Allianz League Finals

Dublin take on Galway at Croke Park to decide the Division One title

Eamon Donoghue Sun, Apr 1
LIVE: Allianz League Finals

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  • Hello and Welcome . . . The 2018 national football league wraps up today with the Division One and Two finals. Roscommon take on Cavan first before the Dubs play Galway. Both in GAA HQ.

    Follow all the action LIVE right here, and be sure to get in touch throughout via either the comments section ('Contact Us' tab) or on Twitter (@DonoghueEamon).

    Let's get started!

  • Football Division 1 final
    Dublin v Galway,  Croke Park, 4pm

    Football Division 2 final
    Cavan v Roscommon, Croke Park, 2pm

    Hurling Division 1 semi-final
    Wexford v Kilkenny, Innovate Wexford Park, 2pm

  • Team news:  

    ROSCOMMON:  James Featherston, David Murray, Peter Domican, Fergal Lennon; Conor Daly, Ultan Harney, Brian Stack; Tadhg O'Rourke, Cathal Compton; Ciarain Murtagh, Niall Kilroy, Conor Devaney; Donie Smith, Ciaran Lennon, Diarmuid Murtagh

    CAVAN:  Raymond Galligan; Jason McLoughlin, Padraig Faulkner, Enda Flanagan; Martin Reilly, Ciaran Brady, Oisin Kiernan; Gearoid McKiernan, Killian Clarke; Dara McVeety, Bryan Magee, Cian Mackey; Caoimhin O'Reilly, Adrian Cole, Conor Bradley.

  • One change apiece for Roscommon and Cavan on the named teams
  • Roscommon beat Cavan in the penultimate round of the league, continuing their excellent record against them - since their Under-21 semi-final win the teams have met nine times at senior level. And Cavan have won only once.

    Cavan were very unlucky last time out, but Roscommon's bench should see them through again. The likes of Niall Daly, Enda Smith and Cathal Cregg among the replacements.

  • GAME ON!

    Roscommon 0-0 Cavan 0-0 (1') Cavan win the throw in and are quickly forced out with their first attack coming to nothing

  • Roscommon 0-1 Cavan 1-0 (3') Conor Bradley with a GOAL for Cavan. Roscommon wide open at the back. Their captain Conor Devaney responds with a lovely point from the left of the posts
  • Roscommon 0-1 Cavan 1-1 (7') Caoimhin O'Reilly taps over a free before Dara McVeety is pulled down for a penalty. he's been very lively - as expected - so far.  
  • Roscommon 0-2 Cavan 2-1 (9') Martin Reilly rolls in the penalty. Before Devaney scores his second. A strong start by him
  • Roscommon with numbers back marking space, but Cavan playing into the wind are not kicking the ball. And their overlapping runner is constantly going unmarked. Roscommon need to push up with the wind.  

    Both Devaney and Ciaran Brady exchange wides

  • Roscommon 0-3 Cavan 2-1 (13') Donie Smith scores a beauty before big Gearoid McKiernan wins his second kick-out in a row
  • Roscommon 0-4 Cavan 2-1 (14') Diarmuid Murtagh gets his first point. Roscommon's third left footer to get in on the act. From a tight angle on the left
  • Roscommon 0-5 Cavan 2-1 (17') Diarmuid Murtagh taps over Roscommon's first free. Gap closed to two
  • Roscommon 0-6 Cavan 2-1 (20') Donie Smith does well to win a free, Diarmuid Murtagh scores it
  • Roscommon 0-7 Cavan 2-1 (22') Diarmuid Murtagh again after a fine mark by Cathal Compton
  • Roscommon 0-9 Cavan 2-1 (24') Ciaran Murtagh scores a free and Roscommon are ahead. Then Devaney blazes over the bar to extend that lead. What a response
  • Cavan's fourth wide via Bryan Magee and then after a flat kickout Dara McVeety pounces for Cavan's third goal!!
  • Roscommon 0-9 Cavan 3-1 (27') What a crazy game so far
  • Cavan change: Niall Murray comes on for Magee  
  • Roscommon 0-10 Cavan 3-1 (29') Donie Smith points with his weaker right foot. Level again
  • Roscommon 0-11 Cavan 3-1 (30') Donie Smith again, this time a beauty off the outside of his left boot
  • Roscommon 0-12 Cavan 3-1 (32') Niall Kilroy floats one over after excellent patient build up play
  • Roscommon 0-12 Cavan 3-1 (34') Conor Daly wins a free, but Murtagh puts it wide. Their fourth wide (Roscommon).

