GAA Sunday

Cork face Clare in the Munster SHC final before Galway clash with Kilkenny in the Leinster SHC final

Ruaidhrí Croke Sun, Jul 1
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  • Hello, good afternoon and welcome to this hurling super Sunday at the end of which we will have new Munster and Leinster champions. My name is Ruaidhrí Croke and I'll be with you for the afternoon with Cork v Clare up first at 2pm in Thurles before Kilkenny meet Galway at 4 in Croke Park.

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  • So, Cork come into this game unbeaten this year and looking well-placed to make a run in the championship after some superb performances in the round-robin.

    However, they will have their work cut out against a Clare team that seem to be hitting form at just the right time after an opening day defeat to Cork.

    This game is looking as tough to call as any and you can read Malachy Clerkin's preview below while Jackie Tyrrell doesn't reckonJohn Meyler's side quite have enough to go all the way to an All-Ireland title.

    Doubts persist about Cork despite unbeaten Munster streak

    Jackie Tyrrell: Cork concede far too much to win an All-Ireland


    CLARE:  Donal Tuohy, Patrick O’Connor, David McInerney, Jack Browne, Seadna Morey, Conor Cleary, Jamie Shanahan, Colm Galvin, Cathal Malone, Peter Duggan, Tony Kelly, David Reidy, Podge Collins, John Conlon, Shane O’Donnell.

    CORK:  Anthony Nash; Sean O’Donoghue, Damien Cahalane, Colm Spillane; Christopher Joyce, Eoin Cadogan, Mark Coleman; Darragh Fitzgibbon, Bill Cooper; Daniel Kearney, Conor Lehane, Seamus Harnedy; Luke Meade, Shane Kingston, Patrick Horgan.

  • Both of these teams have been very impressive so far this championship but you'd have to say Clare come in with slughtly better form after starting off slow with that loss at Páirc Uí Chaoimh.

    A big reason for their improvement has been the form of Peter Duggan's whose scoring efficiency has been magnificent. Eamon Donoghue took a closer look in his stats column during the week.

    GAA Statistics: How Peter Duggan has transformed this Clare team

  • The teams are out for the parade - the 11th parade of their summer for the Munster senior hurling championship. The bagpipers have never known anything like it.

    Almost time to go.

  • The losers here will face a preliminary quarter-final winner in the real quarter-finals while the winners will go straight into the semi-finals. What a prize on offer it is - win here and you're only two games from winning the All-Ireland.

    Parade done, we're ready to go.

  • 1 min: We're underway in Thurles! (Clare 0-0 Cork 0-0)
  • 3 mins: It's been a difficult week for the groundstaff with no rain and temperatures reaching 32 degrees in Thurles on Friday. It's a bumpy and slightly patchy pitch that greets the players with the mercury currently at 22 degrees as the game begins.

    Clare start the brighter, winning a free courtesy of Podge Collins on the left and Peter Duggan does his thing by converting with ease.  (Clare 0-1 Cork 0-0)

  • 4 mins: From well inside his own half Jamie Shananhan sends a mighty puck towards goal but it flies just wide.

    Meanwhile, at Croke Park, it's Carlow 0-9 Westmeath 0-6 in the Joe McDonagh Cup final after 21 minutes.  (Clare 0-1 Cork 0-0)

  • 6 mins: Cork fianlly get on the sliotar and make the most of it as Seamus Harnedy levels the scores.

    However, a long Clare ball forward to John Conlon is caught beautifully on the edge of the square and he turns and converts.  (Clare 0-2 Cork 0-1)

  • 8 mins: But Cork hit back straight away again courtesy of Luke Meade. It's been a good fast start to this game.  (Clare 0-2 Cork 0-2)
  • 9 mins: What a point from Duggan. From the halfway line and out on the right sideline he sends a bullet between the posts to restore Clare's lead.  (Clare 0-3 Cork 0-2)
  • 10 mins: Cork answer immediately with an equally fine point from Daniel Kearney.  (Clare 0-3 Cork 0-3)
  • 13 mins: Clare get the first goal chance of the day as Conlon again uses his straight to get in front of his marker and collect a long ball. He turned and went down the right before firing a shot at goal but Anthony Nash saved at his near post.  

