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Election fallout, Labour leadership and more as it happens

Genevieve Carbery Thu, May 29
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  • 09:23
    What a day to launch your Labour leadership intentions if you're Minister for Public Transport. The Darts are out and the rain is pouring. Ah the gods are smiling/laughing on Alan Kelly as he is expected to make a statement at 10.30am on the leadership. Will he go for sheriff or deputy? Read it all here. We'll have it here as it happens. I'm Genevieve Carbery on all day, you can contact me on Twitter @genevievecarber
  • 09:37
    Speaking of public transport. I hope the person/persons who decided to nick the copper on the Dart signal cables had a reeeeeeeeealy good reason for ruining the mornings of half the city, causing people to be late, wet, stressed, stuck on a packed steamy bus, in a traffic jam moving one inch at a time on the rock road. They must've had a REEEALY good reason, right?Can anyone think of that reason? Superman needing the copper to save the planet? It can't just have been someone who needed the cash, surely nobody could be THAT thoughtless?  
  • 09:45

    There are many relieved Irish dancers in Co Mayo this morning as the final European MEP has been elected. It's not that the ringleted ones care for the jigs and reels of politics, but they do care that they are over in Midlands-North West with the election of Marian Harkin. Some 700 young dancers are due to take to the stage in the Castlebar count venue this weekend for the Dot Redmond Memorial Feis.

    "One of Ireland’s longest-serving public representatives Pat the Cope Gallagher (FF) conceded defeat shortly before 4am today after a 16 hour-long recheck of votes which saw no change in the narrow margin between the two candidates," writes Lorna Siggins. Time for electronic voting anyone?

  • 10:04
    I think the slogan "Lovely Laois" may have been taken a bit too literally by a certain honeymooning celebrity couple. I'm a midlands girl but even I have never quite seen the romantic side offered by the town of Portlaoise.
  • 10:20

    As we await the wisdown to emerge from the Dail plinth to see if Alan Kelly will be Pinky or the Brain, there are two pieces about Labour worth reading today - one on its potential for renewal, the other on the mistakes it made.  

    "Those who are looking to dance on Labour’s grave are underestimating the resilience of the party. In its 102-year history, Labour has survived splits, defections, disastrous election results and – in one famous case – the resignation of its leader and his defection to Fine Gael," former Labour press director Tony Heffernan writes.

    Eamonn McCann writes: Labour leaders didn’t just embrace the austerity programme but gathered it to their bosoms
    ...they took the easy option at every turn. The hard choice would have been to eschew government, organise their supporters and appeal to union affiliates to join in active opposition to the troika’s edict. But no chance of that when Cabinet seats were on offer.

  • 10:27

    "Most people succumb to celebrity gossip, even if they affect not to, or don’t call it that. The back pages of tabloids are in fact celebrity pages disguised as football. Politicians’ wives are celebrities for broadsheet people who don’t do celebrities but were able to pretend that their obsession with Carla Bruni had some deeper meaning. The Kardashians are the emperor’s new clothes of celebrities, sucking in casual observers who don’t know enough about the celebrity universe to move along with confidence."Brilliant piece by Laura Slattery on Kimye.  

    And while we are on the subject. Here's Vincent Browne's reaction to the front page of the Sun on TV3 last night. "Kimmeeeee on a tight Laois - who the hell is that?"  

  • 10:34
    The presspack is gathering....the limestone plinth is gleaming in the rain...a nation holds its breath.
  • 10:40
    Breaking Alan Kelly announces he is running for deputy Labour lader proposed by Willy Penrose
  • 10:41
    Alan Kelly announcing he will run for deputy leader thanks Eamon Gilmore for services to the party. "I beleive history is going to remember him in a positive way"
  • 10:42
    Alan Kelly announcing he will run for deputy leader "I believe there is a renewal of the party required...I believe we need new people in order to do that....I firmly believe I have the strength needed to take on this role in very difficult times...the deptuty wil lhave to focus on structure and organisation"  
  • 10:45
    Alan Kelly says Joan Burton would make an excellent leader....
  • 10:59
    So do we have a "dream ticket" in Burton and Kelly? Will Alex White come forward to make it a contest? If not what the heck are political hacks going to write about all summer long?
  • 11:05

    Alan Kelly said he was 38 years old and know a lot of people of his generation were struggling to make ends meet.  He said the Labour Party “needs to get back to its roots” and focus on working people and those looking to get work. Mary Minihan has more on Alan Kelly's bid to be Garfunkel, Pinky, Yoko, Clyde, the deputy...  

  • 11:19
    Bloom weekend it must be ..lashing rain outside. Michael D Higgins is due to open it today. But it's not all a washout - Met Eireann is forecasting a sunny day on Saturday with temperatures in the mid-20s.  
  • 11:36
    Remember Peter Robinson's support for the pastor who made controversial remarks about Muslims? Well today Peter Robinson said he never intended to cause offence to Muslims. ""For the avoidance of any doubt, I make it clear that I welcome the contribution made by all communities in Northern Ireland, and in the particular circumstances, the Muslim community," he said in a statement issued.
  • 11:52

    SSSSSH the Bilderberg conference gets underway today. And what is on the agenda of one of the world's most high-powered but rather secretive events? The topic of : Does privacy exist? Also on the agenda for this pow wow between 140 people -  Is the economic recovery sustainable?How special is the relationship in intelligence sharing? and the future of democracy and the middle class trap.

