SHC: Galway v Tipperary

Who will be the first team into this year's hurling final? Reigning champions Tipp face Galway . . .

Eamon Donoghue Sun, Aug 6
LIVE: SHC: Galway v Tipperary

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  • Hello and Welcome . . . The first of this year's All-Ireland semi-finals is the clash between reigning hurling champions Tipperary and this year's Leinster champions Galway.

    Last year these two served up an absolute classic at this stage, and we are hoping for much of the same here this afternoon!

    We'll have all the action live right here, and be sure to get in touch throughout; via either the comments section ('Contact Us' tab) or on Twitter (@DonoghueEamon).

    Let's get started!
  • Team news:

    GALWAY: Colm Callanan; Adrian Tuohy, Daithi Burke, John Hanbury; Padraig Mannion, Gearoid McInerney, Aidan Harte; Johnny Coen, David Burke; Cathal Mannion, Joe Canning, Joseph Cooney; Conor Whelan, Niall Burke, Conor Cooney.

    TIPPERARY:  Darren Gleeson; Donagh Maher, James Barry, Michael Cahill; Seamus Kennedy, Ronan Maher, Padraic Maher; Brendan Maher, Michael Breen; Dan McCormack, Patrick Maher, Noel McGrath; John O’Dwyer, Seamus Callanan, John McGrath.

  • All-Ireland Hurling semi-final

    Galway v Tipperary, 4pm Croke Park

  • The Lowdown

    Last meeting:  2016 All-Ireland semi-final, Croke Park, Tipperary 2-19, Galway 2-18.  Odds:  Galway 10/11, Tipperary 6/5 and 9/1 the draw.  Just the ticket:  €45 (Stand), €30 (terrace). Juveniles €5 and concessions available in Cusack and Davin Stands.

    Referee:  Barry Kelly (Westmeath)

  • "Tipperary have never been great at rebuilding a damaged challenge as champions in the qualifier era and if they are depending on Galway to crack at an inopportune time they are likely to be disappointed."

    Read Seán Moran's preview in full here

  • Nicky English is expecting a tight encounter:

    "How will Galway respond when a match gets tight and the opposition won’t go away? How reliable have they been in the past in those circumstances? Certainly, not  uber  reliable."

    Read his column in full here

  • "No-one would describe retaining an All-Ireland  as an easy task but it has been done 14 times since Tipperary last brought the trophy up to Dublin and back again in the one weekend so there’s no obvious explanation for why the county has found it so much more difficult than others."

