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Euromillions collected, goodbye to Bernie Nolan and all things American

Genevieve Carbery Thu, Jul 4
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    Good Morning, it's Genevieve Carbery on the Daily Wire. Today as Morsi is toppled we'll follow the swiftly changing events in Egypt, Michael Noonan gives some details behind the bank tapes, while in more tape-related news Ruport Murdoch is caught speaking on tape about hacking (We're hearing so much about tapes lately, can you even buy them any more? Have they come back as a retro hipster recording format?)
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    But first, it’s July 4th , a day when the United States a celebrates being the land of the free, the home of the brave as only it can….with a hot-dog-eating contest.  
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    Today's papers

    Egypt dominates The Irish Times front page today as Michael Jansen reports from Cairo about the melodrama in the streets and squares. “Egypt held its breath for five hours beyond the army deadline until the roadmap was announced” she writes here.

    Kitty Holland writes that Praveen Halappanavar is sueing the HSE for negligence over the death of his wife Savita. While the hospital and HSE have apologised for events they have not publicly accepted liability …Kitty writes here.

    The Examiner leads with a judge ordering the arrest of defendant on free legal aid who could not attend court because he was on a sun holiday……Irish Times report is here.

    The Examiner also leads on the decision to close St Patrick’s Institution with the headline “Young convicts denied basic rights”. Conor Lally’s report in The Irish Times describes the Dickensian conditions experienced in the facility. Here.

    Rebel FG TDs make the front pages of the Irish Independent and the Irish Daily Mail: “Exile for FG rebels” is the headline on the Mail. “FG draws up plans to target seats of abortion rebel TDs” Is the Independent. In today’s Irish Times Miriam Lord says “blue” Peter Mathews is “coming to terms with his new status as one of the Expelled.” More here.
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    Secret recordings of media baron Rupert Murdoch speaking on the hacking scandal have emerged… karma at work?  He described payments to police as the 'culture of Fleet Street'.  Listen to the tapes at the link below.

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    Seems like the nation is still in shock over Bodgate (is it enough of a scandal to be a gate? )….over 100,000 people have liked a “Justice for BOD”  Facebook page.   Gerry Thornley writes this morning:  “This may be a ballsy call, but it looks genuinely wrong” . More here.
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    From the 'Justice for Bod' Facebook campaign
    From the 'Justice for Bod' Facebook campaign
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    Praveen Halappanavar has told RTE Radio that he received abusive letters from different anti-abortion campaigners “Basically I was told to leave the country…and mind my own business”. 

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    Michael Jansen has just filed this audio report from Cairo the morning after Morsi was ousted. The situation seems calm she says. You can listen to it here
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    It is a tool most of us couldn't work without but his name unknown to most...the inventor of the mouse has died...Douglas Engelbart came up with the idea in 1964 while musing about how to move a cursor on a computer display. 

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    As Egypt gets a new temporary leader  (chief justice Adly Mansour (67) has been sworn as interim president) we look at some of the visually stunning public reaction with this photo gallery
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    Former Green Party TD Paul Gogarty has released his new music video, in which he dances in a suit, with a boombox on his shoulder and twiddles with old radios. I'm saying nothing. It's here
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    Temperatures are heating up...and it's 17 degrees in Phoenix Park already.. with up to 20 degrees forecast. If you're lucky enough to be out and about enjoying it..send us your photos @irishtimeslive
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    Everyone’s heard tales of the wondrous Google staff canteen and the fussball tables etc… this morning there’s great interest in another tale, an unfair dismissals case taken by a former Google senior manager , dismissed after her employers accelerated the disciplinary process against her believing she was persistently underperforming.
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    Just in from Dail Leaders' Questions, Mary Lou McDonald has asked  why the Central bank/ Government did not know of the existence of the Anglo tapes.
    It comes after Michael Noonan said recordings of 18 Anglo employees were given to gardai three years ago. He says an independent party will investigate the source of the leak.
    Eamon Gilmore responded that the question of who knew and did what needed to be asked in a public inquiry.
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    Just in: the Allsop property auction in the Shelbourne Hotel has been cancelled due to a protest.  
    Protestors chanted and heckled the auctioneer shortly before the start of the auction.  One man reportedly stood in front of the auctioneers and appealed to buyers not to bid for the items for sale.  
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    Speaking of property , Graham Norton has been talking about his holiday home in west Cork. Asked whether he hung around with an artsy set there he said: “We’re just dossers who get time off and come to a very beautiful place”
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    If you ever dreamed of writing a spy novel/ becoming a secret agent there are lots of real life tips this week...the latest one is where to hide a bug - inside an electrical socket according to the Ecuador government which found the microphone in its London embassy.
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    Adli Mansour, Egypt's chief justice and head of the Supreme Constitutional Court, at his swearing in ceremony. Photograph: Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters
    Adli Mansour, Egypt's chief justice and head of the Supreme Constitutional Court, at his swearing in ceremony. Photograph: Amr Abdallah Dalsh/Reuters
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    Egypt's new leader Mansour is "what the military needs, a fairly low-profile but respected technorat," according to a CNN profile here. You can watch the swearing in of Egypt's interim president here.
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    I just had a comment from a reader about sending  weather photos to me today for The Daily Wire. You can tweet to @irishtimeslive  or email it to Thanks!
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    Joe Humphreys has just filed from South Africa where sadly the Mandela family row continues.  After yesterday's court case over exhumations his grandson has held a press conference saying he is being victimised by family.
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    Why did Anglo Irish chairman Alan Dukes “sing dumb” about the tapes of the “moolah men”, Mary Lou McDonald has asked in the Dail. More here
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    One of the protesters Tom D'Arcy outside the cancelled Allsop auction today (Photo: Brenda Fitzsimons).
    One of the protesters Tom D'Arcy outside the cancelled Allsop auction today (Photo: Brenda Fitzsimons).
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    The auction had just started at around 9.45am when a man got to his feet in front of the podium where a handful of auctioneers were sitting and started protesting about the sale of a pub in Newtowncashel, Co Longford. He appealed to buyers not to bid on any more of the items which were up for sale, Conor Pope writes on the cancelled Allsop auction. More here
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    “Basically, I was told to leave the country. I was told to clean the mess and mind my own business,” Praveen Halappanavaar said this morning. Listen to the interview here.  
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    A Doors reunion gig!  While there are a lot of not so great old rocker retirement fund tours these days (remember the complaints about Neil Young?) this is one I can get excited about. Surviving and once-feuding members guitarist Robby Krieger and drummer John Densmore told Rolling Stone they will play a tribute concert to recently deceased Ray Manzarek later this year. 
    Speaking of retirement tours. After the Stones performance at Glastonbury the Guardian has an interesting piece about casual ageism against older rockers. More here.
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    Just dream of all you could do with €1.1m……and if you win the Lotto and are stuck for ideas on useful ways to spend it, just ask FAS. 
    Pamela Duncan reports from the PAC committee that “the write-off of €1.1 million on a temporary FÁS office and a site purchased by the agency for €1.5 million which is now on sale for a tenth of that amount has been described as “incredible waste of money for no benefit”.
    On foot of a 2004 Government decision to decentralise the FÁS to Birr, Co Offaly the agency took a 10-year lease on a building at a rent of €100,000 per year in the town. More here.
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    Mary Fitzgerald reports that the Irish Government has expressed "deep concern" over Morsi's removal.
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    Have you noticed green laser pen beams featuring in many photos of the Egypt protests? Why? BBC reporter    Angy Ghannam in Cairo said it started as a way to check the rooftops for snipers. They are sold "like crazy" at the square with street vendors "all over the place" he says. More here.