    Conlon quickly gets over that miss to strike a point seconds later.  (Clare 0-4 Cork 0-3)

  • 14 mins: Well John Conlon is enjoying his day in the sun so far. Another great catch and a shot off the left shoulder splits the posts.  (Clare 0-5 Cork 0-3)
  • 15 mins: Shane Kingston is lightning when he gets going and get going he did to win a close range free for Cork which Patrick Horgan then converted.  (Clare 0-5 Cork 0-4)
  • 16 mins: A super point from Horgan levels up the scores as he picks it up with his back to goal on the right before twisting one way, back the other and then firing a point over his shoulder and between the posts.  (Clare 0-5 Cork 0-5)

    CLARE 1-5 CORK 0-5!

  • 19 mins: What a lightning quick attack that was as Clare had Cork at sixes and sevens. Reidy picked it up outside the square, drove towards goal and fired a low shot into the bottom corner.

    Seconds later Conlon adds yet another point, this one from the right. He can't miss at the moment.  (Clare 1-6 Cork 0-5)

  • 20 mins: Cork need a response after that flurry from Clare and they get one via Horgan who slots over his third point of the day. Clare have their foot on the accelerator here and don't look like letting up with their scoring which is pinpoint accurate.  (Clare 1-6 Cork 0-6)
  • 21 mins: Duggan adds another simple free to restore Clare's four point lead.  (Clare 1-7 Cork 0-6)
  • 23 mins: Duggan's free-taking has been superb this year and it's continuing as so today. His latest effort splits the posts once again and Clare remain well in control.  (Clare 1-8 Cork 0-6)
  • 25 mins: Cork manage to stay in touch with a free from Horgan.  (Clare 1-8 Cork 0-7)
  • 26 mins: Horgan adds another point - his fifth of the game - and the gap is cut to three.  (Clare 1-8 Cork 0-8)
  • 29 mins: A superb hook from behind by Eoin Cadogan denies Reidy a second goal but Clare get a point anyway through Duggan for an earlier infringement.  (Clare 1-9 Cork 0-8)
  • 31 mins: Patrick Horgan has made the most of pretty much every ball he's got so far today and he does so again this time as he converts another point over his right shoulder to make it a one-score game once again.  (Clare 1-9 Cork 0-9)
  • 33 mins: But Clare answer straight away. Reidy picks it up on the right and sends a great point over the bar.  (Clare 1-10 Cork 0-9)

    CLARE 2-10 CORK 0-9!

  • 34 mins: What a lead Clare are building here and what a goal that was from Duggan. A huge puck from goalkeeper Donal Tuohy on the edge of his own square flew all the way into the Cork square and Duggan rose to flick it over his head past Tuohy and into the bottom corner without even looking at the goal. Whzat a finish that was and Clare now lead by eight as Conlon fires yet another point!  (Clare 2-11 Cork 0-9)

    CLARE 2-11 CORK 1-9!

  • 35 mins: Well Cork needed a spark before half-time and they've got it!

    A long puck forward was won by Harnedy who then found the charging Meade. He took it on out to the left and fired past the onrushing Tuohy to get Cork back into this game!  (Clare 2-11 Cork 1-9)

  • 35+2 mins: And Cork narrow the gap by another point with a maginificent sideline puck from Mark Coleman.  (Clare 2-11 Cork 1-10)
  • HALF TIME: CLARE 2-11 CORK 1-10
  • Well, what a half of hurling that was!

    Clare looked like they were building an unassailable lead less than five minutes ago after Duggan's goal and Conlon's point but Cork answered straight back thanks to Meade. That super sideline cut from Coleman was another plus for the Leesiders just before half-time meaning there is now just four points in it.  

    Four points, 35 minutes, one Munster title at stake.  

  • 36 mins: We're back underway in Thurles! (Clare 2-11 Cork 1-10)
  • 38 mins: The second half starts just as quick as the first half ended with Cork very nearly nabbing another goal courtesy of Harnedy but Tuohy managed to get his hurl behind it and save.

