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Planning College Green without cars, reaction to an epic hurling final and the day's rolling news

Joanne Hunt Mon, Sep 9
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    It's a dry, cool morning in the capital. Most parts of the country will be dry today with sunny spells. Temperatures rising to between 14 and 17 degrees. Is it time for socks yet?
  • 08:59
    Are you one of the 81,651 people in Ireland with post-traumatic stress disorder this morning? What a match.
  • 09:09

    Brendan Bugler throttles/congratulates Domhnall O’Donovan of Clare on scoring the last point  - 30 seconds over the alotted two minutes of injury time - to draw the game with Cork. Photographer: Dara Mac Dónaill

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  • 09:11
    "Imagine not getting it. Imagine missing the chance to bathe in an All-Ireland hurling final like this, one that ended level only because a corner-back who’d never before scored a point as a Clare hurler decided that deep into injury-time at the end of the season was the time to start..." Malachy Clerkin was there.
  • 09:20

    And on to more things autumn.

    'Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun...and hepatitis A.

    Some 15 people are now suspected of having contracted hepatitis A from imported frozen berries while two others are suspected of having contracted the virus from infected people, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland has said. Alison Healy reports.

  • 09:22
    The Food Safety Authority is advising people to boil all imported frozen berries for at least one minute before eating. Jam so.
  • 09:36
    Traffic to be excluded from College Green? The pedestrianisation of Suffolk Street and the removal of traffic from Westmoreland Street? What is this nirvana you speak of? Frank McDonald reports on a proposed Dublin city centre revamp, set to make life easier for those on foot and bike.
  • 09:40
    "I take exception to this plan on the grounds that if it goes ahead it will ultimately prioritise pedestrians and cyclists. As a car owner, I pay road tax to use the roads. What do cyclists bring to the table in terms of revenue?"  Check out readers' comments on the new plan. 
  • 09:58

    To everyone on a bus to Dublin right now, coming up to hear how their town or village fared in the SuperValu Tidy Towns competition - well done. You've played a blinder.

  • 10:01
    We'll have results of the Tidy Towns competition for you after noon.
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  • 10:22
    Remember Freshers' Week? The week you signed up to Dram Soc and The Hist, but never went? The week you moved into a flat in Rathmines with three strangers? Well the kids doing that today were born around 1995.
  • 10:23
    Does anyone remember an event in the Buttery called 'Feel a little Fresher'?
  • 10:38
    DIT Freshers' Week is next week.

    Monday: DIT Graffiti Fresh Crawl ('raunchy pubs games',  'a serious amount of shifting')
    Tuesday: Ultimate Full Moon Party ('foam cannon', 'glow sticks')
    Wednesday: Fresh Sesh Live ('subtle shifting', 'indoor smoking area')
    Thursday: Freshers' Ball ('This will be a night you never forget')
    Friday: Vario Volinksi Live (I don't know what this is)

    Imagine going out five nights in a row.
  • 10:42

    If you've any money left after that, Conor Pope has some budgeting tips. Read his 'Letter to the new students of Ireland'.

  • 10:42
    Dan Anyone who pulls the"we pay road tax" card needs their logic checked. It is motorised transport which damages roads needing a road tax. Road tax isn't just cause you use them but to help maintain them and bikes do minimum damage.
  • 10:44
    There's been a serious traffic collision on the M50.
  • 10:50
    At least five former Fine Gael aides are working as public relations advisers to the tobacco industry in Ireland, Britain and Brussels, writes Paul Cullen.
  • 10:55
    Broadcaster and public relations executive Bill O’Herlihy told Minister for Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht Jimmy Deenihan he had been “terrific” in his help in gaining access to Government ministers on behalf of the tobacco industry. Read Ronan McGreevy's report.
  • 10:57
    It costs us €1 billion a year to provide health services for smokers, says the Department of Health.
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    Serena Williams celebrates winning her women’s singles final match against Victoria Azarenka at Flushing Meadows.
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  • 11:45

    The Invsolvency Service of Ireland has begun taking applications today from people who want to restructure their debts. With more than 100,000 people in some form of arrears with their loans, the new service offers three debt solutions. Find out more.

  • 11:49
    Whether your debts are less that €20,000 or up to €3 million, here are the new personal insolvency options.
  • 12:02

    “Dear Jamie, Since you decided to say ‘cancer is not an excuse’ and swear at your employees like you do ALL the time?.?.?.?WE QUIT."

    So read a note pasted by three US shoe shop employees in the window of the store before walking out. Someone took a snap of it and the internet did the rest. But does viral revenge leave lasting marks on target companies? Lucy Kellaway finds out.

  • 12:06
    Some quibbling over our spelling of 'deserts' on the front page headline of today's Irish Times: 'Second helpings prove the just deserts'
  • 12:07
  • 12:16
    So there’s  -  
    ‘Dessert’:  the last course of a meal.
    ‘Desert’: what you deserve. Used in the phrase “just deserts”.
    ‘Desert’: like the Sahara

    In our headline, the correct spelling is “desert”.
  • 12:29

    Gardaí are investigating a shooting incident in Dublin’s East Wall.

    Officers were called to the St Mary’s Road area shortly after 11.30am after a number of gunshots were heard. It is unclear if anyone has been injured in the incident at this stage.

