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Joanne Hunt Mon, Aug 12
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  • 08:30
    It's a bright, breezy morning in the Capital. But maybe bring a geansaí. Met Eireann says it should stay dry across Munster and south Leinster today with scattered showers elsewhere. Temperatures 15 to 19 degrees.
  • 08:30
    Good morning. Joanne Hunt here on the Daily Wire, with you until 5pm. Happy Monday.
  • 08:37
    The headlines in today's Irish Times: Revenue to move on research loophole as millions lost. US call to Haughey on Gorbachev summit. Warning of spine damages to young from computer games.

    And there's a great pic of Shauna Mahony (5) from Kilkenny taking part in a potato sack race at Tullamore Show yesterday. Go Shauna.
  • 08:39
    Did anyone else go see Beauty and the Beast, the open air movie in Marlay Park yesterday? There was sunshine, laying about on the grass, 99s and not a dry eye in the house. Congrats to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Council for a grand, free day out.
  • 08:48
    And some headlines from the rest:
    Irish Independent: Colleges to lose €50m if they miss new targets
    Irish Examiner: Capital gains: Rebels ensure all-Munster decider
    Irish Daily Star: Irish woman's Peru drug hell - 'we want our baby back home'
    Irish Daily Mirror: Drug Girls - We're scared to death
    Irish Sun: Ah here, sleaze it out - parents' fury at Leaving Cert 'sex party'
    Irish Daily Mail: Bishop forbids families from giving eurlogies for loved ones
  • 09:00
    'Penis rodeo', 'sex position competition', 'wet t-shirt competition', 'beer bongs', 'vodka super soakers' and '300 free shots at midnight' - reports The Irish Sun of a flyer for a 'F*ck the Results' Leaving Cert party. In Athlone, Co Westmeath no less. What larks.

  • 09:08
    Sleaze-tastic. Not in my day.

    Eric Idle: "When I were a lad... I had to get up in the morning at ten o'clock at night, half an hour before I went to bed, eat a lump of cold poison, work twenty-nine hours a day down mill, and pay mill owner for permission to come to work, and when we got home, our Dad would kill us, and dance about on our graves singing "Hallelujah."

    Michael Palin: But you try and tell the young people today that... and they won't believe ya'.
  • 09:17
    And not only are our young people sex-mad, they're also hunchbacks.

    Two Dutch orthopaedic specialists have identified a new, uniquely 21st century, medical condition they’ve called “Gameboy back” – a curvature of the spine afflicting youngsters who spend their days hunched over games consoles and other handheld devices such as smartphones and iPads.

    The medics say the condition is becoming common among eight to 18 year olds, who are visiting their family doctors complaining of mystery back problems previously seen only in hardworking adults over 50. Read Peter Cluskey's report.
  • 09:31

    Snap's 'Rhythm is a dancer', Dr Alban's 'It's my life' and Kym Sims 'Too blind to see it', were in the charts when I got my Leaving Cert results. NOW! That's What I Call Music.

  • 09:42

    A busy night for Gardai in Cork. They foiled an attempted armed robbery on the home of a businessman in Glounthaune in east Cork last night.

    Two men in their 30s and 40s were arrested near the scene of the incident at around 11pm. Three others were arrested in the early hours of today. Read Barry Roche's report.

  • 09:54

    How much alcohol  would €35,000 buy?

    The Garda has said it has “no evidence” that €35,000 worth of alcohol was 'distributed' to members of the force policing the Corrib gas pipeline works in the immediate aftermath of clashes with protesters.
    Allegations that a company contracted to Shell E&P delivered large quantities of alcohol to the Garda – including a single delivery worth €35,000 to Belmullet Garda station in December 2007 – emerged in British media at the weekend.
    Commenting on the allegations, the Garda press office last night issued a short statement:  "Inquiries conducted in relation to these allegations found no evidence of alcohol being distributed to members of An Garda Síochána by, or on behalf of, Shell E&P.”

    'Distributed' is an unusual choice of words. Read Tim O'Brien's report.

  • 10:03
    Livin' the dream. And looking a bit bored with the dream. Even the glitter cannons can't lift this performance.
  • 10:19
    "Try not to fight with your colleagues over who should write on the board, get obviously annoyed with other team members because you are not getting your way or tear apart others' ideas when you are contributing none of your own..."

