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Carl O'Malley Fri, Jan 18
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  • 15:08
    Goof afternoon, folks. Have we all calmed down from Lancegate? Evidently not.
  • 15:09
    Here's some reaction to his bare-cheeked interview with Oprah this morning.
  • 15:10
    The IOC has described it as a "Very sad day for sport".

    INTERNATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEE: "There can be no place for doping in sport and the IOC unreservedly condemns the actions of Lance Armstrong and all those who seek an unfair advantage against their fellow competitors by taking drugs. This is indeed a very sad day for sport but there is a positive side if these revelations can begin to draw a line under previous practices."
  • 15:11
    BRIAN COOKSON, British Cycling president, told the BBC: "I don't think he's sorry. I think he's just sorry he got caught."
  • 15:22

    EMMA O'REILLY, Armstrong's former masseuse, who was sued, he thinks, by the rider after speaking out about his doping, told ITV:

    "I had only ever spoken about it because I hated seeing what some of the riders were going through, because not all the riders were as comfortable with cheating as Lance was.

    "And you could see when he went over to the 'dark side' personalities change - and it was an awful shame."

  • 15:25

    MATT GITEAU, former Australia rugby player, restores our faith in professional sports people by saying, "he cheated better".

    On Twitter, he said: "I think I am still a fan of Lance Armstrong. Level playing field I believe in the Tour. They were all doing it, he just did it better."

  • 15:27

    PIERS MORGAN, so often the voice of reason, was typically restrained on Twitter.

    "What a snivelling, lying, cheating little wretch @lancearmstrong revealed himself to be tonight. I hope he now just disappears."

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  • 15:34

    NOVAK DJOKOVIC, tennis world number one, told reporters at the Australian Open:

    "I think it's a disgrace for the sport to have an athlete like this. He cheated the sport. He cheated many people around the world with his career, with his life story.

    "I think they should take all his titles away because it's not fair towards any sportsman, any athlete. It's just not the way to be successful. So I think he should suffer for his lies all these years." 

  • 15:44

    BETSY ANDREU, wife of former Armstrong team mate Frankie, who had previously said she heard the disgraced rider confess to doctors treating him for testicular cancer that he had taken performance-enhancing drugs, told CNN.

    Armstrong refused to confirm this ever happened.

    "He could have come clean, he owed it to me, he owed it to the sport that he destroyed. The hospital is where it all started. If he wants a shot of redemption here, he's dropping the ball."

  • 15:49
    PAUL KIMMAGE, former rider and journalist
    I don't know whether he wants to leverage that (his admission of guilt) against something else, whether he's trying to cut a deal that would enable him to compete in triathlons and that. If he's genuine about it he'll be knocking on Travis Tygert's door today and saying 'Okay, I will testify under oath, I want to do this sport a service, I've caused it terrible damage'.
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    Here is the link to that video . . .