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    Six years on from Madeline McCann's disappearance, UK detectives are targeting 38 potential suspects from five countries in a new criminal investigation. The Met have  "new theories and new evidence" about what happened to her, Reuters reports. 

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    Good news for the lucky people on tracker mortgages , the ECB will keep interest rates at a record low and could cut them even  further.  For the rest of you ….sunshine is free, be thankful it is shining! More here.

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    Phoenix Park and Johnston, Co Wexford are the warmest places so far today at 19 degrees …am willing it to get to 20 degrees this afternoon. 

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    “American values are simple but not simplistic.... both individual liberty and rights and justice and concern about the community” ….this video of a civil rights activist speaking about US patriotism was linked to today for July 4th courtesy of the good folks @upworthy. More here.
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    Here’s an interview with the late Irish-born Bernie Nolan in 2011 after she was cleared of breast cancer. Last year she discovered it spread. She died this morning aged 52.  She shot to fame with her singing sisters The Nolans,  best known for 1979 hit I’m In The Mood For Dancing. She left in 1994 and acted in the Bill (PC Sheelagh Nolan) and Brookside.  Here’s their famous song. 
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    Long-serving ICTU leader David Begg is to resign the congress of trade unions  in two years – after 14 years in office. Martin Wall reports here.
    He seems to have confused Google. When you search Google for David Begg – the  “see results about” side box tells you he’s a Scottish football commentator but shows you a photo of ICTU’s David Begg! See screen grab next.  
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  • 16:01
    Watch out for sudden exotic holidays, property purchases and 132 sports cars among colleagues, friends and family. The €94m Euromillions cheque has been collected according to the National Lottery. I'm still here on the live blog #itwasntme.
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    Thinking of going all-American with hot dogs for dinner tonight?...The main ingredient is a 'paste-like poultry product' while eyeballs and band-aids are among the items people have found in them. More charming facts or 7 things you'd rather not know about hot dogs here.   Appetising. 
  • 16:34
    In other appetising pre-dinner news, seven food orders were issued last month for hygiene breaches **quickly scans list to make sure none of my favourite eateries are there***. This year there have been 69 orders compared with 39 in the same period last year which the FSAI describes as “unacceptable”.  Liam Corcoran has more on this...
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     A girl poses for her father as they visit the Statue of Liberty during its reopening to the public today. Photograph: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters
    A girl poses for her father as they visit the Statue of Liberty during its reopening to the public today. Photograph: Eduardo Munoz/Reuters
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    It was a day when we saw Paul Gogarty dancing in a suit, Americans having hot-dog eating contests (which we later discovered are made of chicken paste), saw the burst bubble property darling Allsop’s auction disrupted, and we said goodbye to Bernie Nolan, President Morsi and the inventor of the mouse. We wished we could say hello to the lucky €94m Euromillions winners. And we maybe calmed down a little bit over the snubbing of BOD (or maybe not).   Thanks for reading! Enjoy the sunshine.