    Two minutes of first half additional time to be played

  • Roscommon 0-12 Cavan 3-2 (35')  Padraig Faulkner drives forward to get Cavan's second point

  • HT Roscommon 0-12 Cavan 3-2 Donie Smith shoots wide from a tight angle. What a first half. Cavan will have the wind in the second half, and if their first half shooting is anything to go by it's very strong. Roscommon showed great character to come back from the early goals, but for all their domination and that wind, they'd have hoped to be further ahead!

  • Roscommon 0-12 Cavan 3-3 (36')  Second half underway as Dara McVeety gets the first point of the half

  • Roscommon 0-13 Cavan 3-3 (39')  Niall McInerney - on his return (he's missed recent weekss due to exams) - points after a long spell of Roscommon possession

  • Roscommon 0-13 Cavan 3-4 (40')  Seanie Johnston's free levels things up again

  • Roscommon 0-13 Cavan 3-5 (42')  The outstanding McVeety again. 1-2 for him so far

  • Roscommon 1-13 Cavan 3-5 (44')  Brian Stack and Devaney combine and Kilroy palms into the net. Roscommon ahead by two

  • Roscommon 2-13 Cavan 3-5 (46')  Unbelievable pass from Donie Smith to Stack, he pops to Davy Murray and the Roscommon corner back takes on his man and buries a GOAL

  • Enda Smith on for Tadhg O'Rourke
  • Roscommon 2-14 Cavan 3-5 (46')  Super block by Stack, Enda Smith breaks away, plays a one-two and points

  • Roscommon 2-14 Cavan 3-6 (49')  McVeety keeping Cavan in it. Another point from him (1-3)

  • Roscommon 2-14 Cavan 4-6 (51')  The sixth GOAL of the game. Enda Flanagan (who has just been taken off) is quickest to the breaks off a long ball amnd pulls on it into the top corner.

    Cathal Cregg comes on for Ciaran Lennon for Roscommon

  • Roscommon 2-14 Cavan 4-7 (52')  Faulkner's second point. Only the one point in it now as McKiernan catches another at midfield

  • Cavan so close to a fifth goal. Last ditch save by Featherston and tap away by Fergal Lennon
  • Raymond Galligan then misses his second Cavan 45. Still a one point game
  • Roscommon 2-14 Cavan 4-8 (59')  Seanie Johnston levels matters from a tight angle to the right of the posts

  • Roscommon 3-14 Cavan 4-8 (61')  This is madness. Another goal, this time Cathal Cregg rolls it under the Cavan 'keeper

  • Roscommon 3-14 Cavan 4-9 (61')  Dara McVeety off, Conor Moynagh on. That's an odd one. As Niall Daly replaces Brian Stack.  

    Meanwhile Seanie Johnston points another

  • Roscommon 4-14 Cavan 4-9 (64')  Cathal Cregg pops it to Devaney and then follows up on the rebound for the eighth goal of the game - his second

  • Roscommon 4-14 Cavan 4-10 (68')  The Cavan goalkeeper gets a point at last from his third attempt

  • Roscommon 4-15 Cavan 4-10 (68')  Beautiful football. Handpassing counter ends in Ian Kilbride fisting a point

  • Four minutes of additional time to be played
  • Roscommon 4-15 Cavan 4-12 (72')  Roscommon down to 14 players. Diarmuid Murtagh is black carded and they've already used six subs. McKiernan points a free, Johnston then points another

