GAA Sunday: Hurling Quarter-finals

Galway welcome Waterford to Pearse Stadium as the National League last eight gets underway

John O'Sullivan Sun, Apr 2
LIVE: GAA Sunday: Hurling Quarter-finals

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  • Hello and welcome to the Irish Times live GAA blog. Technical gremlins with the blog software meant we were'nt able to keep you up to date with events in the today's football action but we will put that right for the league quarter-finals in hurling and the Division One relegation playoff between Clare and Dublin in Ennis.
  • I can tell you that Dublin will play Kerry in the National League Divison One football final. The Dubs came back to beat Monaghan while Kerry were comfortable victors over Tyrone.
  • That Dublin v Kerry final will take place at Croke Park next Sunday at a time to be confirmed.  
  • Some teams from the Clare v Dublin hurling relegation playoff.  
  • Stephen Bennett and Maurice Shanahan are in from the start for Waterford against Galway. It's the second match of a double header at Pearse stadium and the locals will be happy after watching their footballers win not just the match but promotion.  
  • Right, obviously without the power of 'quin-location,' I'll be concentrating on Galway's clash with Waterford and keeping you up to date with the other hurling matches.  
  • We're underway in Galway.  
  • Walter Walsh has opened the scoring for Kilkenny with a point in their game against Wexford.  
  • 2 mins: Tommy Ryan fouled and Waterford will have an easy free to take the lead. Maurice Shanahan with the free.


    Galway 0-0 Waterford 0-1

  • 5 mins: Stephen Bennett with a tidy point. Waterford dominating possession up to this point. Litterally. Then Tommy Ryan tags on another 40 seconds later.


    Galway 0-0 Waterford 0-3


  • 6 mins: DJ Foran adds a fourth point for Waterford. Theyn have the benefit of the breeze but it's an impressive opening.

    Galway 0-0 Waterford 0-4

  • Tipperary 0-4 Offaly 0-2

    Clare 0-1 Dublin 0-3

  • 8 mins: Kevin Moran point. Stephen Roche with a second in 30 seconds for the visitors. As you can imagine the crowd is very quiet at the moment.

    Galway 0-0 Waterford 0-6

  • Galway with a second wide.  
  • Offaly 0-4 Tipperary 0-4
  • 10 mins: Galway get their first score and Shanahan gets a yellow card from referee Barry Kelly.  


    Galway 0-1 Waterford 0-6

  • Stephen Roche with a second point for Waterford. It's all a bit bloodless and anodyne.  

    Galway 0-1 Waterford 0-7

  • Great goal chance for Waterford but Shanahan's sloppy hand pass brings an end to that moment of promise for the visitors.  
  • 15 mins: Clare 0-2 Dublin 0-4
  • 15 mins: Kilkenny 0-4 Wexford 0-4
  • 12 mins: Tipperary 0-6 Offaly 0-4  
  • 15 mins: Joe Canning with a point from a free but DJ Foran replies from play for Waterford.

    Galway 0-2 Waterford 0-8

  • 16 mins: Shanahan points a free. It's just so sloppy from Galway and then they concede another fre straight from a short puc out. Shanahan tags on another point; two in a minutes.

    Galway 0-2 Waterford 0-10

  • There's two players fighting on the pitch. Barry Kelly is standing over them. They're not paying much heed.  
  • Joe Canning and Conor Gleeson and they both unsurprisingly receive yellow cards.  
  • Goodness that's a dreadful wide from the recently booked Canning. He hods up his hand in acknowledges.  
  • Long ball into the edge of the square is won by Cathal Mannion and he is dragged down. It's a penalty.  
  • 21 mins: Canning PENALTY SAVED. Wonderful reflexes from the Waterford goalkeeper Callanan.  
  • To make matters worse Bennett adds another point onto Waterford's tally, seconds later.  

    Galway 0-2 Waterford 0-11

  • GOAL: Conor Cooney with a fine finish after a clever pass from Cathal Mannion. The crowd have briefly been roused from their slumber.  

    Galway 1-2 Waterford 0-11

  • Kilkenny 0-5 Wexford 0-6, Lee Chin point gives the visitors the lead.