    Cork do get their first score of the game though thanks to Darragh Fitzgibbon and then Harnedy adds another. All of a sudden it's a two-point game!  (Clare 2-11 Cork 1-12)

  • 40 mins: Cork have started the better in this second period, no doubt about that. Fitzgibbon went down the left and almost got in but was forced behind by the Clare defence and Cork get the 65 which Horgan converts.  (Clare 2-11 Cork 1-13)
  • 42 mins: Clare's four-point lead has been cut to just one in no time but Duggan restores it to two with an easy free which should settle them down a little.

    However, Cork go right up the other end and respond immediately thanks to Lehane.  (Clare 2-12 Cork 1-14)

  • 45 mins: We have a level game!

    Horgan converts another free from the left to level it up after the Leesiders had been eight points down with just three minutes left in the first half.  (Clare 2-12 Cork 1-15)

  • 48 mins: Cork are starting to take more and more control here and even Duggan is missing frees now as he sends on wide.

    Cork go up the other end and Harnedy converts to put them ahead! What a turnaround this has been.  (Clare 2-12 Cork 1-16)

  • 50 mins: Clare look shaky all of a sudden and Duggan has missed another free. What looked like a routine effort hit the hurl of the Cork defender in front of him and Cork remain in the lead.  (Clare 2-12 Cork 1-16)
  • 51 mins: Cork lead by two.

    Fitzgibbon fires over from the left hand side to put the Leesiders further ahead.  (Clare 2-12 Cork 1-17)

  • 52 mins: Clare pull back a much-needed point thanks to Reidy who flicks on over his left shoulder and between the posts.  (Clare 2-13 Cork 1-17)
  • 53 mins: Cork restore their two point lead immediately and it's Horgan again. Some change in momentumk from first half to second half here.

    Meanwhile, at Croke Park, Carlow have won the first ever Joe McDonagh Cup by beating Westmeath 2-26 to 1-24 in the final. (Clare 2-13 Cork 1-18)

  • 55 mins: A third point of the match from Colm Galvin reduces the defecit to one again. This is nip-and-tuck stuff but at the moment Cork look to have that bit more.  (Clare 2-14 Cork 1-18)
  • 57 mins: We have a level game once again!

    Conor McGrath fires over from his left side to square it up for the sixth time.  (Clare 2-15 Cork 1-18)


    CLARE 2-15 CORK 2-18!

  • 59 mins: Cork are like a new team in this second half and they take a deserved lead through Harnedy with a beautiful finish on his right side, low into the left corner.

    Collins responds with a Clare point but Kearney then restores Cork's three-point lead.  (Clare 2-16 Cork 2-19)

  • 64 mins: Cork move further ahead thanks to yet another score from Harnedy, this one on the turn from his left side.  (Clare 2-16 Cork 2-20)

  • 65 mins: Clare need a big finish now and Kelly gets a point on the board to make it a one-score game. Can they turn it back around?  (Clare 2-17 Cork 2-20)
  • 67 mins: But Cork again put themselves a goal and a point ahead as Coleman sticks one over. Harnedy then adds another. They've just been too good for Clare in this second half.  (Clare 2-18 Cork 2-22)
  • 68 mins: Clare get a free up the other end and Duggan sticks it over to make it three points in the difference.

    However, Cooper then converts up the other end for Cork and they stay nicely ahead. It looks like it's going to be their day.  (Clare 2-19 Cork 2-23)

  • 69 mins: Horgan converts another free from inside his own half and that may just be it now. Cork have been superb in this second half.  (Clare 2-19 Cork 2-24)
  • 70 mins: We will have three minutes of additional time.  (Clare 2-19 Cork 2-24)
  • 70+2 mins: Time is ticking away for Clare now as Cork win another free.

    Horgan pulls it wide but Clare need something really special now.  (Clare 2-19 Cork 2-24)


    CLARE 3-19 CORK 2-24!

  • 70+4 mins: Well is it too late?!

    Two points in it but just seconds left and Cork have a sideline ball.  (Clare 3-19 Cork 2-24)

  • FULL TIME: CLARE 3-19 CORK 2-24


  • So, that's that.

    Cork were just far too good in the second half but Clare will be disappointed with how they three away what was an eight point lead just minutes before half-time.

    Cork retain their title and will now go into the All-Ireland semi-finals while Clare go into the quarters where they will face Carlow, Limerick, Westmeath or Wexford.

