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Mater row over abortion likely, bus talks start and drama as shot man crashes outside Garda station

Conor Pope Wed, Aug 7
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    The was a fair bit of drama on Store Street last night after the driver of a silver Mercedes veered up on to the pavement near Busáras after being shot by a hit man on a motor bike. The gunman fled the scene and the victim – who is known to the police – ran into the Garda station clutching his stomach and his head and was taken to the Mater where his condition has been described as serious but stable.

    A taxi driver on the scene had this to say: “It looked like he made an illegal turn around Amiens Street and was being pursued by someone. The gardaí followed behind him in an unmarked car and drove up onto the footpath shortly after. I seen the guy bleeding and he looked like he had been badly shot.”
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    Hello. It's Wednesday. I am Conor Pope. And I have been awake since 3am.

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    If you thought stories about abortion and the legislation which was signed into law after a torturous - and some say boozy - passage through the Dail last month would fall off the news pages once it was signed into law by the president, at least for the rest of the summer you were quite wrong.

    It makes headlines in again today. The Mater hospital in Dublin “cannot comply” with the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act and cannot carry out abortions, a member of its board of governors has told Kitty Holland. .

    Fr Kevin Doran was speaking to The Irish Times as the board prepares to meet to discuss how or whether the hospital will abide by the legislation.

    The Mater (or the Mater Misericordiae University Hospital to give it its full name) is one of 25 “appropriate institutions” named in the Act where abortions may be carried out to save the life of a pregnant woman.

    It is a Catholic voluntary hospital, part-owned by the Sisters of Mercy who founded it in 1861 and managed by the board of governors independent of the HSE.

    Fr Doran, who sits on the board said it was “incumbent on the hospital to consider its position on the Act . . . The Mater can’t carry out abortions because it goes against its ethos. I would be very concerned that the Minister [for Health, James Reilly] sees fit to make it impossible for hospitals to have their own ethos. The issue is broader than just abortion. What’s happening is the Minister is saying hospitals are not entitled to have an ethos.”

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    When I left the office last night I had a story on page one. Thanks to the Store St shooting it ended up as three paragraphs on the bottom of page six. 

    The glamour slot, I like to call it.  

    Here it is:

    The story was about men's apparent reluctance to do the weekly shop and was based on research from the National Consumer Agency which found that 72 per cent of women take responsibility for food shopping while  another 13 per cent say they do the weekly shop with their partner. By contrast 57 per cent of men claim to have no responsibility for buying groceries and 23 per cent say they are prepared only to share the chore. Just one in five men takes full responsibility for buying groceries.

    There was some other interesting stuff about our changed shopping habits too. 


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    Have just come across a most peculiar story  in Metro.  The Australian ethics committee head Peter Dowling has resigned  after it was reported that he sent a number of explicit sexts and images to his mistress, including a picture of his penis dunked in a glass of red wine.

    Yes, indeed. A picture of his penis. In a glass of  red wine.  

    The MP  has apologised for the "shame and embarrassment" the affair has caused his wife and family. "I am not proud of the events plastered all over today’s paper," he  said. "And I can’t and won’t defend any part of it. To my children, mum, brother and sister, my extended family and friends I am sorry for the shame and embarrassment that I have caused you."
     Dowling has stepped down as the head of the ethics committee, but denies claims he misused travel expenses to conduct an affair with the woman who gave the pics to the press. She was set to reveal more intimate details of their relationship  in a television interview to be aired down under last night.
    The best part of the story is the picture caption. The photograph features Dowling standing beside a large cherry (or tomato, maybe) with stripey red legs and arms while the caption reads "Peter Dowling (right)..." No kidding.
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    BBC reporting that police have arrested a man, aged 32 in connection with an investigation into threats made on Twitter.

    There are no more details as yet. It is unusual for the organisation to run such a spartan news snap.

    Expect more presently.
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    And here it is.

    A man has been arrested after a Labour MP and a campaigner were subjected to a torrent of violent abuse on Twitter.

