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D-Day, Dublin mayoral battle, today's rolling news and the rest as it happens with Genevieve Carbery

Genevieve Carbery Fri, Jun 6
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  • 09:06

    It's Friday and the first full weekend of summer is almost here. But if you're in the real capital (Cork) be warned yellow rain is on its way! Met Eireann has issued a yellow warning for rain - of up to  25 to 35mm in  Cork, Kerry and Waterford today.  

    Good morning it's Genevieve Carbery on the Daily Wire, you can contact me on Twitter @genevievecarber

  • 09:18

    So would Sinn Fein be “hijacking” the Mansion House if they held the Lord Mayor position in 2016, for the Rising anniversary. Yes according to FF cllr Jim O’Callaghan who says it is “too sensitive a year” to have the party hold the position.

    ....erm, like it or not, is that not what the people voted for when they made Sinn Fein the largest party in Dublin City Council?  A directly elected mayor would surely stop this inter party bickering and wheeler dealing.  

    The arrangement is due to be decided on tonight, with Independent Christy Burke expected to take over from Oisin Quinn who lost his seat in Labour’s falling tide.

  • 09:31

    There is rightly blanket coverage of the shocking Tuam baby case today with gardai set to examine how the remains were buried, and Dairmuid Martin calling for a full inquiry into all mother and baby homes in Ireland, and the Government willing to broaden the inquiries.

    Bryan O’Brien met with the women who uncovered this shameful story and his video can be watched here.

  • 09:39
    A fascinating series of tweets by academic Elaine Byrne who looked at the Dail record from the 1930s which shows an awareness of high death rates among "illegitimates". The following tweets are a  Dail contribution by Robert Rowlette TD:

  • 09:52

    Hopefully Enda didn’t pull out his Nokia 6310 for his meeting with Apple chief Tim Cook in San Francisco. His message to them? Don’t worry lads, the EU can’t touch our corporate tax rate.

    Ireland’s corporation tax is always like that invisible 800kg Leprechaun in the room when there’s a multinational job announcement – the companies claim it’s our educated workforce etc – or our lovely weather – anything but the tax rate....but when it’s under threat, the leprechaun reveals itself.  

  • 10:05

    Leaving Cert students may have felt a funeral in their brains, rather than hearing bells knelling classes to a close, when they realised it was Emily Dickinson and not Seamus Heaney who came up as the prescribed poets yesterday. Heaney was this year's "sure thing" but came up as an unseen poet, many students said this was “just cruel”.

    Today 46,000 students take Geography and Maths Paper one is on this afternoon. Good Luck!

  • 10:13
    Are you a Vodafone customer? Try not to say, do, text, anything you don’t want Enda Kenny to know.  The company has revealed that governments around the world use secret wires that allow them to listen to all conversations conducted on its networks, with over 4,000 requests for warrants for legal interception of content made in Ireland ....somebody buy George Orwell a posthumous pint.
  • 10:19
    So it's not even midsummers but I can't help feeling a little excited about Christmas. Elf is coming!  
  • 10:37
    Barack Obama giving one of those memorable enthralling speeches that only he can for D-Day 70th anniverasary at Omaha beach in France.  

    He said the American commitment to liberty which is “written in blood” on the beaches of Normandy endures with a new generation.  "We come to remember why America and our allies gave so much for the survival of liberty at its moment of maximum peril".  

    "We worked to turn old adversaries into new allies. We built new prosperity. We stood once more with the people of this continent through a long twilight struggle until finally, a wall tumbled down, and an Iron Curtain, too."  Putin and Hollande also present.More as we get it.  

  • 10:56
    It's only taken two weeks for Fianna Fail to "forgive" Mary Hanafin for winning a council seat Dublin for the party, after the Battle of Blackrock became Micheal's Mess.  “I got a call on Wednesday afternoon from a party representative saying no action was being taken and congratulations,” Ms Hanafin said.  
  • 11:38
    So Vodafone cannot say how many surveillance requests were actually granted in Ireland. Here is their explanation as to why.  
  • 11:45
    If you're Irish and you've an affinity with New York this gorgeous website is for you. not your usual diddly-i Irishness in this project  Céad Léiriú 100 Manifestations of Irishness in New York. It includes:  Loyal League of Yiddish Sons of Erin,  The remains of Pier 54, from where the Lusitania liner departed in 1915 on its final voyage,Statue of Frederick Douglass, North-West corner of Central Park    .
  • 11:55
    So Yelp is coming to Ireland, it announced today. Yet another multinational jobs announcement talking about everything but our low corporation tax. Ireland offers “fantastic access to multiple language capabilities from a tech savvy and educated population, not to mention a country that has proved to be a home-away-from-home for a number of existing Yelp employees that already relocated there," it said.  
  • 12:05
    The real capital is also electing its mayor today. Cork, never ones to follow Dublin's lead, are using the D'Hondt proportional representation  system,  devised by Victor D'Hondt, a Belgian lawyer and mathematician active in the 19th century.
  • 12:28
    The votes of the Kerry jury are in - Fianna Fail douze point as it gets the Co Co mayor.  
  • 12:35
    The Fianna Fail rise from the celtic tiger ashes continues as it gets its first mayor of Cork in almost a quarter of a century (back in 1990 , the year Mary Robinson became president).  
  • 12:46
    Some excellent factcheck tweets from Prime Time's Mark Coughlan in the past few minutes on Tuam babies:  
  • 13:08
    So major changes may be on the cards for Dun Laoghaire port which could be transferred to the council in future- if a draft bill published by Leo Varadkar today is introduced.  