  • Next up we move to Croke Park for the Leinster final meeting of Kilkenny and Galway. This game looks just as tough to call as the Munster final and you can read Nicky English's take on it below.

    Nicky English: Galway have to show that there are no chinks left

    Meanwhile, Malachy Clerkin gas profiled the man who is so much more than just a safe pair of hands in the Cats goal - Eoin Murphy.

    Eoin Murphy so much more than just a safe pair of hands

    Teams on the way!

  • GALWAY:  James Skehill; Adrian Tuohy, Daithi Burke, John Hanbury; Padraic Mannion, Gearoid McInerney, Aidan Harte; Johnny Coen, David Burke; Joseph Cooney, Joe Canning, Niall Burke; Conor Whelan, Conor Cooney, Cathal Mannion.

    KILKENNY:  Eoin Murphy, Paul Murphy, Padraig Walsh, Paddy Deegan, Joey Holden, Cillian Buckley, Enda Morrissey, Conor Fogarty, James Maher, Martin Keoghan, TJ Reid, Richie Leahy, Billy Ryan, Walter Walsh, Ger Aylward

  • The teams are on the pitch in Croke Park and the national anthem has finished.

    It's time to go.

  • 1 min: We're underway in Croke Park!  (Galway 0-0 Kilkenny 0-0)
  • 3 mins: A frantic start to this game and a wide each for both teams before Conor Whelan gets off the mark to put Galway ahead.  (Galway 0-1 Kilkenny 0-0)
  • 7 mins: Plenty of wides to start here in stark contrast to the Munster final. Still only a point scored but plenty of hard hits so far.  (Galway 0-1 Kilkenny 0-0)
  • 8 mins: Finally a second point on the board, the latest one courtesy of Cooney and Galway double their lead.  (Galway 0-2 Kilkenny 0-0)
  • 9 mins: Kilkenny finally rack up their first point of the game, this one courtesy of goalkeeper Eoin Murphy from inside his own half. Huge hit.  (Galway 0-2 Kilkenny 0-1)
  • 11 mins: TJ Reid gets his first chance of the day off his left from a long way out and he makes no mistake by splitting the posts to level it up.  (Galway 0-2 Kilkenny 0-2)
  • 13 mins: Galway take the lead again thanks to Cooney who looks right on his game today.  (Galway 0-3 Kilkenny 0-2)
  • 15 mins: Murphy gets a chance to double his tally with a long range free from the right but he pulls it left and wide. This game hasn't quite sprung into life just yet and a half empty Croke Park probably isn't helping.  (Galway 0-3 Kilkenny 0-2)
  • 17 mins: We have a level game again. TJ Reid fires a free over from outside the square to level it all up.  (Galway 0-3 Kilkenny 0-3)
  • 19 mins: Canning comverts a free to put Galway back ahead. This game needs a goal or something to kick some life into it as Kilkenny hit another wide.  (Galway 0-4 Kilkenny 0-3)
  • 21 mins: What a point from Billy Ryan on the right sideline. That's the point of the match so far.  (Galway 0-4 Kilkenny 0-4)
  • 24 mins: Hawkeye comes into play for Galway and awards the point to restore the All-Ireland champions' lead.  (Galway 0-5 Kilkenny 0-4)
  • 25 mins: Reid slots another free for Kilkenny to level it up but Mannion puts Galway back ahead before Niall Burke makes it a two-point lead for the first time.  (Galway 0-7 Kilkenny 0-5)
  • 29 mins: Reid slots another free and the gap is back to one. Still waiting on this game to take off.  (Galway 0-7 Kilkenny 0-6)
  • 31 mins: We have a level game again. Walter Walsh won the ball well on the left and turned inside before finding Ryan who fired over his second point of the day.  (Galway 0-7 Kilkenny 0-7)
  • 34 mins: It hasn't been a thriller so far. Plenty of basic errors being committed with the latest coming from Walter Walsh who just handpassed straight out of play.  (Galway 0-7 Kilkenny 0-7)
  • 35 +1 mins: Kilkenny take the lead for the first time courtesy of a TJ Reid free from inside his own half.  (Galway 0-7 Kilkenny 0-8)
  • It hasn't been a thriller so far and the half-empty Croke Park is really impacting on the atmosphere. Let's hope it kicks off in the second half, as it is Kilkenny hold a narrow lead.
  • 36 mins: We're back underway in Croke Park!  (Galway 0-7 Kilkenny 0-8)
  • 37 mins: Brilliant save from Murphy!

