Garth Brooks

We blog the singer's press conference live from Nashville. Is he or isn't he coming to Croker?

Genevieve Carbery Thu, Jul 10
LIVE: Garth Brooks

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  • 16:20

    The countdown is on - 41 minutes- until the moment the country has been waiting for. No, not the Cabinet reshuffle silly - it's the Garth Brooks press conference live from Tennessee.  

    We'll be bringing you the latest here as it happens. A nation holds its breath.  

  • 16:22

    The latest twist and turn in this ultimate of all silly season stories has landed from Croke Park community and handball centre  in the last hour:  

    “  In the interest of all the Croke Park communities we are prepared to consider a new direction with a view to facilitating the holding of the  Garth  Brooks concerts.

    The Lord Mayor, Cllr. Christy Burke, who has been a central figure in the negotiations, has agreed to bring this latest development to the attention of the various parties involved".


    You may never have heard of the community and handball centre, but it was one of the residents groups objecting to the concerts.
  • 16:29
    This might look like a community hall preparing for a meeting but it's where we will find out if fan's prayers are answered or unanswered.  
  • 16:32
    I'm truly shocked and flabbergasted by reports that Barack Obama won't intervene in this greatest of all crises. What could be more important on his agenda?  
  • 16:38

    Have you enjoyed the Dance that has been the Garth Brooks fiasco/farce  - as the man himself would say - "And now I'm glad I didn't know, The way it all would end the way it all would go, Our lives are better left to chance I could have missed the pain, But I'd have had to miss the dance"

    Prepare yourself for a large smattering of cheesy Garth lyrics throughout this process (I'm not a fan by any stretch but my Kildare upbringing means they are buried in the depths of my memory somewhere!) .

  • 16:47

    Never ones to even consider using a big event for publicity, bookmaker Paddy Power said earlier today it suspended taking bets on the Garth Brooks concerts after relentless bets from stetson-weating punters and a letter from the country singer saw the odds plunge from 8/1 to 1/2 before the market was shut.  

