Rugby World Cup - Ireland v Russia

Rugby World Cup - Ireland v Russia

IT Fri, Sep 23

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  • 05:54
    Ireland v Russia: It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day and we’re feeling good. Well sort of, will be feeling better when we wake up properly. For those of you who managed to drag yourselves out of the scratcher, good morning, for those pulling an all-nighter, try to focus. Squinting helps.

    If there are any in the household struggling to rouse themselves, you may wish to turn this  up to 11. Should do the trick.

    After a week in which humble pie sales went through the roof, not least in the RTE canteen, now is no time for the Irish squad to rest on their laurels. And nor are they likely to, as with Declan Kidney staying true to his word and rotating his squad there are plenty of dirt-trackers with points to prove against Russia this morning.

    Nine changes from the win over Australia seems just about right, and while the likes of Fergus McFadden and Sean Cronin assuredly have more World Cups in store, this could be the last time others like Tony Buckley, Leo Cullen and Paddy Wallace get to play on the biggest stage.

    Spare a thought for Hugh Cahill in the commentary box, who will have required plenty of homework this week getting to know his Tsnobiladzes from his Prishchepenkos. We suspect he is hoping Adam Byrnes features prominently. Back in the studio, George’s tie is a gharish as ever, while Conor is sporting a natty polka dot number.

    Naturally enough, Ireland won’t be overly familiar with the Bears but will have been studying tapes over the last seven days. One player who will need to introduction is the former Irish under-19s international Vasily Artemyev. The fullback, who signed for Northampton in August, was a former teammate of Luke Fitzgerald at Blackrock and was good enough for the Leinster academy.

    At 38, Victor Gresev may have a few miles on the clock but the former Pau and Montauban number eight could also prove a handfull, while tinchy captain Alexander Yanyushkin (5’ 4”) pulls the strings from the base of the scrum. Nevertheless, and without wishing to come across all Phil Kearns, while Russia have a smattering of moderately talented individuals they will do well to beat the spread (+46 points).

    Ireland: 15 Robert Kearney; 14 Fergus McFadden, 13 Keith Earls, 12 Paddy Wallace,11 Andrew Trimble; 10 Ronan O'Gara, 9 Isaac Boss; 1 Cian Healy, 2 Sean Cronin, 3 Tony Buckley; 4 Donncha O'Callaghan, 5 Leo Cullen; 6 Donnacha Ryan, 7 Sean O'Brien, 8 Jamie Heaslip. Replacements: 16 Rory Best, 17 Mike Ross, 18 Denis Leamy, 19 Shane Jennings, 20 Eoin Reddan, 21 Jonathan Sexton, 22 Geordan Murphy.

    Russia: 15 Vasily Artemyev; 14 Denis Simplikevich, 13 Andrey Kuzin, 12 Sergey Trishin, 11 Vladimir Ostroushko; 10 Konstantin Rachkov, 9 Alexander Yanyushkin; 1 Sergey Popov, 2 Valery Tsnobiladze, 3 Alexander Khrokin; 4 Denis Antonov, 5 Adam Byrnes; 6 Artem Fatakhov, 7 Andrey Garbuzov, 8 Victor Gresev. Replacements: 16 Evgeny Matveev, 17 Ivan Prishchepenko, 18 Alexey Travkin, 19 Alexander Voytov, 20 Andrey Bykanov, 21 Mikhail Sidorov, 22 Mikhail Babaev.