    Seamus Keating with the best point of the match in Pearse stadium but Canning gets one back from a free.

    26 mins: Galway 1-3 Waterford 0-13

  • Cathal Mannion with a fine point from play. He's been Galway's most accomplished player so far. It's not a long list.  

    Galway 1-4 Waterford 0-13

  • GOAL: David Dunne has found the net at Nowlan Park to give Wexford a 1-06 to 0-6 lead.  
  • Three scores in a row for Galway, Conor Whelan with the latest point.

    Galway 1-5 Waterford 0-13  

  • Make that four in succession, Joe Canning narrows the gap to four points.

    Galway 1-6 Waterford 0-13

  • Stephen Roche with his third point for Waterford. It's a timely score but Mannion responds for the home side.

    31 mins: Galway 1-7 Waterford 0-14

  • 33 mins: Eamon Dillon with a point for Dublin.  

    Clare 1-7 Dublin 0-12

  • Waterford have been very inaccurate in their play in the last seven minutes and they've invited Galway back into the game. Canning points a free and Monaghan swings one over from close to the touchline. There's now just two between the teams. Waterford were eight in front at one point.  

    34 min: Galway 1-9 Waterford 0-14

  • Good work from Conor Gleeson and Shanahan makes no mistake from 40 metres.

    Galway 1-9 Waterford 0-15

  • Wexford's Conor McDonald with a point, the last action of the half. It's a stalemate at Nowlan Park at half-time.

    Kilkenny 0-10 Wexford 1-07

  • Half-time: Galway 1-09 Waterford 0-15
  • Relegation playoff Half-time: Clare 1-07 Dublin 0-13
  • Allianz HL Division One quarter-finals (half-time)

    Páirc Uí Rinn:  Cork 1-09  Limerick 1-09
    Pearse Stadium:  Galway 1-09  Waterford 0-15
    Nowlan Park: Kilkenny 0-10  Wexford 1-07  
    Offaly 0-07  Tipperary 1-14, O'Connor Park  

    Allianz HL Division 1A relegation play-off  
    Clare 1-07  Dublin 0-13, Cusack Park

  • Waterford will be happy with their startb to the half forging an eight point lead but very upset with just three points in the final 16 minutes of the half.  
  • Want to know who's been promoted and relegated in the football from ealier this afternoon, then this is required reading from Eamon Donohue.  He reveals all here
  • Right the second half is underway in the four hurling quarter-finals and the relegation playoff in Ennis.  
  • Clare's Tony Kelly with the first score of the second half in Ennis. There's just one beteen the teams.

    Clare 1-09 Dublin 0-13  

  • The National Football League reached a thrilling conclusion this afternoon, and you can read a full round-up of what happened HERE.

    And here are next week's fixtures:

    Division Three final - Louth v Tipperary (5pm, Croke Park)
    Division Four final - Westmeath v Wexford (3pm, Croke Park)
    Division One final - Dublin v Kerry (4pm, Croke Park)
    Division Two final - Kildare v Galway (2pm, Croke Park)

    Division One - Cavan, Roscommon
    Division Two - Derry, Fermanagh
    Division Three - Antrim, Laois.

  • Tommy Ryan with the first score of the second half, his second of the match.

    38 mins: Galway 1-09 Waterford 0-16

  • A carbon copy of the first half so far as Shanahan ads another point for the visitors; another quick start.

    Galway 1-09 Waterford 0-17

  • Clare have taken over in Ennis with a goal from John Conlon.

    Clare 2-12 Dublin 0-13

  • Tommy Ryan misses a great goal chance for Waterford after a mazy run. Will they rue that miss?  
  • Joe Canning with a fine long range point.  

    42 mins: Galway 1-10 Waterford 0-17

  • GOAL: Tom Devine. Super turn and showed good strength and pace but some very iffy defending on Galway's part.  

    Galway 1-10 Waterford 1-17


  • GOAL: Tom Devine again, two goals in a minute. Again it's all very easy, albeit with a very composed finish.

