Senate.
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    'Conversion therapy' for gay teens? This still exists??  Lawmakers in the US are trying to  ban therapists in some states  from offering the service.

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    Have you got a daughter starting secondary school today? She can expect to get the cervical cancer vaccine at school in the first two years. Some 250 women in Ireland are diagnosed with the disease each year, 80 die from it.
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    Jees, the questions in the Rose of Tralee weren't this tough.
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    Bus Éireann has launched an investigation after a woman travelled 25kms in the baggage compartment of one of it’s coaches after she was accidentally locked inside. Pat Flynn reports.
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    An 80-year-old man told the High Court today he felt as if he had won the Lotto and lost the ticket after reading his millionaire sister’s will and finding she had left practically everything to charity.
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    Surprise, surprise.
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    Enjoy it Mayo. Some pics of the victors of yesterday's all-Ireland senior football final.  

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    Booked a holiday with website You might want to re-check the booking. The website has gone bust according to news reports.
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    'What's truly amazing is that they can get a social worker to be there after 5pm' - an Irish Times reader's wry comment on the Swiss 'sex boxes' story.


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    fandango Don't get carried away Joanne, Mayo only won the semi-final yesterday. Although with all the media coverage you'd be forgiven for thinking Sam was already heading West for the winter.
  • 16:03
    Oops. My mistake Fandango. A typo I promise. Mayo were victors in the all-Ireland football semi-final yesterday. The final won't be played until 3.30pm on September 22nd.
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    Miley your twerking ain't werking.
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    Aren't we just great altogether?
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    Breakfast with Wozilroy this morning.
  • 16:44
    Dublin v Kerry all-Ireland football semi-final this weekend is sold out, says GAA.
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    That's it from the Daily Wire for today, thanks for stopping by. We're back again tomorrow at 9am. Stay up to date over night on and on @IrishTimesLive.

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    Scattered outbreaks of light rain and drizzle will spread eastwards tonight. Fog will develop in places along with low cloud over higher ground. Lowest temperatures 11 to 14 degrees.