    Craig Joubert (South Africa)
  • 06:01
    1 min: We’ve had the anthems, and are almost ready to go in Rotorua. Russia win the toss and elect to kick and Konstantin Rachkov gets proceedings underway.
  • 06:05
    3 mins: RTE’s commentary is slightly ahead of the pictures – something to do with the way the satellites are synched – which means I can tell you Ireland are on top in the early stages slightly before witnessing it with my own eyes. It’s all very cutting edge, must have been in touch with CERN.
  • 06:06
    Grainne Oh no! RTE commentary is a few seconds ahead of the image. Switching to Setanta.
  • 06:08
    5 mins – Ireland 3 Russia 0: Sean O’Brien has go this hands on the ball at least five times in the opening five minutes, helping Ireland to the shadow of the Russian posts where the Bears concede the penalty and Ronan O’Gara knocks over the penalty.
  • 06:11
    8 mins: Jamie Heaslip gets in on the act, punching a hole in the Russian midfield before the ball is batted down. Ireland go for the corner and almost bundle over but Russia infringe again. Good early pressure from Kidney’s side.
  • 06:13
    9 mins – Ireland 10 Russia 0: Ireland opt for the scrum but instead of trying the pushover, move it early and O’Gara finds Fergus McFadden in acres of space with the crossfield kick and the wing touches down for the first of what promises to be many tries. Cracking start from a confident looking Ireland.
  • 06:16
    12 mins Ireland 17 Russia 0: The time lag on RTE’s commentary seems to be getting more pronouunced. It’s not playing with O’Brien’s head though, and the flanker adds another try which O’Gara duly converts.
  • 06:20
    19 mins: Tony Buckle penalised for collapsing at the scrum. In the meantime, Rachkov is back into the action after serving his time in the bin for a deliberate knock-on but it was a costly indiscretion from the outhalf.
  • 06:20
    Mark RTE commentary fixed!
  • 06:24
    21 mins: Thanks for that Mark. We’d been doing the rounds, good to see Alan Quinlan getting a World Cup gig over on ITV. Alan Gaffney seems happy enough alongside the rest of the coaching team in the booth. One imagines he’ll be avoiding conversations with ex-Russian players after the match. Just saying . . .
  • 06:27
    25 mins: Gresev goes close for Russia as the Bears launch their first attack of the game, fending off Paddy Wallace before O’Brien concedes the penalty in the corner. Russian eschew the three points, opting for a lineout. Not the smartest of plays given their performance out of touch in this World Cup. Sure enough, the through is crooked and Ireland clear.
  • 06:31
    29 minutes: Ireland have gone slightly off the boil in the last 10 minutes or so. But here comes Healy to up the intensity, throwing off tacklers before O’Gara launches a crossfield kick towards Andrew Trimble . . . who is made look a numpty by Vladimir Ostroushko. The wing dominates the aerial battle and races clear but is caught and Ireland build again.
  • 06:33
    siobhan Thanks for the commentry, on honeymoon on the Greek islands with no tv!
  • 06:37
    33 mins: O’Brien not happy with the attention he received at the bottom of a ruck but the officials see nothing and play continues. McFadden makes a burst down the wing but just can’t outstrip Denis Simplikevich and is hauled into touch.
  • 06:42
    37 mins – Ireland 24 Russia 0: Bizarrely, Russia opt for a scrum when Ireland receive a free-kick, a decision that has Cian Healy licking his chops. The Irish front row easily win the ball against the head, setting the platform for a series of attacks in the Russian 22. Isaac Boss thinks he’s got it down at the base of the posts – that padding is pretty big – and the TMO agrees. Clever play from the scrumhalf and Ireland move further clear.
  • 06:45
    39 mins - Ireland 31 Russia 0: And the bonus point arrives on the stroke of halftime. There was more than a whiff of forward about Trimble’s pass to Keith Earls on the left touchline but once sent clear the Munster flyer makes no mistake in the corner. O’Gara, who is having no problems with this World Cup ball, knocks over the touchline coversion.
  • 06:49
    40 mins – Ireland 36 Russia 0: Having delivered the scoring pass moments ago, there is just enough time for Trimble to cross the whitewash himself for Ireland’s fifth try. And after my kind words about O’Gara’s impeccable kicking, the outhalf makes a horlicks of this attempt. Still, musn’t grumble, Ireland already home and hosed at half-time.
  • 06:54
    TV View: “Not very fulfilling because it is such a mis-match. We’ll win this game by 80 or 90 points,” predicts Conor O’Shea. George is feeling for the little guy, complaining that Craig Joubert is giving the Bears nothing, before having a pop at Jamie Heaslip. “He’s living on a reputation of the best number eight in the world,” reckons Hooky. Not sure where that came from, but Heaslip has been quiet in comparison to O’Brien and Ferris this World Cup.
  • 07:00
    40 mins: And we’re back. No changes on the Irish side just yet, would expect Kidney to empty the bench with about 20 to go.
  • 07:02
    41 mins: Healy, who Donal Lenihan likens to a Duracel bunny, is straight back on the attack. Not sure he’d appreciate the comparison, mind you.
  • 07:07
    43 mins: Red letter day for the Russians who pinch an Irish lineout and are able to clear their lines. The Bears play for field position and work their way into Irish territory but this time the Irish set piece is more precise and Ireland clear. Denis Leamy comes in for Donncha O'Callaghan, with Donnacha Ryan moving into the second row. That move should afford O’Brien, who will switch to six, even more scope to punch holes in the Bears’ defence.
  • 07:11
    steve shine on the train to Milan, really feeling the game atmosphere! thanks lads
  • 07:11
    49 mins – Ireland 43 Russia 0: Heaslip (twice George) and O’Brien make the hard yards, running directly at defenders and sucking in the cover before Earls produces a nice step to score under the posts. The centre then immediately makes way, with Healy also departing as Mike Ross and Geordan Murphy are introduced.
  • 07:14
    51 mins – Ireland 43 Russia 7: Vasily Artemyev, who else, leaves O’Brien and Rob Kearney grasping thin air and makes it over. No real disaster for Ireland but it could be if Kearney’s knee is gone as the fullback receives treatment while Rachkov converts.
  • 07:14
    eoin in zambia excellent! Enjoying the commentary (esp your views on the RTE panel) and great to see Ireland build on the confidence after their win against the Aussies...they should enjoy this one...
  • 07:17

