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Bus strike latest, unclaimed cash and everyone’s favourite astronaut comes home. @IrishTimesLive

Shane Hegarty Mon, May 13
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  • 09:05
  • 09:05
    Good morning. Shane Hegarty here on the live news blog for the day. Let's get it started with everyone's favourite astronaut, who is finally being brought down to Earth today. Here is his reworking of Space Oddity to kick start this one Earth rotation.
  • 09:08
    Whatever Commander Hadfield has done to popularise the space station programme, it's nothing compared to his work on behalf of the moustache. He's no Movember fly-by-night.
  • 09:13
    With 80,000 people estimated to have been put out by the Bus Eireann strike today, feel free to tell us how you've worked around it, or how it's screwed up your day, or how you've managed to bunk off work because of it...
  • 09:14
    Brenda Fitzsimons's picture sums up the bus strike mood
    Brenda Fitzsimons's picture sums up the bus strike mood
  • 09:26
    Almost €15 million in National Lottery wins went unclaimed last year. They've said that first ones down to the office this morning get to claim it. (I'm obliged to point out that this is a joke.)
  • 09:32
  • 09:32
    There was a huge sporting retirement over the weekend. Here's a super interview with the man of the moment.
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    You can comment at @IrishTimesLive or through the comments button above.
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    Duncan Scott Will be the summer of discontent!! More strikes than late 70s early 80s. If the average joe is force to pay for the bankers mistakes whilst they walk around still living the high life then the government will fall. Lock up these criminals NOW!
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  • 10:01
  • 10:01
    Here's the RTE interview with the late Donal Walsh - a young man who made a big impact in his short life.
  • 10:07
    Jamie Heaslip during Leinster's match against Glasgow. Sure, it's only a scratch...
    Jamie Heaslip during Leinster's match against Glasgow. Sure, it's only a scratch...
  • 10:20
    There are two kinds of people. There are those who watch Princess Leia speaking an alien language in Return of the Jedi and notice that she spoke the same piece of gibberish twice but with a different subtitle. And there are those who don’t. David J Peterson is in the first camp. “It bothered me when I saw it,” says Peterson, the Californian president of the Language Creation Society, creator of the Dothraki and Valyrian languages for the HBO fantasy series Game of Thrones , and a vocal advocate for “conlanging”, the art of language creation. “But I thought I was the only one who noticed or cared.”

    Patrick Freyne piece on creating languages for Hollywood.
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    Don Any chance the blog could be left up for the rest of the day or until the following one starts? I enjoy reading it but can't always access it immediately and am disappointed to find it gone when I get back to it in the evening.
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    There's a Championship 2013 special in today's Irish Times. Eamonn Gregan was asked to choose his best hurling All Stars of the past 50 years. Here's what he went with:

    1. Noel Skehan
    2. Tom Neville
    3. Brian Lohan
    4. Martin Hanamy
    5. Tommy Walsh
    6. Tony Wall
    7. JJ Delaney
    8. Theo English
    9. Frank Cummins
    10. Jimmy Barry-Murphy
    11. Henry Shefflin
    12. Joe Cooney
    13. Jimmy Doyle
    14. Joe McKenna
    15. Eddie Keher

    Agree? Disagree? Noticed that DJ Carey is missing?
  • 10:55
    Keane said his former boss generally got it right. “He might have made one or two mistakes, particularly with me towards the end. But it takes nothing away from the fact that it was a privilege to play for him.”

    Roy Keane on Alex Ferguson.
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  • 11:01
    So, you're a BBC DJ with a lunchtime show. You have a couple of drinks before going on air. Will anyone notice? Oh yes, they noticed.
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  • 11:12
    From today's piece on makey-uppy languages for TV series Game of Thrones, here are Irish proverbs translated into Dothraki:

    “Reki memé davrae ha maninaan, me davrae ha vadaan.”
    “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” [Dothraki creator] David J Peterson changed this to “what’s good for the colt is good for the filly” as the Dothraki are a horsey people.)