    A long ball forward is missed by the Kilkenny defence and picked up by Whelan. He runs at goal and shoots from distance but Murphy dives across to his right to deflect it wide.

    Canning converts the 65 and we're level again.  (Galway 0-8 Kilkenny 0-8)

  • 39 mins: What a point from Canning!

    From miles out and inside his own half he launches it over the bar and Galway take the lead again.  (Galway 0-9 Kilkenny 0-8)

  • 42 mins: TJ Reid slots a free to level it up again but Mannion then strikes again to put Galway back ahead.

    It's going back and forth but we haven't had any major excitement just yet.  (Galway 0-10 Kilkenny 0-9)

  • 43 mins: Another free from Reid results in another point from Kilkenny. Neither side has been able to build any sort of decent lead.  (Galway 0-10 Kilkenny 0-10)
  • 46 mins: What a tackle from Paul Murphy!

    Conor Whelan looked for all the world to be through on goal but Murphy got back from behind to whip the sliotar off him.

    And Kilkenny make the most of it with a quick counter attack which Aylward converts for a point.  (Galway 0-10 Kilkenny 0-11)

  • 48 mins: There has been plenty of poor free-taking today and that was another one there from Canning whose effort flies left and wide.  (Galway 0-10 Kilkenny 0-11)
  • 49 mins: But Galway level it up anyway, this time courtesy of Niall Burke who slots a lovely point from the left.  (Galway 0-11 Kilkenny 0-11)
  • 51 mins: TJ Reid's effort at goal is saved by James Skehill and Galway counter but again Paul Murphy stops the attack.

    However, Mannion picks it up and slots over to put Galway back ahead before Whelan makes it a two-point lead!  (Galway 0-13 Kilkenny 0-11)

  • 54 mins: Reid converts another handy free and Kilkenny cut the gap to a point.  

    However, Mannion then slots another point - his third of the game - to restore the Tribesmen's two point advantage.

    This game badly needs a goal.  (Galway 0-14 Kilkenny 0-12)

  • 56 mins: A foul on Cooney gives Galway a free in a handy position and Canning converts. Kilkenny are slipping a bit behind now.  (Galway 0-15 Kilkenny 0-12)
  • 59 mins: Walter Walsh gets his first of the day for Kilkenny from the right and the gap is cut.  (Galway 0-15 Kilkenny 0-13)
  • 61 mins: Just one point between them now with less than 10 minutes to go as Reid slots another routine free.  (Galway 0-15 Kilkenny 0-14)
  • 63 mins: Galway make it two points again with a lovely point from Mannion on the left. Can they hang on?  (Galway 0-16 Kilkenny 0-14)
  • 66 mins: Only a point in it now!

    James Maher fires over a point from the left and Kilkenny are within striking distance now.  (Galway 0-16 Kilkenny 0-15)

  • 67 mins: But it doesn't stay at one point for long!

    Canning fires a free over from the right and Cooney then adds another to put Galway well in the driving seat.  (Galway 0-18 Kilkenny 0-15)

  • 68 mins: Donnelly slots one over for Kilkenny and there's just two in it now!

    Can Kilkenny pull it out of the fire?  (Galway 0-18 Kilkenny 0-16)

  • 70 mins: There will be three minutes of added time and with that Hogan fires a point over the bar! Just one in it!  (Galway 0-18 Kilkenny 0-17)
  • 70+1 mins: The scores are level!

    TJ Reid fires a stunning point over the bar from inside his own half!  (Galway 0-18 Kilkenny 0-18)


    The Leinster SHC final is going to a replay!

  • Well, it wasn't the best hurling match ever seen and certainly not as good as the Munster final but a draw is probably a fair result.

    Neither team really did enough to win and both live to fight another day.


    Joe McDonagh Cup final: Carlow 2-26 Westmeath 1-24

    Munster SHC final: Clare 3-19 Cork 2-24

    Leinster SHC final: Kilkenny 0-18 Galway 0-18