  • Roscommon playing keep ball. Three up and inside the last minute pf added time
  • Roscommon 4-16 Cavan 4-12 (74')  Cathal Cregg with the insurance point

  • FT Roscommon 4-16 Cavan 4-12 What a game of footbal! Eight goals. Two wide open defences but Roscommon in particular played some beautiful football and fully deserving of their four point win

  • Division One football final

    Dublin v Galway

    GALWAY:  Ruairi Lavelle; Declan Kyne, Sean Andy O Ceallaigh, Eoghan Kerin; Gareth Bradshaw, Cathal Sweeney, Johnny Heaney; Peter Cooke, Ciaran Duggan; Eamonn Brannigan, Paul Conroy, Sean Kelly; Barry McHugh, Damien Comer, Sean Armstrong.

    DUBLIN:  Stephen Cluxton; Philly McMahon, Michael Fitzsimons, David Byrne; James McCarthy, Jonny Cooper, John Small; Brian Fenton, Michael Darragh Macauley; Brian Howard, Kevin McManamon, Niall Scully; Dean Rock, Ciaran Kilkenny, Paddy Andrews.

  • Paul Mannion replaces Paddy Andrews in the Dublin team. Shane Walsh replaces Sean Armstrong in the Galway team

    Dublin 0-0 Galway 0-0 (1') Dublin win the throw in and Paul Mannion has a shot at goal saved in the first attack

  • Dublin 0-2 Galway 0-0 (2') Dean Rock opens the scoring. Paul Mannion quickly adds a second - both from play

  • Dublin have the wind advantage
  • Dublin's first wide via Philly McMahon
  • Dublin 0-2 Galway 0-1 (6') Damien Comer pulled down by Cooper - no black card - McHugh taps over the free

  • Dublin 0-2 Galway 0-1 (8') Umpires said yes to Eamonn Brannigan's effort. Hawk Eye however said no

  • Dublin 0-2 Galway 0-2 (9') There's no denying Johnny Heaney though as he drills over a beauty

  • Dublin 0-3 Galway 0-2 (11') John Small on the overlap puts Dublin ahead again

  • Referee goes for the yellow rather than the black again - as McMahon pulls down Comer and McHugh points the free. Level game
  • Dublin 0-4 Galway 0-3 (14') Niall Scully is free inside, steps in on his left and puts Dublin ahead again

  • Dublin 0-5 Galway 0-3 (16') Ciaran Kilkenny starts and finishes a handpassing move before fisting over

  • Dublin 0-5 Galway 0-5 (18') Damien Comer shows his power, he cuts inside his man, throws off the tackler and points. McHugh then adds a free.

    Excellent start by Galway into the wind

  • Some off the ball stuff creeping in already. Yellow card apiece for MD MacAuley and Paul Conroy
  • Dublin 0-5 Galway 0-6 (20') Excellent point from McHugh, lots of air on it but Galway - playing against the wind - lead

  • Dublin 0-6 Galway 0-6 (22') For the second time Paul Mannion is in on goal and this time Ruairi Lavelle tips it over the bar. Mannion's second point

  • Ciaran Kilkenny handpass is adjudged to be a throw and so Dublin denied another point
  • Dublin 0-7 Galway 0-6 (25') Dublin regain the lead via a Dean Rock free. His second point and first from a placed ball

  • Dublin 0-8 Galway 0-6 (28') Sloppy play from Eoghan Kerrin. Dublin break away forcing Bradshaw to foul Kilkenny. Rock scores the resultant free

  • Dublin 0-8 Galway 0-7 (32') Paul Conroy leaves his man catching flies with a solo dummy then plays it on his left before pointing off his weaker foot. Top class

  • Dublin 0-8 Galway 0-8 (34') Johnny Heaney's second point, he takes the ball on the bounce and points on the turn. Another great score.