    “Vo zihakesos shiran dorvi ma evoon davra vezhi.”
    “Do not mistake a goat’s beard for a fine stallion’s tail.”

    “Vo vekkhi jolini ven jolino zhorre yeri.”
    “There’s no hearth like your own hearth.”

    “Gomma voji asamva riv mae k’athsavari.”
    “A person’s mouth often broke his nose.”

    “Dorior dorion udrirzi mijessis.”
    “There’s no country without a language.” This one is in High Valyrian. “[It] felt more appropriate,” says Peterson.

  • 11:25
  • 11:25
    This video of a Texan student walking out of his class, after blasting his teacher for not taking the job seriously, has gone viral.
  • 11:28
    An ancient log-boat, possibly thousands of years old, has been discovered partly embedded in the banks of the Boyne river in Drogheda, possibly where it originally sank.
    The boat was found by members of the Boyne Fishermen’s Rescue and Recovery Service (BFRRS) as they were carrying out one of their regular operations to remove shopping trolleys from the Boyne. The find indicates that Drogheda could have other hidden treasures.

    Read more about that find here
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  • 11:32
    The discovery of that boat in the Boyne is an accidental encouragement to people to keep chucking shopping trolleys into rivers. You win some, you lose some, etc.
  • 11:34
    In 1,000 years time, there'll be a story about how archaeologists have discovered the remains of an ancient shopping trolley in the Boyne. "It's very rare," the archaeologist will say, "because it comes complete with its original token still wedged into the slot. Of course, these shopping trolley tokens became legal currency in Ireland after the Great Economic Collapse of the early 21st century."
  • 11:40
    One happy result of the Bus Eireann strike is that #liftfairy is now trending - it's a carpooling service through Twitter. Or, as we'd prefer to call it, a "Creeps Charter". (Joke! Will, joke-ish...)
  • 11:49
    Journalists everywhere say a prayer of thanks: O’Leary to remain at Ryanair for five more years.
  • 11:53
    This strikes us as exceptionally uninterested, but anyway, the Irish soccer squad hes been announced. It's very uninteresting. Pilkington is in. That's about it, really.
  • 11:57
    The striking Bus Eireann workers blocked the GoBe service out of Cork this morning, according to reports.
  • 11:59
    The GoBe service is a joint venture between Bus Eireann and GoBus.
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    Oh, go on then. Here's the Irish soccer squad. Still no room for Andy Reid. Scandal.

    Goalkeepers: Forde (Millwall), Westwood (Sunderland), Randolph (Motherwell). 

    Defenders: O’Shea (Sunderland), St Ledger (Leicester City), Delaney (Crystal Palace), R Keogh (Derby County), Wilson (Stoke City), Coleman (Everton), Kelly (Reading), O’Dea (Toronto), McShane (Hull City). 

    Midfielders: Whelan (Stoke City), McCarthy (Wigan Athletic), Green (Leeds United), Hendrick (Derby County), McGeady (Spartak Moscow), Pilkington (Norwich City), McClean (Sunderland), Brady (Hull City), Meyler (Hull City), Keogh (Millwall). 

    Forwards: Keane (LA Galaxy), Long (West Brom), Sammon (Derby County), Walters (Stoke City), Cox (Nottingham Forest), Hoolahan (Norwich City).

  • 12:20

    The most read story on today is Mary Hannigan's Sports TV review, which focusses on the farewell to Alex Ferguson. 

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  • 12:29
    Gareth Price-Jones, country director for Oxfam in Bangladesh, rejects the idea that we have to pay more for ethically produced clothes.
    “Cost is one of the big arguments often given against ethical trading, but there’s no reason that treating workers well should necessarily cause price rises,” he says. “When you consider the massive profits – in the tens of billions, in some instances – that are made by many retailers, there is leeway for them to trim them down slightly.”