    44 mins: Galway 1-10 Waterford 2-17

  • Joe Canning point but unless Galway dominate from this point to the final whistle, finding intensity and rhythm that has not been evident, it's difficult to see them clamberingback into the game.

    Galway 1-11 Waterford 2-17  

  • PENALTY FOR WEXFORD but Mark Fannings hits a post. TJ Reid misses sideline and that means that Kilkenny trail the visitors by two points.  
  • 49 mins: Galway 1-12 Waterford 2-18
  • Tipperary are 18 points clear of Offaly 1-23 to 0-8
  • Clare four points clear of Dublin 2-13 to 0-15 after 49 minutes.  
  • Canning points a free. Lovely strike but Galway are still eight behind.  

    Galway 1-13 Waterford 2-18

  • A second point from Canning. Is the comeback gathering pace?

    Galway 1-14 Waterford 2-18

  • Paddy Deegan point for Kilkenny. Kilkenny 0-14 Wexford 1-12
  • Canning with a third point in a row, this one a gorgeous cut from the sideline.  

    54 mins: Galway 1-15 Waterford 2-18

  • NEWSFLASH: Caning is human, misses long range free.  
  • David Treacy with a point for the Dubs. Clare 2-13 Dublin 0-16
  • Moran point for Waterford, Noel Connors on for Seamus Keating.

    56 mins: Galway 1-15 Waterford 2-19

  • Niall Burke gets a beauty. The home supporters are being to awak as they'd say in song.  

    Galway 1-16 Waterford 2-19

  • GOAL: Tony Kelly for Clare and that should ease the Banner caway from the Dubs in the relegation playoff.

    57 mins: Clare 3-15 Dublin 0-16

  • Aidan Harte point for Galway; the gap is down to five points. Make that four, Niall Burke this time.

    60 mins: 1-18 Waterford 2-19

  • Four points a row for Galway. Conor Whelan finishes a move started by the excellent Canning.

    Galway 1-19 Waterford 2-19  

  • 61 mins: Cork 1-16 Limerick 1-16
  • PENALTY: Galway's Niall Burke fouled by Waterford goalkeeper Callanan.  
  • GOAL: Canning might have had his first penalty saved in the match but not this time. The sides are level.

    Galway 2-19 Waterford 2-19

  • Galway have scored 1-05 without reply and Waterford were once ahead by 10 points.  
  • Mannion gives Galway the lead after a great pass from Canning.

    64 mins: Galway 2-20 Waterford 2-19

  • Galway now 1-07 without reply, Aidan Harte with the latest point.

    Galway 2-21 Waterford 2-19

  • 67 mins: Tipperary 4-27 Offaly 2-11
  • 67 mins: Treacy with a point for the Dubs but it's nothing more than a consolation.  

    Clare 3-18 Dublin 0-19

  • 67 mins: Limerick 1-18 Cork 1-17
  • It's like someone has removed the batteries from the Waterford players. They are slower in mind and deed, becalmed.
  • GOAL: Wexford's Conor McDonald. They're going to the semi-finals.

    Kilkenny 0-19 Wexford 2-18

  • Shanahan misses a free as the outstanding Canning limps off.  
  • David Burke point. Canning actually gone for a second yellow card.  

    72 mins: Galway 2-22 Waterford 2-19

  • That's a fourth win for Davy Fitzgerald over a Brian Cody coached Kilkenny in 13 outings.
  • Full-time: Galway 2-22 Waterford 2-19
  • A remarkable comeback from Galway, a team that trailed by 10 points at one stage and came back to score 1-07 in the second half without reply and then kicked on from there to close out the game. Waterford will be disappointed. They lost their rhythm at a crucial time and could never summon the requisite energy thereafter. It was a very flat last 20 minutes.  
  • Full-time: Limerick 1-20 Cork 1-18
  • Mean while Clare's win in Ennis means that the Dublin hurlers will play in Division 1B next season.  
  • Galway will face Limerick in the national hurling league semi-finals while Wexford will play Tipperary.  
  • Right we will have several beautifully written match reports up and available on-line soon. Thank you for your company for an entertaining afternoon's hurling. We will be back again next weekend.