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Rehab, an asteroid with water, AC/DC and all the day's news with Ronan McGreevy

Ronan McGreevy Thu, Jan 23
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    Hi, My name is Ronan McGreevy and I'll be piloting the good ship The Daily Wire through the tempest-tossed events of today. My twitter handle is @rmcgreevy1301 if you have any observations, comments or think there are things we should be covering.
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    Our lead story will make uncomfortable reading for Rehab. Its director and longer-time adviser Frank Flannery billed the company for €77,000 using an account that is no longer extant. He described it as an "embarrassing oversight".
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    Where's Angela? Rehab chief executive Angela Kerins has been conspicuous by her absence in recent days, instead sending out Rehab director John McGuire to bat on behalf of the company/charity. Could it be that she knows she will be asked the inevitable questions about her Rehab salary which she refused to disclose on Morning Ireland last week?
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    Here's a very exciting story if you are an astronomy fan and it has got an Irish dimension.

    The European Space Agency's (ESA) Herschel programme has observed water vapour on an asteroid for the first time. Ceres is the biggest asteroid in the asteroid belt, that area between Mars and Jupiter which contains millions of little chunks of rock orbiting our sun.

    Ceres is nearly 1,500 kilometres in diameter and is big enough to be a spherical object as opposed to a misshaped lump of rock. The discovery could have implications for our understanding of how water came to Earth.

    It is thought that the early Earth was too hot for water to evolve and that it may have come from a comet or an asteroid which impacted on the surface. (There's also a theory called  Panspermia which suggests that life was carried to Earth on an asteroid or comet but that's an argument for another day).  

    In any case the co-author of the paper which has just been published in Nature magazine is  
    Laurence O’Rourke, principal investigator for the Herschel asteroid and comet observation programme called MACH-11, and he is based in Madrid. He is originally from Co Westmeath.  

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    Last year we ran a story about Windmill Lane studios looking to get rid of tapes that were cluttering up their attic and needed to be reclaimed by their owners i.e record companies or artists. Here's the original story. The studio threatened to throw the tapes, which were mostly outtakes, in the bin. It prompted a quick response from two of the biggest acts in the world. Within 20 minutes a representative from U2 came around in a taxi and picked up the outstanding tapes. Also, unclaimed, were the back up tapes for AC/DC's 1991 album The Razor's Edge which included, it was rumoured, a different version of Thunderstruck. Well, there was a bit of a back and forth tussle for that one between the record company, who legally speaking own unused material, and the band itself. Eventually, AC/DC won. Albert Productions, the management company for the Young brothers, Angus and Malcolm, reclaimed the master tapes, so we will never get to hear that other version of Thunderstruck. Mind you, the original wasn't too bad.

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    Eoin AC/DC? Is there some epic news on the way that'll make up for the fat "cowboy" that's been hogging the news all week?
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    Good news for travellers. Etihad Airways plans to increase its services from Abu Dhabi to Dublin, from July 2014 – doubling the number of flights each day and connecting Dublin with numerous markets in the Middle East, Asia and Australia. Today’s news follows last week’s announcement by Emirates that it will also double its services between Dubai and Dublin, from next September. These increases will provide another welcome boost for both leisure and business in 2014 and beyond, according to Tourism Ireland.  

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    Thus far the search for life elsewhere in the universe has been elusive. Astrobiology is probably the only area of biology which is entirely theoretical. However, scientists have formulated a theory called 'follow the water'. It is believed that water is essential for life anywhere which brings us to the asteroid Ceres and the recent discovery of water. Could there be life on Ceres? Irish scientist Laurence O'Rourke, who co-wrote the paper published in Nature today, thinks not. He tells us: "I think it might be too much a major jump of faith indeed so I would say No with many reasons for this e.g. average surface temperatures calculated to be -106.15 Celsius at the average distance from the sun and -34.15 Celsius at closest distance, no significant tenable atmosphere to block radiation etc etc.
    "However it does provide an important clue to the origin of water in the Earth's oceans. Up to yesterday, comets had been considered the prime delivery source of water but with this discovery of water in the asteroid belt, it certainly proves beyond doubt that asteroids could also have been a key delivery source."
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    Here's a very cold looking Enda Kenny selling Ireland on CNBC this morning. He says that he hopes all those who have had to emigrate will come home. "We're not complacent and we never will be complacent in Ireland," he tells them. "We still have hills to climb". By the looks of his surrounding, he's had a few hills himself to climb. See the video underneath.  
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    Here's the video of Enda Kenny speaking this morning.
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    The CSO has just released its data in relation to house prices. In the year to December, residential property prices at a national level, increased by 6.4 per cent. This compares with an increase of 5.6 per cent in November and a decrease of 4.5 per cent recorded in the twelve months to December 2012. See Table 1.

