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Water, water everywhere, a new name for the spire and NSA in the news. Conor Pope's on the wire.

Conor Pope Wed, Jan 15
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  • 09:20

    The Irish Waterboarding will continue today with officials to appear before the Public Accounts Committee to explain (again) how it has managed to spend so much cash so quickly.


    The Minister for Dodging Responsibility.... sorry, £nvironment, Phil Hogan last night insisted he was unaware of the level of money spent by Irish Water on consultants even though the new semi-state kept his department fully informed of all the costs it incurred.

    Irish Water confirmed yesterday it would spend a total of €85 million on consultants and external contractors by the middle of next year to fully establish the company, but argued before an Oireachtas committee that it was getting value for money.


  • 09:22

    A lot of talk this morning about the Spire.

    A special committee of Dublin City Council is to consider renaming Dublin’s Millennium Spire after Nelson Mandela at a meeting today.

    The idea, which is on the agenda of the Commemorative Naming Committee, arose after a member of the public wrote to Lord Mayor Oisín Quinn suggesting it would be appropriate due to the spire’s close proximity to the Dunnes Stores on Henry Street where workers refused to handle fruit from 1980s apartheid South Africa.

    Labour councillor Dermot Lacey, who chairs the committee, said he would be reluctant to change existings rules which state that monuments can only be dedicated to people dead at least 20 years but “everything was up for discussion”.

  • 09:28

    Of course all this talk of renaming the Spire means the letters page in The Irish Times will be overrun with, ahem, hilarious suggestions in the days ahead.

    There's one in already in fact.

    Some wag thinks it should be renamed Per as a reference to global warming.


  • 09:31

    I quite like renaming the spire after Mandela

    Nelson's Pillar has a nice ring to it.



  • 09:31
    Good morning. I am Conor Pope and I will be drowning in water stories all day today.  
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    Here's a cute pic to brighten your morning. You are welcome.  
    Here's a cute pic to brighten your morning. You are welcome.  
  • 09:53

    Not content with listening to millions of private phone calls across the world every month, the lovely people at the NSA  put software in almost 100,000 computers around the world allowing it to carry out surveillance, the New York Times has reported.

    The NSA planted most of the software through getting access to computer networks, but has also used a secret technology that allows it entry even to computers not connected to the internet, the Times said.

    The newspaper said the technology had been in use since at least 2008 and relied on a covert channel of radio waves transmitted from tiny circuit boards and USB cards secretly inserted in the computers.


  • 09:53

    The NSA is not great at keeping things secret is it?  


  • 10:56

    Sean O’Brien is close to signing for Toulon on foot of a visit to the city to check out the club’s facilities and Stade Felix Mayol stadium last week, with French sources confirming that the Leinster, Irish and Lions’ flanker is set to return there this week, no later than tomorrow if he is not there already.

  • 11:00

    Richard Boyd Barrett has just walked through our newsroom.

    Not sure if that is of any interest (I suspect not) but I thought I'd share it with you anyways!

  • 11:08

    Arctic Monkeys lead the field for this year’s NME Awards with eight nominations. The band is competing for a haul of top awards, with nearest rivals Haim - the Californian all-sister trio - up for six prizes.

    Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke are among the figures nominated for the “villain of the year” title, alongside David Cameron, Vladimir Putin, Harry Styles and Russell



    This is up for video of the year...


  • 11:12

    The Junior Cert is to get a new name.

    Another one?


    From now on it is to be known as... wait for it.....

    The Junior Cycle Student Award


    Ah I see... call it an award and make people think they've won something.

    How much is the re-branding going to cost?

    And why is it necessary?

    And what was wrong with the Inter?  


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  • 11:28

    Two ministers have warned Irish Water its staff should not be given bonuses. The Minister for Social Populism - sorry Protection -  Joan Burton, and the Minister for Appearing on the Telly Brian Hayes have warned managing director John Tierney not to countenece such a notion after he revealed that the 500-plus staff were entitled to bonuses of up to 6 per cent of their salaries.

