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Creighton, ratings, parades, sunshine, wedding bells and the sun being weird.

Conor Pope Fri, Jul 12
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  • 08:48
    Lucinda is out. Paschal is in and the Government has won the final vote on the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill 2013 by 127 votes to 31.

    Lucinda Creighton voted against the Government on the abortion legislation and has submitted her letter of resignation as Minister of State for European Affairs to the Taoiseach.

    Following an incorporeal Cabinet meeting last night Dublin TD Paschal Donohoe was appointed as Minister of State for European Affairs.
  • 08:49
    You're wondering what incorporeal means, aren't you?
  • 08:49
    It means a meeting "without material form, body, or substance".

    A cabinet meeting without substance?

    (Insert joke here).
  • 08:50
    Good morning. It is Friday and it is sunny. And I am Conor Pope.
  • 08:55
    "A new football season approaches, and with it new players, overpriced replica kits and unsavoury club owners. If you are one of them, most observers will wrongly assume that you are laundering only your reputation, and that you are willing to lose millions on a philanthropic sporting folly to do so. That is too kind. Your new asset will not just help you wash your dirty money. It will make more of it too."  Good article in the Economist on the dirty business of football.

  • 13:16
    “There is not a country in the hemisphere whose government does not understand our position at this point”  and helping Snowden “would put relations in a very bad place for a long time to come. If someone thinks things would go away, it won’t be the case,” a US State Departmetn official has said.
  • 13:18
    Diego RTE's summer line-up is amazing??? Are we talking about the same RTE most other people in the country know of?? Shaking my head
  • 13:19
    Sometimes the Live Blog is not great at the auld sarcasm, is it?
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    It's all go in Adare by all accounts where the rugby wedding of the season is taking place. We'll have pics soon. Stand by!
  • 14:38
    Broadcaster and journalist Alan Whicker, known for his global travels during a distinguished TV career which stretched nearly 60 years, has died at the age of 87.
    The presenter and reporter died in the early hours of today after suffering from bronchial pneumonia, his spokeswoman said.
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    It may have been passed by the Dail but you have not heard the last of the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill. It begin its passage through the Seanad on Monday. Debate on the contentious legislation which passed all stages in the Dáil shortly after midnight last night by 127 votes to 31, will commence on Monday afternoon and six days have been set aside for its completion. At least 40 of the Upper House’s 60 members are expected to speak on the second or introductory stage debate of the controversial Bill, when senators are due to be allowed 10 minutes to set out their opinion.
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  • 15:51
    St Stephen's Green was as jammed as I have ever seen it. And some people were very inappropriately dressed. Can wearing tight fitting Speedos in a city Centre Park ever be appropriate?
  • 15:53
    That was rhetorical... of course it is inappropriate. And to the people who condemned me, I say. Relax.
  • 16:08
    Edward Snowden is seeking temporary asylum in Russia and plans to go to Latin America eventually, according to the latest reports from Moscow International Airport. Wikileaks Press posted the news on Twitter and, a Russian official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, confirmed the news . Say what you like about Snowden's actions, the man has paid a very high price for blowing the whistle.
  • 17:29
    There is chaos at London's Heathrow airport right now as runways have closed following an incident involving an Ethiopian Airlines jet. Arrivals and departures have been suspended, a spokesman for the airport said. The airport said in a tweet that there were no passengers aboard the plane. More to follow.
  • 17:34
    AP reporting Packed passenger train derails outside Paris; unclear yet if any injuries.
  • 17:42
    From AP: "An official for France's national railway says that a packed intercity train derailed while transporting passengers from Paris to Limoges.

    It's not yet clear if anyone has been hurt.

    SNCF's Jean-Paul Boulet says the train was carrying some 350 passengers when it derailed Friday evening at 5:15 p.m. (1515 GMT) and crashed into the station at Bretigny-sur-Orge, some 20 kilometers south of Paris.

    He says four carriages piled up.

    He could not say whether there were any casualties. France's transport minister is heading to the site."
  • 17:47
    AFP are reporting that there are"many dead". The agency is quoting a rescue official saying it was impossible for the moment to establish a clear picture. Another AFP source said there have been "many casualties"

    I must stress no deaths have been confirmed and these are very early days.
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  • 17:53
    Major story developing just outside Paris this evening.

    At least eight people are now reported to have been killed after a train crash edat Bretigny-sur-Orge, south of the French capital.

    The intercity train had just left Pari forLimoges when it derailed, crashing into a station platform at about 5pm Irish time (6pm local time)

    Passengers are said to be still trapped inside the train and a local official said there were "many casualties". News reports in France are putting the death toll at at least eight. The train has apparently split in two.

    More to follow.
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  • 18:04
    France’s interior minister confirms that at least 7 people have been killed and several injured in Paris train crash.
  • 18:06
    “The death toll is evolving constantly at this point and unfortunately it will probably rise. At this stage there are seven people dead, several dozen wounded and some of them are serious.” France's interior minister Manuel Valle
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    News events have taken over but it should be noted that the runways at Heathrow have been reopened and the airport is getting back to normal.

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