    Seán Moran on Tipperary’s elusive quest to put titles back-to-back

  • Pre-match parade underway. It's stopped raining at Croke Park but can't see it holding off for the 70 plus. Either way it'll be slippy out there! Five minutes 'till throw in!
  • Tipp burst out of the parade. Galway remain. National anthem underway! We are moments away
  • Galway 0-0 Tipperary 0-0 (1') Game on! From the throw-in Conor Cooney wins the break and has a shot from distance. First wide of the game.
  • Joe Canning from a sideline cut registers Galway's second wide
  • Galway 0-0 Tipperary 0-1 (3') First score of the game is via a Seamus Callanan free, after a foul by Adrian Tuohy
  • Galway 0-1 Tipperary 0-2 (4') Galway underway. Joe Canning's free is off the post, Conor Cooney picks it up and points over his shoulder. Seamus Kennedy bites back with one from distance
  • Galway 0-1 Tipperary 0-3 (5') Fine score by Noel McGrath. Tipp have started well!
  • Galway 0-2 Tipperary 0-4 (7') Noel McGrath flicks up a break and pops it back to John Bubbles O'Dwyer and he sends it over the bar. Before Conor Whelan bombs one over for Galway
  • Galway 0-3 Tipperary 0-4 (8') Big catch by Conor Cooney, he handpasses back to Johnny Coen who sends it over the bar
  • Tipp one point ahead after 10 minutes. Some fine scores on either sides but the game yet to explode to life!
  • Galway 0-3 Tipperary 0-4 (11') Joe Canning wide from a free after a high tackle on Conor Cooney. Two missed frees from two for Joe so far
  • Galway 0-5 Tipperary 0-4 (13') Conor Cooney has started well. Whelan pops it to him in the D, he opts to take his point when a goal might have been on. Cathal Mannion then turns his man inside and out before pointing over his shoulder
  • Galway 0-6 Tipperary 0-5 (15')  Daithi Burke makes a terrific block on Callanan, but he stays calm, flicks the ball back up and scores his first from play. Joe Canning responds with a free from distance
  • Galway 0-7 Tipperary 0-5 (17')  Galway forwards starting to open up. Conor Cooney puts in a great ball from the right corner and Whelan's pick up is beautiful. He ghosts right, comes back in and flicks it over the bar.
  • Galway 0-8 Tipperary 0-5 (20')  A first time ball goes into the Galway fullforward line, Conor Whelan slides on his knees bravely to get out in front. He's pulled back. Foul. Joe Canning free, point.
  • Galway 0-8 Tipperary 0-6 (22')  Tipp's seven minute score drought ended by their captain Padraic Maher
  • Galway 0-9 Tipperary 1-6 (23')  Callanan's point effort is completely fluffed. Neither Colm Callanan or Adrian Tuohy (in particular) can deal with the loose ball. John McGrath pounces on it, he doubles to the net.

    Coen responds with his second point of the game

  • Callanan gets on to the ball after Daithi Burke slips, he pulls on it but Callanan makes a brilliant save. Quick off his line!
  • Galway 0-10 Tipperary 1-6 (26')  Galway ahead again thanks to Conor Whelan's third point

  • Yellow card for Joe Canning, he tries to put in a big hit on Padriac Maher but catches him high. Callanan's free from way back goes wide
  • Galway 0-10 Tipperary 1-7 (31')  Callanan makes it a level game for the fifth time, via a free

  • Galway 0-11 Tipperary 1-8 (33')  Callanan with a free from distance. But anything he can do Joe can do better. He puts a sideline cut from way back on the right, between the posts

  • Two minutes of first half injury time
  • Galway 0-11 Tipperary 1-10 (36')  Callanan from a tight angle gets one from play. Jason Forde adds another from the next attack

  • HT Galway 0-12 Tipperary 1-10  The first half ends with a Joe Canning free

  • That goal changed the match. From nothing, a mis-hit shot. Tipp needed that bit of luck and it has woke them up. Both full-forward lines now on top - Galway winning the midfield battle in the first half and it will come down to who can give their attack the most ball in this second half.
  • Galway were on top in that first half, but Tipp go in ahead. They scored one goal, a scrappy one but they all count, and had two more goal chances.  

    The Tribesmen had none. They will need to push it on and be more clinical.

  • Attendance in Croke Park today is 68,184
  • Galway 0-13 Tipperary 1-10  (35')  Second half underway. Galway with the slight wind at their backs start well. Joseph Cooney gets his first point from the first attack.  

    Then Conor Cooney makes a brilliant catch, comes in and goes for goal. But it's across the goal and inches wide

  • Galway 0-13 Tipperary 1-11 (38')  Seamus Callanan is fouled, on his way down he smacks his head off Daithi Burke's knee. He gets some treatment, gets up and scores the free.


  • Galway 0-15 Tipperary 1-11  (39')  Level for the eighth time. Joseph Cooney drives through the Tipp defence, goes for goal but it's saved. Referee brings it back for a free, which Canning taps over.  

    Conor Whelan then gets his fourth from 50m on the right. To put Galway ahead

  • Galway 0-15 Tipperary 1-12  (43')  Level again. Brendan Maher is coming into it and he sends over a fine point. Jason Flynn on for Niall Burke.  