  • 16:54
    Any chance he'll come out and sing the press conference? (read this to low places tune) "I didn't mean to cause a big scene? Just give me five gigs and then."  ***aiming this bit firmly at Dublin City Council's Owen Keegan "Well I'll be as high as that ivory tower That you're livin' in" ***then aiming this at Taoiseach Enda Kenny** I've got friends in high places......
  • 16:57
    Get your stetsons ready - three minutes and counting. And Garth is in the building. Hold onto your horses.  
  • 17:00
    Ah here Piers Morgan is now intervening in Garthmania! Who next? Line up line up.  
  • 17:04
    All across the country fans are watching thunder roll outside  while onscreen they have this on the Garth Brooks website :  
  • 17:09
    it's started - a crowd warmer first  
  • 17:09
  • 17:10
    First there's a guy doing the cinema announcement - telling them to turn off their mobile phones and be quiet  
  • 17:11
    CEO of Sony Music Doug Morris is next on stage.  
  • 17:13
    He said Garth is a "true humanitarian" referring to his children's charity. Couldnt be more excited about bringing his music to people around the world.  
  • 17:14
    here's Garth - "it's a day of joy ...but with everythong going on it's under a cloud"
  • 17:15
    He is saying he is very lucky to be joining sony music. He thanked God for giving him a chance at second half of a career.
  • 17:15
  • 17:16
    So he's wearing classic cowboy - jeans and a shirt
  • 17:18
    The big question is digital music - he says. He's allowing music to go digital for the first time in the next two or three weeks (I am shocked his stuff isn't digital yet). It will only be available on - he says.  
  • 17:19
    He's talking about people watching on live stream. "I welcome all the believers out there" (just reaching for a bucket here)
  • 17:20
    This is the longest I've ever talked at one point in my life - he says. Yet he STILL hasn't mentioned Dublin. Come on Garth?  
  • 17:21
    He's gonig to call a kid called Andy he met in Vegas on July 14th to tell him what the first city on the live tour is - he says ( sorry you've missed a soppy anecdote in between)
  • 17:21
    Ireland here we go
  • 17:22
    I see a lot of people too young to remember the 1990s. In the 90s controversy and Garth Brooks found each other. I always knew how I got into it - Ireland I don't have a clue
  • 17:22
    In Janaury he went and was treated like a king he says.
  • 17:23
    He said after the three gigs Peter Aiken told him he had enough demand for 400,000 people.  
  • 17:23
    He said they wanted to take care of everyone who queued in Limerick who waited days. "I got letters from Limerick they were all sweet saying I wouldn't get them". They were all apprecdaitive. Everything was Rockin.
  • 17:24
    Up to two weeks ago there was nothing but love. Then it came we're ok on three you're going to have to figure out other two **he shrugs shoulders**
  • 17:25
    We don't do golden circle. No difference in price for seats. Everyone treated the same, he says. We don't treat people different so now what do I do for 160,000 people.  
  • 17:25
    With a simple yes you can make 400k people happy. It's a simple yes. Open it up for everybody let them have fun. Then go to work on letting it not happen again. Don't sell a show you are just gonig to cancel on them. It's not ok.
  • 17:26
    If the prime minister himself wants to talk to me I will crawl swim fly over to him. I will drop on my knees just to let those 400,000 people see me.  
  • 17:26
    So now question time.  
  • 17:27
    He's having a catch up with RTE's Catriona Perry asking her if she has an answer and what she knows!  
  • 17:28
    Let's address the embarrassment - Ireland should never be embarrassed - the most loving people on the planet- they will eat you alive a great place .  
  • 17:29
    Owen Keegan's ears are buring methinks - Garth says - You have a gentleman over there standing by his decision. there should be somebody above that gentleman who can say we're going to have five shows.  
  • 17:30
    Garth sounds like he's ruling out a matinee. The show 250 feet wide 20 feet tall and that's the video screen. 75% of the people who bought tickets are 25 years or younger because of what their mom and dad are telling them. This isn't a show you pick up and move it's a one time only thing.  
  • 17:32
    He's plamasing us Irish again: "This thing [show] is monstrous - it must match the quality integrity of the Irish people".  
  • 17:34
    Hmm he's a great man for the dramatic phrases- "Anyone sad about this you're not one billionth as sad as I am. I'mthe guy out the greatest experience of his life. "
  • 17:36
    "It's not Ireland to say 160,000 people. Screw you." maybe he doesn't know much about our history...  
  • 17:37
    So it doesn't sound like he's announcing anything re Croke Park gigs. He's just appealing to the authorities. The wait goes on. Can we put up with another day of Garth headlines?
  • 17:38
    Garth says he didn't have any hints that there was going to be a problem with planning.  
  • 17:40
    Our own Simon Carswell is at the press conference:  
  • 17:42
    All the country music press are asking their questions - great accents - but obviously no questions about AYERLAND (Ireland)
  • 17:43
    For a man who says he doesn't like to talk we're hitting almost 40 minutes.  
  • 17:44
    This really is the quote of the press conference:  
  • 17:45
  • 17:46
  • 17:48
    So the nation now feeling deflated as it looks like there is no news only hot air from this press conference. Some wondering when this nightmare of no gigs will end...others wondering when the nightmare of no other story in town will end. Fans, non fans. We're all in a groundhog day-like hell.  
  • 17:55
    This press conference is really for hard core Garth Brooks fans now. He's talking about minding his kids. More cringe-enducing emotion. The greatest gift he ever got.  
  • 17:55
    Last question- and it's not about Ireland.  
  • 17:59
    That's it folks it's a wrap. You can watch back the best bit of the video- where he talks about AYERLAND  here.    Is "If tomorrow never comes" stuck in your head after that too? (Will this never end?)
  • 18:12
    A true Tennessee welcome for the Garth Brooks press corp.... (with all that, would you call it excitement?, I forgot it's almost dinner time).