    The 32-year-old man was held in Bristol following allegations made by Labour MP Stella Creasy and campaigner Caroline Criado-Perez, who received a barrage of threatening messages from internet trolls .

    The man will be questioned on suspicion of committing an offence under the Protection from Harassment Act.
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    I loved The Lone Ranger where I were a lad.

    I had him. And Tonto. And Silver.

    And the bad guy whose name escapes me.

    Seems like the kids of today are not so keen.

    Disney - the company behind the film - said it is likely to lose as much as $190 million this quarter on The Lone Ranger which cost $225 million to make

    The film which stares Armie Hammer in the title role and Johnny Depp as Tonto has collected $176 million in worldwide ticket revenue since its release on July 3rd . Studios split those receipts with theater owners and incur additional costs marketing their pictures.

    Heigh ho. Hum.
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    A calculator has been released to help students work out how many points they got in the Leaving.

    If you can't work out how many points you got without the aid of a calculator, I reckon you should get your money back from the Department of Education because the system has clearly failed you.

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    Irish horse show riders were among the guests evacuated after a fire at the Burlington Hotel in Dublin this morning. The fire broke out in a room on the 6th floor and emergency services were called to the scene at about 5.20am. A fridge fire is the suspected cause of the blaze. Participants in the Dublin Horse Show at the RDS were among those at the hotel.
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    What an amazing pic!

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    Pity anyone trying to fly almost anywhere in Africa today.

    A massive fire has engulfed Kenya's main airport forcing the closure of what is a vital travel and trade gateway to east Africa.

    A huge plume of black smoke still billows from the airport buildings but thankfully there are no reports of casualties or injuries.
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    Japan's government has just announced it plans to step in to help the operator of the wrecked Fukushima nuclear plant deal with the tons of radioactive groundwater spilling into the Pacific Ocean.

    And not before time.
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    M&S to shed 180 jobs in the Republic.

    The retailer also plans to open a long-awaited store in Limerick

    More details to follow.
  • 10:03
    Marks & Spencer statement:

    “Our existing M&S stores in the Republic will close within the coming weeks resulting in 180 redundancies. The stores that will close are M&S Mullingar, Co Westmeath; M&S Tallaght, Dublin 24; M&S Simply Food Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin and M&S Simply Food Naas, Co Kildare;

    A new flagship M&S store is proposed for Limerick. Heads of terms have been agreed and, subject to completion of contracts, the store is proposed to open in 2016, creating 250 new jobs;

    Over the next year the remaining M&S store portfolio will be invested in, including a repositioning of the Grafton Street store as an M&S regional centre.
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    Gardai in Cork city are investigating a hit-and-run incident in which a young girl was injured yesterday evening. The incident happened at Carberry Grove, Knocknaheeney between 8.40pm and 9.40pm when a car stuck a three-year-old child. The small red car stopped briefly before driving away.
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    Last word on M&S for a bit. While 180 jobs are to go through the closure of four stores a further 250 will be created by the retailer in its flagship Limerick shop.

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    Park life in Dublin is set to be a whole lot quieter after the Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan gave Dublin City Council permission to designate seven parks and one beach as “quiet areas” where noise levels must be kept below 55 decibels during the day and 45 decibels at night.

    To qualify, the parks must already be relatively quiet and just two city centre parks have made the list – Blessington Basin, at the top of Blessington Street in the north inner city and the Cabbage Gardens, just off Cathedral Lane near Kevin Street in Dublin 2.

    The six other areas where restrictions will apply are Edenmore Park and St Anne’s Park in Raheny, Mount Bernard Park between Phibsborough and Cabra, Palmerston Park in Dartry, Ranelagh Gardens, and Dollymount Strand.

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    Melbourne is looking at introducing “safe havens” for women in its central areas..

    The idea is part of a wider plan to tackle violence against women in public, in the workplace and at home .