    Eric Lowndes replaces the injured James McCarthy

  • Two minutes of first half additional time to be played
  • Lavelle catches Fenton's effort over the crossbar
  • HT Dublin 0-8 Galway 0-8 - Teams level at half time after Galway playing against the wind. They are controlling the game, but how they use that wind will be key as Dublin will look to punish them on the counter upon any slip up

  • Dublin 0-9 Galway 0-8 (36') Colm Basquel on for Kevin Mc at halftime, and he opens the second half scoring
  • Dublin 0-9 Galway 0-9 (38') Paul Conroy fouled in a Galway counter-attack. McHugh scores the resultant free. Level again
  • Eoin Murchan on for John Small, temporary sub. Small took a bang to the head in the last Galway attack
  • Dublin 0-11 Galway 0-9 (42') Very harsh free on Kerin. Dean Rock and the Galway corner back meet for a loose ball and the referee gives a free-in. Rock taps it over. Mannion follows up with another after a poor restart
  • Dublin 0-12 Galway 0-9 (45') Basquel's second after Fenton plucks a kickout
  • Dublin 0-12 Galway 0-10 (46') Shane Walsh with his weaker left off the ground. Brilliant free when Galway really needed it
  • Second yellow for Scully - high tackle on Conroy - Dublin down to 14
  • Dublin 0-12 Galway 0-11 (50') McHugh nails the free after that foul. All to play for here. One point game
  • Con O'Callaghan - wearing number 15 - coming on for Dublin and with Galway growing in confidence he's needed
  • Dublin 0-12 Galway 0-12 (54') Another moment of individual brilliance by Walsh. Skins his man, cuts left and floats it over
  • Dublin 0-13 Galway 0-13 (55') Dean Rock with a crucial free from a left footer's angle. Next attack and Comer fists over a long ball.
  • Rock turns down the chance to take his point, plays a one-two with Fenton and then Basquel but Lavelle saves his shot
  • Dublin 0-14 Galway 0-13 (59') Rock - in to the wind - scores a 45. Dubs ahead again
  • Dublin 0-15 Galway 0-13 (59') Dublin will punish every mistake. Cooke's handpass is hanging. McMahon cuts it out. Fenton breaks out and Kilkenny points.

    Gary O'Donnell on for Heaney

  • Dublin 0-15 Galway 0-14 (65') A peach of a score from Comer, 40m out on the right. Kerin - smallest man on the field - then catches the kickout

  • Dublin 0-16 Galway 0-14 (65') Fenton pops it to Fenton to put two in it again. Tom Flynn then replaces Cooke who had a fine first half but wasn't in it in the second

  • Bradshaw and Walsh off for Galway. Adrian Varley and Johnny Duane come on
  • One minute of normal time left and Galway trail by two
  • Five minutes of additional time to be played. Galway fans going mad as there have been two minutes wasted on the last free alone
  • 73 minutes gone and Dublin playing keep ball. They lead by two  
  • Dublin 0-17 Galway 0-14 (73') Basquel points and Dublin's intensity level has gone through the roof in the last few minutes

  • Dublin 0-18 Galway 0-14 (75') Fenton fouled and Rock taps over the free. Insurance point. Ciaran Kilkenny named man of the match

  • FT Dublin 0-18 Galway 0-14  Molly Malone being played on the loud speaker, as Dublin win another title. They hit another gear late on. But crucuially they took the lead at the start of the second half and made Galway chase it

  • Galway can be pleased however. They were certainly competitive. Their bench looked a little light weight but they have injuries to return as the summer goes on.

  • So that's that . . .  Two excellent games of football. Some fantastic scores and in the Division One decider some championship intensity in the tackle also. Roscommon and Dublin go away with the silverware, as Galway confirm their arrival as one of the top teams.

    Match reports flowing in already, until next weekend and the hurling league final, thanks for joining us.


  • Football Division 1 final
    Dublin 0-18 Galway 0-14

    Football Division 2 final
    Cavan 4-12 Roscommon 4-16

    Hurling Division 1 semi-final
    Wexford 2-15 Kilkenny 1-27