    "The main purpose of the Bill is to provide the necessary amendments to allow for a later transfer of the five designated Ports of Regional Significance - Drogheda, Dún Laoghaire, Galway, New Ross and Wicklow - to local authority ownership", accoridng to  the Dept of Transport announcement in the past few minutes.  

  • 13:18
    It only took about three weeks to realise he was wrong. Pastor James McConnell has  apologised for his depiction of Islam as “satanic”, “heathen” and “a doctrine spawned in hell”....well kind of ...“I wish to apologise publicly for any distress I may have unwittingly caused on my part.”
  • 13:49
    So Fine Gael has pulled out of negotiations on Dublin City Council to form an all-party coalition. Hmm if these early  signs are anything to go by we may have a bumpy few years ahead in this altered council landscape.  
  • 13:53
    This European boxing final may become the sporting highlight of the weekend as Katie Taylor fights France's Estelle Mosley for gold tomorrow.#GoKatie.  
  • 14:08
    There is a fairly large possibiliy that this weekend may be dominated by binge-watching of the best prison drama ever. Yes Piper Chapman is back on Netflix today with season 2 of Orange is the New Black.  Metacritic gives it a score of 88/100, better than season 1. There's my weekend gone!  
  • 14:27
    Given the 1984esque Vodafone news today - it's good to see some action from the EU on data privacy, with an agreement to force Internet companies such as Google and Facebook to abide by EU rules a first step in a wider reform package to tighten privacy laws.    Here's the commission's press release  on the agreement.  
  • 14:33
    Do you know Peig Sayers' real name. I shamefully only got 60% in this Irish Times leaving cert quiz special. You'll easily beat me I bet.  
  • 14:37

    “Like it or not, making space for women in politics means unseating men. Women tend to do better in smaller parties where there’s space, but if a woman has to undo a man’s position then that’s when it gets tricky – and that’s why it hasn’t happened,”  former PD Minister Liz O'Donnell has told a women's council conference.  
    Ms O’Donnell said she thought the quota law would be a “game-changer”.

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  • 15:17

    Some very grave news indeed just in. Perhaps we should opt for final resting place of Wilde and Jim Morrison - Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris - over Dublin’s Glasnevin if today’s Dail contributions are anything to go by.

    Labour TD Eamonn Maloney said the case had been made that “it is more expensive to have a burial in Dublin than in London or Paris” due to a lack of competition. A “premium space” in Glasnevin cemetery costs up to €20,000 while a local authority plot in Offaly costs €400, he said.

  • 15:25
    More mayoral news in and good news for women in politics. Fine Gael's Marie Baker has been elected Cathaoirleach of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Co Co. From the Blackrock ward, she previously served in the role in 09/10.  
  • 16:00
    Fianna Fail is back with a bang, all is forgiven or forgotten? Two more FF mayors elected - Waterford and Laois. (Earlier today Kerry and Cork elected FF mayors)
  • 16:32
    No surprise in the home of Rome but Italy has gone one step further than us with singing clergy. Ours was just a viral YouTube hit but theirs has won The Voice Italy.  

    Sr Cristina  Scuccia (25) clinched the top prize in the singing contest with five songs, including a choreographed rendition of the 1980s hit Flashdance — What a Feeling,  

    She recited the Lord’s Prayer after winning “I want Jesus to enter here.” She became an  internet sensation after her first appearance during a blind audition on the show in March, singing an Alicia Keys number, No-One. She later sang Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Want To Have Fun. She chose bad-boy rapper J-Ax as her coach, who described the team as “the devil and holy water”.  

  • 16:32
  • 16:47
    Another Fianna Failer elected mayor, this time a woman, Castleknock's Mags Murray has just become mayor of Fingal Co Co (north Dublin).   Meanwhile with outcomes still uncertain for Dublin Co Co, Oisin Quinn prepares to hand back his chains of office. That council meeeting at City Hall is due to begin at five,
  • 17:09
    Good news. We got an A! An A- Rating! S&P is the first ratings agency to upgrade Ireland to A-. "We have revised our 2014-2016 average real GDP growth projections forIreland upward to 2.7% from 2.0%. This reflects our expectation of a continued strong external performanceand a sustained recovery of the domestic economy." That deserves a Friday toast!  
  • 17:31
    White smoke from the halls of Dublin City Council. Christy Burke (Ind) has been elected mayor.  
  • 17:42
    Dublin's fourth and final mayor has been elected. Sinn Fein councillor for Terenure and LGBT activist Fintan Warfield.  
  • 18:05
    Ok that S&P toast is calling. To A-Rating! Have a good weekend. Thanks for reading.