    One journalist is live streaming and tweeting from outside the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagan....good luck with that doorstep.  

  • 12:14
    Lame Duck Tanaiste Eamon Gilmore taking Leaders' questions in the Dail right now.  
  • 12:16
  • 12:27
    Uh oh for Alan Kelly. The field in the race for deputy Labour leader may be getting rather busy.  
  • 12:45
    Could it be? Can Ireland's hunt for Kimye really be over?  
  • 12:58
    Let the contest begin....
  • 13:02
    Jan has made her deputy leader pick.... as three men have announced they are to enter the deputy leader race.
  • 13:07

    No ceremonial unveiling at the plinth but with two more hats in the Labour deputy leader ring  - Mary Minihan has more on their pitch to be Joan's sidekicks.  

    Junior Minister Sean Sherlock said he wanted to be part of Labour’s “process of renewal”.“The Government has a mandate and I intend to see that mandate fulfilled so that in 2016 we can hand back to the people an economy and a society that they can be proud of.”  

    Cork TD Michael McCarthy said the party needed  to “revaluate the old and embrace the new” and “provide confidence in ensuring our vision for Ireland is one of a better, stronger, fairer Ireland”.

  • 13:26
    Over 5,000 years old. There are no publishable words to describe the person who did this.  
  • 13:58

    Google is about as diverse as the Dail when it comes to gender, according to data released by the company today showing just 30% of its workers are women while a whopping  91 per cent of workers are either white or Asian.

    The company admits it's "miles" from where it wants to be. It says :"women earn roughly 18 percent of all computer science degrees in the United States. Blacks and Hispanics make up under 10 percent of U.S. college grads".  

  • 14:28

    So Nama is looking for permission to offer retention payments to its staff to stop them leaving for the private sector...they earn an average of €90,000 per year, chairman Frank Daly has told an Oireachtas committee

    TD  Shane Ross said the idea of seeking to top up on average pay of €90,000 was “mindboggling” in the current climate. Steven Carroll has more here.  


  • 14:42

    Didn't think you'd be saying thanks to Nigel Farage's Euroskeptic UKIP party any time soon did you? Read this and you might just change your mind.  

    "If you are a big tech multinational considering a European base, for the very reason of targeting the massive EU market, then the political situation in the UK might increasingly give you the heebie-jeebies."

  • 15:03
    Ah yes after weeks of elections, resignations and nominations the political silly season is almost upon us...and what better way to celebrate but a twitter account devoted to that glorious heap of granite, the Dail Plinth....
  • 15:19
    Dr Dre may be a billionaire after his Apple deal but struggling musicians have misgivings about Apple getting into the streaming business with the $3bn acquisition of Beats "Itunes downloads help me pay my monthly mortgage,” artist Keating said. “Unless you’re a mega-star, you can’t count on the same for streaming services. Read more about this music earnings  dilemma here.  
  • 15:51
    If you don't want to feel really old today - don't watch the latest installment of the Fine Brothers' Youtube series Kids React. This week it's kids react to old computers.....they can't even turn it on.  
  • 15:51
  • 15:54
    While not universally loved, Burton has star quality and an authentic appeal. These qualities are not so obvious in Kelly, although his ambition is clear and his electoral record solid.- Mary Minihan asks if Burton and Kelly is the Labour dream ticket?  
  • 16:09
    We have Newgrange, England has Stonehenge, New York has Manhattenhenge and it's happening tonight. Just before sunset, about 8pm (1am Irish) the sun will line up with Manhatten's cross streets and sit on the edge in a semicircle. If you're not there, one or two people will photograph it - and the next one is on July 12th.  
  • 16:28
    Alex White has just told the Dail the HSE is to suspend reviews of medical cards where discretion has been used to take account of medical circumstances. The junior health minister said the decision came after a cabinet health committee meeting.....nice announcement for a potential Labour leader to get to make. More on this medical card announcement here.  
  • 16:45
    Are Labour members not kicking themselves that this Medical Card review suspension wasn't done before the election - even if they had to take some flak about a pre-election stunt?  
  • 16:49
    I'm as bored of the overdone selfies as the next person - but an elfie? (elephant selfie), I cannot resist. "A safari park elephant took a selfie on a visitor's phone when he dropped it, it has been claimed.

    Scott Brierley said he found a photo of African elephant Latabe on his phone after it was returned to him by keepers at West Midlands Safari Park" BBC reports.  

  • 17:11
    Richard Bruton is now responding to accusations about his knowledge of Bausch and Lomb after independent TD John Halligan claimed the jobs minister was aware that redundancies were on the cards and said it was “deeply disturbing” that he did not bring it to the attention of the Dail.  
  • 17:17
  • 17:25

    Just in - The new chief constable of the Police Service of Northern Ireland will be current Assistant Chief Constable George  Hamilton, the Policing Board said. (not the sports commentator - ACC George  Hamilton is responsible for District Policing Rural which covers an area of approximately 11,700 square kilometres and a population of approximately 900,00.)

  • 17:31
    It's Thursday. A long bank holiday weekend is tantelisingly close. If you're going to Forbidden Fruit here are the acts you MUST see. If you're staying in Ireland - here's the weather forecast (sun warm, showers). And if you're managing to leave the country tomorrow on an airline other than Aer Lingus - you lucky duck you need no tips. Thanks for reading. Signing off.