    Residential property prices grew by 0.3% in the month of December which is half the rate that it was in November which was 0.6 per cent.  

    In Dublin residential property prices grew by 0.3 per cent in December and were 15.7 per cent higher than a year ago. Dublin house prices grew by 0.1 per cent in the month and were 15.3 per cent higher compared to a year earlier. Dublin apartment prices were 20.8 per cent higher when compared with the same month of 2012.    

    The price of residential properties in the Rest of Ireland (i.e. excluding Dublin) rose by 0.1 per cent in December compared with no change in December of last year suggesting that prices may have stabilised outside Dublin, but there remains a stagnant market.  

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    Smokers have been feeling like a persecuted minority for many years. Now, they are fighting back against plain packaging. Forest, which represents smokers, is holding a nationwide media tour to oppose plans for plain packaging. John Mallon, spokesman for the smokers’ group Forest Éireann, will take to the road this week to promote the group’s new campaign, ‘Plain Packs, Plain Stupid’.He says plain packaging is 'gesture politics'.

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    The Minister for Trade, Enterprise and Employment Richard Bruton has given a robust defence of the Government's decision not to raise the issue of human rights during the recent trae mission to the Middle East. You can read it here.  In essence he says those critics, which included Amnesty International, ought to "get real".  

    "Some of the people making arguments in this area appear to lack either interest in or understanding of how actual tangible  

    "Furthermore, some of the people making arguments in this area appear to lack either interest in or understanding of how actual tangible improvements in the human rights area can be delivered. To have marched into trade-focused meetings and made arguments on this issue may have ticked a PR box but it would have had no possibility of actually delivering any improvements in the human rights area.

    "You don’t win new trade opportunities at the UN Human Rights Council and you don’t achieve changes in human rights practices on trade missions. And I make no apologies for single-mindedly doing my job and pursuing jobs for people in Ireland."  

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    For all those Anybody but United (ABUs) out there, this season has been the season that just keeps giving. The following was posted on the Greater Manchester Police North Manchester Facebook page after United were knocked out of the Capital Cup semi-final last night by Sunderland.  

    "Last night, at approximately 22.30pm a man from the Crumpsall area of North Manchester rang 999 in a drunken state demanding to speak to Sir Alex Ferguson about last night’s result.

    "Obviously, it can be a sad and depressing moment when you’re football team loses a game, however can we all please remember that 999 is to be used for emergencies only. For any other police related enquiries that are  not an emergency, you can ring 101.

    "If you would like to speak to Sir Alex about recent football results we here at GMP Manchester North can only suggest you try ringing Manchester United FC directly as you will probably (not definitely) have a much better chance of getting through to him there rather than ringing the police."

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    Stop press, hold the front page, breaking news.
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    There's a serious row brewing between the garda commissioner Martin Callinan and the Public Accounts Committee. Following his evidence today in relation to the penalty points controversy, Mr Callinan has threatened to resign if a whistleblower is brought before the committee next week. "“I cannot be usurped by subordinates coming in to use this committee as a platform," he said. Here's Conor Lally's report from the committee today. Read it here.  
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    John Waters has resigned from the compliance committee of the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI). We don't know the reasons why and he won't tell us.  
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    Irish whiskey is having a fantastic and long overdue renaissance. The latest company into the market is Dunville in Co Down. Like most whiskey distillers, it went out of business as a result of prohibition in the 1930s and is now making a comeback.  Here's the story by Pamela Newenham. There will be more developments in relation to Irish whiskey in the coming weeks.  


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    Irish language Commissioner Seán Ó Cuirreáin has said the Irish language is being continuously driven out to the margins of Irish society in a process accelerated by the inaction of Government, the civil service and the public sector. Read it here.
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    This man is the Swedish Foreign Minister ...


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    And that's all for today. Thanks for stopping by.