    Advice from Accenture to applicants applying for one of the 140 new jobs the company has announced. Participation in a group exercise, observed by interviewers, is part of the assessment for some roles at the company.
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  • 10:33

    Bringing 'excitement and theatre' to the weekly shop. A video from Bloomberg about how Tesco is hoping to make its stores a 'destination' for shoppers by including fancy coffee counters, artisan bakeries, nail bars, parent gyms and 'community rooms' where local groups can meet and mingle.

  • 10:43
    "Every Valentine's Day, Feargal Quinn stood at the checkout with a red rose and a kiss for each female customer."

    A look back at retailing in Ireland, Superquinn-style, by Ann Marie Hourihane in today's Irish Times.
  • 10:52
    A recent survey found that 43 per cent of Aldi customers said there was "nowhere else they would prefer to shop" for food and grocery items, writes Conor Pope in today's Price Watch. Check out his A-Z of Irish supermarkets.
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  • 11:02

    Sexual health check by post?

    The Irish Family Planning Association (IFPA) has partnered with prescription website Lloyds Online Doctor to provide home testing kits for common sexually transmitted infections (STIs) including chlamydia, gonorrhoea and HIV.

    “Eliminating barriers to STI testing services is critical, in particular for people living in remote areas who face challenges in accessing testing services located in public hospitals, and for people on low-income who can be required to pay upwards of €125 for a full screening at local STI clinics," said the IFPA's Dr. Caitriona Henchion.

  • 11:06
    And for the bashful, I guess it beats meeting someone you know in the clinic waiting room.
  • 11:26
    1989: Dublin women take over the Forty Foot bathing spot in Sandycove, Iran orders the death of Salman Rushdie for blasphemy in his 'Satanic Verses' and 'Gorbomania' sweeps Ireland. 

    "The Irish have let themselves be convinced they have a role to play in the democratic evolution of the Soviet Republic," writes former US ambassador to Ireland, Margaret Heckler to secretary of state Jim Baker of a summit between Mikhail Gorbachev and Charles Haughey at Shannon airport in 1989.

    Stephen Collins reports on the correspondence released under the US Freedom of Information Act.

    I don't remember Gorbomania. I remember air-guitaring to 'Sweet Child of Mine' a lot though.
  • 11:31

    "Mikhail and Charlie, two small men, striding along, shoulder to shoulder - one wearing a fedora, the other a Charvet shirt" - read Miriam Lord's take on 'Gorbomania'.

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  • 11:40
    Ah don't go Gerry, you were great crack.
  • 11:43
    Ciara O'Brien is tweeting from UPC's Horizon launch.
  • 11:53
    If found guilty of smuggling cocaine from Peru to Spain, Belfast girl Michaella McCollum Connolly could face between seven and 25 years behind bars. 

    The 20 year-old  is currently being held by police in Lima on suspicion of drug-trafficking.  She's receiving support from the Irish consulate in Mexico.
  • 12:03
    No greater love.
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  • 12:16
    Chris O'Dowd's hometown of Boyle writes an anthem. It's anthemic.
  • 12:21
    Golfer Lee Westwood hits back at twitter trolls.
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  • 12:39
    Are you a bad tourist? See how some holiday-makers insist on leaving their mark.
  • 12:46
    Police in England have charged a man with manslaughter in connection with the death of a 64-year-old in a row over a disabled parking space.

    Brian Holmes died from head injuries after a confrontation with 65-year old Alan Watts over a car park space at an Asda supermarket in Biggleswade.
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  • 13:01
    I'm sure many academics resent that their job spec has pivoted from lecturing and research to plámás-ing industry.
  • 13:04
    If you use Aer Lingus regional services to get about, prepare for disruption. Pilots at Aer Arann, which operates Aer Lingus regional services, have voted in favour of industrial action in a dispute over pay.
  • 13:11
    The line up for Arthur's Day has been announced. Are you groaning about a boozy marketing stunt or looking forward to the free gigs?
  • 13:14
  • 13:31
    MEAS (Mature Enjoying of Alcohol in Society) has some handy Arthur's Day tips for you:

    "Don't try to keep up with the fastest drinker...Try and limit rounds to two or three friends..If you’re lucky enough to have Arthur's Day off work, then don’t go flat out for the day... Take it slowly if you feel fine the morning after, you may still be over the legal driving limit."