    "We are in a slow recovery. We are getting people back to work but I do not see any room in this country for going back to a bonus culture,” Burton told RTE. Hayes, junior minister at the Department of Finance, said the idea of bonuses for Irish Water staff was not justified and that the Government was firm in its policy of not allowing bonuses in the semi-state sector.

  • 11:31

    The brother of a British engineer who was shot dead in the French Alps has been released from police bail.

    Zaid al-Hilli, who was accused of orchestrating the shooting of his brother Saad al-Hilli and his wife and mother-in-law, has had his bail cancelled because there is not enough evidence to charge him with a crime.

    Surrey Police did not name the 54-year-old, but said in a statement today that a man arrested in September 2012 over the deaths, and the murder of a French cyclist, would face no further police action.

    “A man arrested by detectives investigating the deaths of four people near Annecy, southern France, in September 2012 has today had his bail cancelled.  The 54-year-old man, from Chessington, was arrested on 24 June 2013 on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder and interviewed as part of the ongoing investigation. At this stage there is insufficient evidence to charge him with any criminal offence and no further police action is being taken at this time.”

  • 11:32

    The National Consumer Agency  wants more people to sign up for its Skills for Life Programme which helps employees of companies spend less.

    A recent survey of participants has revealed that, within three months of attending a Money Skills for Life talk:

    • 9% of employees have reported saving over €1,000 or more;
    • 11% have saved between €500 – €1,000;
    • 44% have saved between €100 – €500;
    • 36% have saved under €100 by implementing changes to how they manage their money.

  • 11:43

    Riverdance? On ice?  

    You're welcome.  


  • 11:44

    Did you miss Tina and Amy at the Golden Globes?


    If so, do yourself a favour and watch it now, You will be glad you did.  

  • 11:55

    Viral devil baby?

    Don't mind if I do.

  • 11:59
    Very grim story coming out of New Dehli  where police have detained 15 men in connection with the gang rape of a Danish tourist. The 51-year-old woman has told police she was raped at knife-point by a group of men yesterday in Paharganj neighborhood after  she approached them to ask for directions to her hotel.


  • 12:10

    The  man accused of the murder of Elaine O’Hara in Dublin in August 2012 has been remanded in custody for a further two weeks.  Graham Dwyer was charged last October with the murder of Ms O’Hara (36), whose decomposed remains were found in the Dublin mountains in September. He has been in custody since then.

  • 12:13

    Most consumers expect economic conditions to improve over the next year and the Consumer Sentiment Index has hit its highest level in over six years.

    The index which is put together by KBC and the ESRI rose sharply in December from 71 to 79.8,  its highest level since June 2007.

    The bank's chief economist Austin Hughes said compared to the same month in 2012 the prevailing mood had shifted from being broadly negative to being broadly positive. Last month 51 per cent of respondents said they "expect the Irish economy to improve in the coming year".

    Good for us... if we think everything is grand maybe everything will be grand.

    That worked really well back in June 2007, didn't it?

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    Just came across this on Twitter....

    Sounds like it has the making of a great story.


  • 12:51

    Happy birthday Wikipedia....

    13 today.  

  • 12:59

    On this day in 1967 The Rolling Stones appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show in the US?

    But what was it that caused Mick to roll his eyes as he sang?


  • 13:21

    Gloomy, Zany laughable and lonely....

    Words we have Shakespeare to thank for.

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    All credit to Broadsheet for finding me this piece of London magic
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  • 15:45

    A team of boffins  have come together with Spotify to create the ultimate workout playlist.

    And here it is....  

  • 15:54

    Australian scientists are gluing tiny sensors onto thousands of bees to track their movements in a trial aimed at halting the spread of diseases that have wiped out populations on this side of the world.

    Scientists at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia's national science agency, said the microchips could help tackle so-called colony collapse disorder, a situation where bees mysteriously disappear from hives, and the encroachment of the parasitic varroa mite.

    They will use tweezers to glue on the sensors, weighing about 5 milligrams and measuring 2.5 millimeters square, after soothing the bees to sleep by refrigeration.

  • 16:25
    Dublin City Council has rejected an application to name the Spire  after  Mandela.  No return of Nelson's Pillar, so.