    55 mins: Kearney seems to be okay, although he is treading a touch gingerly at the moment. No real sense in leaving him out there with Italy looming large on the horizon so would imagine he’ll be called ashore sooner rather than later.

  • 07:21
    57 mins: O’Brien makes way for Jennings after another barnstorming performance. Buckley, meanwhile, is again penalised against a weak Russian scrum. Not a great day at the office for the prop, who needed a big shift.
  • 07:24
    59 mins – Ireland 43 Russia 12: Try of the game, and it goes to the Russians. Simplikevich takes the offload from Ostroushko and makes McFadden look a little foolish before making it over with Wallace hanging off his shoulders. Excellent score from the 20-year-old and the Russians go wild.
  • 07:24
    Oisin Stuck in work in Sydney, Loving the commentry on 'Hooky, etc as much as the match itself! cheers guys
  • 07:27

    63 mins: Ireland look to restore the natural world order but Leamy butchers a certain try, undoing all his good work by ignoring Sean Cronin and selfishly trying to beat the last defender himself.

  • 07:30
    66 mins – Ireland 50 Russia 12: But Ireland don’t have to wait too long to get back on the scoreboard. Murphy breaks from deep and after Wallace is held up short, O’Gara shifts it wide where Heaslip hands Kearney the simplest of tries. O’Gara converts and immediately makes way for Sexton.
  • 07:34
    70 mins: Heaslip, perhaps living off his reputation as a world class number eight, gets in behind the Russian defence once more, linking well with Wallace and McFadden before Buckley spills Ryan’s pass. In fairness to the big prop, it wasn’t the easiest of offloads to take but Russia are able to clear.
  • 07:38
    72 mins – Ireland 57 Russia 12: With the Russians clearly flagging, Ireland move further clear as Jennings pops over from close range. Again Heaslip involved in the build-up while Kearney and Trimble are also causing the Bears all sorts of problems with their broken field running.
  • 07:44
    78 mins – Ireland 62 Russia 12: Ireland camped on the Russian line, there’s another score in it for them here . . . and it’s that man Buckley who shrugs off three defenders before barrelling his way over from close range. That kick won’t do wonders for Sexton’s confidence though, the replacement skewing it horribly wide.
  • 07:49
    Full-time: And there you have it. Buckley’s score, Ireland’s ninth of the game, helps Kidney’s side beat the spread. The panel back at Montrose aren't entirely convinced, with the performance in the scrum a particular cause for concern.

    “Ireland will be unhappy . . . a 50—point victory is at the low end of expectations,” according to Hooky. “Next week we’re up against a serious set-piece,” warns O’Shea.
  • 07:53
    LauraM Thanks for the live feed .. am in work in Kerala, and there's nothing on tv until later tonight and I can't wait till then .. I have to know nowwwww
  • 07:53
    nichole great commentary...makes up for rubbish ITV
  • 08:24
    Leo Cullen:  "A few guys got an opportunity this week to back up the performances of the weekend. It was important to continue the momentum. We will take the win and move on."