  • 12:33
    She had us on tenter hooks, but at last Cher has spoken out on Syria.
  • 12:41
    'Amazing! Yet another article about how the removal of private cars from the city centre will turn us into a continental paradise... isnt that what was promised when Temple Bar came along? Remind me how that's working out?'

    Reader comments coming in thick and fast on Frank McDonald's article on Dublin traffic plans.
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  • 13:07
    GAA confirms throw-in time for hurling replay:

    “After consultation with An Garda Síochána the GAA can confirm that the GAA Hurling All-Ireland final replay on Saturday September 28th will have a 5pm throw-in time."
  • 13:11
    Congratulations to Moynalty, Co. Meath, overall winner of this year's Supervalu Tidy Towns competition.
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  • 13:18
    All that weed-pulling, gate-painting, flower-watering, fundraising, midge-dodging, street-sweeping, wall-spraying, graveyard-tending, tree-planting, hedge-strimming and window-cleaning has paid off. Well done Moynalty!
  • 13:22
    Killarney has been named the tidiest large town and Kenmare the tidiest small town.
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  • 13:24
  • 13:33
    So what's the scoop on Moynalty?
    1. It’s a village in the north-west of County Meath, 8km from Kells, near the Cavan border.
    2. The village has a GAA club, a drama group, a cycling club, karate and Irish dancing groups.
    3. Moynalty’s annual Steam Threshing Festival has been going for over 35 years.
    4. At Moynalty's Gathering Festival a few weeks ago, visitors enjoyed hopscotch, pitch & toss and a penalty kick competition.
    5. Three people bought houses in Moynalty this year. The average price was €116,500 according to the Property Price Register.
  • 13:38
    So how did Moynalty impress Tidy Towns judges, and who were the runners-up? Read Dan Keenan's report.
  • 13:50
    Hope someone was able to get the message through that they've won.
  • 14:07
    The “stripping away of security of employment” through increased temporary and part-time work is causing “greater stresses”, President Higgins has said. He was speaking at a conference marking world suicide prevention day organised by Console. Read Judith Crosbie's report.

  • 14:08
    Peer pressure, new technology and a “lad culture” which involved alcohol abuse and homophobia were other factors in suicide rates, President Higgins said.
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  • 14:28
    "Arthur’s Day, a way of getting young people into pubs in exchange for concerts, is coming up. While you can’t blame Guinness for people being so stupid that they’ll get drunk in celebration of a genius marketing campaign, you can blame Guinness for facilitating it."

    Read Una Mullally's take on alcohol sponsorship of the arts.
  • 14:33
    'If the arts sector is so inventive, so talented, it should be able to finance itself,' says one reader. Some provocative reader comments coming in on Una's article. Scroll to the end of her piece to read them.  
  • 14:47
    What will Ross O'Carroll Kelly have to say about this.
  • 14:51
    DART trains had been either four or six carriages in length. This is being cut to two between 10am and 4 pm and after 7pm every weekday.   An Irish Rail spokesman said even with fewer carriages the trains are “absolutely not” expected to be overcrowded.
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  • 14:55
    How many politicians does it take to change an opinion? This poor civilian was surrounded in Dublin city centre today.
  • 15:07
    Some of them might have checked out, but they can't leave.
  • 15:32
    “The hardest thing for me in my life, I think, was to tell my Dad I had depression. I didn’t know how he would react and, I suppose, I didn’t want to break his heart.”

    Tom Lenihan, son of the late deputy leader of Fianna Fail Brian Lenihan, opens up. Read Eoin Burke-Kennedy's report.
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  • 15:41
    Sniffer-rats to be used to detect shootings by police in the Netherlands? I've heard it all now.
  • 15:51
    Gardaí are reviewing a large volume of photographs and video footage recorded at a march in Dublin to commemorate the anniversary of the shooting dead of Real IRA figure Alan Ryan, writes crime correspondent Conor Lally.
  • 15:51
  • 15:52
    There's definitely some crimes of fashion here.
  • 16:05
    Ireland’s newest lottery millionaire has said he will use part of his €12.8 million fortune to pay off his bills. What kind of bills does this guy have??!
  • 16:07
    He checked his winning  numbers of Aertel, so he clearly hasn't been clocking up big data bills.
  • 16:24
  • 16:28
    Cash in the attic. A long-lost Vincent Van Gogh painting, the first full-size canvas by the Dutch master discovered since 1928, has been identified by the Dutch Van Gogh Museum. It had been owned by a Norwegian man who had been told it was not by Van Gogh, so he put it in his attic.
  • 16:34
    Did Captain Jean-Luc Picard get married?
  • 16:39
  • 16:44
    The two women in custody in Peru charged with trying to smuggle cocaine worth €1.7 million out of the country are undergoing medical treatment after being bitten by insects in jail.
  • 16:56
    A testing kit used to detect prostate cancer at Connolly Hospital in Blanchardstown has been withdrawn after it was found to be faulty, writes Aoife Carr.
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    That's it for the Daily Wire for today, thanks for stopping by. We're back again tomorrow at 9am. Keep up to date in the meantime with and @IrishTimesLive.
  • 17:02
    Clear spells will develop overnight although a few mist or fog patches will form inland later. It will turn cooler tonight with lowest temperatures of 7 to 10 degrees.