    Fun times.
  • 13:46
    Record four TV programmes at the same time while watching another? Ciara O'Brien was at the launch of  a new TV offering.  Can you  envisage wanting to record four programmes at once?
  • 13:53

    Watch  Barry Roche's video report from the scene of the foiled armed robbery in Co Cork.

  • 14:01

    Where in the World? Glenroe, The News and The Sunday Game - I recall there being a need in our house to record four shows in a row alright, but not simultaneously. But would 'the tape' stretch to 3.5 hours? You'd have to erase Today Tonight and Mart & Market first.

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  • 14:29
    BREAKING: The penis rodeo scheduled to take place in Athlone on Wednesday has been cancelled.

    The front page of the Irish Sun had today reported on a 'F*ck the Results' Leaving Cert party advertised to take place at Karma nightclub in the town. The flyer, from Midnight Promotions, also promised school-leavers a wet t-shirt competition, a 'sex position' competition and drinking games.

    Two hours ago, the people at Karma nightclub posted a statement on the venue's Facebook page saying the flyer was put out without the club's consent and that no such event will take place.

    In fact, in light of the incident, the club will now remain closed on results night.

    House party anyone?
  • 14:40
    Cycling groups have welcomed David Cameron's pledge of £77m of public money to get more people on their bikes around England, a scheme the prime minister said marked the start of "a cycling revolution", The Guardian reports.

    Maybe it will spur Minister Leo to get on his bike.
  • 14:56

    Never seen so many clean living cailíní agus buachaillí in one place. De Valera would be delighted.

  • 14:58
  • 15:12
    Pilots at Ryanair feel inhibited from reporting safety concerns, according to a survey by the unofficial Ryanair Pilot Group.

    Some 89 per cent of the Ryanair pilots surveyed by the group said they did not consider the airline had an open and transparent safety culture, while two-thirds were not comfortable raising issues through an internal reporting system.

  • 15:24
    Dutch Prince Johan Friso, who went into a coma following a skiing incident in February 2012, has died, according to the Dutch government.

    The prince, 44, was skiing off-piste in Lech, Austria when he was buried in an avalanche. He had suffered brain damage in the incident.

    Singer Sonny Bono and actor Natasha Richardson also died as a result of ski accidents. In recent years, some travel insurers have said skiing without a helmet is in contravention of their policies.
  • 15:48
     Sexism and Smurfette - in the cast of the new movie The Smurfs 2, the male characters are Papa, Grouchy, Clumsy, Vanity, Narrator, Brainy, Handy, Gutsy, Hefty, Panicky, Farmer, Greedy, Party Planner, Jokey, Smooth, Baker, Passive-Aggressive, Clueless, Social, and Crazy. And the female one is Smurfette - because being female is enough for her, writes Philip Cohen in The Atlantic.

    (I also recommend this article for the pictures of groovy 1970s clobber at the end).
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  • 16:00

    (The wind turbines come in flat packs and will take a whole Saturday to assemble).

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  • 16:23
    The new owner of the 'Washington Post' takes daily vitamins that have been secreted away in his socks by his wife. Always a fun read from Lucy Kellaway in Monday's Irish Times business pages.
  • 16:37
    Check out the new Facebook page of Irish Times foreign affairs correspondent, Mary Fitzgerald. Her words and pictures from around the world.
  • 16:47

    A fan of Swedish pop group ABBA has made money, money, money by selling his collection of more than 25,000 ABBA albums, posters and other memorabilia at an auction house in Stockholm.

    Items include ABBA-branded clogs, soaps and Barbie dolls.

  • 16:55

    That's it from the Daily Wire for today, thanks for stopping by.  We're back again at 9am. Keep up to date overnight on and on twitter @IrishTimesLive.

  • 16:55
    Mixed weather for the rest of the week, says Met Eireann. Very mild and humid for Wednesday and Thursday, feeling warm where sunshine breaks through. Fresher and more unsettled towards next weekend with frequent heavy blustery showers.