    What's the cost of cheap clothes? 
  • 12:29
    A sad twist in the Cleveland kidnapping case: Freed Cleveland Captive Michelle Knight Is Refusing To See Her Family
  • 12:36
    If you're eating vanilla, strawberry or raspberry ice-cream, you may just be eating beaver's anal and urine secretions. Castoreum, which comes from the castor sacs of male and female beavers, is an FDA-approved food additive popular in ice-creams, and allowed to be called "natural flavouring", meaning you probably don't know that you are eating it.

    Beaver anal glands, and 9 other gross things you didn't realise is in your food. 
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  • 12:46
    Did you see Star Trek: Into Darkness over the weekend?

    Did you think it was great for the two hours you watched it and then totally forgot about it the minute you left the cinema?

    Did you think the "what are you doing with that tribble, Bones?" moment was the worst remember-this-for-later plot device in cinema history? 

  • 12:58

    A reminder that it's Shane Hegarty here on the live news blog for the rest of the afternoon. Comment above or via @IrishTimesLive. In other Live Blog news, Una Mullally will be liveblogging the Euroovision semi-finals on Tuesday and Thursday night. 

  • 13:02

    You can find the Bus Eireann services that are currently running here.

  • 13:05
    The good news: the end of the bus strike is in sight.

    The bad news: that's the South African bus strike that's been going on for FOUR WEEKS.
  • 13:07
    Somewhere out there, someone is trying to find a way to mix #liftfairy with speed dating.
  • 13:13
    Talks between the Government and a number of trade unions on reducing the public service pay and pensions bill are to resume this afternoon following a significant breakthrough overnight.

    Martin Wall on the latest developments in the Croke Park talks. 
  • 13:17
    The view at Busaras today.
    The view at Busaras today.
  • 13:19
  • 13:26
    "We know it’s easy for a football manager to forgive a brilliant player. We don’t yet know whether Moyes thinks Rooney is still brilliant enough."

    Ken Early on why Moyes and Rooney may not be that reconciled.
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  • 13:43
  • 13:43

    Yesterday's football: Leicester miss penalty deep into injury time, Watford score straight away, Sky Sports reporter goes nuts.

  • 13:48
    Weather latest: it's lashing in Dublin 2. People-walking-to-window-for-a-look lashing.
  • 13:54
  • 13:54
  • 14:01
    And so, the Great Dublin Hailstorm of 2013 comes to a close after about four devastating minutes. 

    We'll bring you reports of casualsties as we get them, but we're hearing early word of some people's lunch soaking through their brown paper bags as they dashed for cover. Tragic.
  • 14:10
  • 14:10

    The Eurovision semi-final is on tomorrow, and as the whole country knows we'll be represented by [*checks internet*] Ryan Dolan and his amazing song [*checks internet again*] Only Love Survives. 

  • 14:32
  • 15:17
  • 15:34
    The footage of one of Britain's most wanted men begind captured in a stealth attack by Spanish authorites is well worth a look at.
  • 15:36
  • 15:41
    Nine are dead after a car bomb outside a hospital in the libyan city of Benghazi.
  • 15:57
    The Lions met today in London. Brian O'Driscoll wasn't there. Back injury, it turns out. But not serious, they insist.
  • 16:27
    Off The Ball podcast latest: some of the team is in doing a technical recce type thing this afternoon. Ken Early's make-up technician is in too, and Eoin McDevitt's security have already carried pout a preliminary sweep of the building.

    The podcast will be up fresh tomorrow.
  • 16:43

    I ate an ant recently, and some worms, at the Science Gallery and they were genuinely tasy(ish). Well, it turns out that I was on trend, because now the UN is saying that eating insects could be a cure for obesity.

  • 16:44
    Tomorrow's lunch is sorted.
    Tomorrow's lunch is sorted.
  • 17:03
    That's it from today's live news blog. Dan Griffin will be taking you through the day tomorrow. Una Mullally will be liveblogging the Eurovision semifinal tomorrow night and on Thursday. In the meantime, enjoy your mealworm and cockroach pies.