    Joe Canning then misses his third free. This was a tricky one in fairness

  • Brillinat crossfield ball from Callanan but John McGrath shoots wide. Temp has really risen. We are still level with 22 minutes level
  • Galway 0-15 Tipperary 1-13  (48')  Padraic Maher is a real leader on this Tipp team. He drives forward for his second point of the game to put Tipp in front  

  • Galway 0-16 Tipperary 1-13  (50')  Conor Cooney in on goal. He goes to round Darren Gleeson but is hacked at by the Tipp 'keeper. No black card for cynical fouling in hurling so just a yellow. Canning scores the resultant free

  • Galway 0-17 Tipperary 1-13  (51')  End to end now. Padraig Mannion makes a great interception. Then Joseph Cooney slots one from halfway. Savage score. Before Colm Callanan pulls of a great save, and Seamus Callanan misses the 65.

  • Johnny Glynn is on for Galway. The New York commuter
  • Galway 0-18 Tipperary 1-14  (54')  Joe Canning collects, from halfway he drives it over his shoulder. He's not even looking at the posts, but he knows where they are. What a score.  

    Bubbles responds with a point of his own

  • Galway 0-19 Tipperary 1-15  (56')  Canning is hooked and half blocked as he winds up on goal from distance. Out for a 65 and he slots that.

    Noel McGrath is then at the end of a lovely Tipp move. Three short sharp passes to give him the space to convert

  • Half goal chance for Jason Flynn but Gleeson does well. It's recycled back out to David Burke, who via HawkEye, hits Galway's 11th wide. They lead by one point coming into the last 10 minutes
  • Glynn handpasses over the top to Canning, he lets it bounce across him and pulls. Hits it sweatly but it drags wide. Galway should be near out of sight, but they lead by just one point!
  • Galway 0-19 Tipperary 1-16  (62')  After two Galway goal chances, Tipp go level after a fine catch, turn and point by John McGrath

  • Galway 0-20 Tipperary 1-16  (64')  David Burke's point effort from 30m hits the post. It comes back and is worked to Joe Canning who easy as you like scores his ninth point

  • Galway 0-20 Tipperary 1-16  (65')  A second missed Callanan 65. He's missed two in this second half. Really, really, not like him

  • Galway 0-20 Tipperary 1-17  (65')  Bubbles collects a pass on the left wing and bullets over a fantastic score to level matters

  • Galway 0-21 Tipperary 1-17  (67')  A free from his own halfback line. 90m. Up steps Joe Canning. His 10th point. No better man

  • Over on the left sideline, Joseph Cooney shoots over his shoulder - hit and hope - and it's Galway's 13th wide
  • Four minutes of additional time will be played. We are in the 69th minute and Galway lead by one
  • Galway 0-21 Tipperary 1-17  (71')  Noel McGrath hits a genius sideline to Dan McCormack. Conor Whelan hooks him brilliantly, but then fouls. Tipp free to level it

  • Brendan Maher will take it, not Callanan
  • Galway 0-21 Tipperary 1-18  (72')  Over she goes. Level, two minutes left

  • Joe Canning now lining up a free from about 100m
  • Galway 0-21 Tipperary 1-18  (73')  Drops in, someone gets a stick to it and it's well saved

  • Joe Canning gives Galway the lead with an incredible score as it comes back out
  • FT Galway 0-22 Tipperary 1-18  The Joe show. What a way to win the game. It's cleared, after his long free. Comes back to him on the right sideline, with men breathing down his neck he drives over a massive score!

  • Joe Canning:  "Over the last three years it's been nip and tuck, one point games, and it's nice to come out on the right side of it!"  

  • So that's that . . . Galway back up their league and Leinster championship form, they are into the All-Ireland final. And what a way to win it, after a great game. Tipp, the reigning champions, die with their boots on!

    Report and analysis to follow from Croke Park. And then tomorrow, the Connacht takeover of GAA HQ continues as Roscommon and Mayo do battle in the football quarter-final replay. Until then, thanks for joining us.  

    FT Galway 0-22 Tipperary 1-18