    It’s unclear how the proposed safe havens will exactly work, although city's deputy mayor says the areas will be “well lit - they’re often patrolled by CCTV”.

    “It shouldn’t feel like it’s a guarded or a gated community, it’s really about better design to make it feel safer. We are going to be the first capital city to put out a policy around what we can do to prevent violence against women. We’re not suggesting that a city can be the whole answer."

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    More details of the latest arrests in the Twitter threats case.
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    So, here's a mad story.

    Last Monday the Youghal RNLI launched after it got reports of an object in the water off Redbarn Strand.

    The object turned out to be a large human hamster ball that ly had blown into the water.

    Fairly unusual, right? That is not the half of it.

    While the crew were taking the ball on board they noticed a solitary male kayaker 50 yards away who had lost his paddle..

    Turns out he had been drifting for some time and was shattered after attempting to paddle with his hands. He had no way to report his distress to anyone on the shore so if the lifeboat had not been called out on another - kind of mad - mission, he most likely would have perished.

    Now that is what you call synchronicity.

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  • 13:31
    Amazing news.

    I have just checked my Lotto numbers and it turns out that I won €40m on the euromillions. *

    As a result I will no longer be looking after the Live Blog today and am passing it over to Jason Kennedy. **

    * This is a lie.
    ** This is not a lie.
  • 13:32
    Thanks Conor. Jason Kennedy here to keep you up to date on the rest of the day's news.
  • 13:40
    Could you imagine Enda Kenny and Micheál Martin working together in perfect harmony? Mary O'Rourke thinks it might be a possibility.

    “Here we are now in 2013 and here I am too, somebody who was in successive general elections elected on behalf of the Fianna Fáil Party and proudly representing my constituency of Longford/Westmeath.

    “And yet and yet surely it is not too fanciful for me to put forward today as the theme of this Summer School that it is time that Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael would bridge the political divide between them and give serious thought to coming together in a political coalition come the next general election,” she said.

    More here.
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    Our roving reporter Agnes Radomski was in Dún Laoghaire this morning to see the Queen Elizabeth cruise liner. Here is her video report.

  • 14:07
    The Food Safety Authority of Ireland shut down a total of nine business over public health fears last month. Want to see if one of your local restaurants was on the list? It’s all here.
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    In an age of soundbites, Twitter and Facebook promotion, Katie Taylor remains stylishly outmoded, a reluctant participant in the celebrity cat walk. Despite her indifference to the showbiz swirl she became one of the spirits of London last summer when the world was watching, an accidental zeitgeist of women’s boxing in the biggest show on earth, writes Johnny Watterson.
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    It seems Vladamir Putin could be in Obama’s bad books. The US President cancelled a meeting he had scheduled with Mr Putin, which was took take place next month, Reuters reports.
  • 14:51
    A defence witness for John Dundon, who is accused of murdering rugby player Shane Geoghegan almost five years ago, has denied having any role in the the murder of the man, writes Carl O'Brien.
  • 14:57
    Gardaí in Dublin have recovered a motorcycle which they believe may have been involved in the shooting of a 33-year-old man last night.

    The vehicle was found in Abercorn Road close to where the shooting took place. 

    Pamela Duncan has more here.
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    Here’s a video report on the fire at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Kenya’s capital Nairobi.

  • 15:30
    The family of the second man who died from injuries sustained when a hijacked taxi crashed into a lock bridge in Dublin city centre over the bank holiday weekend have spoken of their “inexpressible grief” at the young man’s death, writes Pamela Duncan.
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    Do you use WhatsApp? If so, you’re now part of a community of more than 300 million people, Silicon Republic reports.
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    As I previously said on today’s wire, the Dublin Horse Show is taking place. Here’s a gallery of pictures from the event.
  • 16:43
    Ever see a dead shark on a train before? No? Here you go.
    Spotted on an Queens-bound train in New York this morning and sent to

    You wouldn’t get that on the DART...
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    That’s all from us today. To keep up with the rest of the day’s news, stay on